The anti-Intellectualism of the Left: Fear and Loathing in the Land of Empiricism

The left’s various pet causes (feminism, Multiculturalism, mass immigration, gay marriage) are houses built on sand that require constant upkeep to remain standing. The most damaging element, obviously enough, is empiricism, which threatens to undermine the aforementioned leftist platforms with the fury of wind, floods, and rain combined. Universalism is Western culture’s greatest strength and also its weakness. Leftists and organized Jewry misuse universalism to push subversive agendas disguised as idealism onto the unsuspecting masses. BAG sent me the following article by Murtaza Hussain that lauds Canadian Multiculturalism’s ‘benevolent’ approach that supposedly provides incentives to assimilate. The writer opines that if Canadians can master the art of multiculturalism, so can other nations. By ‘other nations’ he’s obviously referring to Western nations that are morally obligated to invite the third world into their backyards while Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are waived from honouring this moral obligation. The article goes on about how Canadians have adapted to multiculturalism and that this is proof that it works.

The writer never addresses the crucial question of HOW multiculturalism actually benefits society in any meaningful way. Do immigrants set up thriving businesses that employ hundreds of Canadians? It doesn’t seem so as immigrants compete with native born Canadians in a highly competitive job market. How does Multiculturalism objectively contribute to Canadian society? If anything, mass immigration causes several short term and long term problems. The high fertility rates of immigrant Pakistanis, for example, result in a heavier financial burden for native born Canadians who must bear the expenses of child tax subsidies, increased healthcare, and of course education.

Research has also clearly demonstrated that the economic assimilation of immigrants poses yet another challenge to Canadian society. Reports of doctors and PhDs driving cabs have been confirmed and are no longer considered urban myths. Liberals regard all these issues (that are empirically validated) as the “challenges” facing multiculturalism. According to Murtaza Hussain, Canada has effectively dealt with these issues and hence Multiculturalism works. That’s liberal logic for you: if a problem can be solved, that makes the problem itself desirable.

Lets turn our attention toward another illustration: the UCLA Women’s studies department versus Professor Kevin MacDonald. I must confess, I got a kick out of reading this banal and insipid response to the works of Kevin MacDonald. Consider the following gem:

 “Women’s Studies rejects any claims to a natural, biological or essential basis for social hierarchies that impute lesser or greater social value to designated populations. As such, the mission of Women’s Studies and the ethical and political impulse of feminism stand in direct contrast to the fields of socio-biology, evolutionary psychology and, by association, the work of Professor Kevin Macdonald.”

Translation: We will not allow reality and empirical evidence to stand in the way of our ideology.

This little nugget was also particularly instructive:

 “Professor MacDonald works in fields that are considered to be legitimate by academic standards, and unfortunately, research into the genetic basis for the social value of racial and ethnic groups, women and homosexuals continues under the auspices of many fields of study. As such, we wish to raise some broader questions about any research that promotes bigotry, intolerance and racial superiority.”

Translation: Since we can’t challenge Professor MacDonald’s research on Empirical grounds, lets shift the matter into the realm of theory by questioning the value of his research as opposed to its findings and methodology.

Empirical research is anathema to most liberals and their Cultural Marxist allies and the biggest prevailing myth of our time is that liberals are progressive. Yet their reaction to the empirical research that challenges their precepts and worldviews betrays the depth of their own (non theology based) indoctrination. Liberals are just as hesitant to embrace new ideas and science as the religious fundamentalists they love to loathe. During my third year of University I recall how my HR professor expressed her disgust at the findings of a study that demonstrated a positive correlation between general intelligence and job performance. Mainstream Academia also acknowledges this link but it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for feminists to accept this research. Perhaps this is because it challenges their bizarre notion of egalitarianism that views all groups as homogenous in terms of ability. Honest empirical research is the silver bullet that can smash leftist platforms quicker than the communist hammer can smash conservative ones.

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77 Responses to The anti-Intellectualism of the Left: Fear and Loathing in the Land of Empiricism

  1. WmarkW says:

    Knowledge (or education) is sometimes called the inexhaustible resource, because its acquisition by one party does not deplete it for another. As discussed in another thread, Western Civilization has succeeded beyond others by creating a society designed to acquire knowledge, both through traditional education, and through the tools of experimentation in economics, politics, values and law.

    The academic social sciences (if they deserve that name) have embraced the dogma that reality is different things to different people. Not just that it APPEARS different, but that it IS different. From this belief flows ideas like “white people can’t see racism.” This dogma permits underperforming groups to turn life’s inevitable disappointments into blaming society for not meeting their expectations. And then to claim that the majority doesn’t see it, because they don’t live in the same universe.

    • coward says:

      Youve gotta remember that a lot of knowledge available to the public is purposefully distorted for sociopolitical purposes by intelligentsia.

    • Dota says:

      Not only is knowledge distorted, but what Mark says is essentially true. The ontological approach that prevailed during the enlightenment was basically possitivism, the notion that the structure and order of the universe can be determined through observation and calculation. The possitivist epistemology leaned towards knowledge that is characterized by an empirical approach and quantitative analysis. Post WW2 we’ve seen the rise of another approach, the post modernist approach which emphasizes Interpretivism, which insists that there is no room for empiricism in the social sciences. That there is no objective reality and that all reality is socially constructed. Essentially, the only objective truth is that there is no objective truth, to phrase the matter in dialectical terms. The Jewish Frankfurt School provided a considerable thrust for this idiotic approach. This is why leftists are opposed to a scientific approach to socio/cultural issues for it challenges their demented worldview that all groups are essentially equal in ability. This of course, challenges conventional wisdom which is grounded upon centuries of observation and hence empirical evidence must be deemed inadequate.

  2. mixedraced says:

    I hope this sort of thing never becomes widespread, my life would be over if many people believed in racialism. I’d probably be forced to live in some third world country and i’m mixed race too. The worst scenario ever.

  3. mixedraced says:

    What do you think of mixed race people DOTA? If a social change causes minorities to leave the USA what do you think should happen to mixed-type people? We basically don’t’belong’ anywhere.

    • Dota says:

      We’re not advocating ethnic cleansing or the mass expulsion of immigrants. We want to halt immigration into North America and we believe that conservative ideas hold up better to the scrutiny of science than do liberal ones. My view of Mixed race people? I don’t mind them, so long as they are a minority. I harbour no hostility towards them.

      • Tobias says:

        and what if mixed race people become a majority?

      • Dota says:

        Then we become Brazil, a country with no real identity. America and Canada are nations with an ethnic/racial (white) and religious (Christian) identity. We should keep it that way. I honestly think that white Christians are the only ones with the intellect and courage to stop Jewry’s subversion. Minorities should be minorities and should not undermine the majority.

      • coward says:

        When that happens you get to see Genocidal Dota Furher!

      • guerrer0 says:

        @ Xera or Coward : today was such a great day, i dedicated it mostly to watch episodes from TVseries of many countries ( United States, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain) and i liked most of the episodes, i watched many good stuff, anyways, my reply is to say that at least SOME Asians are REALLY HOT, and i understand more White people having children with Asians, unlike Blacks who in looks do nothing for me. These Korean actors are hot.

      • guerrer0 says:

        I agree with Dota, Mexico is said to be a Mixed country, but the average Mexican look more Amerindian than European, so Mexico keeps its Mesoamerican identity, while Argentina is not as White as some people say, is quite mixed now, but the average Argentinian is slightly more European than Amerindian still, so they barely keep a Western identity, however sometimes i think i Brazil is a perfect mix, i see too many Brazilians that look White ,Amerindian or Black at the same time, look the clip of this Brazilian telenovela, you could see one White looking woman (the blonde) ,one Black and one Amerindian ( the quite light skinned with dark hair) ,too confusing.

  4. mixedraced says:

    You’re a south asian muslim so this would affect you too.

  5. mixedraced says:

    Should i type your name in capitals?

  6. RunswithScissors says:

    Excellent article, Dota. Though you are completely correct, I should like to point out that most people (not just vicious, hateful new Left types) are more persuaded by narratives and emotional appeal then they are by cold hard facts. This is a major reason why I think that the “Left” has won such widespread sympathy in mainstream society.

  7. Batterytrain says:

    So what exactly is your opinion of individuals like that Aoki family Dota? I mentioned them because these were foreigners who bypassed the laws barring immigrants before 1965, took advantage of conservative America by engaging in all sorts of illicit activity to prop up their “Benihana business”, and somehow got accepted into mainstream America. I still can’t understand how all those events occurred in that article given the atmosphere of racial America back then and why Americans would accept a short ugly Asiatic into their circles, not to mention have kids with one. I mean if short ugly Asian guys can have babies with Western women why can’t these immigrants do and assimilate? Even Pakies are more appealing and closer genetically to Westernerners than Asians and more likely to produce a Caucasian looking child than some short ugly ass Japanese guy. Since a lot of these “Brown” people are genetically Caucasian, there would be no identity issues with the children as they would have majority European features unlike this:

    However mixed race individuals like Rashida and Lolo Jones (half European/half black), look majority “White”, and can fit into Western culture and meld into it’s framework and ethos, they don’t have problems being accepted as just another Western person, Rashida Jones for example has appeared on Parks and Recreation/the Office and is just seen as just another “normal American person”, whereas someone like Devon would never have a real identity and be accepted into the basic Western cultural frame:

    A lot of half Indid/European (Gabrielle Anwar/Nicollette Sheridan people look majority European in appearance, and Paki’s are really genetically Caucasian by skulls, so the children would look full European and have no trouble fitting in. So what exactly is the problem if Westerners accept certain groups with them if they overlap with them genetically and produce children that look like them? I mean what is the assimilation problems then?

    • guerrer0 says:

      Xera is not all about looks, is about INTELLIGENCE too, if The West or East Asia imports Pakistanies with IQs of 84, our progress will be like the Pakistan. They will be more retarded ,how can they fit? what thing of value they make? if you read you will know that thanks to your Muslims people Western countries already do worse on PISA tests than East Asia, your siblings lower our IQs. look this list of good TVseries from the world, i see praise to TVseries from South Korea, Spain, Israel, etc but not to any Pakistani.

    • coward says:

      Batterytrain, I am sorry, but I have to agree with homo boy Naruto this time. Middle Easterners/Arabid type people are some of the lowest on the Caucasian social hiearchy. After Whites, the next in line would be Blacks; since Blacks have integrated into both White American and European society for hundreds of years. Asians are definetly above any remotely Arab looking person, as we see Arabs as stereotypical terrorists, extremists, and suicidal bombers. Sorry, but fag boy Naruto has a point.

    • Dota says:

      Immigrants are opportunistic in nature which is why they take the initiate and emigrate in the first place. I don’t know what else to say. And it’s not always about looks, but also culture. Pakistanis may look Caucasian,but their values are alien, and highly problematic.

    • guerrer0 says:

      I agree Coward, well said, is tragic that Xera don’t have his charácter development and still the same in his Asia Phobia, if we were from a TVseries, i myself have much more charácter development than Xera. I still watch Anime and East Asian media, but i did overcome my obsession and now i watch stuff from more countries, from my native Spain too, while Xera is stuck as the same person i knew since 2012. Xera is a stagnant human being

    • guerrer0 says:

      Look here the PISA scores, you Muslim immigrants dumbed our European scores. No wonder you are a stagnant human being, that is the nature of the Middle Eastern people, stagnant countries, and whats up with that new name, at least Xera was a short and pretty decent name, but Batterytrain ? only a stagnant Middle Eastern will come with that =P

      • coward says:

        I personally prefer Middle Easterners to Asians but most Whites prefer vice versa

      • guerrer0 says:

        East Asians look better with light hair too, i really wonder why the Australoids got also the gene of hair of color and not the East Asians. Today i did bleach / dyed half of my Black ( or Dark Brown ) hair to Brunette with hydrogen peroxide and i looked good, many people did complimented me positively, i missed a hair of that color since i was a child that i had light hair, in Asians that also look good

      • coward says:

        All those girls have heavy plastic surgery and at best they look a quarter White. This is what your average East Asian looks like;
        —— ——-


      • guerrer0 says:

        Some Mulattos also look good with light hair

      • coward says:

        No. There should only be one race on this planet and that is the pureblood Nordic White man in good physical condition and of stable mental condition. All others are not fit to inherit this earth, and I am tired of people saying they are.

      • guerrer0 says:

        If you looked exactly like Chris Brown, do you think in your own opinión that you would look good with light hair?

      • coward says:

        Chris Brown is a nigger. Our monkey president is a nigger. No matter how rich or famous a nigger is, a nigger is a nigger is a nigger is a nigger. End of story, niggers are niggers and no amount of money changes your DNA. No amount of hard work, fame, etc. will ever make a nigger anything other than what he is; a worthless fucking nigger.

      • coward says:

        And nobody likes niggers. Every race on earth hate niggers. Niggers are the only race that is hated universally, no matter where they go. Hell, even Jews are not universally hated. Lots of Jews, Gypsies, and other brown mud races are liked by everyone. Not so the nigger. No one out there likes or wants anything to do with niggers.

      • Batterytrain says:

        But Coward why would the Nords inherit the Earth given their track record of killing animals, pollution, eliminating entire species, exploiting non-humans, corroding the seas, over-harvesting natural resources, sucking the planet dry, destroying water sources, creating ideologies based on currencies, have fond tendency of partying around like animals, propensity to have beer bellies and consume excessive alcohol, crass materialism, destroying vital eco-systems, not understanding the value of things that don’t have discernible monetary value, shallowness, unleashing diseases, being over lactose tolerant, deception, manipulation, backstabbing, tricking and using other peaceful races, creating policies based on population explosions, tearing down and eroding landscapes, collecting metal and then using that to build steel death spires known as skyscrapers and concrete jungles, changing the weather with disastrous consequences, messing around with stuff that shouldn’t be messed around with, race-mixing with other races so that they can survive in hot sun filled weather and have suitable hosts to carry on their genetics in other environments by their own choice etc etc the list goes on.

        Sure not everyone might like blacks but at least the bodybuilding world loves them. They are one of the elite races for bodybuilding since their bodies were made more that and athleticism; it’s like their entire genetics were made for the general fitness field. I would venture to say that in some cases, there genetics are even superior to that of Caucasians and Mongoloids when it comes to fitness and other athletic endeavors.

      • batterytrain says:

        Coward have you ever thought of reading and posting on abagond’s blog? You could tear them up one or two

      • batterytrain says:

        Plus you guys suffer from large cases of acne, skin problems, bad aging, wrinkling skin, baldness, bowel syndromes, intolerance to spice plants, sun burns, bone problems that arise when out in the sun too much, inability to synthesize sunlight, obesity, various unnecessary symptoms and diseases related to different climates/environments/aging, requirement of extra vitamins and supplements in basic foods like shown in supermarkets, osteoporosis, frailty, cancer etc etc etc compared to even nig nogs.

        I mean check this out:

      • coward says:

        Hey Batterytrain…..yeah, I do occasionally troll at Julius Abagond’s blog……and I always manage to get successfully unmoderated by being passive on my first post. But then there is a time interval in which I may troll them, and once they realize I am winning the argument; they ban me. As for Nordics, we do suffer from accelerated aging, higher rates of genetic disorders, and yes, we have fucked this world pretty bad before, but so did the Persians, Medes, Mongols, Scythians, Arabs, etc. We have used manipulation and deception to win; but so did the Chinese and Japanese. And as for exploiting peaceful peoples, the Native Americans were warlike peoples who got their asses kicked by a superior race and now want to play innocent and victim. And Aborigines and Black Africans were living like savages anyways and aren’t really human to begin with, since genetically they both veer to the extreme peripheries of the human mainstream cluster. And Nordics used to treat animals like shit but now we are the single best treater of animals out there, and we are raising a intercommunity awareness of protecting and conserving rainforests, and endangered flora and fauna all over the world. The most important reason in which our survival and exclusive ownership of all habitable land is nessecary is the fact that modern civilization was 85% exclusively the creation of Nordics, and while Italians, Japanese, and Jews have helped out some, they are not capable of innovations of Nordic proportions, and we advanced from a hunter gatherer society to a space age people in a mere few hundred years, while Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians required thousands of years just to get as far as building pyramids, making paper, and inventing primitive firearms. The Koreans and Japanese were able to copy Nordics within two hundred years, but they did not and never will innovate, but instead imitate.

      • guerrer0 says:

        Is your father a fan of Chris Brown?
        Xera you are progressing, my sermón worked and you don’t bash Asians anymore, i cured you, but could you go further or farther and finally change your name to Xera again? i insist. This is my new sermón.

      • coward says:

        No, modern music sucks and my whole family agrees on that.

  8. WmarkW says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this story linked from AmRen yesterday about the internet “Dark Enlightenment.” Below are links to the very long original multi-part article (which I haven’t read in full) and AmRen’s summary. Although the author doesn’t list the websites involved, they should be familiar to most readers here.

    The gist of the article is that many conservatives believe democracy and liberty are not compatible. What the author doesn’t really get to, is the incompatibility of democracy and politics based on demographic redistribution. If the central issue is “how much does Group A owe to Group B,” there isn’t much to unite them.

    Looking at “Dark Enlightenment” from its own viewpoint, it just means using the methods of intellectual inquiry (Enlightenment) without using the filters of political correctness (the allegedly Dark part). If whites flee blackening neighborhoods and schools; if workers think immigrant competition is bad for wages and hence the economy; if Larry Summers is right about women’s aptitudes and interests driving their participation in some fields and avoidance of others; if the results of standardized tests reflect real differences in ability between groups; then these are differences driven by facts on ground that a rational person will accept and deal with, not proof of societal barriers that need to be overcome.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I think no less than Machiavelli once said that a leader must impose some measure of despotism in order to maintain control over a multiracial or mixed group. Unlike other members of the “Dark Enlightenment,” I don’t share their intense disdain for democracy.

      That being said, considering how diverse and polarized the United States is, I cannot help but think that democracy will at some point be eroded, with growing measures of despotism to take its place. We’re already seeing this with PC, NSA surveillance, and various other measures to restrict liberties.

      There simply isn’t enough of a notion of a “common good” or cooperation to sustain a thriving democracy.

      • Dota says:

        Since you’re a fan of star wars, consider how Palpatine lectures Padme about the weakness of the republic, that there is no common good, no real unity. And surely enough, without common values the only thing that can hold this alliance together is force and tyranny, and hence the republic gave way to the galactic empire. That is diversity’s dead end and hence the rise of surveillance.

      • Batterytrain says:

        You know what Dota and BAG, there has been an incident recently in the university, pretty big name, I live nearby involving, once again allegations of racism and a huge mass liberal uproar involving the university chancellors and admins. I am not sure if you have heard about this recently or if it has gained enough attention but here it is:

        I also read this article recently:

        Steve Sailer makes an excellent salient point about the whole artificially constructed mythos and reverence surrounding “model minorities”. In this case, many of this rich minority groups such as the Lebanese, the Iranians in California, Indians, Nigerians etc had special connections to centers and areas of key power that allowed them to outperform majority populations within both their host countries and the countries they have respectively immigrated to. In the case of Iranians, or at least the rich ones in the Hollywood Beverly hills, they were basically rich off the oil wealth granted to them by the Shah regime until they were kicked out and their special connections allowed them to land a very comfy lucrative existence in the Hollywood area. Same goes for the Christian Lebs here and other “model minorities” that seems to outperform majorities.

        So the whole make it till you break it, “the struggle” until you become rich, anyone with talent can make it here mythology that seems to dupe Americans is false in a lot of cases. In this case you have certain immigrant groups who are bound to be successful anyway due to special connections and never fall in the brackets of the non-privileged or lower classes. I mean just look at a guy like Carlos Slim!! That guy is Lebanese yet he is leeching the wealth dry off a country like Mexico, through nepotism, which is already poor and yet that’s not enough for this guy’s ego who wants to use that money to set up shop in the U.S and buy up as much of the stock of the NYtimes as possible. These people aren’t saviors or “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” and evangelized enlightening beings coming in to wash the decadence off of society through their “honest hard-working pious character-ships” . They are self-centered, highly prone to group dynamics and maneuvering, political manipulation, underhand bribery, nepotism, insider dealing, lying, deception, class warfare, elitism, corruption, racism, one-upmanship, extortion, exploitation, fraudulence, unscrupulousness, profiteering and all the goodies that come as the proverbial cat in the bag when it comes to “model minorities”.

        It would be great if you could write a post on this article and/or these “model minorities” and their behaviors and people like Tiger mom Amy Chua.

      • Dota says:

        Sad. Some of those comments were in bad taste but certainly not making a fuss over.

  9. Bay Area Guy says:

    Pretty good chart of the Dark Enlightenment here.

    Hopefully one day, we’ll grace that chart, haha.

  10. mixedraced says:

    The Japanese and Koreans need another 100 years (300 years since the beginning westernisation) to be above the west totally. Then they’ll be saying ‘we only needed 300 years to regain our rightful position as the dominant race’.

    • coward says:

      Mixedraced, I do not think so at all. You see, the Japs and Koreans got to where they are by imitating Western inventions. They will never surpass us because they are based off of us. We are the blueprint, without a blueprint an apparatus cannot exist. The only way they will ever beat us is via genetic engineering.

  11. mixedraced says:

    But you say Nordics reached a space age society by copying the Meds and then applying their own things to get to that phase. The same will happen to East Asian countries… after a long period of imitation, with some original innovations (e.g England, France during the medieval period), they’ll start their own path to the future. You can already see signs of it now.

  12. mixedraced says:

    Dota, do you play Japanese games? If so, you’ll know how far East Asians can go in *relatively* unrestricted environments.

    • Dota says:

      I haven’t played Japanese games in a while, but I grew up playing them on the Sega megadrive (Genesis in the US) system. The Japanese pushed the boundaries of gaming via tech and hardware advances. The West pushed gaming forward through ideas and shifting genres. Gaming began with the action/arcade platformer genre and the west gave us creative genres such as the Sierra/Lucas arts point click adventures and the RTS genre. That’s not to put down the Japanese accomplishments in gaming, far from it, but what I’m saying is that in the realm of ideas, the west is still far ahead of the rest.

    • guerrer0 says:

      Japanese 2-D Animation is more developed than Western though.

  13. mixedraced says:

    The Japanese created Zelda, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Street Fighter, Resident Evil (Resident Evil 4 started the modern Third Person Shooter genre), Phantasy Star, KillSwitch (influenced Gears of War), Gran Turismo, the first Survival Horror game (forgot the name), etc. The Japanese innovated a lot and continue to do so. I’ve seen so many eastern influeces in western games, Europa Universalis probably wouldn’t exist if RotTK wasn’t produced.

    • coward says:

      But what about ACTUAL inventions like atom bombs and submarines? Plus you cannot ignore the fact that Asians have flat faces and noses

    • Dota says:

      The Japanese are innovative within genres I’ll give them that. Fatal fury 2 invented the desperation move while Street Fighter invented the super meter. Mortal Kombat in comparison is cheesy and has shallow mechanics. Yet as with everything else, Western games shifted paradigms by giving birth to new genres. From Prince of Persia (1989) to Kings Quest 6, huge paradigm shift. From Lode Runner to Tomb Raider. The RTS is pretty much a western genre.

      • coward says:

        You know what is sad? Japs havent invented anything of real use so they need to turn to VIDEO GAMES to defend their “honor”. And they dont even have the balls to do it themselves! They need Axum and homoboy to do it for them.

  14. mixedraced says:

    The first point-and-click games were made by Japanese companies, the earliest being Planet Mephius by Eiji Yokoyama. This genre in Japan evolved into the Graphic Novel genre which persists to this day. Hideo Kojima invented the Tactical Espionage genre by developing Metal Gear. Fighting games are also a Japanese invention. Romance of the Three Kingdoms was the first Grand Strategy game and influenced many western strategy games, including Europa Universalis which is my favorite strategy series. The first RTS game was Bokosuka Wars (1983), an early strategy RPG; it focuses around the player leading an army across a battlefield against enemy forces in real-time while recruiting soldiers along the way.TechnoSoft’s Herzog (1988) is regarded as a precursor to the real-time strategy genre as it’s the predecessor to Herzog Zwei.

  15. mixedraced says:

    Most of the genres you love Dota are Japanese inventions. Even Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia were largely influenced by Japanese games.

  16. mixedraced says:

    Eastern games shifted paradigms and still do. Demon’s Souls is a modern example of how the Japanese do this.

  17. mixedraced says:

    Silent Hill started the Psychological Horror genre; it’s an obvious influence to Amnesia:The Dark Descent.

  18. mixedraced says:

    Sweet Home (1989) (CAPCOM) is the first Survival Horror game and it influenced Shinji Mikami when he was making Resident Evil. And Bokosuka Wars and Herzog are the first RTS games, both made by Japanese companies. Japanese and western development was going the way of 3d platformers anyway, but the most revolutionary (Super Mario 64) came from the east. Although RPGs originated in the west the most influential and innovative RPGs came from the east, and Dark Souls 2 will continue that trend.

  19. mixedraced says:


  20. mixedraced says:

    RTS games are Japanese inventions.

  21. coward says:

    Just came back to remind you guys that niggers are useless faggots and that Asians never innovate but only imitate

  22. mixedraced says:

    What about mulattoes? Are we too tragic for mention?

  23. mixedraced says:

    A mulatto leads your country. How is he worthless?

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