Give me Your Black, Your Brown, and Your Third World: I’ll Take Them Off Your Hands!

Pointing out the hypocrisy of Jews advocating liberal multicultural societies at home while either supporting or tacitly endorsing Jewish supremacy in Israel is nothing new. However, some news items related to this topic are so obscene that one cannot help but write about it from time to time. It is no secret that Israel despises the presence of non-Jews and will use various means to limit “demographic threats.” The latest threat to Israel’s Jewishness comes in the form of black African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan. Israeli Jews make no effort to conceal their disdain for these newcomers, and would gladly rid themselves of these Africans. After trying various other means to expel black Africans, Israel has devised a new solution: Let Sweden have them.

Despite attempts by the Israeli Interior Ministry to take credit for this development, even claiming that they offered the asylum seekers financial benefits for leaving, the truth is a bit different:

“It’s not clear what the Interior Ministry take pride in. Sweden only resettles people with refugee status who are not afforded adequate protection in countries they find themselves in. The fact that Sweden took in 50 refugees proves yet again that Israel is the only country that doesn’t recognize Eritrean asylum seekers as refugees, and that other countries feel that Israel is not fulfilling its obligations under the Refugee Convention.”

So in other words, Sweden is only taking in refugees because Israel is doing everything in its power to make life as miserable as possible for these asylum seekers. The parasitical nature of Israel once again rears its head. Not only do they continue to accept billions in annual aid and push the United States to fight its wars, they’re now outsourcing unwelcome immigrants to Europe. However, in spite of massive strikes, protests, and growing international scrutiny, Israeli politicians insisted on kicking them out. Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar in particular had some choice words for business owners upset by the lost profit caused by striking Africans:

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said he was “not very impressed with all the crying and complaining” by business owners whose employees were on strike. “With all due respect to the restaurant and café owners in crisis, or those whose cleaning staff didn’t show up, this will not determine Israel’s national policy. On the contrary, let’s think about those Israelis who have lost their jobs [to migrant workers].”

As much as Israel goes overboard with its ethnonationalism, I sympathize with the sentiment. If only politicians in the West shared Sa’ar’s belief and opted to look after their people rather than caving in to corporate interests. This just goes to show that globalization and multiculturalism are not inevitable and natural outcomes, and that they can be stemmed if there is sufficient will and racial consciousness. I can’t really condemn Israel too much, in spite of its shameful displays. As someone who believes in immigration restriction, I understand Jews wanting to retain a Jewish majority within Israel, and it would be hypocritical for me to assert that Jews are wrong to close their borders to the masses of the third world or take measures to deport immigrants. I won’t sink to the level of duplicitous liberal Zionists.

(the native Palestinians and Israel’s attempts to exclude them are another story, but that’s neither here nor there)

What does perplex me, however, is why Sweden has volunteered to take in these black African migrants. Have they not learned their lesson? Do they really think that admitting a bunch of visibly different, unskilled immigrants who can’t speak their language is going to produce anything but tension, dysfunction, and perhaps future riots? I guess not, because earlier they granted blanket asylum to any and all Syrian refugees.

If you spend enough time reading leftists, you’ll discover their assertion that mass immigration and multiculturalism are natural and moral consequences of the crimes of colonialism. I don’t agree, but for former colonial powers such as Britain and France, I’ll grant their point for the sake of argument. If the leftists are correct in this regard, then why is it that non-imperialistic countries such as Sweden have to endure mass immigration and accept all the refugees of the world, while a warmongering and settler colonial society such as Israel is allowed to seal its borders and deport whomever they like?

In the end, there are no natural or inevitable reasons for multiculturalism. Countries that have committed far worse crimes than many European countries in the past century don’t tolerate multiculturalism or consciously dilute their identity in the name of atonement or diversity. Multicultural nonsense only exists because of a dire lack of racial consciousness among whites, which is only compounded by the sophisticated moral assaults on Western identity as demonstrated by Hamid Dabashi’s editorial. Whites simply need to cast aside quixotic and self-defeating ideologies.

Since we can’t save all whites at once, I say we start with the Swedes. For now, the best solution is to show the Swedish masses an old Viking film. Perhaps it will remind them that they weren’t always effete liberals.

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35 Responses to Give me Your Black, Your Brown, and Your Third World: I’ll Take Them Off Your Hands!

  1. coward says:

    Yeah man, I heard about the Jews at Israel sending their sub-Saharans to Nordic Sweden. I read about this on Chimpout (anti-Black site) and it had me pretty pissed. I was fuming for awhile and I wanted to hit something. Back when I was in elementary school I would constantly hear about that sociopath Benjamin Netanyahu, but this time Israel is blatantly spitting in the face of the Nordic White world. You have no idea how much I was pissed off at this news when I saw it on Chimpout, I was ready to bash someone’s friggin head in. The Jews in America push multiculturalism on OUR BACKS, while in Israel they send their negroes to Sweden; another Nordic White nation.

    • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

      Maybe is destiny, Karma or divine will, or coincidence the decadence of United States, maybe Whites should give North America. I would prefer to preserve the Whiteness of Europe. I myself admire the United States ,but honestly it does not have appeal as a place to live in ,for me, at most New York or Florida, but to me the first options of my future home would be Japan, England or Spain, interesting countries with ancient cultures ,more overcrowded with people more close to each other rather than the vast North America, i prefer to live in beautiful cities like Kyoto, York or Barcelona rather than plain cities like Los Angeles or Dallas. Here 20 reasons to live in the beautiful Spain. Give the ugly North America to the Mestizos, they never will make the United States as powerful as it was and will be in control of the White elite, just like in Latin America, if United States is in decadence ,the other superpowers from Europe and Asia will have a big boost 😉

  2. coward says:

    Jews were hated in EVERY country they have ever been to for a reason; THIS REASON. Martin Luther, Richard Wagner, numerous Popes, and many, many more famous folks as diverse as musicians to famous politicians and genius scientists have all warned us about Jews. These people truly have a sickening mentality. Sweden cant remain White. No White nation can remain White. Why? J.E.W.S.!!!!!

  3. mixedraced says:

    Whites don’t have a racial will anymore. It’s seen as primitive and backwards to have that mind-set.

    • coward says:

      Yes. Tribalism is synonomous with Nazi in this country. “I want Whites to be the only race in America” is the same as “I want to kill all niggers, faggots, and Jews.” Goddamn it.

  4. mixedraced says:

    Type Demon’s Souls Phalanx theme in the youtube search bar, find a video that has it, then while listening to it imagine the White race fall. One of the best boss themes ever made.

    • coward says:

      My goodness Axum. Well, I certainly do not want Nordics to fall, we are some of the most beautiful and sexy niggas on this planet.

      • mixedraced says:

        Nordics are plain and stagnant. Sweden is the only accomplished Nordic nation.

      • coward says:

        Us Nordics be sexy though….no lies. Plus we invented modern civilization. The Anglo-Saxons and Normands were responsible for all of Britains accomplishments, Germany also contributed a lot, and Germany is Dinaric (half Nordic).

  5. mixedraced says:

    There’s no hope for any of the authors. The USA will never revert back to how you want it and East Asians are just superior to all of us anyway. Whites oppressed the world, and now whites are becoming somewhat oppressed. What goes around comes back around.

    • coward says:

      Yeah….well you African-Americans raped, murdered, looted, and genocided millions of us Whites. What goes around comes around, and how are Whites inferior to Asians if we invented all the modern civilizations and they required 5,000 years of continous civilization JUST TO INVENT GUNPOWDER? I mean, come on Axum, we went to space in 300 years. They took 5,000 years to invent printed money.

    • A Swain says:

      Arabs, various other Asiatics AND Blacks oppressed the world with their Pagan invention called Islam AND are still doing so. Even Christianity never in its history embodied such barbarism and savagery as Islam – past or present. Unlike Islam, Christianity has long since ceased whatever barbarism and savagery it once practiced.

      Nope, what goes around doesn’t just come around unless some nafarious tribe(s) have succeeded in gaining absolute power with the means to buy traitor trash.

      That’s precisely what’s happened and it’s up to native Europeans to turn that ship around.

  6. mixedraced says:

    Whites took longer to invent paper money. China was constantly on the hostile nomadic periphery for most of its history– Manchus and Mongols in the north, Tibetans and Central Asians in the west.

    • coward says:

      And the British weren’t? They had to deal with the Spanish, French, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Germans, etc. etc. Whites are geniuses. Asians are robot copycat proptotypes.

    • guerrer0 says:

      Axum you are 100% right, i praise you, i am starting to see how wise and charming you are.

      • coward says:

        Dude Naruto shut the fuck up. You do realize no one on this blog gives a rat’s ass about your worthless, stupid opinions, and you are starting to piss me off with your bullshit. And your homosexual attraction to first Huax, then Xera, then Brengunn, and now Axum is frankly disgusting…….and you dont belong in Western culture. You belong in Mexico. None of us reply to your posts, ever, cuz you say stupid, irrelevant things no one cares about, plus you are gay and homos are repulsive organisms. Fuck off.

      • guerrer0 says:

        I am good looking, and have a thin but nice body, why i would be disgusting even if i am Bisexual, lol, are you jealous? you talked a lot with me since Robert Lindsay’s blog, i appreciated your friendship, but now that i think about it… maybe is something else and since i never seem attrached to you, maybe you are jealous? 🙂 Oh and by the way i have a nice Spanish face, no matter if i was born Mexico, i identify myself with Spain.

      • coward says:

        I prefer women Naruto. I enjoyed your friendship back on Roberts blog but you reminded me of a little blonde freckled girl I used to know, and also a puppy I used to have. Now you just annoy me a lot

      • guerrer0 says:

        Annoy just because i am more out of the closet, show my preferences and can talk more free about who i love? 😦 , United States is becoming more accepting of Homosexuality – Bisexuality, you as an American should be more used to this, thanks to the Left-Liberals-Democrats each time there are more and more LGTB characters on American TV and gay propaganda, is a matter of time, judging by your reactions i would think you live in Turkey or Pakistan instead of the West.

      • coward says:

        I am sorry, but homosexuals are 1.67% of the population yet 40% of all serial killers, 13% of all inmates in prison, 65% of all HIV cases, 78% of all child molesters, 96.5% of all repeated child molesters, and 57% of all repeated sex offenders. I cannot agree with your homosexuality, your people are a sickening people.

      • guerrer0 says:

        Shut up and go see this Spanish TVseries clip.

      • coward says:

        Can’t argue with legitimate statistics huh? Mwahahaha……..I see you supraliminally admitted defeat little Pandewan. Oh, and I dont watch Spanish TV. I watch South Park, Duck Dymasty, UFC, and thats it.

      • guerrer0 says:

        How did you knew that i wasn’t a girl? i though my act was perfect, i fooled an incredibly big number of people in other blogs ( Feministx, Heartiste, Robert Lindsay) is your IQ really genious like you used to claim or what.

      • guerrer0 says:

        I am not a genious IQ ( my IQ is 110) but i am a lot intuitive because i have been studying psychology about 3 years, though this year i can’t stand anymore it, i will leave that career i don’t like and the small city i live in, to study what i want in a bigger city, but i recognize it had its advantages, that way likewise i can tell your act as a White boy ,since you are a Mulatto, my studies on psychology let me read people.

      • coward says:

        Look man, no one was fooled by your act. Not one single person out there gave a flying shit about you, and no one fell for your act. You spelled genius wrong, so you clearly can’t be one. My IQ is 165, end of story, it is certified by MENSA. If you dont believe me you can slit your wrists and suck on a dildo. Am I a mulatto? Well, I could be a number of things. I could be Chinese, Peruvian, El Salvadorian, Iraqi, Persian, Italian, Cherokee, no one can acertain my race, so quit trying. People can be anything they want to be on the Internet. It is fairly easy to accomplish, well, except in your case, you suck at it. You have no natural “intuition”, you are a failure and overcompensating for things you will never be or have. Now suck it up, go smoke a blunt, and most importantly, GTFO the Internet.

      • guerrer0 says:

        I also forget to mention that i fooled more people in the blog (Return of kings) a few times, i knew you will deny it , i first said that you were a Mulatto when i commented as Alice longgg time ago, but months after that i discovered 2 other people as well so now i have strong proof of my talent, Wanna proof of my talent? I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO KNEW THAT BATTERYTRAIN IS XERA AND THAT Hunertonock Longringer WAS AXUM, so don’t doubt my capacity to see through people, by the way genious ,i am a native speaker of Spanish and anyways i spoke more English than you Spanish , try to speak more than 1 language, oh and i know tons of Japanese words.

  7. mixedraced says:

    East Asians survived under much worse conditions than Europeans. They’re just recovering their losses.

    • coward says:

      Europeans went through bubonic plague, yellow fever, smallpox, TB, typhoid, two World Wars, a revolution for pretty much every country and multiple civil wars, the Potato Famine, many genocidal dictators, etc. Chinese went through shortages of rice and retarded emperors.

    • A Swain says:

      “East Asians survived under much worse conditions than Europeans. They’re just recovering their losses.”……………

      Kindly furnish us with examples!

      For thousands of years, Europeans had to contend with perpetual intertribal wars, theft of territory and domination by Islamic hordes which is still going on today with the assistance of our tribal enemies and traitorous ruling elite as well as plagues and slavery.

      Before that, they endured the Ice Age that, in its persistence and thus entirety, lasted for 12,000 years.

  8. mixedraced says:

    Britain is an island, much easier to defend than a large broad land frontier which the Chinese had for thousands of years.

    • coward says:

      But the Chineese had a big ass army (ever seen Terracotta figures)? Brits had musketeers and cannonballers, and they had shitty castles and moats. Chinese had Great Wall of China. So it was easier to defend China. Plus, Chinese recruited nomads like Xiognu and Tatars to defend them, mercenaries. Brits were hated by jealous player haters Europe over.

    • A Swain says:

      “Britain is an island, much easier to defend than a large broad land frontier which the Chinese had for thousands of years.” ……………..

      Your lack of intelligence is showing again.

      One cannot compare an island the size of Britain with a huge country like China. Nor can one compare a population of said small island with that of a huge country.

      Incidently, the indigenous British, ie, the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh have inhabited the British Isles for thousands of years also.

  9. coward says:

    BAG, what are some hypothetical solutions you propse to the Jewish Problem?

    • A Swain says:

      I trust you won’t mind my input as well.

      I propose they all be repatriated to Israel from every white homeland on the planet. Otherwise, they should be systematically arrested on charges of organised Genocide, Treason, Sedition, Subversion and grand-scale embezzlement AND, if necessary retried again and again on said charges until ALL involved are found guilty.

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