It’s the Values, Stupid!: The Lesson of a Diplomatic Temper Tantrum

Inspired by recent conversations with Dota, I have decided to write a post related to the recent diplomatic fallout between the United States and India. I’m not going to bore you with the various details about the crisis (you can read about it here), but the childish behavior of India paints quite a picture of the fundamental chasm between Western and Asian values. Put simply, whites place a large emphasis on ethics and principles, whereas “saving face” and status are the primary concerns of Asians. Well, that and rice. Lame jokes aside, a look at the historical record and current events illustrates the West’s unique commitment to redressing wrongs.

Now, before I get bombarded with criticism, I will be the first to acknowledge that many white people and white imperial powers have committed terrible crimes. I won’t list any of the crimes in question, since certain multiculturalists enthusiastically do that job for me. However, as Dota once pointed out, which group is truly pure? Which group that isn’t reclusive or isolated from civilization can honestly say that they have no skeletons in their closet? Since all peoples have committed crimes, the best way to measure a people’s morality is their varying levels of contrition.

To illustrate these varying levels of contrition, I present to you the tale of two war criminals, Germany and Japan. Both committed horrific crimes during World War II and both have since become thriving and prosperous societies. Japan even flourished as the world’s second largest economy prior to being eclipsed by China a few years ago. I mention Japan’s prosperity to ward off any excuses related to poverty or underdevelopment.

It is no secret that Germany has been remarkably sensitive, almost to the point of obsequiousness, regarding the legacy of the Nazi holocaust. The most notable example of this sensitivity was West German chancellor Willy Brandt kneeling in front of a monument to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Nor is such sensitivity confined to politicians, with numerous ordinary Germans expressing genuine remorse for their country’s actions. Denying the holocaust is a crime, with punishments ranging from fines to five years imprisonment.

How has similarly prosperous and democratic Japan addressed its own World War II legacy? In a nutshell, terribly. While Japan has at times apologized for its crimes, mainly during the 90s, most Japanese do not even believe that their ancestors did anything wrong. You don’t need to take my word for it. One only has to observe the blatantly disrespectful antics of Shinzo Abe, Toru Hashimoto, and various other Japanese public figures. Can one even imagine prominent German politicians such as Angela Merkel denying the Nazi holocaust or saying that it was simply the result of the tragedy of war? To ask the question is to answer it. But we shouldn’t be too harsh on Japan’s  politicians, particularly Hashimoto. After all, he did say that “kind words” should be offered to the suffering comfort women. Let’s see, who else has employed the tactic of shedding crocodile tears while simultaneously excusing terrible crimes? Hey, reminds me of the “shoot and cry” schtick of so-called “liberal” Zionists. Not content to allow Asians to maintain a monopoly on saving face, Middle Easterners such as Turks have also played the thrilling game of blatant history denial.

With all of that in mind, India’s behavior is simply another example of the Eastern obsession with honor and saving face rearing its head. Even though Devyani Khobragade was clearly guilty of violating American law, Indians had to save face by throwing a temper tantrum and getting their diplomat back. Compare this to Italy extraditing its marines who shot an Indian fisherman they mistook for a pirate. Or Britain refusing to come to the defense of its citizens who were tortured by Dubai’s police for violating local drug laws. For such a supposedly oppressive and chauvinistic people, whites seem to expend great efforts to appease the sensibilities of various culturally primitive malcontents.

In conclusion, I want to remind everyone that Western values aren’t a simple matter of wearing suits and ties, utilizing modern technology, or even voting in elections. People such as the Indians, Japanese, Turks, Gulf Arabs, and Israeli Jews may mimic certain aspects of Western culture, throw a lot of money around, and even maintain functioning societies, but the values of such groups couldn’t be any more disparate. Just because it quacks like a duck doesn’t make it a duck. Despite my strong belief in Western values, I can’t help but think that dogmatically doing the right thing will become increasingly impractical. As the global white population continues to decline and as Asia continues to ascend, perhaps the time has come for whites to embrace their inner Hindu, as Dota would put it.

In the meantime, maybe India’s appalling behavior will convince white vegetarians to lose the broccoli and eat a bacon burger instead. One can only hope.

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68 Responses to It’s the Values, Stupid!: The Lesson of a Diplomatic Temper Tantrum

  1. mixedraced says:

    Japan commited those war “crimes” for noble reasons. Anyway, beheading POWs and/or other types of prisoners is more of a quick and civilized way to kill than starving people of air and burning them in gas chambers.

    • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

      Japan committed those crimes for NOBLE REASONS????? Axum…..I am starting to think you are an East Asian with an extensive knowledge of East African history to pretend to be a mulatto. You are out of your mind. The Japs were way worse than the Nazis. As far the capacity for evil goes when a race is motivated to evil, the most evil ones are the East Asians and Jews, and the least evil ones are the Whites and Native Americans (in proportion to intelligence). The Blacks are just savages.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        And there is no physical evidence for the Gas Chambers. The scientists found no gas residue on the showers of Auschwitz. And the 6 million AshkeNAZI Jews died from starvation, overextertion and diseases. Not from mass graves or gas chambers. That is a AshkeNAZI lie and myth they propagated. Jews lie a lot…..its well known. Why believe them Axum?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Japan commited those war “crimes” for noble reasons.

      Oh really, do tell?

      I love how the Japanese and Japan apologists employ the argument that Japan did all that it did on behalf of their yellow brothers who were suffering under the yoke of Western imperialists. And to demonstrate how much they empathized with the pain of their fellow Asians, they proceeded to establish Unit 731 (and use it for biological warfare), commit the Rape of Nanking, “recruit” comfort women, the samurai sword beheading contest, etc.

      I guess different cultures have ways of saying, “I feel your pain.”

      • coward says:

        Yeah. Japan definetly committed those crimes for NOBLE reasons….because all of us know that East Asians havent done worse things than Whites before…right? Like fucking Pearl Harbor and Virginia Tech shootings. Axum you must be a closeted East Asian.

      • mixedraced says:

        The Japanese created Unit 731 to develop weapons against the Western imperialists. Unfortunately you need people to test the effectiveness of biological weapons. If you tell the people you’re trying to liberate that ‘our scientists’ are experimenting on your people, they obviously won’t accept you.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        Dude are you seriously rationalizing UNIT 731???? Are you fucking serious dude? They want to develop weapons, let their own people volunteer for it. They volunteered for Kamikaze attacks and suicide bombing, didn’t they? Well, same thing. Why not they volunteer for it themselves if they are willing to fly planes into ships and boats in sucicide kamikaze attackS? Yeah, you aint got no excuse for that Axum……..Unit 731 was worse than the Holocaust. At least Hitler killed the Jews for a noble reason…..but medical experiments you can easily volunteer your own people for.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        And you cant rationalize the Virginia Tech shootings. That was wrong, plain wrong. Okay? That was not for a “noble cause”. That was simple genocide. the kid was a hardcore anti-White racist as well, and in his videos he said he wanted to end Christianity. We should perform a public lynching of that kid’s extended family for that….to set an example for Asians not to fuck with us. Otherwise they will kill us all until we are no more than dust. Adolf Hitler said that a people unwilling to fight should be annihilated. Well, are we gonna fight back or not? Well. not you Axum. You are half mudblood.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        Im really mad right now because we are having this discussion.

      • mixedraced says:

        The Nazis had an un-verified reason for deciding to exterminate the Jews. At least the Japanese commited what they did with a valid reason and clear goal in mind.

      • coward says:

        What valid goal did the Japs have in mind, huh? What goal? I dont see no righteous goal there.

      • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

        In sites such as:,&sort=user_rating&title_type=tv_series

        The most popular TVseries are naturally American, however after United States, plenty of TVshows from United Kingdom and Japan are the next popular, not trying to deny the quality of British ,but the English -Language factor is a huge boost, because as a Spanish speaker, i know plenty of brilliant Spaniard TVseries that don’t have many global popularity on those sites (i didn’t see Aquí No Hay Quien Viva on those lists, a comedy which to me is a lot better than the ultra popular American comedies) ,however with non English speaking countries, Japan got the most number of popular TvShows, though all of there were Anime, it would be interesting a live action from Japan too. Give credit to the prestige of Japan.

    • guerrer0 says:

      Axum, u like Japan so much and u probably will go there to vacation, so its good for u to know the new law of the Japanese NHK, here the Youtuber Sandy, a foreigner living in Japan ,will tell u what is it about, is important, u will need to pay for public Japanese TV as if it were cable, or something like that.

  2. mixedraced says:

    And Japan in WW2 was a traditional warrior society. Germany was a modern “civilized” nation.

    • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

      Japan was a “warrior society”? Mwahahahaha!!!!! The average Jap is 5 foot 1. Some warriors they are! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!! And the Germans only did that to Jews, gays, and Gypsies. The Poles and Russians in concentration camps were treated good. Only the Jews, gays, and Gyspies were starved off and worked to death, and they deserve it for being evil sociopathic parasites anyways. If they don’t like our racism, go back to Israel, India, and as for the gays, go to Canada and France! I would trade 20 million Jews, gays, and Gyspies for 80 million of the most stereotypical East Asians anyday.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        Germany was a civilized nation and a warrior culture. So is the US of freakin A mate. We are fairly civilized….well at least the Nordics here are….but we can kick your ass should we be provoked by Black or Asian countries. And tell Kim Jong Un that all them nuclear missiles wont add inches to his penis.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      And Japan in WW2 was a traditional warrior society. Germany was a modern “civilized” nation.

      I don’t know where you get your history from, but Japan was modern and industrialized decades prior to WWII. In fact, Japan had progressed so by the late 19th century much that they were able to get Western powers to abolish extraterritorial privileges for its citizens in Japan. So no, Japan had established itself as a modern, “civilized” nation well before WWII.

      I’ll also remind you that Germany didn’t even become unified until the 1870s, and they had a very martial/warrior tradition in their own right. In fact, when Japan was undergoing the process of modernization, they admired the tremendous discipline and prowess of the German military, and strove to emulate them.

      And besides, none of that addresses why Japan has done such a poor job of owning up to its crimes compared to Germany.

      • mixedraced says:

        Japan culturally was a traditional worrier society despite having a modern economy and other modern cultural aspects. Germany after WW1 went through the Weimar phase of liberalisation and modernism, leaving behind its Prussian past.

      • mixedraced says:

        Japannese soldiers were hyper-fanatic on WW2 battlefields, the Germans never even came close to the lengths of Japanese honor culture.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Germany after WW1 went through the Weimar phase of liberalisation and modernism, leaving behind its Prussian past.

        So you’re telling me that in a mere 14 years (1919-1933, the year Hitler was elected), Germany just completely “left behind” its Prussian past? Cultural heritages don’t get abandoned that easily.

      • mixedraced says:

        The Japan nese quickly abandoned much of their traditional culture after WW2. Within 25 years they had developed a state capable of hosting the olympics, and developed a popular taste for hentai. Germany after WW1 became very liberal and many new non-traditional art forms gained popularity. Adolf Hitler was so disgusted by the sudden change that he implemented laws to reverse it

      • coward says:

        Hitler was a genius. Hideki Tojo and Hirohito were retards who got punked by MacArthur.

      • coward says:

        Japanese are flaky imitations of Whites. Not the real deal.

      • coward says:

        Asian males have small dicks

  3. mixedraced says:

    East Asian countries don’t send thousands of troops overseas ,like many western states are, now either.

    • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

      Yes they did, back when Japan used their tropps to kill a multitude of Western soldiers stationed in SE Asia. Northeast Asians are capable of the most evil alongside Ashkenazi Jews. Its the Nordics that are the most humane, and maybe Native Americans as well.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        China along with Russia is recolonizing Africa as we speak. Did you know that? Of course not, you biased mulatto Asian worshipping POS. They do take shit from other folks. They are even worse than the most imperialistic of the Whites, its just that Whites invented modern technology and mass transportation first. If Asians did….they would have enslaved all of us, and they would not have Yellow Guilt or Section 8 or NAACP for the rest of us either. At least Whites feel guilt for their actions. Asians are just flat-faced, slanted eyed Ted Bundys, they are all a bunch of ravaging murderous backstabbing sociopaths.

  4. mixedraced says:

    No one is truly moral, most people just follow traditional ettiquette to “save face”, just like East Asians in their home countries.

    • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

      No…….some people are truly moral, although they are in the minority. The rest of us have varying degrees of pseudo-morality, but Israel is probably the most evil of them all. In order to be a successful politician, being a sociopathic Machiavellian backstabbing alligator is pretty much a prerequisite.

      • Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

        No…..because they could still screw people over and have the illusion of morality. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Barack Hussein Osama, etc. have all accomplished this. So saving face doesnt drive morality, actual fucking morality does. So suck a dick Axum… are just a chink loving anti White Jew supporter.

  5. Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

    Quit defending them Axum. What about the Nips and their “comfort women” and Unit 731? What about the Mongols raping Europe and Central Asia? What about China starving off millions of citizens?

  6. Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

    Fuck India and everything it stands for. I used to hate East Asians, especially Northeast Asians the most, but now I think those filthy dotheads have my anger. They are so much uglier than the Koreans and Japs. Even the White looking Brahmins look atrocious and underclass. Indians should be banned from Western countries, except a few introspecting self-consious ones like Dota. All the rest of them can stay in Mata Bharat and Jai Hind all they long and suffer from “dhat”.

  7. Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

    The Germans did do us all a favor in the Holocaust….by making the Jews smarter. The smartest Jews found ways to survive, and the dumb ones died out in social Darwinism and natural selection. Now the Jews we 21st century Gentiles have to deal with are way worse than their predecessors. Thanks a lot Nazis, if you are going to do a job at least get it done. Im not advocating genocide…..all I am saying is the Jews of today are now even more sociopathic and genius than the past ones. Now we all have to deal with their bullshit and they wont stop with killing Palestinians and taking over the Promised Land, they will soon be demanding the rest of the Middle East. How many nuclear code violations have the UN and the Jew loving States of Murrica allowed the Israelis to get away with? How many murders of innocent Palestinians and Arabs? They wont ever stop. They are the White version of NE Asians. Like NE Asians, but even deadlier since they can disguise themselves as White Gentiles to the untrained eye. Jews are on a path to world domination along with China and Russia. But Jews are pushing multiculturalism in Russia too. So thanks a lot to the Jews we are all screwed, and thanks to the Nazis not finishing what they started (again, not advocating genocide), we all have to deal with a mutant strain of Jew. Fuck you Hitler and fuck you Jews. R.I.P Whites worldwide…..we will meet in White heaven, only place where Whites dont have to welcome multiculturalism.

  8. Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

    Turks are not nearly as bad as Japan. You have no idea what those Japs will do in the near future to us. Turks are at least White. Japs will royally screw us all over, and it is all because Whites love Jews, and Jews love themselves and will pretend to love Blacks to attain their goals.

  9. Tobias says:

    The Germans did do us all a favor in the Holocaust….by making the Jews smarter. The smartest Jews found ways to survive, and the dumb ones died out in social Darwinism and natural selection.

    I once read, that the rich jews fled germany till 1939, and had the same thougth then, because you hear that jews are very intelligent stuff.

    • coward says:

      I dont want to advocate genocide…since its against the rules….but is it too much to ask for the Nazis to at least finish the job? I mean….now we must deal with a mutant strain of Jew. Even Martin Luther; leader of the Protestant Reformation said that Jews were evil and rotten. Problem was back then Jews were not smart enough to do stuff. Now they are. Fuck my life……..Either Adolf should have never touched the Jews or saw the job to the end. The Holocaust benefitted Jews more than anyone else……it gave them unbeatable genetics and a reason to claim oppressed status. The Holocaust should be a fucking celebration to Jews….since it gave them superpowers compared to us. Fuck me in the arse……….them Jews are good at what they do.

  10. Batterytrain says:

    I meant assimilate within Western society as a non-Caucasian foreigner in that second paragraph. I mean talking about giving your genetics away and mixing it off to racial foreigners when you claim to be racially conservative in your society!! I mean do you see Black or non-Japanese/Asian, going to Asian country X, having this rocky aoki scenario, and having children with them from women of their above-average tier, Whites are definitely less racially conscious, more open and more likely to accept a person from a race they don’t like as is the case with the Aoki’s. The fact that this scenario took place is something I can’t fathom or wrap my head around. I just don’t understand why Whites just throw away their genetic lineage identity with off-racial foreigners, at the drop of a hat, when little things are involved; it’s as if White women don’t have any standards of race/looks when money is involved or they can’t think logically when their senses are tingled on by random small insignificant chimp-like behavior from non-whites which leads them to committing racially/socially suicidal acts and events made by them!

    I mean do you see an Indian person in Rocky Aoki’s shoes or creating this sort of scenario in the West ,Dota? Hell do you see a short ugly Japanese guy going to India, making a fortune and having kids marrying with upper-caste/well-off/privileged/Aryan Indian women and Indian female models? Or do you even see this happening in MENA regions such as the Levant, Gulf-Arab, Iranian regions? IMO an Asiatic or a Japanese person would never be accepted socially into these societies, let alone in the middle to upper echelons of these societies, no way on earth!! The thought of actually having off-spring with a person of such a background/race would never cross the heads of women of such regions because they are kept in check by their societies, they are conditioned to be racially conscious, they look down on people not of their race, and they would risk social ostracization and heavy consequences if they ever did what the women in this article did.

    I mean check out his son DJ Steve Aoki’s, girlfriend Coward and everyone else:
    I just find it baffling just how quickly and easily Whites are ready to compromise their prized genetic assets with people that don’t look like them, aren’t close to them on a blood level, and disregard their identities at the same time for the most petty stupid things and are easily misled or stupidly fall for things. Do you see an upper caste Indian, a upper-echelon MENA women in this guy’s arm in this picture? No

    • guerrer0 says:


      • coward says:

        Yeah, Naruto, I need to agree with you, that feral nigger Kanye needs to be put in his place by an angry White guy.

    • coward says:

      Batterytrain, if you compare the history of the Nordic and Arab races, it is clear which race is in the upper echelons of human racial hiearchy. We required 300 years to go from a primitive hunter gatherer society to a space age society. You guys required over 4,000 years just to build pyramids, the Colosseum, ziggurats, Pantheon. Interbreeding with Asians only shows that we prefer exotic gene flow….not superiority/inferiority.

      • batterytrain says:

        The U.S space program was the protoge and birth child of the former Yugolslavian space program having origins as far back as WWII. Kennedy stole this program and brought it to the U.S which blossomed with the helped of the likes of John Neuman and Von Braun. Tesla was also the guy that pioneered electricity and electrical energy as we know it, and if the banskters did not ruin him, we all would have amazing internet and zero internet bills via free energy (completely possible under Tesla/Newtonian models of physic).

        Take note that this country is a former Romanized/Latin country, former basecamp of the Roman empire which means that this country does not have origins and cultural drives/impetus from “Nordic” cultures and benefactory forces.

      • coward says:

        But Tesla was Russian, and the Russians descend from a Scandinavian group called the Rus. Also present in them are Scythian genes, and Scythians were a red-haired people.

      • coward says:

        Yes I am aware of Tesla’s amazing works using Alternating Currents, and if we did follow his model instead of Edison’s, we could have amazing amounts of energy. Edison really did screw a lot of us over.

      • Batterytrain says:

        Tesla was Serbian and Serbs have latin roots and influence going back to the days of the Roman empire. Modern Russians are a mix of different genetics involving groups from Central Asia and Northern Europe. Not valid to claim they are entirely of Viking stock with their entire identity and culture springing from that.

    • coward says:

      Batterytrain, many Anglo and Nordic Whites go to NE Asisn countries, marry their top women, and incorporate themselves into upperclass society.

      • coward says:

        By the way Batterytrain, do you have an email or something I can contact you on?

      • Batterytrain says:

        Well from what I’ve read Asians do not infact incorporate Whites into their societies and are extremely restrictive to foreigners, they practice hyper double standards between their societies and the West’s. Take their economic policies for example, South Korean car manufacturers have to pay less, nearly less than half of the cost, to produce and bring in their cars into the U.S, while Japanese and South Korean governments slap huge tarriffs on goods made by the U.S that is being sold in these respective countries that sky rockets the prices of U.S goods/objects from the original prices of these U.S goods. These people also force Americans to buy their own cars and only drive their own national conglomerate cars in their own countries while also aggressively pushing Americans to do the same in their own country. They also play around with their currencies and their purchasing powers and inflate their respective purchases, values, goods and objects per comparison to the U.S economy, to intentionally damage or disadvantage Americans at the behest of their own racial people. I’m surprised Dota and BAG have not covered this.

        I was trying to point out the hypocrisy, double standards, and the weak will of Whites even when their societies are set up to be racially ethnically conservative. They are ready to compromise and destroy their genetic identity and culture for superficial value and fluff, something that gives them so much power and access in the world compared to say the biology and genetic makeup of Asians, which tend to be inferior for creativity, raw innovation, athleticism, agility, strength, fortitude, imagination, and morals. There is so much shit that Westerners put up with these days from these culturally inferior groups and societies, and let them take advantage of them, it’s amazing the contrast to what the West has conquered and pioneered towards becoming what it is now. I would expect a good whacking or two here and then.

        Also Northern Europeans do not have a history of breeding with Asians unless it involved invasions and wars; the term “White”, was first coined by Russians and Russian cossacks, not Anglo-saxons/west European explorers as everyone believes, to distinguish between them and sorrounding Turkic, Mongoloid, Asiatic populations. Mongol invasions only left a negligible amount of DNA, and most of the Asiatic admixture in European populations is in fact ancient Eurasian admixture and/or mixture from conquest by Indo-Europeans or the reverse in the Northern altitudes and places like Siberia, North America, far far north of Europe. Even in ancient times Indo-Europeans distinguished themselves from surrounding populations as we see in southern Asia and now Central Asia/Russia.

        They did not breed with Asiatics openly as believed previously in Ancient times. So I find it extremely puzzling how Whites in the West have become so open so suddenly and are in the process of compromising their cultures and hyper-selected evolutionary lineages for inferior ones (Asians etc).

      • batterytrain says:
      • guerrer0 says:

        Xera you don’t know that Spanish men did marriage Amerindian women from Mexico or Peru in big scale? The Japanese are very Sharp, their Tvshows are more popular and recognized than even many good TVseries from my native Spain, this article is proof that some Spanish TVseries are too good and quite popular, but they are behind the Japanese Anime phenomenon…

      • coward says:

        Hey Batterytrain, I will contact you. My email is , so if you receive an email from another address claiming to be me, it is not me. I know Narut00 will try to sockpuppet me because he has a homosexual crush on you.

  11. guerrer0 says:

    Notice how this American from the minute 4:47 starts talking about some Anime, Xera u with your pride are no one to look down on the Japanese, sites such as reflect well it, Anime is quite popular through the world. Looking randomly at the videos of the American Joey Graceffa, i never saw him knowing nor talking about some Spanish TVseries ,even when it is proved that many Spanish TVseries are excellent ( my favorite comedy ever is still the Spanish Aquí No Hay Quien Viva) ,i have seen him randomly talking about Japanese Anime or some British TVseries such as Misftis.

  12. Aakash says:

    What must have ticked off the Indian government and Indians in general was the very public way in which the diplomat was arrested and the fact that she was strip searched. Looks like she is scum so good riddance anyway.

    Unfortunately, comparing this incident to the Italian marine issue deflates your argument a lot. It was the Indian government that let the marines leave for Italy in the first place fully expecting the Italians to send them back asap. Italian “values” are as bad as Indian ones (read the misrepresentations in the Italian media in full detail my friend) just in case and if they had a chance, they would not have returned them. If anything, the Indians must be commended on being courteous and granting them a Christmas break as well as putting the heat on the Italians to return them.

    Overall a reasonable post. Its obvious that south Asians are very prone to tantrums and not surprisingly, it reflects on their diplomacy. However, you might want to use better examples to illustrate your positions: especially while critiquing Indian diplomacy.

    By the way, I’m sure Alicia May endorses your statement on vegetarians. After all, It is only the vegetarians (and not meat eaters) committing all the rapes in India. Not the american ones yet but they may learn a few tricks from the wicked brown vegetarian and start violating the venerable white poonani.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Fair point regarding the Italian marine incident.

      The one thing that can be said for the Italians is that they ultimately did what was right/expected, and didn’t resort to throwing an international temper tantrum.

      (a few misrepresentations in the media notwithstanding)

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