From Messiah to Butler: The left’s subversive interpretation of Jesus.

I stumbled across the following abomination of a meme yesterday:






















The war being waged on Christ’s body is an audacious attempt by the left to remake Christ in their own image. This war mirrors another war being waged on society by the Cultural Marxist left that seeks to strip society of its moral bearing. Christian morality and the order it came to symbolize over the centuries has been deemed “socially constructed” by the imbeciles on the left. The post modernist academic term “deconstruction” is a code word for the delegitimization of traditional Western Culture; which is anathema to the Cultural Marxist Left and Organized Jewry. The insinuation is that if certain trends/Cultural practices/values are socially constructed, they are not worth fighting for. Thus society’s traditional collective wisdom has been reduced to socially constructed rubble, rendering it susceptible to leftist social tampering. The above meme is an excellent example of the aforementioned trend; lets “deconstruct” it, shall we?

“Jesus was a Radical”

Completely false. As many have already pointed out before me, Jesus came not to subvert, but to affirm previous revelation (Matt:5:17). As I’ve written about before, rebellion is a feature of Jewish culture and hence the portrayal of Jesus as a rebel indicates just how sadly Judaized our culture has become.

“Non violent revolutionary”

True for the most part but Jesus did resort to violence when he drove out the money changers from the Temple. He was outnumbered and surely knew that he would make powerful enemies, but he was no coward. Perhaps the Jesus approach would be effective in reforming our parasitic modern day banking system.

“Who hung around with lepers Hookers and Crooks;”

Not because he thought they were cool or possessed special insight on account of being “oppressed”, but because they were the ones that Christ came to deliver hope to and reform.

 “wasn’t American and never spoke English”

Should that make him less accessible to American and European Christians? Societies have always expressed their vision of God in their own ethnic images and this observation goes back to the Greek philosopher Xenophanes. I fail to see the relevance of this point.

 “Was anti wealth, anti death penalty, and anti public prayer”

Christ was never anti-wealth, he was opposed to the wealthy’s obsession with riches and realized that it was a spiritual obstacle blocking their ascension into heaven. Christ taught us that wealth must be used ethically and for the betterment of society. It was a lesson that would inspire the Arabian Prophet Muhammad 600 years later. Was Christ anti-death penalty? We don’t know because he didn’t say. The story of Jesus and the adulteress in John’s gospel was an attack against hypocrisy and not capital punishment. Likewise for his condemnation of the Pharisee’s display of public piety where the operant condition is intention. Jesus and his disciples had no fixed residence so where would they pray if not in public? Public prayer is an effective way of instilling religious consciousness if done so with the right intent. That was the point that Jesus was trying to make, not advocating against prayers in public schools.

The rest of the text is not worth responding to up until this point: “Anti Slut shaming…”

The intellectually and spiritually bankrupt leftists who make this insipid argument invoke the Gospel of John’s story of the adulteress and the prostitute (sinful woman) who anointed Christ from Luke’s Gospel. What they seem to leave out is that Christ forgave their sins and told them to sin no more. That Christ judged not individuals, but their actions is something that evades the left’s comprehension. For leftists, the two are interchangeable and in condemning one, you necessarily condemn the other. This assertion is bogus for if one cannot judge actions how is one to bifurcate right from wrong?

From Messiah to butler

As Christianity steadily declines, Paganism creeps into the space occupied by the former. Our paganized culture is characterized by the following creed of faith expressed by (in)famous occultist Aleister Crowley: “Do what thou wilt.” A modern incarnation of the creed reads as follows: “It’s all good!” Essentially, anything goes. In a consumerist society where an individual is indistinguishable from his/her actions you become what you consume. If individuals cannot rise above their actions, society will languish in a state of sickness. The sharpest contrast between Christianity and pagan traditions is observed within the social realm of ethics. Christianity represents restraint and order whereas paganism is centred around self-gratification. The various spells, incantations, rituals, and charms, are designed to help the practitioner get what s/he wants. There is no moral order. Paganism and Consumerism intersect at self-gratification and in such a culture even religion becomes an article of consumption. We aren’t looking for a religion that guides our conscience for that would be too inconvenient. We are looking for a religion that makes us feel good by justifying licentious behaviour and intemperance. Hence by restructuring Christ along pagan lines (which is the point of the above meme) his moral teachings are rendered void and he becomes our emotional butler who waits on our emotions to make us feel better.

Liberals do not hold minorities and deviants to any moral standard. When packs of rowdy black youth targeted whites in the morally depraved “knockout game,” the media remained silent. Yet when Conrad Barett assaulted a black man he was charged with a hate crime. Similarly, feminists hold women up to no moral standard whatsoever. Women aren’t even obligated to raise their children anymore, since that function can be outsourced to daycare. While Christ did not shame the ”sluts” he came in contact with, he did admonish them to sin no more. Christ refrained from judging individuals but held them up to a moral standard nonetheless. That is not what feminists want. Feminists want society to not only tolerate but even endorse women’s loose sexual morals. Do what thou wilt. This is why liberals want a “tolerant” Jesus as opposed to a moral one.

If Western Civilization is to survive this century white gentiles must adopt the Jesus approach in preserving their culture. Christ was certainly compassionate, but not a pushover, and he stood resolutely by his morals by fighting back against those that challenged him in bad faith. I’ve heard that the above meme is being publicized by a Facebook group called “Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don’t like christianity.” I think that’s quite apt, for such garbage could only be presented by Christianity haters for other Christianity haters.

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34 Responses to From Messiah to Butler: The left’s subversive interpretation of Jesus.

  1. WmarkW says:

    The Cultural Marxists define what’s “right” in terms of groups — the poor, women, Muslims, Africans (home and abroad) and gays. Jesus lived at a time that Judiasm was adapting to losing political control of its land. He preached that even though they could not run society the way they wanted, they could still practice their religion individually, by continuing to do what’s right.

    Jesus’ Judeo-Christianity was not a political religion. Too many people today believe that every outcome they don’t like, constitutes a failure of society to match their expectations.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      The Cultural Marxists define what’s “right” in terms of groups — the poor, women, Muslims, Africans (home and abroad) and gays.

      Exactly. They don’t consider the existence of objective truth. Rather, truth resides in the oppressed classes.

    • narut00 says:

      East Asian religions have all the advantages of Christianity and even a plus because they don’t have such a concept as hell, that is the problem, you don’t see that in Shinto or Taoism, i found this critique of Christianity in a Buddhist website, if you think clear and deep hell is unjust.
      East Asians don’t have to deal with that.

      • Dota says:

        Asians (South and East) are collectivist, tribal, and amoral. What “advantages” of Christianity do you see in the orient anyway? Their morals are so low they can’t even tackle corruption. Perhaps they’ve internalized Christianity’s message of compassion by inventing the soup Kitchen and organized charities? Oh wait, they didn’t.

        Some Asian countries have certainly made progress and have created functioning first world societies. But to claim that their civilizations are anywhere as advanced as Western civilization is a joke. You might have a Hindu fetish so I suggest you live in India for a year or two and see how you like it. It’s easy for you to say “oh well, if it weren’t for caste Hinduism would be great!”
        Well guess what? Caste is inseparable from Hinduism. By practicing a caste-less Hinduism you’ve essentially invented a new religion in your head. If it were truly so easy to cherry pick the good from the bad in cultures, every Asian country would be a first world paradise, including twin shitholes India and Pakistan.

      • narut00 says:

        C’mon . The image of Polite Japan tell us much how that issue. Their tribalism is not too extreme as the Jews and helps them from massive immigration. I am specifically talking about the richest Asian countries of: Japan, South Korea, Taiwán or Hong Kong. China and India are out.
        Murder rate of Japan is 0.4 and Hong Kong is 0.2 , it means Buddha and the Shinto / Taoist gods are as successful as Jesús to prevent killing, unlike Allah and Krishna which encourage it.
        Corruption index of Japan is 74, South Korea is 55 ( but Italy is 43 ) ,Taiwán 61 ( Portugal is 62 ) and Hong Kong is 75. Another success for Buddha and the Shinto / Taoist gods. As for charity i don’t know how in Japan or Taiwán things work there.

      • coward says:

        Actually…the Japanese and Koreans do seem to have a high moral standard. It is still about “saving face” over there….but they are the closest thing in morality to the West. The Chinese on the other hand are like Nazi Germany. And all the SE Asians are barely functional. Of course India is a complete dirty shitehol….and if Narut00 doubts it like Dota said he should go live there. Id rather go to Uganda and live with Black African child soldiers and do heroine with them rather than go meet Raj or Privna in India. And Pakistan is just a smaller India with more Muslims. Id rather go live in Russia. Ive had the honour of accompanying my parents to Russia for two weeks over summer break….and they are very very nice people….contrary to stereotypes…they are just like us. The Japs are pretty nice as well. My dad has been there multiple times.

      • coward says:

        No one says Jesus had long hair. Sure he was a Nazarene and would grow his hair “long”….but about as long as the Beatles was considered long back then. NE Asians, middle-class US Blacks, and upper class Latinos are the closest thing to Whites

      • narut00 says:

        I wanna live in Spain, at least for now, i wanna live in a country i feel is important, so small countries like Denmark or Ireland are not option to me, even if they are rich, i wanna live in a country i feel an attachment with, through its popular culture. I have only watched tv series or movies from United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain and South Korea. But i can’t live in Japan nor South Korea because the language barrier. United States scares me with the gun problema plus i wanna live in a country with ancient and rich culture, if i ever have to live in U.S.A it would be New York or Florida. I have only watched European TV from U.K and Spain, which are countries with languages i understand, but i have never Heard of popular German, French or Italian tv shows, while i read about Japanese and Korean tv shows and i watch them with English subtitles. Anyways i have enjoyed more the Spanish tv shows plus U.K is ugly, as much as i would want to like U.K more, the architecture is so ugly. Barcelona is much prettier than London, anyways my ancestors come from Spain also.

      • coward says:

        Naruto you should go to Britain and live there. You dont wanna live in Spain trust me. Its hot as hell down there. The hot winds of the Mediterranean will kill ya

      • narut00 says:

        Then why Axum a United Kingdom Citizen complained a lot about the place he lives in ? you don’t even live in U.K . Is a country with unattractive architecture and is overcrowded, and i have read their people are unattractive as well. On the contrary Spain is praised for its attractive people, just like their architecture. My blood is from Spain and is calling me to come back, i feel it, if you are a Soccer freak the Barcelona- Madrid are a big plus to live there. Countries like Germany, France or Italy are also attractive, but why their TVseries don’t have a sizeble following like the American, Japanese, British, Spanish or Korean? haven’t seen yet a blog with big following about them like Dramabeans is about Korean Dramas.

        Neither a YouTube Channel, like this is about Japanese Anime- Manga.

      • coward says:

        Axum is complaining cuz he is a dumb fucking nigger. Ive visited the UK with parents and it is a great place to be. Well, there are a lot of Muslim scum over there, but it is fun. Spain is hot and reminds me of Houston Texas.

      • narut00 says:

        Though still Axum lives there, you just were on vacations, it would be nice more opinions.

      • coward says:

        Naruto, aside from the slimy Moslems, the land of the Britons is a great place to be. And Axum is an African American….you cant trust what they say. (well actually he is a African Englishmsn)

      • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

        Hey brother , France is relevant in the YouTube culture : ) , of the top 100 most suscribed channels, some are French like Cyprien, Remi Gaillard or Norman. The French are doing better even than more populated countries like Japan or Germany. According to this article the one that is doing pretty bad in Tvseries despite its economic power is Germany, France produced some good Tvshows actually that were quite exported.

  2. coward says:

    Oh Jesus was slut-shaming all right. He used harlot as a term of antagonism multiple times. He did befriend tax collectors and whoores, but it is not the same as being neutral on the position of prostitution.

  3. coward says:

    Hell….Im anti public prayer. I cant stand those fake ass niggas who pray in public to garner attention.

  4. IFAT says:

    The UKis a good place to live. In the eight years that i lived in a 97% White town i’ve only had to deal with three minor racial incidents. I think i was lucky to go to a school with mixed individuals but i had good white friends. The second week of my uni course i was threatened with death by a group of racist blacks but no one did much to help and my own (black) mother didn’t believe me.

  5. mixedraced says:

    The UK is a good place to live. It’s much btter than most other EU countries and (DEFINITELY) the USA. I overblew the racial issue, i’ve only been confronted with racism on three occasions.

    • coward says:

      Youve never lived here dude. Ive lived here for 14 years, my whole life. I know what it is like here. And why would Blax be racist to u? You r Blak.

    • guerrer0 says:

      Thank you so much Axum, in reality i complained about United Kingdom mainly because their architecture, but i know is an admirable country in other things like science, i wanted to like it more, but watching London give me bad impression, but yesterday i saw videos and images of Traditional English villages and i liked them much more. The first video was about a Chinese replica in fact, by the way i think Japan should do a replica of Bangkok in Tokyo.

  6. mixedraced says:

    Two of those incidents were caused by racist blacks. I should say serious incidents, and they weren’t resolved too quickly either.

  7. mixedraced says:

    You’re a mulatto, i’m mixed race.

  8. mixedraced says:

    Scandinavians are probably the closest to East Asians in behaviour. I’ve had so many non-sexual boners playing Japanese games, God ofWar Is the only western game to non-sexually arouse my penus.

  9. coward says:

    Hey Axum….what do you think of Christianity?

  10. WmarkW says:

    BTW the Left’s favorite teaching of Jesus is for the rich to give all their money to the poor.
    Jesus was an apocalyptic who believed the world would be destroyed within the lifetime of his contemporaries. His opinions on economics aren’t really relevant in a capitalist economy dependent on investment.

    • coward says:

      Jedus spoke metaphorically. By the way…what is it with Cultural Marxists and wanting to redistribute wealth? Last I heard….thats called Communism. Socialism. Capitalism has been working well for my family….and I dont want my parents to pay heavy taxes to feed some poor people that were too lazy to get jobs.

      • Tobias says:

        One think is sure, if there is communism, i wont be the idiot that works, i would be lazy then.

        Anarchism FTW.

      • coward says:

        Fuck communism. It doesnt work. It never has, and capitalism is essential to building a first world country.

  11. Wolfgang the Coward: Slayer of Marx. says:

    Jesus was actually a:
    Caucasian, Christian, Capitalist who believed that men should be given what they worked for. The Parable of the Talents clearly demonstrates how Jesus would take the lazy fucker’s money and give it to the man with the 40 talents. “For he who has shall be given more, and he who does not have, even what he has shall be taken from him”——–Jesus H. Christ.
    Jesus descended from King David. King David is described in the Bible as having ruddy skin. He therefore was fairly light-skinned with possible Nordic ancestry.
    Jesus was violent. He flipped over tables, and drowned 100 pigs in a lake after casting demons out of a man. He will come back as a apocalyptic Rider of Death according to Revelations. He also had extremely light hair, “light as snow” according to Revelations. His eyes were “burning embers”, probably a reference to his lighter eye colors.
    Jesus was no commie sand nigger.

  12. ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

    Where is Xera ? 😦

    • coward says:

      Xera? I beat his ass real bad. He came to America talking his “Egyptian pride” shit and I took my Nordic knuckles snd bashed his North African skull in. He tried to then swing an RPG butt at my head but I elbow dropped his kidneys, all all that hummus he has been eating burst snd he is in a hospital paid for by Nordic taxpayers. His last known words were “Dirka dirka……mohammed jihad”.

    • guerrer0 says:

      Xera volvió.

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