Lard and Lack of Accountability: A New Year’s Reminder on the Importance of Standards

Greetings, Occident Invicta readers! On behalf of Dota and myself, welcome to 2014! We intend to continue providing our faithful readers with entertaining and edifying posts, and we likewise encourage our most perceptive commenters to continue to contribute to our blog.

Now, with that brief and lame New Year’s speech out of the way, on to my first post of the year. The major recurring idea associated with the beginning of a new year is that of self-improvement, with everyone constantly speaking of New Year’s resolutions. One of the most overused resolutions is losing weight. However, as tired of a resolution as it may be, a recent article on Roosh’s “Return of Kings” blog reminded me of why it remains necessary. While I don’t read the manosphere that often anymore, I simply couldn’t let this one slide. It turns out that morbidly obese feminist Lindy West, a frequent subject of ridicule among manosphere netizens, has hit a new low, being unable to fit in her airplane seat during her latest flight (original article here). An altercation began when Lindy’s seat mate took exception to how she placed her luggage in the overhead compartment. After some allegedly rude comment by the man and verbal bickering between the two, culminating in Lindy jabbing the guy’s foot with her luggage when he fell asleep, Lindy had a few observations:

“It felt foreign to be confronted so vocally and so publicly (and for such an arbitrary reason), but it also felt familiar. People say the same kind of thing to me with their eyes on nearly every flight—this guy just chose to say it with his mouth.”

Aside from the fact that the confrontation was rather tame and the man in question didn’t say anything offensive or objectionable, I find this statement rather interesting. As Dota has pointed out before when describing women with her ideological leanings, Lindy seems to equate her obnoxious aggression with strength, and then acts indignant when someone actually holds her accountable for her behavior. She must have enjoyed quite a sheltered and coddled existence for her to be nonplussed over being confronted in real life. It’s as if being taken to task is a violation of her human rights. Yeah, I guess the UN forgot to add “not having to put up with confrontations or rude people for your entire life” in its UDHR. The last sentence also highlights the cultural left’s obsession with crimes of thought and intent. Even though the man didn’t explicitly call her a fatso or demean her, she could just tell that she had fallen into a nest of fatphobic bigots. After all, since the oppressed have superior wisdom and perception, then any slight they endure must surely be the result of pugnacious chauvinism. Bigotry is simply what leftists say it is. But fear not, brave readers, it gets better!:

“I have, in my life, been a considerably thinner person and had a fat person sit next to me on a plane. I have also, more recently, been the fat person that makes other travelers’ faces fall...I’m sure some fat people are fat by their own hand, without any underlying medical conditions, but a lot of other fat people are fat because they’re sick or disabled.”

Wait a second. Isn’t this the same Lindy West who once said that dieting for fat people doesn’t work, and that fatness can be primarily attributed to genetics? But now she’s admitting that diet and lifestyle can play a role in weight gain, but still blames genetics or bad luck for obesity. Funny how it’s only countries with poor diets such as the United States that seem to be plagued by obesity. I guess she just happened to be cursed with poor genetic luck as her life went by, which accounts for her “considerable” weight gain.

I’m not even going to quote her rants about small and uncomfortable airplane seats. I hardly deny that airplanes are uncomfortable or that airplane travel can be a drag. Nevertheless, there’s simply no excuse for being too fat to sit down. Plenty of overweight people can, and do, sit in planes. However, being a woman who’s 5 ft 9 and 263 pounds is simply inexcusable. On this point, I say that responsibility should be a two-way street. Airplanes can and should provide passengers with a more comfortable and accommodating flight experience, but fatsos should likewise not impose themselves on their surrounding environments and demand that people cater to their “special needs.” Deal?

But okay, in the joyous spirit of the new year, perhaps one can give poor Lindy the benefit of the doubt and presume that she was just trying to board a plane in a normal manner and get on with her life. There’s only one problem:

“I’d almost missed the plane—I was that person staggering on board just before the doors closed…I know that he disliked me instantly, he invented a reason to be a dick to me, and then he executed it. At 7 am. In a flying fart-can. When I HAD A HANGOVER.”

So, she holds up the plane with her tardiness, which was caused by her being hungover due to excessively drinking the night before a 7 am flight. And yet she is still outraged that someone might have been annoyed with her? In fact, how dare he not know that she had a hangover! He must be extra nice and accommodating to Ms. Beleaguered Blubberbutt, since I guess those with hangovers are a new protected class. I’m now holding my breath for a “this is sober privilege” tumblr.

As much as I hate quoting Jezebel and Lindy West, those various passages paint quite a picture of leftist pathologies. Throughout her entire article, one cannot help but notice a complete abdication of responsibility. Some people are fat by their own hand, but it’s mostly injuries or disabilities. I’m so fat that I can’t fit into a plane seat, but fatphobia and  small seats are to blame. And if I’m hungover, then you’d better cut me some slack! It’s not my fault I drank too much the night before an early flight.

I’m not trying to claim that I’m some kind of perfectly disciplined sensei who never whines, rants, or has bad days. Those who remember me from my old days on Robert Lindsay’s blog might recall that I would occasionally go on angry rants and say a few things I would take back. Thing is though, I was a young guy in my late teens and very early twenties full of too much misguided energy. Those who know me now, both in real life and online, can attest to how much I’ve improved myself and matured in numerous ways. And I’ll admit, even as I’m improving, there will still be days when I’m annoyed, irritated, and upset, or when I slack off. However, there is still the effort towards improving and moving towards a more enriching life. For a woman of 30 such as Lindy West to behave in such a childish and petulant manner, without any introspection, is shameful.

With all this in mind, I’m reminded of the question posed by one manosphere blogger: Where are the feminists and cultural leftists who preach self-improvement? Sure, the manosphere does frequently complain about hypergamy, masculinized American women, the rigged singles market, and various other grievances, but there’s still a message of self-improvement and betterment. The manosphere frequently runs articles on the most effective ways to work out, how to develop more confidence and better social skills (ie. “game”), how to become a more cultured, well travelled, and interesting man, and the list goes on.

Yet this very notion seems alien to the left. In their eyes, everyone (except “cisgender,” heterosexual, non-Jewish white males) is special, and the only thing that prevents them from seeing how incredible they are is the white man’s oppression. Of course, this excessive coddling is nothing new. Years before anyone even knew about a manosphere, Fred Reed was denouncing the cult of “self-esteem”in the most scathing manner.

I don’t see this scourge of wimpiness and sensitivity ending anytime soon, but we can nonetheless avoid enabling this nonsense.  Continue to strive towards what you seek to achieve, continue improving, continue enhancing your mind, and of course, keep working out and don’t become a fatty. Don’t let pampered and vapid people like Lindy West drag you down to their level of degeneracy. Oh, and try not to sit next to an obese person on a plane.

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5 Responses to Lard and Lack of Accountability: A New Year’s Reminder on the Importance of Standards

  1. Guy from Montréal says:

    Why do we always hear the obese blame their weight on genetics? that’s bullshit, genetics only account for a small percentage of obesity, instead of taking accountability for their negligent dietary habits they are now trying to make everyone think that society should be accommodating them and their over indulgence, I’d like to see smokers try and pull that kind of shit.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I’d like to see smokers try and pull that kind of shit.

      Interesting that you bring up smoking, because pound for pound, nicotine is more addictive than heroine. And yet through sustained anti-smoking campaigns, cigarette usage has declined. The same can be done with obesity.

      • Guy from Montréal says:

        Yes I agree, though I do think obesity is more of a challenge to fight compared to smoking.

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