“But Race is Just a Social Construct,” Castrated Crackers, and Other Leftist Craziness

Those who know me from my years commenting on Robert Lindsay’s blog might recall that I once coined the term “Castrated Crackers.” In addition to my penchant for alliterations, the term was designed to describe whites who go beyond the basic levels of white wimpiness. Not content to be wimpy liberals, these whites actively go out of their way to demonize and pathologize white identity. They range from charlatans and hustlers like Tim Wise to ideologically zealous college professors such as Robert Jensen and Noel Ignatiev. Their various gems include assertions such as the need to “abolish the white race,” and forcing white people to choose between being white and being human. Granted, they’re not so crazy as to advocate the physical extermination of their own people (as some more radical white nationalists have claimed), but their insistence on demolishing whiteness is very typical of their ilk.

One of the most common leftist tropes is this notion that most major divisions between different groups of people can be attributed to “social constructs” or cultural conditioning. Leftists believe that whiteness is empty, devoid of culture, and that white people should go back to identifying with their respective European backgrounds. For the most part, we’re genetically similar, and therefore any noticeable differences between racial or ethnic groups can be explained by oppressive societal mechanisms. The left makes similar assertions regarding gender, with prominent sociologist and feminist Lisa Wade arguing (albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek) that the differences between men and women are as negligible as the differences between people from North Dakota and South Dakota. Since the biological differences between men and women cannot be disputed, I’m not going to discuss the gender angle, and instead focus on race.

Here’s what I say to those who insist that whiteness is a “social construct”: So what? Many white nationalists feel compelled to defend the legitimacy of white identity by invoking HBD and evolutionary psychology. However, I deem that unnecessary, because even a cursory look at world history will demonstrate that practically all identities were socially constructed at some point in history. In fact, I’m currently reading The Invention of the Jewish People by Israeli historian Shlomo Sand. Contrary to the claims of Jews and Zionists, Jewish people were never a cohesive, united group with a solid and shared history. Jewish identity is as socially constructed as any. Yet would any non-Jewish professor or prominent activist dare to suggest that Jewishness should be abolished and that Jewishness as a social construct is toxic? After all, the Jewish state of Israel is currently inflicting significant oppression on the Palestinians, aided and abetted by Jews around the world. The Palestinians might certainly agree that Jewishness should be abolished. However, we all know that there would be no quarter given or mercy shown to those who made such suggestions here in the anglosphere. Even those who are ethnically Jewish are not immune from such repercussions. Just ask Gilad Atzmon, who was excommunicated by mainstream Palestine solidarity activists because of his attacks on Jewishness and Jewish identity.

The left’s insistence that differences can be attributed to social constructs would be amusing if not for the dangerous implications of such beliefs. After all, if we’re merely “social constructs,” then why not open the borders to any and all, no matter how alien or hostile to your culture these people are? Why not embrace multiculturalism and actively facilitate demographic changes that will reduce your group to a minority? Why should white people even care about how they will fare under the new majority?

(for a good parody of the lunacy of open borders and multiculturalist beliefs, see “How Whites Took Over America,” here and here. Those who would cry foul and say that you can’t compare the European settlement and eventual conquest of the Americas to current non-white immigration would be missing the point)

As Dota has argued before, just because identities are socially constructed does not mean that they are any less worthy of defending and upholding. As the left has demonstrated on various occasions, they don’t actually have a problem with various “socially constructed” identities, just whites. They think that white people should happily consent to becoming an atomized, weak people who will voluntarily surrender whatever power and influence they possess. While we’re all human beneath the skin, that doesn’t mean that we’re monolithic or some interchangeable mass.

So the next time some anti-racist or leftist challenges your identity, tell her that you’re not too perturbed by the fact that you’re a dreaded “social construct.”

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7 Responses to “But Race is Just a Social Construct,” Castrated Crackers, and Other Leftist Craziness

  1. WmarkW says:

    My key to understanding white identity is the cultural tools that define Western Civilization: the scientific method, capitalism, separation of church and state, democratic-republican government, and free speech. All of these are tools for testing ideas against experience, with the expectation that we’ll keep the good ones.

    The diversity-multiculturalism racket, claims that the methods of Western Civ discriminate against them, and that fairness requires exceptions like job preferences, speech restrictions, and stigmatizing the science of standardized testing. They turn the belief in massive societal barriers, into a combination circular argument and non-falsifiable hypothesis, in which the success of whites is prima facie proof that barriers are in place, despite the success of non-white people who duplicate them.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Mark, that’s an excellent comment. Whenever someone insists that “whites have no culture,” I’ll be sure to invoke your arguments.

      You can like or despise it, but nobody can deny that whites do in fact have a very powerful culture.

    • Dota says:

      Welcome back Mark, and what an entrance!

      I completely agree with everything you’ve written up there. The tools of western civ are about sorting ideas and bifurcating the good from the bad. These traditional tools have been discarded and replaced with a new set of tools: Post modernism. Post modern critiques aren’t interested in evaluating ideas, but rather de-legitimizing western culture. With the rise of post modern modes of thinking, the emphasis has shifted away from the natural sciences and onto the social sciences. Hence society/acedemia’s reluctance to discuss IQ and a shifted focus onto other socio/political factors (some legitimate, many bogus).

  2. mr. bundy says:

    everything is racist to non whites, but they forget without us they would starve to death in a third world country. whites have been creating all the worlds civilizations and what do we get for it? Ingrates.

  3. mr. bundy says:

    without whites everyone in the world would be living in mud huts. even the east asians copied their technology from whites.

  4. Pranav says:

    Happy New Year to DOTA and BAG and all the other readers of this fine blog… Cheers from India…

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