Some thoughts on Christmas

I read a comment on a blog some weeks ago by a school teacher who shared an anecdote about Christmas. He said that while Muslim and Jewish kids knew the religious significance of Ramadan and Hanukah respectively, the white gentile kids believed that Christmas celebrated Santa Claus. Such is the extent and effect of Jewish cultural subversion where the first syllable from Christmas has been yanked out of public consciousness. But this post is about my thoughts on Christmas and I shall henceforth not sully it by referencing Yahveh’s chosen troublemakers.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and is truly a universal celebration. Eid ul Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Adha (colloquially known as Bakri eid in India) celebrates Abraham’s obedience to God. Both of these Muslim festivals are inaccessible to those outside the Abrahamic traditions. Hanukah is merely a Jewish tribal holiday which celebrates the victory of the Maccabean revolt and the restoration of Israel as a sovereign entity. It is inaccessible to Gentiles. Christmas is about goodwill to all men for Christ’s birth represents universal salvation.

The story of Christ is just as easily accessible to to non Christians: for it is the story of a man who tried to change the world but was devoured by that very world he tried to save. Christ had the strength of character and the fortitude to stand by his convictions and readily die for them. Jesus was regarded by his followers as the ”Messiah”, a title accompanied by a very specific function in Jewish prophecy: he was to restore Israel as a sovereign state by overthrowing the Roman occupiers. Asking whether Christ succeeded or not in his mission would be missing the point of his life. He famously stated that if the temple were knocked down he would raise it up again. His words astounded those that were present for they knew not that he was referring to the temple of his body. This incident highlights Christ’s indifference to monuments, borders, and kingdoms; for his focus was on the individual as the latter is the nexus of God’s creation. His people expected him to restore Israel whereas Christ came to restore humanity. It is this point that the children of his accusers continue to miss even today.

What he was unable to accomplish in life he did so in death. His message internalized ethics in the western mind and was ultimately instrumental in shaping western civilization. If we allow our children to believe that Christmas commemorates personal gratification (embodied in the image of Santa) Christ truly would have died in vain.

We at wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas.

merry christmas 1

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2 Responses to Some thoughts on Christmas

  1. coward says:

    At my school the most ridiculous things happen. They used to have a huge Santa Claus inflatable for Christmas when I was in 6th grade, but by the time I got to seventh our school’s increasing Muslim population demanded it taken down….and guess what….the BLACKS protested with them! They had fucking pointless board meetings to fiscuss how the symbolism of Santa Claus was causing Muslim chillens to be “uncomfortsble” with its “discriminating” ideology. So they finally got taken down. Now in 8th grade my school became a multicultural hell. The reason I used to be a White Nationalist but now I have given up all hope….is because there is no hope. With the new integration policy, now kids are being shipped from downtown Negroid enclaves to our formerly mostly Anglo school. They cause no shortage of problems here…….and I am so scared of them that I lie and claim my grandfather was a Black guy to gain acceptance. Its fucking crazy. Back then Quadroons and Mulattoes had to desperately pass as White. Now Whiye kids are stuck making bullshit geneaologies about their nigger ancestry…like when Timurlane bullshitted about Genghis raping his grandmothrr and having him.
    I do even believe I read a news article about PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY being racist before because spicks munch on burritoes. I shit you not….this is a legitimate article. Google “Peanut Butter Sandwhiches Racist”. I hate these things.
    I cant stand it no more. This one Arab prick tricked one of our White students into saying “God is Great and Mohsmmed is his prophet” in Arabic, by telling the White kid it was a CHRISTIAN prayer in Arabic. But I watch a lot of shock videos on Bestgore and SyriaTube…..and I immediately recognized “Allahu Akbar”. I explained it to the kid and he broke down crying.
    Whites are going to be completely exterminated. We have no one else to blame but our dumb selves for being non racist. We should have electric wire fences at Mexico. Or better yet, since illegal immigration is going to be legal when Black Hussein Osama passes DREAM Act…..I have a wicked proposition to use the enemy’s greatest strength as his weakness. Why not…..invite milkions of WHITE immigrants from Canada, Norway, etc. to come here illegally and be granted amnesty? In which case I fully support that shit. Let amnesty be granted, but only to folks from non-Asian first world countries. Tell the stupid masses of niggers and spooks that Latino and Afreeckan first worlders can be granted smnesty. Those dumb niggers will buy it up tooo….because they are too stupid to realize that there ARE NO first world nig and spik homelands! Haha….and the incoming millions of Whites will reclaim our land for us. Also….no Jews.

  2. Charissa says:

    Cheers, ty for posting!

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