Diversity and its Discontents: The Significant Differences Between Diversity and Multiculturalism

In Dota’s last post, he highlighted the various annoyances caused by the proliferation of diversity within online gaming. He concluded that while diversity has been a constant feature of world history, multiculturalism is a failed experiment. I figured that now would be a good time to elaborate on this statement and discuss the differences between diversity and multiculturalism.

I know that most white nationalists would have my head for this, but I’m just going to come out and say that diversity is here to stay. Yes, that’s right. While many radical white nationalists fantasize about deporting all non-white immigrants and completely sealing Western borders against all future immigration, such plans are not feasible. The treacherous elites and business interests would not permit it, and there’s more than enough fruity white liberals to hinder such efforts. In fact, no less than the late Sam Francis acknowledged that attempts to create a pure white separatist ethnostate were ultimately futile. Writing in 1995, Francis highlights the problems with white separatism:

“Yet even if physical relocation (within or without the United States) were to occur, and even if it were voluntary on all sides, there remains the problem, which is hardly ever considered, of how the separated races would be induced to remain separate…the brute fact is that there will still remain immense pressures for the breakdown of this separation — for the same reasons that the United States today finds itself practically unable to control its own borders…the fact is that the nonwhite world almost invariably beats a path to the white door, and the whites behind the door almost invariably open it.”

There simply isn’t the kind of intense racial consciousness, motivation, or economic realities necessary to create the white equivalent of Japan. Immigration can and should be curtailed, but ultimately a homogenous white state is now out of the question. However, the presence of diversity isn’t the death sentence for Western culture as it’s often depicted by white nationalists.

Even a cursory look at world history will show that virtually every major empire and civilization, going all the way back to ancient Sumer, featured migration and diversity. However, despite the presence of significant numbers of minorities, those societies were not “multicultural” in the sense that we use the term today. To once again quote Razib Khan, both the Roman and Ottoman empires were diverse, yet both featured a dominant group who only tolerated differences on their terms. Non-Romans and non-Muslims certainly couldn’t have enjoyed academic departments specializing in denouncing “Roman privilege” or “Muslim privilege.” Minorities either had to assimilate and get with the program or be mindful of their place.

Having and tolerating minorities is nothing new. However, the ideology of multiculturalism, which postulates that all cultures (well, except evil dead white male culture) are equal and should enjoy equal respect and representation, is unprecedented in world history. What’s more unprecedented is a dominant majority group not only tolerating, but even encouraging and mildly celebrating its own demise. Ditto for political correctness, “white guilt,” and various other ills. When white people on the right complain about “diversity,” what they’re really denouncing is multiculturalism and its almost obsequious accommodation of outsiders.

Diversity by itself isn’t a calamity. The various friendships I’ve had across racial lines demonstrate that diversity is manageable. However, all of my friends have assimilated into white culture to a certain extent. Unfortunately, so long as multiculturalism continues to encourage recalcitrant attitudes in minorities and treat assimilation as a dirty word, diversity will remain problematic. The West can endure the occasional Pedro, Chang, DeShawn, and Yusef, up to a certain point. While Dota and I would prefer that white people comprise around 80% of the population in our respective societies, what’s more important is for white people to assert themselves and not countenance multicultural lunacy.

Fear not the random dim sum in your dinner. Just be sure that it waits its turn until all the sauerkraut is consumed.

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2 Responses to Diversity and its Discontents: The Significant Differences Between Diversity and Multiculturalism

  1. coward says:

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