Rude Russians and Petulant Peruvians: Online Gaming and the Dangers of Diversity

Sometimes it’s the mundane or inconsequential activities which dot our day to day existence that teach us some of life’s noble truths. We’ve all got our casual hobbies and mine is online gaming, where my favourite game is Defence of the Ancients (Acronym: Dota). Dota is a highly competitive 5 on 5 team based RPG/Strategy game that requires tactical thinking, teamwork, and effective communication. For those reasons alone, one will encounter very few women playing Dota. Instead, most female gamers gravitate towards World of Warcraft where “everybody wins.” From my 6+ years of experience playing World of Warcraft, I have noticed that most women avoid PVP (player versus player combat) in favour of support roles like healing and material gathering. This effectively demonstrates that in the absence of feminist dementia, both sexes revert back to their natural gender roles; men hack and slash enemies while the female players support them with healing and other such activities (in the context of the game).

Dota has also taught me that not only does like attract like, but homogeneity leads to synergy whereas diversity leads to chaos. Unlike its predecessor, Dota 2 games are hosted on regional servers to ensure better latency and a smoother gameplay experience. For unknown reasons, Mexicans, Peruvians, Argentinians, and Russians, flood the North American servers while shunning their own. Why they do so is a mystery but the situation has gotten so intolerable that players have requested the developers to region lock the game. South Americans and Russians are quite frankly some of the worst players I have ever encountered. Their lack of talent would be forgivable if they only made an attempt to communicate in English; which they seldom do. Their behaviour is often obnoxious: they will frequently leave their microphones on, thereby subjecting the rest of us to their God awful taste in music. Any polite requests to shut it off are ignored. Nothing ruins a good game of Dota like a team comprised of 2 Spanish speakers, 2 Russians, and 1 English speaker. It is impossible to communicate and coordinate strategy with people who refuse to speak your language yet waste precious bandwidth by queuing on the North American server when they have their own regional servers. This is primarily why the top Dota 2 teams are ethnically homogenous. Countries work the same way as states compete with other states in securing global resources and markets.


Diversity and Tolerance

A multicultural society is severely disadvantaged as diversity erodes group solidarity. Recently, three Bengali Muslims in Toronto were paid a $100k by their employers as ordered by a Human rights tribunal. The three employees had been forced to eat pork and were mocked for speaking in their native tongues. So while these minority Bengali Muslims have been awarded damages for being forced to violate their religious injunctions, a white Christian baker in Colorado is being forced to violate his religious principles AND is being punished for it. I’m perfectly aware that the US and Canada are separate countries but it’s quite likely that such a scenario would play out exactly the same way in Canada.

I like to think that Humans are a tolerant species and that empathy is often our first instinct when dealing with the other. But that is only the case when groups are allowed to interact with other groups on their own terms. I was never prejudiced towards Latinos and Russians until I started playing Dota 2. I had no reason to be irritated by them and I wished them well (still do for the most part). But once they began invading the North American servers with a flagrant lack of decorum, my xenophobic instincts kicked in. It isn’t in the least bit farfetched to extrapolate such feelings over millions of people within the boundaries of a nation. Diversity has been a feature of most civilizations (from the Persians to the Incans) but multiculturalism is an unprecedented experiment. It is time to acknowledge that this experiment has been a colossal failure and that it is no longer worth the upkeep.

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4 Responses to Rude Russians and Petulant Peruvians: Online Gaming and the Dangers of Diversity

  1. coward says:

    If you think Russians are bad….wait until you deal with East Asians. They are ugly, have undersized genitalia, and stink up America with their unique Mongoloid scent. How do you know those Russians were not actually Mongolian or North Korean immigrants to Russia? Many illegal imnigrants from Asia go to Russia and gain citizenship through forged documents. They could very well be Asians. Have you actually seen any of their faces? Russians are not rude in my opinion, they are actually White folks like the Anglos. I am pretty sure those were Asian immigrants speaking Russian. The fact that you said they were disorganized is a dead giveaway. Asians cannot get organized, that is why they get their asses kicked in war. The Mongols were an ineffective confederation of warring tribes until the Caucasian Genghis Khan organized them. Genghis Khan is described as a tall, red haired man with a beard by Persian historian Rashid-Al-Din. Rashid goes on to say that Genghis was surprised to see that his grandson Kublai Khan had NOT inherited his red hair. (Well duh Geghis you fucking retard, THIS is what you get for breeding with Asian females. You should have kept it WHITE and RIGHT.) Notice how Genghis’ grandsons brought the Mongol Empire to ruin? Because Ghenghis was White……his grandchildren weer victims of interbreeding. Asian males are NEVER good warriors. Bruce Lee had a White grandfather. However, the pureblood White Chuck Norris kicked his ass in a real life fight.

  2. coward says:

    East Asians are really, really, really unattractive.

  3. I play DotA. I am somewhat involved in the alt-right. But even still, I hadn’t made this connection.

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