I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas: The Insatiable Nature of “Diversity”

Just yesterday, I saw “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” with my ever diverse group of friends. The film took great liberties with the book, but seeing as how the film industry values profit above all else, I couldn’t say I was too surprised. However, In addition to various other butcheries of the book, the film featured a badass female elvish warrior named Tauriel, created solely for the film series. Seeing as how feminists and leftists have long bitched about the dearth of female characters in Tolkien’s world, the character was introduced to add another female character to an otherwise overwhelmingly male world. As expected, she kicks ass and equals or bests the various male warriors in the film. This female addition was mirrored by temporary diversity additions, as the film featured a scene involving brief screenshots of black Africans in the human lake town near the great dwarvish mountain of Erebor. The blatant highlighting of the black faces in a sea of white was almost comical. I’ve never understood the point of token diversity. If a world is based on a homogenous, quasi-medieval European world, then inserting random non-white people only serves to confuse or alienate both sides. White people and major fans will be annoyed with the tampering of their favorite world, and non-whites and leftists will feel patronized by shallow attempts at tokenism. But Tolkien isn’t the only target of the diversity police.

My observations regarding “The Hobbit” feel especially relevant in light of a recent Santa Claus race controversy I read about. This controversy was provoked by Fox News host Megyn Kelly asserting that Santa and Jesus were white. She was responding to a fatuous article on Slate by a black woman who believed that Santa should be transformed from a white man to a penguin. Yes, you read that right. Now, I’m no fan of Fox News and despise them for leading the white conservative masses further astray. Also, seeing as how Jesus lived in ancient Palestine, while he wasn’t necessarily the black man claimed by so many afrocentrists, he probably didn’t look like Jim Caviezel either.

However, this furor over Santa’s racial background is obscene. Santa was loosely based on Greek bishop Saint Nicholas, so at best leftists could revise Santa and have him look more Southern European and olive skinned. However, he would still be white and European, in spite of certain moronic America conceptions of racial identity that thinks anyone with a Spanish name or Mediterranean look is non-white. Since Santa mainly has roots in Northern European paganism and folklore, him being a white man only makes sense. But fine, for the sake of argument, I’ll grant her point that perhaps maybe we do need a new Santa to appeal to the increasingly diverse United States. But if Santa can be changed into a penguin here, then what’s going to stop Santa from being transformed in various European nations, as well as other countries that are whiter than the U.S? Given their growing and increasingly petulant minority populations, what’s going to stop minorities in European countries from demanding that Europe rewrite all of its mythological folklore just to placate a few malcontents? How long until the great Scandinavian mythological figure of Odin becomes Odeh?

I’m sure some might think I’m engaging in specious slippery slope reasoning, fueled by a certain paranoia. While I admittedly exaggerated a bit with regards to Odin, it’s not that radical of a stretch. Given the left’s relentless desire to diversify everything from Santa to video games (and that’s just the racial angle. We all know how much leftists bemoan sexism and the lack of strong female characters in video games), I can’t help but think that the left won’t be satisfied until all white and male spaces are completely abolished.

Therefore, I caution my fellow whites and fellow men to be on guard. Whatever predominantly white or male pursuits and passions you enjoy, know that the forces of diversity will come for you. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until all vestiges of white male influence have gone the way of the Dodo. It’s time for our own equivalent of Kyle Reese to take the battle to these left wing cultural terminators.

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  1. coward says:

    How diverse is your group of friends?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Pretty diverse. It’s mainly Latino and Asian, though there aren’t really any blacks given the demographics of the area I’m in.

      • coward says:

        Then why are you a White Nationalist? Also, dealing with blacks is one experience youd rather avoid, believe me. Do you believe that current minorities should stay in America?

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Then why are you a White Nationalist?

        Frankly, I don’t really identify as a “white nationalist” anymore. Having followed the white nationalist scene for some years, and having grown disillusioned with its obsessive focus on the Jewish Question and HBD, along with its inability to actually make any real progress, I’ve come to realize that white nationalism isn’t really a viable force. Right now, it’s simply unrealistic to attempt to create a Zionist style white state.

        Instead, I see myself more as a white and Western preservationist. By cutting off immigration and pushing for a proud and unapologetic white Western identity, I hope for Western countries to stay white in character, even if they aren’t explicitly “white states.” It’s similar to how Dota and I believe in a Christian identity and character for West, even though we don’t endorse theocracies.

        Does that clarify things?

      • coward says:

        Its also unrealistic to fight against the Liberal tide of surrendering all power to minorities,feminists, homosexuals, and any other “oppressed group”. As they grow more and more empowered, straight White Christian males grow weaker and weaker.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        @ Coward

        I think you have cause and effect a bit reversed. Those other groups have become more empowered precisely because white men have grown so weak and wimpy. If white men would simply grow a pair and unapologetically embrace their identity and pursue their interests, this rainbow coalition wouldn’t seem so omnipotent. As Littlefinger once told Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, “the power is yours. All you need to do is reach out and take it.”

      • coward says:

        There wouldnt be anything wrong with White Genocide if Korea and Japan also imported millions of starving 70 IQ Blackfricans who were born “in the wrong environment”. Why arent the racist Asian oppressors forced to deal with the daily monkeyshines of Homo Africanus immigrants? Why is it okay for Beijing to ban Negroids from their Olympics but if Norway tries it; the entire world is up at arms; ready to lynch some poor YT guy who had nothing to do with it?

    • Females kicking ass wouldn’t be unreal if magic were real and equal to all sexes.

      • narut00 says:

        Yeah, When i was a child around the 2002 or 2003, Sakura was broadcasted a Little on Mexican mainstream TV, however later it went to cable (Cartoon Network) which i didn’t have at that time : ( ,however later YouTube was created and i can watch all episodes there : ) ,and yes, the Anime is still entertaining to older audiences , i still enjoy it, By the way American people, support Animes industry on Toonami tv Channel every saturday with the ratings : )


      • Yesss, American Toonami was resurrected in 2012 and is quite a success in United States, Anime needs more power worldwide, in Mexico things are not the same, in our childhood (1998-2004) we remenber quite a big number of Anime in TV, we remenber Doraemon, Cardcapotor Sakura ,Dragon Ball or Pokemon, in our adolescence (2004-2010) we saw One Piece and Naruto, older people than us about one generation older, say that they saw Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya, but now the only Anime i see on TV is Dragon Ball : (

      • By the way this is Sakura’s magic spell in Spanish dub, from Mexico.

  2. Janus says:

    I also noticed what you’re talking about in the second Hobbit movie and had a similar reaction that you had. Amusement and annoyance. Political correctness is a form of psychological programming in addition to overt intimidation.

    Whites in general and white men in particular are programmed to feel uncomfortable, like sitting in the hot seat, when outsiders can see large groups of them without the inclusion of the typical minority faces, even when they’re not a realistic element. This can be applied to all-male groups as well.

    When I was young I felt the effects of this programming myself and had to deliberately quell the pressure later in life. Sometimes it’s still there.

    Whites now feel guilty for their all-white traditions, which came without even thinking about it when everyone just knew that their countries were white countries and it was hard to think of a world without this dominance. Shocking as it may be to many minorities, rather than sit around and hate them as is popularly portrayed, white people just didn’t give much thought or care for them at all, even in America, unless we had to.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Shocking as it may be to many minorities, rather than sit around and hate them as is popularly portrayed, white people just didn’t give much thought or care for them at all, even in America, unless we had to.

      Very true.

      Whites are mostly indifferent to blacks, from what I can see. Although I’m sure it varies depending on the city or region.

      • coward says:

        Nowadays EVERYONE has power except for straight White Christian male Gentiles. Hell, East Asians are in Africa practically colonizing Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, yet NOBODY blames the evil yellow Whitey. Jews can make up an entire 6 million dead Holocaust, and make shit up about gas chambers, when the “Holocaust” was just a bunch of Jews in concentration camps who caught diseases and died. They also MASSACRED Palestinians by the fucktillions and stole huge tracts of land, yet Whites are kissing Jew asshole and licking their shit stains. And Hispanic commitvhate crimes against Blacks ALL THE TIME, but when a HALF WHITE Hispanic defends his neighborhood from Black crime and gets his face pounded in, he becomes an evil racist Whitey Aryan Nordic Teutonic imperial colonial Supremacist Nazi. Asians, Hispaics, Jooooooooooos, etc can all say nigger and later be forgiven, but when a White comedian makes a shitty joke about having a “nigga pass” because he LOVES BLACKS, his entire career goes down the drain and he gers beat up by racist fucking niggers. You know, if our ancestors had known this, they would have picked their own goddamn cotton.

  3. coward says:

    Hell, in a hundred years or two, Asians will have yellow guilt and import millions of retarded subhumans into Asia. Just watch chinks, karma is a bizzatch, and you too are gonna be f0000000ked to high heaven. So Hacienda and Huax should laugh while they can. Dumb fucking chinks.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Asians will have yellow guilt and import millions of retarded subhumans into Asia

      Wouldn’t count on Asians having “yellow guilt.” The whole notion of “guilt” (as understood by white Westerners) is alien to Asian culture.

      • Bay Area Guy como puedes estar tan seguro de eso? los Chinos solian ser unos patriarcales de primera ,pero cambiaron y se reformaron y ahora son mas Feministas que los mismos Italianos! y los habitantes de Japón? ellos eran unos absolutistas de primera que alababan a su emperador y mira ahora lo democráticos que son, pasar del Machismo al Feminismo y del Absolutismo a la democracia, claro que pueden cambiar, los mismos Blancos en Sudáfrica discriminaban Negros en el Apartheid hasta hace poco y a Japón se le negó la igualdad racial después de 1919, ya después de mucho ahora si los Blancos cambian, no? ,eso le falta al Este de Asia, mas culpabilidad y listo, no estoy muy de acuerdo con esa opinión tuya para ser honesta.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        @ Proudfeministgirl

        Are you trying to test my Spanish? Well, just so you know, even if I were a completely Spanish illiterate gringo, google translate could always remedy that. Anyway…

        Once again, just as you did on Robert’s blog, you bring up Japan’s post-WWI 1919 racial equality proposal.

        However, even cursory wikipedia-esque research on the topic would reveal that Japan made that proposal to secure equality for its own citizens, and that such equality was not intended to be universal, at least as we understand racial equality and justice today.

        In fact, the Japanese proposal failed precisely because the Japanese thought that they were only asking for equality for their own citizens, and didn’t recognize that Western powers would be hostile to an overall proposal for racial equality that would have rocked the dominant colonialist paradigm at the time.

        Regarding the Chinese and feminism, where do you get your assertion from? The millions of missing girls alone might play a small roll in refuting your belief that the Chinese are feminist.

        I’ll say what I said on Robert’s blog. Western culture has always proven to be much more self-critical and correcting, and thus Western ideals have historically been able to better overcome ugly realities of the time. Asian culture, not so much. The obsession with saving face and maintaining “harmony” and national unity trumps racial justice and contrition over past wrongs.

        When “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson made offensive and provocative comments about blacks and gays, it became a national firestorm, with constant barrage of condemnation and criticism. This is how Westerners react when actors make offensive remarks.

        Do the Japanese exercise similar collective outrage whenever major political figures such Toru Hashimoto make blatantly offensive remarks about “comfort women,” or when Shinzo Abe posed next to a plane numbered 731 (which is a clear reference to WWII Japanese human experimentation lab Unit 731)?

        Not by a long shot.

      • You know, for an Asian country, China ranks pretty high on gender equality, is relatively Feminist , Mao Tse Tung said that half of the heaven is for women or “Las Mujeres sostienen la mitad del cielo”, something like that . Missing girls on China and still China as a whole give women more opportunities on job and power than India ( which also have a problem with missing girls ) and the much more advanced Japan. Is like saying because some husbands do domestic violence to their wifes on United States ,that extreme doesn’t mean the country as whole is less feminist than Mexico or Peru.

      • coward says:

        Why did the feminist cross the road?

        To suck dat dick nigga!

  4. coward says:

    By the way….the 3d version of that movie was sick

  5. coward says:

    I just saw it last night. Now Im at school and I am worn the f@#k out

  6. coward says:

    Has anyone ever thought about how much better this planet would be if East Asians were suddenly eliminated from this planet? The penis average would go up to 7 inches, pollution would go down by 95%, Whites would start inventing again because Asian slaves no longer work in sweatshops, etc. We would have all of China and SE Asia to mine for natural resources, no longer have to deal with Korea as a growing nuclear power, and we could be free of the growing Confucian philosophy of our schools. Whites would no longer have to deal with the growing threat of White-Asian female couplings, and we would all have freedom from Mongoloid Natives constantly complaining about anti-Injun sentiment and asking OUR football teams the Redskins to change their name. Black people may commit crime, but the Asian crime caused by Yakuza, Triads, and ABZ is much more threatdning to Whites. We should have a eugenics program where Asians are given a first chance to voluntarily sumbit themselves to sterilization, and if they do not agree, we should have them euthanized by poisoning, disease, and warfare. Removing East Asians from our population is the only right thing to do…..its the only WHITE thing to do. These people are not humans like us. They have slanted eyes, flat faces, round heads, just like grey aliens. They are manipulative and cunning, and are hellbent on our destruction. I did not believe this myself until I saw an Asian woman murder her White husband and White stepkids in cold blood, and cannibalize on their hearts. As the only witness, I am currently under witness protection, and am constantly receiving death threats from Asians who regularly make attempts on my life. I survived a shot to the aorta at point blank range by an East Asian. I have survived a stab to the kidneys. They have killed my father and mother snd I am a ward of the state. These people are animals.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Coward, I understand that you don’t like Asians very much, but please refrain from advocating genocide. It tarnishes this blog’s image, and is against the comments policy.

      Otherwise, comment away!

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I did not believe this myself until I saw an Asian woman murder her White husband and White stepkids in cold blood, and cannibalize on their hearts. As the only witness, I am currently under witness protection, and am constantly receiving death threats from Asians who regularly make attempts on my life. I survived a shot to the aorta at point blank range by an East Asian. I have survived a stab to the kidneys. They have killed my father and mother snd I am a ward of the state.

      Holy shit…

  7. coward says:

    I guess so. I just dont understand the completely alien psychology of Asians. I mean, the Black psychology is well understood by HBD community, and Whites know what we think as fellow Whites. Hispanics are rather adventurous types… They like adventuring out of their home countries to come to America. But Asians just have this really realky wierd brain that no one can understand. Not even other Asians can. Plus their craniomorphological features such as extremely short and round skull, slanted eyes, baby button nose, baby browridges, and straight fiery needle thick hair just makes them appear to be Grey Aliens. Something about them isn’t quite…….human. All mammals have abundant body hair. Whites have it the most, then Hispanics, then Blacks. But Asians are nude without their clothes. This makes them resemble reptiles or amphibians. Plus their massive cheekbones and huge face makes them look rather cartoonish and juvenile. And from all of this you would expect Asians to be like Bilky the Kid (a baby-faced badass)……..but when you pull an Asian man’s pants down, you see……well……nothing there. They contradict themselves in many ways. Who is an Asian anyways? What are they?

    • Troll, these last months i was indifferent to Asians and i criticized them ( but realistically mostly, Little trollery ) and you did defend them with a passion, now that lately my interest on the Japanese is coming back, you bash them terribly, sigh.

      • coward says:

        Sigh naruto…..please stop pretending to be a woman. But think about it, East Asians are incompatible with White culture.

  8. coward says:

    If Asians bred with Blacks…..they could potentially display HYBRID VIGOR©

  9. coward says:

    Hey BAG, just curious, do you ever do recreational marijuana

  10. Batterytrain says:

    “But it was up to them to adopt those ideas, and that’s something people take for granted. It’s not easy reforming culture and overwriting old values with new ones. Pick the average Japanese man of the street and you will find him to be trusting, civilized, and courteous. The average Chinese person by contrast is unfortunately like this.”

    Are you kidding me? They weren’t adopting anything outside at all because of their retarded idiotic backwards socially primitive feudal medieval society. It was only because the U.S literally forced them open with guns and cannons, because they needed a strategic place for their idiotic Asian colonial adventures, that they literally forced the entire country open with Iron-clad and steel ships, something that they were too inferior to come up with on their own and which frightened and brow-beated the Japanese into submission. There were Portuguese and Dutch missionaries there since early times but the Japes saw no value in them except for their guns.

    Let’s not underestimate just how much AID and HELP they got from Brits, Germans and the U.S because they weren’t threatening, had no natural resources, and were lucky enough to be near the then Russian empire. They got HELP in IMPLEMENTING THOSE IDEAS into THEIR SOCIETY by THIRD PARTIES. It’s actually incredible how much they underachieved and under-created by their Island location status and advantage, whereas you had Spain/Portugal/England already exploring most of the world with wooden ships and installing cannons and artillery in these ships during this same period they were warring with each other.

    Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking they are civilized either, they might give a facade of civilization and courtesy but it’s not anything out of a genuine and original impetus for such behavior but rather through a relic of a backward monolithic behavioral protocols which has pretty much remained unchanged before “modernizing”. Otherwise you get strange bizarre behavior, fetishes and genres of graphic media (porn, etc) and cases like this:

    Also the Hentai, high suicide rates, societal celibacy and all sorts of weird shit; all signs of a highly restricted, non-flexible, non-changing, repressed and non-innovative society. Infact Nassim Taleb, author of the Black swan book and even Jared Taylor said that Japanese society and most Asian societies are inferior in that they are black swan prone and rigidly hierarchical linear societies; where there is little change, constant conformation to bell curvish distributions & behaviors and little risk taking/risk options/risk availability/sociological incentives for speculation and to dislodge cultural boundaries on a fundamental level to catapult to higher planes of perspective and consciousness:

    Also don’t get me started on Ninja’s and Samurai’s, also vastly overrated cartoon-ish exports that distort the real ones; all a result of sheer luck, liberal fetishistism, exoticism, ignorance, circumstantial chance rooted economic prosperity, and pop culturism.

      • coward says:

        I would have to say if any Asians are granted an “honorary Whites” pass, it becomes the Japanese. Out of all the Asians, they are the least backwards and stale. Sure they are still shitty, but a lot better than say Koreanananos or Chineseianicians. And all the Southeast races are pretty much niggers. The only Asians that should be allowed in America are the Japanese…..and even then they should be segregated. The Japanese are the best of Asians, and yet they are worse than the worst of whites….slavics, wops, etc. Nordics took a hunter gatherer lifestyle and changed it into space travel in a few hundred years. Meds had 4,000 years and all they had to show for it was a primitive steam engine. Lol…..UNDERACHEIVERS! But the most civilized of Japs are lower than the least civilized Poles, Ruskies, or greasers. And if it aint white…it aint white. A nigger is a chink is a spic is a nigger. All non Whites are in the same group to me: Non White. Heil a dolphin hit her!

      • coward says:

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        Gee….the only race that is superior to us is the Chinese…..who had 5,500 years of civilization and all they invented was gunpowder and abortion. Truly Chinese are Aryans in the flesh! Who else can waste 5000 years feuding over the great FuManChu and Sum Ting Wong lineages? Only a master race….cuz they got dat luxury time my rice niggas!
        Mai anz chest tuhs are Chai ni se, wee eit zho rr doggy foa din naeh.

      • coward says:

        Battertrain…..hentai is awesome! Honest to God you should watch it. I was a naruto fan (the TV series and not our homo boy commentor) and two years ago at the age of 12 I first started jacking awf regularly to naruto porn I found on pornhub. Seriously watch hentai! A lot better than real porn, and best of all……no niggers! Also, I think Nordics are superior to your ilk. We should meet one day and have a boxing competition. My lebraensraum-bred Nord hammers will prevail over your nigger-enriched pyramid knuckles. Bring it on pussy Med boy! You guys had all this time and all you independantly accomplished was……..shit. Even the greatest Meds had Nord blood in their veins. Alexander the Great, Vivaldi, Julius Ceeeezahrr, all historically referred to as redheads. Choke on my Saxonian caulk you Med. And remember the 1# fact about Sicilians;

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        And Naruto my dear fa…I mean ga……I mean homosexually poltically correct subliminalky minimally insidious vidually pinnacle the vindictive folly, the best anime is for me like this;
        1. Naruto (not the homosexual commentor, but the TV series aired on Cartoon Network when I was like 7 years old).
        2. Naruto Shippuden.
        3. One Peeeace (nigga!)
        4. Afro Centrist
        5. Bleach
        6. Bleach Shippuden
        7. Xera-Slayer of The Eastern Men
        8. Attack on Titan
        9. Louis Farrakhan of a Thousand Acid Trips
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      • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

        Wow , Coward now is really in Full Force ,too.

      • coward says:

        Hey naruto. I think people hate the nordic white man cuz hes so superior. I mean think about it. Asians did some bad stuff too but no one hates them cuz they are inferior. Whites are a threat beincause they are superior.

  11. Axum says:

    East Asians are superior!!!!!!

  12. Axum says:

    Why do you think both Coward and Batterytrain get psyched up about them? It’s because they’re intimidated by the superiority of East Asian mongoloids. And SE Asians are far more capable than black africans. I feel so ashamed to be half-white and half-black, both races are shit compared to mongoloids.

    • coward says:

      Axum my house nigger! I love you man. You’ve given my white ass a good backbreakin 50 years worth of cotton pickin. Good job boy. Im gonna keep my promise and not sell your bastard boy or that cohort of yours. Now that you can’t move around like you used to be able to….I am going to let you upgrade to house status. So I want some fresh, nice, cool jule mint tea, Southern style, with some shaved ice, a sliced lemon, and a top coat of peppermint. After that you will be given a razor to shave my pubes with…..Im only 14, so there isnt much. However…..I do expect that you will shave without slipping, one slip of the blade, one scratch on my divine skin will get your dirty half-breed nigger mutt ass lynched.

      Now, as far as Asians go, if you look for a portrayal of Confucious, he has a full, Caucasian style beard. Genghis Khan was red headed. Sure many Mongols today have red hair as well….but Genghis also was tall, had a full beard, and green eyes. Redhead mongouls today are otherwise 100% phenotypical stereotypical chinks. None of them have beards.

      The founder of China’s first Dynasty: Fu Xi, is also described as being “tall, with glittering hair and eyes, and radiant skin. His beard flowed down to his feet”.

      Qin Shihuangdi: greatest Chinese Emperor, was a redhead.

      China had 5,500 years of continous history, and even before that another 1,500 years of agriculturalism. Why, why, WHY then in ALL yhose years they invent only as far as gunpowder, toothbrushes, and a primitive ball-action seismograph? Why do modern Chinese, with no redhead leaders invent NOTHING but COPY, COPY, COPY? What about the Aryans of the east: Japs and Han-Gooks (Koreans, they call themself hanguks). Why do these fine superior Aryans not invent a single thing but kimchi and tentacle porn? But they do copy very well. Yes. Here is our racial hiearchy;

      1; Nordic White gingers. The finest warriors and leaders. Members range from Genghis Khan, Columbus, Geroge Washington, Leif Erikson, Alexander the Great, Shi Husngdi, Rameses II, Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, Bodidharma, Lawrence of Arabia, and Coward the fucking Nord!!!! You don’t to mess with them, as they can kick yer faggot ass to niggerland in a heartbeat.

      2; Nordic White blondes. The greatest innovators and teachers. Within only 300 years, they transformed the Western Europeans from a hunter gathere people into a space age group of nuclear physcists. No one is as ingenuine as them.

      3; Nordic White dark-haired ones. These folks can willingly obey the commands of the superior light-haired Nordics and create a smooth, well-functioning society under their command.

      4; Non Nordic Europeeans. Somewhat okay, but not worthy enough to breed with Nordics. After all, in 4,000 years of history, Meds have only accomplished Ancient Greece and Rome. In 300 years, Nordics made USA and Britain.

      5; Non European Caucasoids. This goes for Arabs, Berbers, Moors, Dravidians, Egyptians, etc. About as capable as Northeastern Chinkoids or really, realky, really magic niggers. Egypt did get far, but it had the help of its Nordic ruling class. Go to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities and look at the hair color of any Pharoah. You won’t find even a single dark haired one except the ones who are victims of interbreeding. India also got far, but they had a caste system of Aryan Nordic supremacy. Bodidharma; founder of Oriental martial arts; was a blue eyed Indian. Buddha was a high caste Brahmin.

      6; Northeast Asians. They can copy white behaviour to a certain degree.

      7; Spiks. They have a lot of White ancestry.

      8; Southeast Asians, niggers, Injuns, etc. They all FAIL. Missing links and prototypes for the very first caveman humans. Not fully evolved.

      9; Australian Aborigines and Andamand Islanders, and Negrito niggers. Despite being the most genetically distanced from niggers, they look identical to niggers and have even lesser White blood. These folks should be placed on public display at the zoo.

      Now….back to that drink i asked for. Where is my drink nigger?

    • coward says:

      Batterytrain has a dangerous notion that his Egyptian ilk are just as capable as Nordics. Should he ever dare to say that to my face if we ever meet……he will learn why gingers should never be angered or enraged. The last time I was enraged I shattered a nigger’s jaw and crushed 6 ribs.

    • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

      Axumy while i agree that both Coward and Xera do that as defense mechanism ,i don’t agree with you not forgiving me for sockpuppeting you sometime ago as New Axum, could you forgive me at least now in CHRISTMAS ?

      • coward says:

        Ha!Naruto… You really want acceptance…dont you Nine-Tails boy?
        Dont worry….we are the exact same. I am constantly battling dragons, slaying niggers, rescuing princesses, and challenging demigods so I can gain acceptance. But no one….not even my parents care about me. No one at school likes me, no one feels for me. But it is OK, because I am big where it counts……in my pants. One day every kid who bullied me is going to get married. When they do….I will seduce their wives by flashing my big cock at them…..and record us fucking. Then I am going to release it to PornHub as amateur porn. Ha! Serves them right for bullying me! Big cock>big fist/muscles.

      • coward says:

        Why would I hate Asians as a defense mechanism? I am pretty secure in knowing that every Asian and Egyptian person of significance is historically described with light hair snd eye color. Genghis Khan is red haired. Fu Xi and Shi Huangdi were red haired. What more do I need to say?

      • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

        Coward, me and my brother Narut00 say goodbye to you and everyone on the blogs n.n , this is a last post of goodbye, such a fun 2013 ? isnt it? . What an experience, my brother first started visiting all of these blogs in internet on 2012 and later i joined about in the half of 2013, but 2014 will be probably the most important year of our lives ! things will not be the same for us, it will be a year of change and renovation and we will need to focus in our life rather than spending lots of free time around here, i am pretty excited, now goodbye and happy new year 😉

      • narut00 says:

        Yes sister, and this is also my post of goodbye. despite the good things that we lived, the blogs in which we hanged out all this time lacked some things which made me not feel related at all: More bisexual men ,it was a bit lame that lack and more hardcare Anime fans, at least Coward provided Anime talk, thank you 😉 and goodbye.

      • coward says:

        Later faggots! No one on this blog gives a shit about your effeminate queer ass. You should go kill yourself….because no one loves you! You will never have much money, you will never come to USA (maybe illegally) and you will forever be stuck in your shitty town watching anime and dreaming about getting cornholed by a masculine fag. Goodbye you gay, pussy, ugly, multiple personality piece of shit. Waste of carbon atoms! Im gonna warn the Ku Klux Klan to keep an eye on the border just in case your ugly beaner ass tries hopping the fence. I am a true candidate for success. I am good looking, I feel no love for anyone, no compassion or empathy for anyone. I manipulate people to get what I want and leave them biting the dust. I will be successful, have anything I want, fuck any bitch I want, and pull the strings of politicians behind the public eye. Because I am destined for it!

      • ProudFeministGirLIsBackAndInFullForce says:

        Haha , Coward, please mature, this is our serious advice, we grow up from this already it was just a phase on our lives, quite fun and all but is better to do more useful things to society, your trolling is a lot immature, we already will be 22 years old this year, anyways Happy new year 😉

      • narut00 says:

        = P

      • coward says:

        I am also leaving this blog because I realize I am too much of a distraction and dont contribute anything of value. Mainly because I am always on drugs, I am 14, I have erratic thoughts. So goodbye everyone. I will occasionally troll Robert Lindsay’s blog on a proxy. No one knows who I am. I could be Black, Asian, White, Injun, Aborigine, etc. I could even be a girl! I could be 78 years old. Coward is a true mystery you will never solve. Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Long live the 4th Reich!

      • narut00 says:

        But most commenters on those blogs are pretty old, people in their late 20’s, their 30’s ,their 40’s or their 50’s, you can’t beat older wisdom, these blogs are for an older demographic, as for me, my birthday is until February so i am still 21 years old, such a Young person i am : 3 ,i know more people my age in Yahoo Answers or YouTube 😉

      • coward says:

        Kill the Jews. Heil Hitler motherfuckers!

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Coward, refrain from making those types of comments. We do not endorse genocide here. Thanks.

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