When Whites Unknowingly Deify Radicals: Brief Thoughts on Nelson Mandela’s Passing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, then you’re no doubt aware that black South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela died at the ripe age of 95. His death has been all the rage within the media for the past week or so. Even if you shun current events and don’t have a strong liking for history, then there’s still a good chance that you saw him depicted by Morgan Freeman in the film “Invictus.” Conventional wisdom tells us that Nelson Mandela was saint. Having languished in prison for 27 years, he emerged from his imprisonment to peacefully usher in a post-apartheid South Africa. Though some white nationalists may revoke my pro-white card for this, I can’t help but respect the man for his perseverance and accomplishments. He strikes me as one of the few non-white activists who genuinely embraced universal progressive values, as opposed to simply subscribing to liberalism out of naked self-interest.

However, I’m not going to spend much time talking about Mandela or South Africa. Rather, I’m going to discuss the many white liberals who continue to revere the man. As it turns out, gentle and conciliatory Nelson Mandela was also much more radical than many people realize. In addition to embracing communists and forming a guerrilla army, he also expressed solidarity with leaders such as Muammar Qaddafi. For those Jewish liberal Zionists out there, he was also pro-Palestinian and supported Palestinian aspirations for statehood. For those white American patriots who support the flag, Mandela once asserted that “if there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

Just to clarify, I am not passing judgment on Mandela, nor am I condemning him for his various views. I have no love for Israel myself, and Dota and I both hold U.S. imperialism in low esteem. Rather, The point I’m trying to make is that white liberals who unquestioningly worship the man are demonstrating a certain dangerous naivete. Mandela is hardly the first covert radical that white Americans have whitewashed (no pun intended) and loved. MLK, for example, was far more of a radical than the simple non-violent, “judge by the content of your character” activist as he’s often depicted. Mainstream white conservatives and wine and cheese liberals may be more cautious to embrace MLK if they knew that he was a staunch advocate of quotas and affirmative action, among other things.

My point is that one should always exercise a certain degree of healthy skepticism. As one of Dota’s favorite games Deux Ex once put it, “trust no one. Question everything.” Just because people espouse views that happen to validate your worldview doesn’t mean that you should treat everything they say as a pearl of wisdom. For example, when I was at UC Irvine, I bore witness to UCI’s annual Israeli Apartheid Week, which was organized by the local Muslim Student Union. While I’m very critical of Zionism and organized Jewry, there was no way I could throw in my lot with the MSU and various other leftist student organizations behind the Israeli Apartheid Week. Even though they were bashing Israel one day, as non-white leftists they would inevitably turn their guns on the white man. Likewise, I implore our readers to not unquestioningly accept everything we say, even if they may agree with most of our views. There could very well be issues on which we greatly diverge.

If you’re a white nationalist, don’t uncritically embrace Jared Taylor. If you lean towards the manosphere, don’t blindly treat Roosh or Heartiste as sages. If you have conservative Christian leanings, don’t pray at the altar of Ted Pike or Brother Nathanael. Here at Occident Invicta, one of the great values of the West that we seek to uphold is that of critical thinking and individual rational autonomy. We encourage everyone, whether they’re our friends or foes, to exercise this critical thinking.

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3 Responses to When Whites Unknowingly Deify Radicals: Brief Thoughts on Nelson Mandela’s Passing

  1. Janus says:

    It’s always amusing when White conservatives try to invoke the memory of Martin Luther King to support their causes. Some of those same types have made fools of themselves in their fawning praise of Mandela. They want to show the world that they’re cool, too! But secretly the other side laughs.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Not only laughs at them, but also angrily denounces them for trying to sanitize their radical legacies and let evil privileged white people off the hook.

      In fact, if you look at the Palestinian solidarity movement scene right now, several activists are deriding various Israeli politicians for honoring Mandela, saying that they’re invoking Mandela to justify maintaining their own apartheid state.

      The fact that even unabashed ethnocratic bigots like Israelis honor Mandela illustrates how deeply racial liberalism is entrenched in white people.

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