Dota versus the House Muslims

Runswithscissors writes:

Granted, Whites are practically prohibited from criticizing its tenants in polite company and in public, but people who aren’t White such as yourself or (and this is certainly no put down) who are more prominent than you, such as Salim Mansur and Tariq Fatah, are given more leeway.

I’m sure Runswithscissors made this comparison in good faith but I simply cannot be compared to Salim Mansur (University of Western Ontario) and Tariq Fatah (of the Muslim Canadian Congress). While these individuals appear to outwardly challenge Political Correctness by bashing Islam, they operate well within its framework. As BAG once pointed out, Muslims have become an acceptable whipping boy post 9-11 and hence it is socially acceptable to bash Muslims while remaining within the boundaries of PC. What is NOT acceptable is criticizing Jewry and Israel, which is something the likes of Fatah and Mansur refrain from doing. Rather, they shower Israel and Jewry with lavish praise.

So are Muslims like Mansur and Fatah friends of the west? Let us begin by examining their socio/political views. Outside of their views on Islam, these Muslims (and others like them) happen to be extremely secular and very liberal. They subscribe to mainstream Feminist doctrine, gay rights, multiculturalism (Mansur is an exception), and generally mainstream Liberalism. They are only critical of Muslim immigration while giving non Muslim immigration a free pass. Salim Mansur openly advocates restricting Muslim immigration while Tarek Fatah waxes bleeding heart liberal on how dehumanizing the Canadian immigration process can be. In a speech soaked in Chutzpah, Mansur told the House of Commons that while third world immigration is bad, it is Muslim immigration that is the worst. This makes no sense as one cannot homogenize the ethnically/linguistically diverse Muslim world. It’s ridiculous to insinuate that Pakistanis and Indonesians share a common culture just as it is equally ludicrous to assume that Filipinos and Italians share a common culture (on account of their shared Catholic religion).

So why is it that the Canadian media pays more attention than necessary to these leftist Muslim talking heads? The answer lies in contemporary immigration trends. On one hand, Muslim immigrants (with their visibly alien religious practices) can be used by Jewry to push forward a multicultural and cultural Marxist agenda. On the other hand, despite their ethnic and linguistic differences, the vast majority of Muslims harbour an anti-Israel and antisemitic grudge. This will not do. It seems that organized Jewry is trying to have their own cake and eat it too. On one hand, they want an influx of third world immigrants into the West, yet on the other hand they wish to screen out problematic antisemitic Muslims. To accomplish this feat Muslims must be demonized, and who better to do it than other Muslims themselves.

On the Right it’s fruitcakes like Ann Coulter who blast Muslim immigrants while turning a blind eye to other non Muslim Asian immigrants. Kevin MacDonald tackles this hypocrisy head one when he writes:

“But if all these peoples are to be allowed to immigrate (legally, of course) en masse to the United States, how does Coulter think that the Christian culture that she seems to think is so desirable can be maintained?  Why just go after Muslims? The common sense of it is that our open borders immigration policy puts the entire culture in play. If Christianity is to have any special place at all, it will have to fight for it, and, given the demographic trends, its long term prospects aren’t good.”

Dota versus the House Muslims

I refer to the likes of Fatah and Mansur as House Muslims. It isn’t very original I’ll grant, but adequately descriptive. If leftist, cultural Marxist, and Liberal trends have disenfranchised white Canadians (the silent majority) then it stands to reason that Muslim sellouts in service of such elite powers are essentially House Muslims; for they certainly don’t represent the interests of the majority of Canadians. Their constant efforts at redefining Canadian culture along liberal lines indicates loud and clear that they are no friends of Canada. They sell a leftist agenda by propping up an Islamic bogeyman. These sellouts thrive on Media attention and accolades by bashing the people they supposedly represent but do not care one whit about Canada’s White Christian heritage. If they did they would have joined the Paleoconservative movement a long time ago.

When one sides with the people instead of their corrupt leftist elites, the support that one receives is not only gratifying, but humbling. I was recently invited by a trusted friend to speak at his Church on a diverse set of topics ranging from: Islam, Christianity, and contemporary cultural trends. I spoke loudly in favour of a White and Christian Canada that took pride in its European heritage. I denounced liberal PC trends and surprisingly got no hostility for criticizing Organized Jewry. The audience hung onto every word I said and a few even approached me after the session to question me further. I’ve never felt more important in my life! These individuals even told me that they felt like minorities in Canada due to their pro West and Christian beliefs. I stand now doubly assured that Bay Area Guy and myself are on the right path and that our cause is indeed just. The support and admiration of the average Canadian means far more to me than the shallow platitudes of the mainstream media.

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27 Responses to Dota versus the House Muslims

  1. Janus says:

    I’m curious about the responses you got from the Churchpeople about Organized Jewry. Did they see your point of view, or did they politely humor you on that issue?

    • Dota says:

      I got the impression that they were somewhat conflicted. On one hand they want to ‘love’ the Jews and reach out to them while on the other hand they couldn’t dismiss my criticisms of Jewry because I back my stuff up with facts, names, and dates. A Sunday school teacher admitted that while he ”loved” Jews he didn’t agree with everything they did. They seemed genuinely shocked at the rebellious attitude of Jewish culture when I discussed it. These people have a curiously naive attitude towards the Jews. They think the Jews are wayward children that need to be guided to Christ. When the dept of Jewish treachery is exposed and laid bare before their eyes, they are astonished.

  2. coward says:

    Jews are just extremely genetically advantaged. A Gentile fighting a Jew for global control is like a dog assaulting a bear with a stick.

  3. coward says:

    My most hated races in order;
    1; East Asians/Eskimos
    2; Native Americans
    3; Australian Aborigines/Pacific Islanders
    5; Hispanics
    6; Arabs
    7; Jews
    8; Whites

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Just curious, why Native Americans and Pacific Islanders? Both groups aren’t particularly large in number (even in the racially diverse Bay Area, I have yet to encounter a pure Native American), and don’t exert any negative influence.

      So why them?

    • Simplistic views, each race isn’t a monolith either, is kinda racist to hate or not hate just for the skin color alone. Whites from Russia deserve less love on the basis of their big homophobia and poor democratic culture, 180 degrees the opposite from United States. Likewise the homophobic Chinese are not the same as the gay-friendly Japanese

      • coward says:

        Native Americans are Mongoloids, and Mongoloids are my sworn enemies.

      • Such simplistic views, what a bad thing, and by the way a good amount of Hispanics are Native Americans. The homophobia of White Russia – Yellow China is just the tip of the iceberg, they are the opposite to the White West -Yellow Japan in everything else and rivals. Such a monolith concept of race don’t exist.

      • coward says:

        Mongoloids are the ugliest, weakest, and most uncreative race. Blacks at least have pseudo-Caucasian features; i.e. High forehead, narrow faces, deep sunk eyes, narrow jaw, long cephalic index, big d@#ks, etc. They also have produced good music and artwork, and therefore are more innovative than Mongoloids, who havent invented anything. The Blacks also fight and stick up for themselves. No one likes Mongoloids; period. They dont even like themselves, that is why all of them get plastic surgery to get rid of their appearance and why all Mongoloid women want White men and wont date Mongoloid men. I mean, ask any White person if they would rather want Blacks or Mongoloids and all of them will answer Blacks.

      • -First: everyone i need to confess that me and my brother Naruto are actually actors : )
        -Second: you really need to know what your talking about before you post, with all my knowlodge i can assure you that one of most popular music genres was created in Japan. Synthpop arose as a distinct genre in Japan, Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), with their self-titled album (1978) and Solid State Survivor (1979), developed a “fun-loving and breezy” sound, with a strong emphasis on melody. They introduced the TR-808 rhythm machine to popular music, and the band would be a major influence on early British synthpop acts.
        -Third : i overall prefer Asians, African is the most homophobic continent and very few Africans would want a gay neighbours, how rude they are don’t want gay friends. There is homophobia in many Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia or South Korea, but they are not homophobic Asian countries such as Japan, Philippines, Vietnam or Thailand, so overall Asians win and i would prefer them.

      • coward says:

        But Asians have small dicks and moon faces and are the least attractive male race towards women.

      • Gays like smaller dicks so what.

      • coward says:

        Yeah, but gay sex wont help you procreate. East Asians and other Mongoloids such as Native Americans are liked by nobody and no one. Even Blacks are better than Mongoloids. Blacks have closer craniomorphological affinity with Caucasoids than Mongoloids do. Even if Mongoloids have low crime rates, submissive behaviour to Whites, and great work ethic and grades in school, no one likes them and no one will. At least White women like Blacks. No one likes Mongoloids; period. We should have a WWIII where we kill rape and brutally beat all Mongoloids, and we should run up in Injun reservations with machine guns and kill em all.

      • Fine with you, but my brother have more benefits with Asians, Japanese would accept him more than the homophobic Nigerians and Japanese dick have a better size than Nigerian dick, so we stick with Asians. End of the story.

  4. Tobias says:

    I dont want to sound gay but how about not hating and try to destroy any race.

  5. coward says:

    How many of you agree that kicking Asians out of America is the most important goal of White Nationalism?

    • Sumokumar says:

      me Agree as an Indian… Asian parasites must be in Asia..Especially those of China, India, Korea and Pakistan…japanese are way above them all

    • Tobias says:

      whats yaour fucking problem witzh asians.

      • coward says:

        They are ugly and weak and look like monkeys.

      • coward says:

        Indians and Pakis are Caucasian. Even Dalits are Caucasoids. The Andaman Islanders there were one of the major genetic contributors to Caucasoid gene pool. Japs are just Koreans mixed with some Abo. Nothing soecial about any Asian. We all know you are a Japanese.

  6. RunswithScissors says:

    Dota, I wasn’t aware of Salim Mansur and Tariq Fatah’s leanings outside of issues relating to Islam, Muslims, Canada and the West. Apologies if I conflated you with them. I assumed that because they were willing to criticize the idiocies of contemporary (see Saudi Wahabi poison influenced) Muslim tendencies they were thus sympathetic to traditional Western culture; rather than contemporary Multiculti claptrap, which obviously has fundamental discords with (Saudi Wahabi poisoned) Muslim culture.

    Although I must point out that even though Fatah and Mansur keep their faith within the general circle of Liberalism, their criticism of Muslim-Western relations within Western countries is useful. Whites could not make the points they do. Similarly, Whites could not make the same points as Sowell does (or even Crosby) when criticizing the cartoonish depravity of contemporary US Black culture.

    My point is that while persons like Mansur or Fatah don’t really see the whole picture, they do help to pull off the curtain from the Wizard Oz: that peoples of very different and often inherently conflicting cultures (and, perhaps, biology) can somehow harmoniously co-exist to the satisfaction of all.

    • Dota says:

      I agree with these people that Muslims must assimilate within mainstream western culture, but their approach is terrible. Their knowledge and understanding of Islam is surprisingly two dimensional and devoid of any nuance pertaining to ethnicity and culture. Their motives seem self serving and lacking in sincerity. I also despise their textbook plastic liberalism.

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