Outsourcing Jobs, Maintaining Values: How “Outsourced” Extols Western Values

I recently saw the film Outsourced (2006) and I believe it is the sort of film that can teach North Americans about themselves as much as it can about India. The plot revolves around Todd Anderson’s sojourn in India where he must train local call centre staff to perform a customer service/support function. Everything about India seems to irk him: The street food, the lack of personal space, the intrusive conversations, the lack of cheeseburgers ect… In time he realizes that he must not resist India but simply give in; after which he is reborn with a new sense of awareness. The world around him hasn’t changed, only he has; a very Hindu idea.


Josh Hamilton as Todd Anderson, the typical North American White man (species: Whitus Selfhatus)

India itself has been romanticized beyond recognition, a recurring trend in such films. But the movie isn’t about India, it’s about Todd: his journey, his challenges, his trials, and his growing sense of awareness. But I think the film conveys another message, (a somewhat radical one) albeit unintentionally. Throughout the film, Todd’s isolation is emphasized and felt by the viewer. He is isolated when surrounded by people and it isn’t due to the colour of his skin; but rather due to who he is and where he comes from. I can only imagine that many North American whites would feel like minorities when watching this film; not on a national level, but rather on the global level. While Cultural Marxist leftists would cheer the numerical insignificance of whites (within any context) I think that on a global level it is a source of their uniqueness. Mild mannered, courteous, empathetic, and compassionate, Todd Anderson stands out in a nation dominated by people that are boorish, emotional, and opportunistic. He isn’t a minority due to his ethnicity, but rather due to his alien values. He is a product of 3000 years of western civilization and it clearly shows.

His civilized attitude and values make him one in a billion. One rarely finds this level of civilization in the orient.

The film made me reflect on the power of the individual and his capacity to sustain civilization. In India, people like Todd are a miniscule minority immersed in a society that is ambivalent toward their values. Towards the end of the film the fish returns to his pond and Todd finds himself back in the US. No longer one in a billion, Todd is just another guy here. Western civilization is superior to others primarily because it has produced nations of Todds that are held up to a high moral standard and taken for granted there. Oriental societies rely on a coercive top down approach to maintain order whereas Western societies emphasize order by focusing on a bottom up approach: by building a better individual.

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9 Responses to Outsourcing Jobs, Maintaining Values: How “Outsourced” Extols Western Values

  1. RunswithScissors says:

    I wonder how Cultural Marxism (I realize that is just a descriptive term rather than a formal one) can hold out. Granted, Whites are practically prohibited from criticizing its tenants in polite company and in public, but people who aren’t White such as yourself or (and this is certainly no put down) who are more prominent than you, such as Salim Mansur and Tariq Fatah, are given more leeway. And they make it clear where they stand: multiculti=bad. Worse than bad, it’s destructive. Not only to Whites in our own lands, but also to immigrants who actually wish to be citizens, members of those lands, rather than permanent representatives of a land and culture they have effectively chosen to leave. I’m actually perplexed that people still espouse multiculti enthusiastically. If you’re White, all multiculti is is an invasion and erosion of your culture and society; if you’re not White, but have chosen to live among Whites, it, ironically, means you’ll never really be a part of Western culture, but rather some fungus growing on its withered corpse. That last bit sounds harsh, but it’s true. I’ve known and am friends with many non-Whites who are nonetheless completely Western in their outlook, behavior and values, but are pressured by their coethnics to adopt the group norms. This is Balkanization. Pick a side. The naive liberals have actually fostered an environment where tribalism, racism, intolerance and bigotry is much more pronounced than it would have been before.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I’m actually perplexed that people still espouse multiculti enthusiastically.

      There used to be a commenter named “East Asian Nationalist” who commented on several conservative and alt right blogs. He once said something to the effect that, “multiculturalism is something you tolerate if you have no other choice. Why the West decided it was a virtue to be encouraged is a mystery.”

      Diversity is one thing, as just about every empire in history has been multiracial and multiethnic. However, all those empires had a dominant core, to which other groups assimilated. Not only tolerating but even encouraging minorities to have a recalcitrant and confrontational attitude towards the majority can only yield disastrous results in the long run.

      This East Asian guy also said that he came to the U.S. prepared to be a patriotic, nationalistic citizen, and he said that it was only natural since in China, nationalism is very much omnipresent. However, he was so disgusted with the anti-patriotic, self-loathing wimpiness of white liberals that he abandoned American patriotism, and instead identifies as an East Asian nationalist. He said that if he even displayed a fraction of the kind of nationalism that runs rampant in China, he would have been denounced as an evil fascist.

      So while it’s all good to denounce multiculturalism and truculent minorities, part of the problem is that white people have lost their spine. How can minorities be expected to embrace Western culture and completely accept assimilation if whites won’t even stand up for their heritage?

    • Well India isn’t that bad in some ways. In murder rate the worst BRIC is Brazil, they are mostly Christian yet they murder at a 21.8 rate. Second worst is Russia another Christian country and murder rate at 10.2 ;India is a mere 3.5 and we could think that is the fault of Muslim terrorism. On the other way the most corrupt BRIC is Russia. India is one of the most original cultures.

      • narut00 says:

        And Hindus are less homophobic than Chinese and Russians ,according to polls,by the way i am praying to Lord Ganesha for the sake of certain people.

      • coward says:

        Homophobia is a good thing. Homos are 1% of the population but 40% of all serial killers. As part of the preservation of Western culture, heterosexuality must be enforced by law. Homos must be castrated by choice or by force, to destroy their evil nature. If necessary, we will quarantine and perform public lynchings of homosexuals to demonstrate to the homos that Americans are not afraid to stick up for justice and do the right thing. The truth MUST be spread.

      • Ok, no more praying for you from us.

      • Adi says:

        The stats are fudged. Indian stats are mostly a figment of bureaucratic imagination.

        Make no mistake: India is a dump and a dangerous place of you’re a white girl.

    • Dota says:

      @ RunswithScissors
      I’m going to respond to your comment in a new Post soon.

  2. Indians by nature are most unhygienic humans, In india overt violence is exercised by Peasant castes, upper castes are not overt, like chanakya in Arthashastra says–“best way to kill your enemy is to drive him to suicide”


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