Guilt Game: Reflections on the Curious Masochism of Wimpy Whites

Loyal readers of Occident Invicta might recall Dota’s short quiz designed to determine what constitutes a wimpy white person. It is known that wimpy whites not only repudiate their heritage, but even defend and sympathize with those who would do them harm. Such a craven attitude recently reared its head in the form of an insipid white woman named Phoebe Connolly. Connolly was the victim of what is known as the “knockout game,” or among many of the perpetrators, “polar bear hunting.” This exhilarating sport involves groups of “teens” (read: violent ghetto blacks) who go around randomly sucker punching primarily white individuals in mainly the American Northeast. Of course, like a good liberal white woman, she didn’t express any anger over the senseless violence she endured. While one could attribute her lack of anger over the incident to a positive outlook on life, her statement that her recent victimization was just further proof of the necessity of youth programs left me nonplussed. Sure, I’m not going to deny that growing up in an economically desolate ghetto can instill in people a certain sense of nihilism and frustration, which occasionally involves lashing out. Nonetheless, there’s simply no excuse for such behavior. Last time I checked, there are other means to relieve boredom. I guess sports, video games, television, booze, and weed just aren’t sufficient to quench the insatiable desire for excitement among certain segments of today’s youth.

These knockout incidents and the media responses illustrate the lack of fortitude and solidarity among white Americans. For starters, the CNN article, among many others, only bothers to scrutinize the racial motivations behind the attacks when the victims are Jewish. Never mind that white people as a whole are bearing the brunt of these attacks. Now, before we rush to blame the Jewish dominated media, what’s another possible reason for this double standard? Put simply, Jews embrace ethnic solidarity and are quick to rush to the defense of their group when attacked. How often do white gentiles speak out against attacks perpetrated against their group? How often do mainstream white figures openly denounce the racial motivations behind attacks against whites? As despicable as the media is, meaningful action against anti-white attacks can’t take place so long as vapid whites such as Phoebe Connolly continue to act as wimpy apologists for their attackers. Whites will not be galvanized into speaking out while the only ones who point out this egregious double standard are alternative right bloggers or corporate lackey Republican buffoons such as Rush Limbaugh.

So aside from a few conservative voices in the wilderness, whites simply aren’t exhibiting any real collective outrage. If Uighurs committed attacks against Han Chinese or Palestinians harmed Israeli Jews, the majorities in those respective countries would not hesitate to bring their troublesome minorities to heel. I’m not saying that the white West should lurch towards the other extreme, and readers know that I hold Israel in low esteem. However, the current extreme of white guilt and lack of racial solidarity is rather vexing.  What accounts for this lack of pride and solidarity among whites? Kevin MacDonald and others would argue that the lack of extended kinship among Europeans resulted in a relative lack of collectivism and ethnocentrism. Yet much of this white wimpiness has mainly reared its head during the past few decades, and thus I’m somewhat skeptical of MacDonald’s evo psych explanations. Regardless of the reasons behind the relative lack of ethnocentrism among whites, it remains a frustrating problem.

However, since I’m in a good mood, I feel compelled to end this post on a positive note. In fact, I have ideas for readers on how to make a small dent in this liberal wall of wimpy, or even just have some fun. Considering that one of the latest victims of this knockout game was a white woman, and her attackers black men, I want you to put any white leftists you might encounter into a bind. Here are some methods that can place white liberals in quite the uncomfortable conundrum:

1. Bring up the fact that Connolly was a woman, and her attackers primarily young men. Once you have that established, deceptively assert that women are unsafe due to the prevalence of male violence. Be self-loathing if you have to.

2. If the white liberal agrees with your previous assertion, then proceed to discuss the racial element. Highlight the fact that the “knockout game” attackers are almost exclusively black, and you therefore don’t feel safe around groups of black men. If executed properly, the liberal will likely respond with disgust and accusations of racism.

3. Then, having incited the proper knee-jerk reaction, pull the ace out of your sleeve. Inform the wimpy white of his hypocrisy. How can he condemn whites fearing groups of blacks while simultaneously condoning women’s fear of men, all based on the actions of a few?

Prepare to be amused as the outraged and perplexed liberal tries to resolve this oppression olympics pissing contest in his head!

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20 Responses to Guilt Game: Reflections on the Curious Masochism of Wimpy Whites

  1. Quartermain says:

    What are the chances that Phoebe Connolly had this manure head ( ) or one of his ilk as a teacher.

    Or maybe like these manure heads ( ).

    Or this manure head ( ).

    Would I be an ethno-masochist if I rejoiced if these manure heads got polar bear hunted?

    The question was rhetorical, but some people’s stupidity can be beyond annoying.

    • coward says:

      Quartermain what the f@#k r u talkin about? Manuer heads (shitheads?)

    • Dota says:

      The second youtube link was just plain depressing. It’s a naked experiment in social programming. Just because the color black is associated with negative characteristics does not mean people feel that way about the negro race. I had no idea how oppressive such conditioning really was.

      • Quartermain says:

        It’s depressing and contemptible, no instead of teaching children courage and virtue, they teach black anger and white guilt.

        Isn’t it psychological child abuse to tell white children that all their ancestors were all evil and had no virtues?

        Isn’t it psychological child abuse to tell black children that their ancestors were continually tortured and had no happy moments.

        Too bad we couldn’t prosecute those two teachers, Jane Elliot and their ilk for psychological children count per child they did this to.

      • Dota says:

        It’s as I’ve said before, PC indoctrination robs children of their innocence.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Good god, don’t get me started on Jane Elliot…

      • coward says:

        The White media needs to instill a sense of Black=Righteousness in the Whites. Moreover, mulattoes are and always have been White as much as Black. It should be illegal not to classify mulattoes as White. I am sick of people telling me Im Black.

      • Quartermain says:

        Since you’re a nice guy, I won’t.

  2. Guy from Montréal says:

    Hulk very liberal minded but not like wimpy whites, HULK SMASH WIMPY WHITES! Seriously that second video posted by Quartermain is some scary shit!

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      @ Guy from Montreal

      I certainly look forward to the day when wimpy white lunacy possesses scientific qualities that can infuriate sensible white people into acquiring superpowers

      Good to have you back, man! Comment more often, haha.

  3. Beatrix says:

    All the white folks I know in the US are sooooo terrified of being called ‘RACIST’ ’cause you know being a ‘RACIST’ is like being called ‘babykiller’ or ‘pedophile’ nowadays.
    Seriously, not just in my native northern California but when I was visiting friends & relatives

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      While I was traveling in the UK, I attended a stand-up comedy show feature a black American comedian and an almost all white British audience. One of his jokes was that, “there’s nothing bad you can call white people except a racist. Once you call them that, they’ll be all like ‘no, no, I’m not racist! Here, sleep with my daughter, I’m not racist!'”

      For such a supposedly powerful and hegemonic group, I am a little puzzled as to how my fellow whites allow words like “racist” to fluster them so much.

      Besides, there’s no point in white people trying to deny that they’re racist, since according to anti-racists and multicultis, whites are ipso facto racist.

      • RunswithScissors says:

        It’s amazing that people whose ancestors were humble people like coal miners and servants somehow feel they are guilty via some reverse of the Grandfather Clause for the sins of the people who had their boot on their ancestor’s necks. I’m no conspiracy theorist but divide and conquer is a proven principle and the elite have their own interests separate from ours.

    • Beatrix says:

      That last sentence should have been-
      Seriously, not just in my native northern California but when I was visiting friends & relatives from Georgia to Oklahoma.
      Yeah I know.
      I was in Georgia when the Paula Deen debacle over the ‘N’ word started.
      Silence from most whites on the topic, most Blacks were ambivalent.

  4. There is a problem with the link to Ignatiev. Ignatiev NEVER SAID THAT. It was all made up by a satirical website, and anyway, he is not retiring.

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