Tribalism Reigns Supreme! What Avid Sports Fans can Teach Liberals About Human Nature

A few days ago, I had the privilege of attending a riveting basketball game with my father. The game was a highly anticipated matchup between the Bay Area’s only professional team, the Golden State Warriors, and the respected Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors had cemented a firm lead into the final fourth quarter of the game, only to see it  suddenly relinquished following a clutch three pointer by one of the Thunder’s main stars with just over two seconds left. In just a couple of minutes, the local Oakland crowd had gone from being jubilant, to anxious, and with that made three, despondent. While I had anticipated going home happy, I now dreaded walking through the staircases and exits with equally miserable fans.

However, it was not meant to be. In the last play of the game, one of the Warriors’ star players hit a clutch shot, securing victory for his team in the final seconds. I blew a major sigh of relief, and then proceeded to join my fellow fans in the boisterous celebration. Some of the more rowdy fans even screamed out “fuck OKC!” in response to their team’s triumph. Attending a sports game is always an exciting experience, but being a passionate sports fan has also provided me with interesting observations regarding the human condition.

Put simply, humans are at their core a tribal people. While this may be obvious to many, people often conceive of tribalism in racial, ethnic, religious, and national terms, while neglecting the various other identities that people can cultivate. What makes sports so interesting is that they simultaneously erode and strengthen tribal identities. In the United States, sports break down barriers between different groups. Warriors games feature the most diverse group of fans in the entire country, and yet they all unite in the name of their favorite team. Such devotion to their teams often translates into angry boos and invective, directed at either the opposing team or refs who make the fatal mistake of making a call against the home team. The visiting team, depending on how successful or notorious, serves as the Despised Other. Most of the time, the angry passions of sports fans extend to talking trash, cursing at the refs, or belittling the opposing team. However, occasionally this patriotism can incite violence in major cities in the United States.

Outside of North America, divisions related to sports go beyond the occasional fight, and can even enhance sectarian and ethnic divisions in various countries. Whether it’s drunken soccer hooligans in Glasgow or Israeli Jewish fans who are so racist that they boo their own team’s Muslim players whenever they score goals, sports can strengthen the chauvinism inherent in more nationalistic societies.

In North American societies where open and proud expressions of white and Christian identities have been rendered taboo, sports is one of the few tribes that a white person can passionately support without being deemed an awful bigot. Since we’re all tribal anyway, some might ask, “what’s the point of curtailing immigration or upholding the white character of North America? We’ll find some way to fight regardless of demographics.” Others might ask why our blog endorses Western values of universalism while simultaneously advocating on behalf of whites.

It’s a matter of the levels of tribalism. Give me a few the occasional fight or alcohol induced violence over the kind of racial tension that erodes and undermines a nation at its very core. Since humans are tribal and prone to fighting as it is, societies would do well to mitigate or prevent as many forms of division as possible. However, since that genie has already been released from its lamp, I’m here to tell white people to embrace their tribalism. Sure, be tactful and composed about it, but never be ashamed to embrace your identity, since other groups certainly aren’t.

Oh, and in the meantime, go Warriors!

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11 Responses to Tribalism Reigns Supreme! What Avid Sports Fans can Teach Liberals About Human Nature

  1. Batterytrain says:

    I would feel so stupid putting so much of my time and commitment to a team where you don’t do anything at all and aren’t really gaining a realistic benefit out of it/aren’t participating in it; since you aren’t the person on the field then there is no use for you on there. That breaks down the purpose of games and can be applied to just any of these stupid stuff involving crowds and teams (football, basketball) etc. This is one of another one of these stupid idiosyncrasies of American culture that I don’t like, meh maybe it’s a sign of a culture that is too safe and protected.

    Speaking about tribalism my biggest beef recently is with some of the Roosh members that reside there. The forum members on there are so hypocritical and full of fucking shit that it sometimes makes my blood boil at all the gullible people that fall for his fake antics. Roosh pretends to be not a racist and ignore race comments but goes along with Takimagazine and his forum is choke full of Black/Latino/Asian dudes asking how they can game “White girls” but bans on any sane awareness there. Obviously race and tribalism exists and each one is trying to one up themselves trying to get with Euro girls. this proves that European females are better looking then other races and tend to be discriminatory.

    If that is the case, how is this possible when you are non-Euro and you live in the nationalist xenophoic zones of EE?
    So fucking full of shit and contradictions, I guess I don’t know how to take these fantasies seriously. This just proves that a “White girls” vagina/womb is worth more than expensive real estate in non-Euro countries and cultures. You guys actually believe and fall for the stuff that Roosh posts about?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I guess Roosh is hypocritical in that he tries to avoid race issues, but simultaneously bashes on Indians a lot.

      Otherwise, he’s generally anti-cultural marxism without trying to focus too much on race.

      • coward says:

        NarutOO, I dont think Batterytrain is Xera, his tone is too docile. I think he is Cyrus.

      • Batterytrain says:

        Yeah I noticed that man!! I am sure you have heard about the infamous Indian race troll? I have seen that dude on 6 to 9 different forums posting the EXACT SAME thing and same pattern, that dude needs help!!! I wonder what Dota thinks about that guy, he needs to get in contact with that kid because he has mental issues relating to his background and he visits this local game forum I visit.

        I believe Roosh is a failed game blogger, it’s obvious he doesn’t have much success in the countries he visits and makes a lot of shit up that is completely in-congruent with reality. Usually these failed PUA/Expat game bloggers, once they realize their marketable assets are becoming finite and their ability to generate profit is diminishing while a lot of the stuff they post is untrue, they transition to lifestyle blogging to reciprocate. Roosh needed to expand his ROK readership and so he decided to dabble in the White nationalist sphere as his stint on proves. He expanded his following by going along with WN views and website to stay in business, his game related stuff is completely fraudulent

        What is interesting is the number of X non-Caucasian race/group asking how they can get high caliber European girls in “insert middle of nowhere unknown obscure EE country” on his forums. I have had many face-palm moments concerning all the blatantly obvious and fake lies/false field reports about X group being seen as exotic in Eastern Europe and pulling 8’s and above. His travel and game section is evidence enough alone to make you a race-realist/tribalist/racist in a heart beat. I really think you guys shouldn’t believe Roosh and endorse the delusional retards on ROK and his forums. If anything the inter-racial squabbles and conflicts on the Roosh forums concerning who can get higher-caliber European women shows how much more deeper this race stuff goes that shown on the surface on this blog post.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I think that Roosh ultimately plays an important role. His forum and Return of Kings are good places for men to learn new skills, as well as inform and warn men about feminism and American society’s gender dynamics.

        Obviously, both the forum and ROK say some provocative or outlandish things at times, but they want to promote themselves, so it comes with the territory, I suppose.

      • Dota says:

        Never heard of this Indian race troll, but then again, I don’t really read Roosh. I think his views on feminism are spot on, but since I’m not part of the PUA community much of his material doesn’t concern me.

      • Coward: You don’t understand Psychology well, Xera is a bit more docile since Robert banned him on his blog, do you expect Xera acting the same here? Batterytrain (Xera) here on Occidentinvicta even said that Robert’s blog was quite popular because the flame wars of Xera (himself) versus others ,lol, the flame wars were supposed to attract attention; not at all, i read Robert’s blog for the first time, searching something about the skin color of Filipinos. Anyways, Cyrus already commented here with his name, he don’t have reasons to hide, Xera yes, why? because he felt embarrased of his image because he was banned on Robert’s blog, so he used a new identity, Coward read again the post were you and Miki (me 😉 ) give clues about Batterytrain being Xera, all the things he have said : P

      • P.S ,Narut00 and I are in fact not friends,we are siblings and live in the same house together and have been on these blogs together , he took my profile photo and is very proud of his photo skills that he will make my Avatar his Avatar too 😉 because the quality of his work, a good photographer.

      • coward says:

        If you really are a girl, and you ever come to America, contact me. I have a really big dick that is rapidly growing with pueberty. It is pretty thick as well.

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