Thou Shalt Rebel Against the Goyim: A Hollywood Analysis of Jewish Subversion

When one views the world through Jewish spectacles it becomes clear that Mankind has more in common with Satan than he does with He in whose image he was created. Satan, at least in Christian tradition, is the very personification of mankind’s greatest failing: Rebellion. Satan rebelled against God’s order and in turn prompted Adam to rebel against his Maker. Rebellion is a fascinating motif embedded within Jewish culture and the Hebrew Bible chronicles in detail the numerous acts of rebellion perpetrated by the Jews against God over time. In contrast to Christianity, which emphasizes a harmonious relationship between God’s order and mankind’s spirit, Judaism emphasizes rebellion. Jacob wrestles with God and is renamed Israel for his efforts. But the interpretation of this story by Jews and Christians should adequately summarize their contrasting worldviews. Theologian James Montgomery Boice stated:

But at the beginning it is not Jacob who seeks God to wrestle with him; rather, it is God, who comes to wrestle with Jacob to bring him to a point of both physical and spiritual submission.

The Jewish website states:

This quality of confrontation and engagement with God, as opposed to pure submission, remains a distinguishing characteristic of Judaism.

The peculiar cultural and spiritual malaise that has afflicted our culture is rooted in the reality that our culture has too much Judeo and too little Christian left in it. Rebellion has come to define the topography of our cultural, political, and social landscapes. Women rebel against men (feminism), Homosexuals rebel against society (gay rights), and minorities rebel against the white majority (Multiculturalism). There should be no doubt in the mind of the informed reader that organized Jewry plays (and has historically played) a significant role in shaping and unleashing these rebellions on society. Let us now turn our attention to Hollywood’s (and we all know that Hollywood is thoroughly Jewish dominated) portrayal of rebellion to further illustrate the clash of values.

High School High (1996)

A decrepit high school in a ghetto neighbourhood receives a new teacher (played by the Jewish Jon Lovitz) who takes it upon himself to improve the lot of the students there by instilling hope in a brighter future. The school is run by a tyrannical principal played by the WASP Louis Fletcher (Kai Winn from Deep Space 9) that undermines the students while secretly running a drug operation. The student body is primarily comprised of Black students. The allegory is clear: The WASP establishment undermines minorities and it is the Jew who leads the righteous rebellion against the status quo. Lovitz’s character represents the typical Jewish misfit whose blind idealism suckers him into supporting ideologies (communism/feminism) that undermine western culture.

Happy Gilmore (1996)

A foul tempered athlete (played by Adam Sandler) aspires to play professional hockey but finds himself entangled in the world of professional golf, where he must win the grand prize to reclaim his grandmother’s house from the IRS. His off-color antics alienate him from the other competitors (especially Shooter McGavin) while shoring up interest from the lower classes of society (Bikers and such). In a scene almost prophetic in its allegory, Shooter McGavin complains to Doug Thompson (the commissioner of the Pro Golf Tour) about Gilmore disgracing Golf and requests his dismissal from the tour. The commissioner responds that Gilmore is driving up ratings and there is nothing he can do. In the context of this movie Golf represents polite WASP culture, Shooter McGavin represents polite WASP society trying to defend its culture, and the Commissioner represents Corporate America that goes along with the Jewish Rebellion against western culture.

School of Rock (2003)

A misfit guitarist (played by Jack Black)that gets thrown out of his band impersonates a teacher and transforms his class of 3rd graders into a rock band. The school in question is a highly reputed private school attended by children from affluent backgrounds. Black’s character immediately dissuades his students from pursuing classical music and instead instructs them to rebel against their teachers’ and parent’s authority.

The longest Yard (2005)

A disgraced athlete (played by Adam Sandler) gets sentenced to a prison term for drunk driving where he is ordered by the WASP warden to assist the guard’s football team. He is to do this by assembling a team of prison inmates that the guards can easily beat thereby boosting their confidence. The inmates are predominantly black and the prison guards are all white. The allegory is again clear: Blacks oppressed by evil whites in power who rebel against their oppressors under the leadership of a Jew.

Analysis and Conclusion

In all four films discussed above, the protagonist is a misfit who does not fit into his surrounding. This is very Jewish theme as the Jew has always been the outsider, the foreigner who does not fit in. This misfit then assumes a leadership role and leads the ‘underdogs’ in a valiant struggle against the powers that be. Jewish cultural Marxists also see themselves as leading the underdogs of society against the tyrannical powers that be (society/culture/establishment) in a struggle to restore equality by smashing western culture. Israel might have wrestled with Yahveh, but by rejecting Satan’s temptations Christ taught us to direct that struggle inwards. Such Christian values forged our great North American societies, but how long will they endure if Jewish subversion continues unabated?

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8 Responses to Thou Shalt Rebel Against the Goyim: A Hollywood Analysis of Jewish Subversion

  1. Coward: in reply to the other post= i don’t like Mulatto dick : ( ,not racism, just personal preference, and about this post, i still think some Jews have doing good things like the creators of South Park, this clip make me think what console should i choose, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, i dunno.

  2. coward says:

    Hey anyone wanna chat im bored and depressed and ready to knock someboooooooooooody’s fucking head off. Narut00 wats ur email u little worm so i can contact u. Batterytrain axum anyone

  3. RunswithScissors says:

    I have a humble theory as to why the Jews are so obnoxiously ethnocentric. And this stems from my experience with Jews who are not at all ethnocentric, much less obnoxiously so. You see, the Jews who are not ethnocentric, who do not define themselves and interpret every aspect of their lives through the lens of being a Jew, cease to become Jews. They become Americans. Or Englishman. Or Germans. Or Russians. Or what have you. Those who do define themselves as Jews are treated as such (or rather insist upon being treated as such) and so their internal feeling of Jewishness is reinforced externally. Hence, among Jewish people we see an ever more ethnocentric core of Jews–Jews first, everything else second.

    I remember BAG once remarked something to the effect that if Jews would just stop being so insistent upon making everyone conform to their Jewishness (whatever that is–it seems to change through the ages to whatever is Good for the Jews) and spent more time assimilating into the wider culture and accepting others rather than alienating them, they would be (and indeed are) welcomed with open arms. And many do, but they cease to be Jews. Jewish-American like Italian-American or Irish-American maybe, but not Jews. The Jews who do not, do not, then expect everyone to recognize them as such and get pissy when they are recieved as different or alien. How could such a high-IQ neurotic people be so bloody oblivious to their behavior?

    • Dota says:

      I think one of Robert’s commenters (James S) has talked about it. Judaism is a tribal and ethno-nationalist religion. One doesn’t merely convert to Judaism as one does Christianity and Islam; one must embrace Jewish history and as such Judaism comes with a lot of baggage. When one embraces Judaism, one embraces a religion and an ethnicity simultaneously. Your observation is essentially spot on.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Took the words out of my mouth.

      Even though he’s a bit of a goofball, Brother Nathanael was essentially correct when he stated that the problem with Jews is that they always have to foment, they always have to criticize, they always have to revolutionize.

      They can’t just settle down and live like normal people.

  4. Shawn says:

    Good analysis, Dota. One other example is the The Graduate.

    Here’s a good review by Steve Sailer:

    “And, of course, there’s the memorable last scene in which Benjamin rescues his shiksa goddess from her new husband at the Methodist church by swinging a giant crucifix at the resentful blond beasts.

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