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Guilt Game: Reflections on the Curious Masochism of Wimpy Whites

Loyal readers of Occident Invicta might recall Dota’s short quiz designed to determine what constitutes a wimpy white person. It is known that wimpy whites not only repudiate their heritage, but even defend and sympathize with those who would do … Continue reading

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Tribalism Reigns Supreme! What Avid Sports Fans can Teach Liberals About Human Nature

A few days ago, I had the privilege of attending a riveting basketball game with my father. The game was a highly anticipated matchup between the Bay Area’s only professional team, the Golden State Warriors, and the respected Oklahoma City … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Rebel Against the Goyim: A Hollywood Analysis of Jewish Subversion

When one views the world through Jewish spectacles it becomes clear that Mankind has more in common with Satan than he does with He in whose image he was created. Satan, at least in Christian tradition, is the very personification … Continue reading

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The Racial Dynamics of the Bay Area

Commenter batterytrain asks: Your name literally is “Bay Area guy”, so I am assuming that you live in the Bay Area or around San Francisco. What is the “crowd” like there? Because I have seen pictures of people that live … Continue reading

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Feminism and Anti-patriotism Part 1

On October 3, 2013 the BBC ran the following headline and byline: O Canada: Women’s group calls for gender-neutral anthem – A group of prominent Canadian women have launched a campaign to make the English-language lyrics to Canada’s national anthem … Continue reading

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