The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and white guilt: A glimpse into the diseased minds of white leftist educators

Those of us that live in Saskatchewan and listen to local radio might have heard the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation’s commercial promoting their blog, The project’s goals are to address any shortcomings in the educational system along with syncing it to province’s economic needs. I visited the blog with some high hopes and my experience could be summed up in one word: disappointment. For one, comments were disabled. A blog without comments is just a static website, it’s aim being to communicate information rather than facilitate debate. The second issue is with the unimaginative content that’s posted there. I was hoping to encounter proposals about curriculum reform, newer textbooks, and perhaps some basic budgetary data for said proposals. I was hoping to see short term objectives with corresponding time tables. What I encountered instead were a series of washy articles on white privilege and diversity, the most insipid being ”Figuring out white is a colour” by Twyla Salm. The article is so drenched in white guilt, self-flagellation, and nauseatingly apologetic in tone, that I don’t know where to begin in deconstructing this piece of liberal idiocy. For instance, she denounces the metaphor “melting pot” as some sort of ploy to sneak assimilation onto the unsuspecting masses. In her own words:

 “While understanding how to frame diversity is complex, how we talk about diversity in schools does matter. If it is seen as an opportunity for only “cultural fairs” where the melting pot story is retold, we reinforce that the ultimate goal is assimilation. If we talk about multiculturalism as if it belongs to the “newcomers” or the “other” then we are affirming the dominant colonial and white narrative.”

What is wrong with assimilation? Why is assimilation such a dirty word? It’s fairly obvious that immigrants to any country must adopt (to an extent) the customs, language, and in time, values of the host culture. In Saudi Arabia even non-Muslim women are legally obliged to cover their heads in public (in keeping with the Kingdom’s demented interpretation of Islam), and in India some visitors would walk on broken glass for a beef burger (including myself). If other societies refuse to apologize for their cultures, why must whites? Why must whites bend over backwards to reevaluate their worldviews when these very worldviews were instrumental in carving two highly developed societies out of a wilderness? There are certainly parts of Western history that are inexcusable and brutal, but which ethnicity is entirely pure? Do modern day Mongolians feel any remorse for the horrific deeds of Genghis Khan? Do modern day Afghans feel any remorse for the savage raids conducted by Mahmud Ghazni on Northern India? And if so, does that guilt translate into a more inclusive social outlook towards Afghanistan’s Hindu minority? I think not.

Moving on, she also states:

“Mukhopadhyay (2008) suggests that white, western cultures often position themselves as Caucasian which reinforces a dominant culture and in her words “racial and biological” supremacy.”

What a marvellously idiotic statement. It’s gems like these that pull me out of bed every morning as they remind me that the work awaits. What is so abhorrently wrong with western societies defining their culture along ethnic lines? Name one society or civilization in history which did not define its character along ethnic and linguistic lines.

Ethnicity/Race is the hub around which an individual’s identity revolves. It comes before religion and it comes before ideology; for neither religion nor ideology stare one in the face when one looks in the mirror. There are numerous texts from antiquity that are replete with detailed descriptions of the physical and racial characteristics of the other; the accounts of Xenophanes and Marcellinus immediately come to mind. Canada is most certainly a white country, and as an East Indian man I have absolutely no problem in admitting that this is probably for the best. Having an ethnic basis to one’s culture does not reinforce racial supremacy; for if this were so, then the Japanese, Chinese, Israelis, and Indians would all be supremacists as their respective national identities and cultures are certainly rendered along ethnic lines.

I’d like to add a few concluding remarks to further clarify my position. I am not advocating discrimination or hostility towards non-white minorities. Rather, my intent is to convey to our readers that white guilt is madness. It delegitimizes our great nation’s unique European heritage while erecting upon its ruin a society deep in denial about itself and confused about its place in the universe. The STF’s blog is clearly less concerned with the quality of education as it is with promoting leftist (cultural Marxist) ideological conformity.

Canada is a white country and all of us, minorities included, should be proud of that fact.

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