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The Corporations Behind Cultural Crimes: Or, Why the Alternative Right Should Embrace Economic Justice

I know this will come as shocking news to many, but Americans are significantly overweight! While many would correctly cite the unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles of the U.S’s denizens as the primary culprits of this epidemic, it turns out … Continue reading

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Violence and Values: What violence can teach us about civilization.

In his article “Should Ajmal Kasab be hanged?” Aakar Patel observes:  “Like all primitive societies, Indians seek closure through violence, preferably participative. We do this now and then, as we shall see, and in that sense we are like central … Continue reading

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What a Real Supremacist Culture Looks Like: Racism Versus Majoritarianism

What even constitutes “racism” anymore? The word has been abused to the point of being rendered hackneyed, and still very few people actually take the time to reflect on what the word means. Dota and I subscribe to the classic … Continue reading

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Comments panel malfunction

Various wordpress sites have been affected by this bug and the WP team is working to resolve it. You can most certainly comment on anything however it won’t display on the side bar. Not sure how long this will down.

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The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and white guilt: A glimpse into the diseased minds of white leftist educators

Those of us that live in Saskatchewan and listen to local radio might have heard the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation’s commercial promoting their blog, The project’s goals are to address any shortcomings in the educational system along with syncing it … Continue reading

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Combining Economic Distribution With Defense of the Nation: A Swiss Model for Traditional Conservatives?

The Swiss do not often register on peoples’ radars. They’re often seen as either reclusive and neutral bankers, or snobs who look down on trashy Americans. At least that was the impression that was imparted on me when I grew … Continue reading

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What of our Christian heritage?

Beatrix writes: An excerpt from Ted Cruz’s ‘talkathon’- “What we have here is our core values as Americans and Christians slipping away into this facade where we should take care of our poor, sick, and disabled,” said Cruz in hour … Continue reading

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