Strange bedfellows: Deconstructing the alliance between Hindutva (hindu nationalism) and Jewry

A number of people over the years have asked me to comment on the symbiotic relationship between Jewry and upper caste Hindus, and after much procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to it. It should first be established that not all Indian Hindus supported organized Jewry or Zionist aspirations. For example, Gandhi opposed the creation of Israel on morals grounds and Nehru (keeping with Gandhi’s moral outlook) also shunned Israel in support of the Palestinians. This was to be India’s official stance on Israel until the 1990s when diplomatic relations were established. The commonly mouthed rationale for public consumption was shared security interests. Interestingly, Vinayak Savarkar (the architect of Hindutva) openly defended Nazism in 1938 yet paradoxically professed sincere admiration for Israel’s military prowess at putting the Arabs in their place during the 1950s; and believed that India must follow Israel’s example. In a nation where a large number of Indians openly admire Hitler, one wonders how the seed of philosemitism could possibly take root, let alone flourish to bear its poisonous fruit. The Hindus certainly do not assign Jews a central place in their eschatology in the manner of the demented Christian right; so what could then explain the Hindu’s love of the Jew?

I believe that upper caste Hindus and Jewry share common values despite their contrasting theologies, and while I do not provide an exhaustive analysis here, I hope to stimulate debate nonetheless.

Chosen people status/Exclusivism:

Jewish ethnic chauvinism is one of the reasons for historic antisemitism and this extreme racial pride is entrenched deeply into the very social fabric of the State of Israel. The very act of circumcision is to remind the Jew of his distinctiveness and to rob a Jew of his specialness is to rob him of his place in the cosmos. This ‘specialness’ is the source of Abe Foxman’s shameful display of what Norman Finkelstein once referred to as the “uniqueness doctrine” when he flew to Ukraine in 2009. In a condescending fashion,  Foxman informed their president that the Ukrainian holodomor must not be compared to the Holocaust, as that would undoubtedly violate Jewry’s monopoly on victimhood. What many North Americans may not realize is that the Hindu caste structure is in essence a mirror image of Jewish elitism. Like their Jewish friends, the Hindus have always vertically ranked mankind by birth and backed this worldview by a theology that bends a man’s spirit into eternal submission. The Jew literally believes that his people are a treasure above all others (Deuteronomy 14) while the Brahmin believes that he comes out of the mouth of Purusha and hence possesses divine authority over other men. Separate traditions, same outcome: Amoral elitism that degrades the humanity of non members and opposes fraternity. Both Hindus and Jews see a world where all men are created inherently unequal.

Similar work ethic

This point builds upon the one preceding it. The Jew’s disdain for manual labour is well documented and common knowledge; such donkey work is the domain of the goyim. The goy uses his hands, the Jew used his head. Similarly, as Gurcharan Das points out, the Brahmins scoffed at the peasant castes who worked with their hands and in time this disdain for manual labour was filtered down the caste hierarchy. As John P Jones observed as far back as 1908:

“Caste has taught the people of this land that humble toil, however honest it may be, is more than mean; it is sinful. There are millions of the higher castes of India who deem it honourable to beg, and dignified to spend their years in abject laziness, but[134] who would regard it as unspeakable degradation to take a hoe or a hammer and earn an honest living by the sweat of their brow. Nor will their caste rules permit of their undertaking such work.”

Even today Indians devotedly pursue higher education not to contribute to society, not to pursue intellectual ambitions, but to work a high paying job that earns status for themselves and their families. I’ve written about the Hindu work ethic in detail here.

Similar attitude towards the divine

Hindus and Jews both share a transactional relationship with their God(s) and I’ve written about this here. The Jews would remain God’s chosen people and gain access to divine favour so long as they kept his laws in the Torah, which was in essence Yahveh’s covenant with the Jewish people. Hindu polytheism, however, is somewhat more primitive as Hindus leave offerings to their chosen deity in exchange for worldly favours. Both religions do not emphasize an afterlife and material bounty is seen as a sign of divine favour. While Hinduism does stress asceticism, Indians are notoriously intemperate in their materialism. Where Christians traditionally prayed for spiritual wealth (strength of character and the power to forgive others) the Jews and Hindus prayed for material wealth. Yiddish folklore is full of aphorisms decrying poverty while Hindus employ several prayers (addressed towards Laxmi and Ganesh) to grant themselves wealth. As Jayantanuja Bandyopadhyaya pointed out in “Class and religion in ancient India”, the Rig Veda contains numerous petitions for wealth and has devised rituals to strengthen such petitions.

 Hyper Fascism

This is a curious comparison since the Hindus have historically never been a fascist people whereas Jewish ethnic chauvinism is perennial. Some have called Hindutva India’s own unique brand of fascism and this isn’t an unfair characterization. Hindutva is concerned with Indianess which it links to Hinduism. Non Hindus are to be second class citizens and these include Sikhs and Buddhists, whom Hindutvadis publicly pay lip service to but privately conspire to undermine their religious identities. Jews consider the the land of Israel to be sacred and Hindus deify India and worship it as “Bharat mata” (Mother India). Just as the Israelis regard their indigenous population as a band of squatters, so too the Hindus, who regard their Muslim and Christian populations as outsiders and not truly Indian.

 A preference for cultural domination as opposed to political domination

It is an open secret that Jewry exerts its might via cultural subversion through its tentacles in the media, film industry, pop culture, and academia. They exert their political will via various formidable lobbies such as AIPAC. Upper Caste Brahmins wield tremendous power within the print media, Bollywood, and literature. This isn’t unsurprising as the Brahmins have (over the course of Indian history) monopolized literacy while using their religion to keep the vast majority of Indians illiterate and unable to resist their parasitic hegemony. The key difference is that unlike Jewry, the Brahmins seek not to subvert Indian culture (as that is the source of their privilege) but rather, dominate it. Hindutva’s prime directive is aimed foremost at cultural domination while political domination via it’s political arm (The BJP party) is secondary in comparison. American Hindu groups have begun to emulate their Jewish role models by carrying out lobbying efforts aimed at weakening US-Pakistan ties. They have also acquired some of Jewry’s finesse in mobilizing their communities in raising funds for Hindutva activities back home. A commenter on the Occidental Observer once remarked that Hindus were basically Jews with lesser intelligence; not an unfair characterization.

 Shared hatred for Christianity and Islam

Last but certainly not least, both groups rally the grunts on both sides against their mutual enemies: Christians and Muslims. Jewish animosity towards Christianity is as old as Christianity itself, and in the Hindus they have found an equally implacable foe of Christ. True, it is primarily the Brahmin that despises Christianity, as foreign rule of India usually resulted in an acute loss of privilege for this parasitic class. The Afghans and Arab rulers of India considered them infidels not worth bowing to whereas the British rightly ascertained the Brahmin’s civilization to be crude and inferior. Hindutva is the rage of the Brahmin that has filtered down the caste hierarchy and infected lower caste Hindus who weren’t as adversely affected by foreign rule over the subcontinent. The reason I brought this point up at the very end is to illustrate that the Hindu-Jew friendship goes well beyond a shared enemy; these two peoples indeed share common values and a common worldview.

In conclusion I wish to point out that while Jewry relentlessly hounds white gentiles for even the most trivial offenses of antisemitism, Indians are let off the hook for revering Hitler. You will not hear of Abraham Foxman flying to India and lecturing Indian leaders on the menace of antisemitism. It’s antics like these that give credence to Norman Finklestein’s outlook on the Holocaust industry; but where the gentile sees hypocrisy the Jew sees Chutzpah.

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9 Responses to Strange bedfellows: Deconstructing the alliance between Hindutva (hindu nationalism) and Jewry

  1. Nambi says:

    I have not met a jew in my life . How do you identify a person as a jew. I agree extreme fair complexion might be one. But what about people who have a moderate skin tone just like the whites? he could pass off as a white right. Also how does a normal white person identify a person as a jew?

    • Dota says:

      Jews tend to possess a certain phenotype and the more pronounced the features, the easier it gets to identify them. The last name works too. And some are bound to fly beneath your Jewdar, happens to the best of us.

    • jgarbuz says:

      A Jew is a person born to a Jewish mother, regardless of the ethnicity, “race.” or relgion of the father. Jews are a tribe and membership is via being born to a Jewish mother, and since Jews are only allowed to marry other Jews under Jewish law, the orthodox rabbinate must determine the validity of documentation proving that the two people were born to Jewish mothers. Jews can come in all complextions precisely because the father can be of any ethnicity race or relgion. In addition the tribe has accepted members from the outside in what gentiles call “conversion.” I would call it “naturalization process” since often takes years of learning and practice until the Rabbinate accepts a candidate for “conversion.” Again, Jews are a TRIBE and their ancient religion is naturally often referred to as “Judaism” or the religion of the Jews. Just as Shintoism is the religion of the Japanese.

  2. Beatrix says:

    Let’s not forget the Indian use of Israeli tactical training, & arms supplication in Kashmir-
    “The relationship has expanded drastically since 2000 with, in some recent years, Israel even supplanting Russia as India’s largest arms supplier. Surface-to-air missile systems, naval craft, advanced radar systems and other remote sensing technologies, artillery systems and numerous joint production initiatives ranging from munitions to avionics systems have all further boosted the relationship.”
    “But as the Kashmiri uprising enters its third decade, the most telling part of the relationship is the export of Israeli pacification efforts against Palestinians to India, and their use in Jammu and Kashmir (and elsewhere as India faces multiple popular revolts). Israel has trained thousands of Indian military personnel in counterinsurgency since 2003. According to a 2003 JINSA analysis, “Presumably to equip these soldiers, India recently concluded a $30 million agreement with Israel Military Industries (IMI) for 3,400 Tavor assault rifles, 200 Galil sniper rifles, as well as night vision and laser range finding and targeting equipment.”
    “In 2004, the Israeli intelligence agencies Mossad and General Security Services (Shin Bet) arrived in India “to conduct the first field security surveillance course for Indian Army Intelligence Corps sleuths.” The Globes article on the topic cites an Indian source stating “The course has been designed to look at methods of intelligence gathering in insurgency affected areas, in keeping with the challenges that Israel has faced.” The further acquisition of UAVs, their joint production and the acquisition of other surveillance systems, notably 2010 agreements for both spy satellites and satellite communications systems, have all helped to further India’s pacification campaigns in Jammu and Kashmir.”
    “India employing Israeli oppression tactics in Kashmir”

    • jgarbuz says:

      Well, both India and Israel are two democratic states under Islamic attack and so naturally they find much common ground. India is the largest democracy in the world, and Israel one of the tiniest but nonetheless innovative and resilient in the face of unprecedented Islamic attack. And just as Hindus have been ethnically cleansed out of what became Pakistan, so Jews were ethnically cleansed out of all the Arab and most Muslim countries. By contrast, both India and Israel have allowed huge and growing Muslim minorities to remain because of their democratic nature.

      • Dota says:

        Israel is a democracy by Jews for Jews that refers to fellow citizens as a “demographic problem.” Imagine if a white politician in Canada or the US made such a remark regarding non whites. Amazing how you people goad the white goyim into Multiculturalism whereas you practice ethnic fascism in your own joke of a nation. As for India and Israel, they share a lot of values in common. The tribalism, the moral particularism, the sheer disregard towards the suffering of others and inability to see the other’s humanity. If the Brahmin and the Jew are God’s chosen people, I’d say God has pretty low standards.

      • jgarbuz says:

        There are many fully loyal minorities in Israel, including the Druze, the Circassians, the Armenian Christians and others who have no objection living in the democratic Jewish state. However, Muslim Arabs tend to believe that the land is Muslim Arab land “stolen” by Jews. They have the right in Israel to BELIEVE what they want, as long as they cannot overthrow the constitutional basis of the state which is (a) the Jewish national homeland, and (b) the country of all of its citizens. The Navajo and the Sioux have more grounds to believe their ancient lands were stolen by Europeans, but no longer hope to throw the whites out. Because their numbers are very small, less than 1%. But there are some Muslim Arabs who still think they can reverse the course of history. As long as they don’t engage in violence, they can believe whatever they want.

      • Dota says:

        Good for those minorities that have accepted their place as second class citizens in Jewish Israel.

        Muslim Arabs tend to believe that the land is Muslim Arab land “stolen” by Jews.

        No. They believe that land is PALESTINIAN land stolen by the Jews. And they would be right.

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