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Strange bedfellows: Deconstructing the alliance between Hindutva (hindu nationalism) and Jewry

A number of people over the years have asked me to comment on the symbiotic relationship between Jewry and upper caste Hindus, and after much procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to it. It should first be established that not all … Continue reading

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Are Today’s Men Uniquely Emasculated and Weak? Or is Today’s Gender Liberalism a Continuation of Old Trends? My Thoughts on This Debate

This post was prompted by this abomination of an article that I recently read. (Hat tip: Roosh V) If one were to read various manosphere and alternative right blogs, one might think that today’s Western Man is uniquely  wimpy, unmanly, … Continue reading

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The Storm

Chopin’s 24th prelude is one of my favourite piano compositions, brief, but packed with powerful and gripping emotion. Like most of his other works Chopin did not name his preludes and prelude 24 was christened “The storm” by Hans Bulow. … Continue reading

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Why I Repudiate American Islamohpobia: Or, Why 9/11 Doesn’t Really Piss Me Off

Well, today is the twelfth anniversary of 9/11. If you’re the average white American, this day no doubt evokes images of implacable Muslim fanatics crashing planes into cherished buildings, robbing thousands of American lives in the process. If you attend … Continue reading

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Critiquing Hindu Ethics – Part 2

In his article “Why Indians don’t give back to society”, Aakar Patel asks: “Why don’t we worship Brahma? We know he’s part of the Hindu trinity as the creator, but we worship Vishnu, manager of the cosmos, and Shiva, its … Continue reading

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The Christian character of classical music

This post is best enjoyed either with Chopin’s first ballade, Liszt’s Les Preludes, or Beethoven’s Ode to Joy  playing in the background. “My father was a musician by the grace of God” spake the mighty Johann Strauss in 1887, and … Continue reading

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