The lunacy of the Christian Right

Before we get down to it, let me first stress that this blog advocates Christianity as a part of Western identity. We believe that western civilization’s moral center lies in Christianity and that is why we are as exasperated by Christian bashing in the media as we are with the antics of the Christian right. The Christian right seems to suffer from cognitive dissonance and I am uncertain whether this is a result of duplicity or stupidity (or perhaps both). Kevin MacDonald rightly pointed out that Christian Zionism (The dominant ideology of the Christian right) is the greatest force of Philo-semitism in the US (and Canada too I’d imagine). Jews and Israel play a central role in their demented apocalyptic delusions and their philo-semitism is not only bizarre, but also self defeating. Why would the CR pedestalize a people whose elites are actively subverting the values that the CR has supposedly sworn to defend? The CR is opposed to Pornography, Same sex marriages, Stem cell research, and abortion; whereas North American Jewry is actively committed to taking the opposite stand on all the above issues. It’s common knowledge that Jews were (and still are) actively involved in the production and distribution of pornography over the last 5 decades. However their involvement in smut peddling also predates the second world war. According to Nathan Abrams of the Jewish Quarterly:

 “Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography. Many erotica dealers in the book trade between 1890 and 1940 were immigrant Jews of German origin. According to Jay A. Gertzman, author of Bookleggers and Smuthounds:The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999), ‘Jews were prominent in the distribution of gallantiana [fiction on erotic themes and books of dirty jokes and ballads], avant-garde sexually explicit novels, sex pulps, sexology, and flagitious materials…

Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement which forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish. Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.’

What about Jewry’s position on Homosexuality? From Haaretz:

 “Most Jewish communal leaders celebrated the landmark Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. The Jewish community, with 81% of support for gay marriage according to public opinion polls, is the constituency most supportive of marriage equality, second only to the LGBT community in its backing of the rights of gays and lesbians to marry.

“We believe that this is one of the necessary steps to ensure that the human rights of people of all sexual orientations are respected everywhere in the world,” said Ruth Messinger, president of the American Jewish World Service in a statement. AJWS is one of the world’s largest funders of LGBT rights across the world.

What about abortion?

We know that we can thank the Jews for feminism as Friedan and Steinem are both Jewish, while one of the instrumental figures in third wave feminism is the Jewess Naomi Wolf. I don’t think feminism is a “Jewish movement” but sadly it was conceived by Jewish individuals who, intentionally or otherwise, used it as means to subvert Western civilization. We’ve written about how Feminism has wrecked North American societies by broadening the tax base, plummeting wages, and destroying the middle class, both economically and socio/culturally.

Jewry has also played an instrumental role in displacing the Lord’s prayer from public schools. Here in Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress had launched a full scale assault on the Prayer. Interestingly, Ezra Levant (of all people) had this to say:

The CJC is pressuring the Ontario government to ban Christian prayer at Queen’s Park and town councils, and they applauded when Saskatchewan banned prayers in tax-funded schools, too.

This would be an appropriate campaign for the Canadian Atheist Congress, if such a group exists. But the CJC is supposed to be lobbying for Ontario to support prayer-based Jewish day schools.

The CJC has to make a decision: If it is for tax-funded prayer in Jewish day schools, how can it be against Christian prayer in tax-funded public facilities?

To be sure, there are morally upright Jews who speak out against the CJC’s crusade against Christ; Rabbi Dow Marmur immediately comes to mind, among several others. Unfortunately, organized Jewry controls the rudder of the ship and moderate Jews seem unable to wrest it away from them. I can surely sympathize with the powerlessness they must feel as a minority hijacks their identity and interests.

So why has the Christian right planted its collective face so far into Jewry’s rear that they ignore the above? Duplicity? Stupidity? Your guess is as good as mine.

One other feature of the Christian Right that I wish to address is their unconditional support for Israel. What makes their support for Israel so horrifying is that it isn’t based on rational or moral grounds, but rather, a literal interpretation of the Old Testament. Since Jewish exclusivism isn’t a universally shared sentiment and hence cannot be justified on rational grounds, it stands to reason that Israeli atrocities and land theft can only be defended military grounds via US support. When one debates Israel with a Christian Zionist, one is not debating morality, but factual beliefs. The CR’s position on Israel doesn’t stand on moral ground, but rather on factual beliefs, namely that the Jews have a God given right to the land. Since this ‘factual’ belief isn’t accessible to everyone, it essentially means that the CR is arguing for a “might makes right” stance in favour of Israel.

It is my view that the CR serves as gatekeeper for the right in the same manner as Chomsky and his ilk serve as gatekeepers for the left. Just as Chomsky leads left wing idealists down a dead end by artfully evading any criticism of Jewry, so too does the CR, leading religious conservative idealists down a dead end by avoiding any scrutiny of Jewry’s subversive activities.

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36 Responses to The lunacy of the Christian Right

  1. WmarkW says:

    I’m an atheist, so I interpret the role of Christianity in shaping Western Civ differently than you do, but watching the CR is one of my politically formative experiences. I totally agree that belief in Armageddon among Christian conservatives is THE great under-reported issue among liberal secular commentators (probably because of the influence of Jews within secularism), although Sam Harris has sometimes discussed it. BTW, belief that the world will end within 50 years (through supernatural means) is more common among Democrats than Republicans, because it’s widely believed among blacks and Hispanics.

    IMO, the role of pornography in causing cultural decline is highly exaggerated. Free societies like Japan have it, and repressive ones like Islam and Communism don’t/didn’t. Generally, sex is the great multiplier of the influence HBD has on a people. College students and Yuppies handle a liberal sex life just fine, because they can keep it in its place and practice sensible disease and birth control. It’s the low-IQ populations whose STD and unintended pregnancy rates have been a disaster.

    • Dota says:

      IMO, the role of pornography in causing cultural decline is highly exaggerated.

      That’s not the point Mark. They worship a people that actively subvert the values that they have sworn to defend. It’s madness.

      • WmarkW says:

        OK, you’re giving an example of the CR’s inconsistency between their position on Israel vs. the actions of Jews.

        Pro-whites, though, shouldn’t get involved in anti-porn, because the next step is people claiming that racist websites degrade society.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        Porn is a much-beloved “American value”. Many Americans even engage in one of the world’s most disgusting practices – drinking semen, as part of their sexual repetoire, whih they learned from their much beloved porn.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      You know, if Jews didn’t form coalitions and aggressively dominate the media, multiple billion-dollar industries, etc, then I would consider Jews to be the most model White citizens.

  2. Eren Jäger says:

    You know, abortion has some ethical background if the fetus is aborted before it can feel pain, or if a painless method is used to abort, or even if a quick death occurs. So I would say that abortion is ethical IMO, since there is minimal or no suffering on the fetus’ part.

    All humans, regardless of genetic superiority or inferiority, all humans of all races deserve basic human rights. Even if Blacks are more primitive than Whites, they should still be treated humanely. This is one of the biggest faults of India, with caste and what not. Even as a WN, I oppose slavery and the Holocaust’s methods. The Christian Right is being hypocritical, when their religion tells them to revere human life, and Israel is abusing and has abused Palestinians, and the fact that Israel was land of Palestine until the Israeli invasion of Palestine, and took over the land. This was insanely immoral and Israelis need to open their borders to Palestine. Only compensation and solution.

    • Xera says:

      Weren’t the upper and middle castes Central Asian Caucasian invaders from Central Asia? I’ve heard numerous times that they are related to Russians, Eurasians, and Europeans, and minorly admixed with West Asians.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        I guess the Aryan invaders who brought Sanskrit to India was related to Persians and Central Asians, mainly people of the Caucasus, around Pakistan, the Western part of Russia, maybe related to the Scythians and the Celts, who immigrated to Ireland and Britain from Central Asia. Possibly the R1a clade originated around there, and its ultimate progenitor Haplogroup F was around Central Asia, so yes, the Aryan invaders were Central Asians. They could have relations to the Kalash, since the Kalash separated from the rest of the Caucasian race 35,000 YBP, but there is still a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes in the Kalash. The Chinese Tocharians may have been related to the Central Asians, and diverged from Celts, and so the Uighurs are half Central Asian? All of these lines ultimately trace back to Scandinavia, which explains the high frequencies of light hair and eyes in Central Asia.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        And now some Hindutva lunatics are claiming that there was no Aryan Invasion; that Aryans are albino Dravidians. They even go as far as to say that R1a originated in India, and that Western Europeans and Indo-European languages come from India! What fucking riDICKculousness! And Afrocentrists support this theory, so rest assured it is nonsesne, like Black Egypt or Black Greece.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        Eren, “And Afrocentrists support this theory, so rest assured it is nonsesne, like Black Egypt or Black Greece.”

        You would be wrong about that. Afro-centrists support AIT. They claim “the white man” invaded India, pushing “native Dravidians” south. Those “native Dravidians” are now ALL “Dalits” and Dalits originated in Africa. So now Dalits of India and “Black Africans” everywhere, should unite against “the white man” and his derivatives, such as all the other non-dalit Indians.

        Seriously, they are claiming this.

        Years ago there was a website or some such thing, that proposed to break India up into many “stans”. Whole of South India would be “Dalitistan” and united with Black Africans everywhere. The rest of India would be other various “stans”. And get this, the part of India that is world renown for joyful Krishna Bhakti would nevertheless but “Mughalistan”. LOL!

        Appearantly there is some “professor” in some Indian university somewhere who is pimping this “Dalit-Black African consciousness” theory in conjunction with some “African Studies” professor in the US.

      • But AIT is still true, regardless of what Negrocentrists support or don’t support. How did Sanskrit get into India without AIT? How did R1a1a get into India without AIT? Why was the Indus Valley Civilization fucked? Why is there caste? AIT is true and true. Every mainstream scientist supports this. Only Hindus deny this. Okay, tell you what. If Indians completely OUTLAW caste and make any practitioners liable before justice, then I will let y’all say whatever the F@#k you want about AIT.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        Wolfgang, I don’t see how it matters how Sanskrit got into India, whether it is indigenous to it or not? What difference does it make? Why all the hullabaloo?

      • Because Sanskrit came with the Aryans, before that only Proto-Dravidian languages were spoken in India. But if you cruel upper-caste overlords quit abusing Dalits, then you guys can say anything about AIT you want. Also, R1a1a does not just pop up out of nowhere. Aryans brought it with them.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        “Because Sanskrit came with the Aryans”

        Again, so what?

        ” Also, R1a1a does not just pop up out of nowhere. Aryans brought it with them.”


        For us lovers of Sanskrit it matters not how it evolved, we are just glad it did. One’s time would be better spent learning the language and engaging with its depth and beauty.

      • So Aryan Invasion is true. As for me, English is more beautiful than Sanskrit. And I bet my left nut you are a high caste.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        Um, okaaaay. Whateva ya say brah.

      • This Xera is a distraction of Batterytrain (Xera) to let us stop thinking the 2 are the same, but i am pretty sure Batterytrain (Xera) and this Xera IP address match and are the same : P

  3. Eren Jäger says:

    I am an atheist but I prefer that most Americans are Christian paleoconservatives.

  4. mixedraced says:

    I was attacked by christian zionists three times; the first because i ignored two on a bus going towards a college i attended. Before these encounters i had no idea Christian Zionist’s could even exist.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      These Zionist aren’t true Christians; Jesus even called the Jews of his day “children of Satan” (although these are Sephardic Jews; 90% of Askenazi Jews only have 30% Sephardic ancestry and the remaining 70% is a mixture of Western European and a touch of Khazar).

  5. Movenon says:

    I’ve known tons of American Christian fundamentalists, and most if not all of them are super pro-Israel, think Palestinians should be exterminated one way or another to protect “God’s chosen people,” identify with Jews (a lot of white rightwing Christians have even mentioned that they hoped to discover some Jewish heritage somewhere deep in their family tree) and are convinced that there is an “Atheist Conspiracy” to eliminate Christianity from the public sphere, through banning of prayer in schools, banning of “Merry Christmas” in favor of “Happy Holidays” or whatever. These folks really are unaware that it’s Jewish lobbying that’s the main perpatrator, and even if you calmly point out actual historical records of the incidences of Jews fighting against prayer in schools or whatever their first reaction is to attack you as an evil Nazi Jew-hater.

    It’s really hopeless with these folks, not even worth trying.

    • Dota says:

      It’s hard to sympathize with a people that are complicit in their own demise, but we can’t stop trying to educate them. That’s the purpose of this website ultimately.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        The purpose of this site is to educate the Christian Right?

        The government shouldn’t be involved at all in who marries who. A few gay people getting married won’t make a difference in the hetero world. Besides, I think in the US that more gay people want to marry than do heteros. American heteros are ok with just living together (or not).

      • Dota says:

        Most gays do not want to marry. Besides, it’s ridiculous that we must invert the institution of marriage for 1% of the population. Gay marriage is wrong, it makes no sense whatsoever, and not even the Greeks and Romans, who were otherwise tolerant of homosexuality, practiced gay marriage.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        “Besides, it’s ridiculous that we must invert the institution of marriage for 1% of the population.”

        Marriage institution is not “inverted” by a few gays marrying.

        As far as “educating” the Christian Right, well, they are a dying breed. As it appears regular Christians also are in the States. More Americans identify as “spiritual but not religious” than they do as “Christian”.

        I don’t think we Americans have anything to fear about religious zealots taking control of our national narrative. Not even if hordes of Catholic Latinos immigrate here. Though there might be an argument that the US could possibly become a satellite state for the Roman Papacy, I really can’t foresee that happening.

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  7. Priyamvada Jain says:

    “we are as exasperated by Christian bashing in the media”

    I don’t follow mainstream media much at all, but could you provide a few examples of this “Christian bashing”?


  8. Priyamvada Jain says:

    Jews and Christians share the Old Testament, so there is a major commonality right there.

    Moreover, mainstream Jews and mainstream Christians in the USA do not differ at all in culture.

    Many Jews and Christians intermarry. I know several who have and some combos have resulted in Messianic Jews, Jews for Jesus, and a Judaized Christianity.

    If you accept the myth at face value, Jesus was a Jew. Many of today’s Christians are interested in learning about the culture that shaped this mythical figure and some are even learning Hebrew and Aramaic and visiting synagogues to gain a deeper cultural understanding.

    Some Christian churches are incorporating Jewish rituals into their repetoire.

    Jewish conspiracy hysterics aside, most ordinary Jews are just that – ordinary, and they do not have wealth, power or fame to yield over the masses. Like you and me, they are regular folk trying to get by and support their families.

    • Dota says:

      Actually Jewish and Christian values are poles apart in everything from morality, conceptions of beauty, spirituality, and worldviews. Just because they share a common scripture doesn’t mean they also share a common worldview.

      Furthermore this idiotic trend in philosemitism is purely an anglo protestant thing. You don’t see Indian, Chinese, Latin American, African, and Arab Christians falling over themselves to fawn over the Jews. This peculiar insanity is endemic to the anglosphere

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        What do you have against Jews?

      • Dota says:

        I think the above article makes that perfectly clear.

      • Priyamvada Jain says:

        “Actually Jewish and Christian values are poles apart in everything from morality, conceptions of beauty, spirituality, and worldviews. ”

        Absolutely false. Jewish culture IS American culture.

        Most of the Christmas carols and holiday jingles that Americans grew up with? Written by Jews.

        Much of iour music, ranging from country to blues to rock to pop? Written and composed by Jews.

        Our movies, TV shows, and the theme music associated with them that stirs childhood memories in us all? Again, mostly created by Jews.

        Jewish American culture is mainstream American culture.

      • Dota says:

        If you can’t tell the difference between heritage and popular culture then you should leave this discussion to the grown ups.

  9. Priyamvada Jain says:

    Like I said, the vast majority of Jews are regular folk with no influence trying to get by, like the rest of us. The influential Jews doing either positive or negative things, are doing so in conjunction with, and with the cooperation of non-Jews who are doing the same things.

    • Indian says:

      Wow, spoke like a typical I-am-an-Indian-so-I-know-everything. But wont do any research, would read articles published only by people who support my theory. Believe in whole lot of things but cannot explain (no explanation CAN be given is a different story)

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