Beer, Sports, and the Encroaching Police State: The Wages of American Neurosis

Longtime readers of Occident Invicta who have read my various commentaries pertaining to politics and social trends may be surprised, but I’m a very passionate sports fan. For most of my life, being a Bay Area sports fan was to languish in disappointment and frustration. The sudden setbacks, the inexcusable failures, and dreams unfulfilled characterized my childhood and late teens. However, I have been beyond blessed these past three years, with my favorite team the Giants (S.F’s baseball team, for you sports illiterates out there) winning two championships in that period of time. I even had the privilege (haha) of attending a World Series game with my father. Attending a sporting event, enjoying the thrill of the game and scenery, and bonding with either a father figure or friend is one of the most enriching experiences a young man can have.

Unfortunately, a father and son duo have learned the hard way that they must exercise great discretion when bonding, lest they run afoul of American stupidity and rigidity. A father and Arizona Cardinals’ season tickets holder, John Coulter, was ejected from the stadium for letting his fifteen-year-old son hold his beer while he tried to get a picture. Undercover stadium police promptly informed him that he had been guilty of serving alcohol to a minor, and even handed him a citation for trespassing. In fact, Coulter should consider himself lucky. Turns out his offense could have even resulted in a prison sentence.

While many are appalled, I can’t really say that I’m surprised. I have witnessed firsthand the ways in which American neurosis has crept into sports. For example, at Giants games, unless you have a ticket for the lower (ie. good) sections of the stadium, then you will not be permitted access. Even if the game is close to ending and even if the section is mostly deserted, you will be rudely denied access by a grumpy usher. Of course, it’s fine to take a seat that doesn’t belong to you in the upper sections, so long as it isn’t occupied.

(as an aside, I’ve noticed that despite their reputations as bastions of inclusiveness, cities such as S.F. are as snobby and elitist as they come)

However, some may attribute that to class bias and exclusion rather than any safety obsession. Don’t be mistaken though, such an obsession certainly exists. Before every Giants game, the stadium’s PA issues a statement telling us to help foster a “safe” environment and be respectful of those around us, and that “use of abusive language will result in ejection from the ballpark.” Now, anyone who has watched a game with a group of guys, especially in a sports bar, can tell you that foul language, yelling, and raw passion are laws of the land. Yet in the name of “safety” and rules, this passion is being neutered. While I love Giants games, I must say that their fans are incredibly devoid of competitive intensity. I’ve noticed similar tendencies in other parks.

I’ll give longtime Occident Invicta readers three guesses as to why such policies exist… Still having trouble? Well, as a hint, I’ll relay an anecdote. When I was a young boy, I attended a Giants game, and like most passionate sports fans, energetically booed the opposing team. This inspired a middle-aged woman sitting next to me to admonish me for being “mean,” saying that we should root for both teams.

This all stands in stark contrast to most countries in the world, including European countries. When I was a teenager traveling in Germany, I could order two pints of beer and nobody batted an eye. In this country, merely letting your son hold your beer can result in charges. In the U.S, passionate and intense displays of emotion and language are being destroyed in the name of sensitivity and safety. In Europe, despite recent crackdowns, football hooliganism would put all these castrated fans to shame.

So why are Americans so damn neurotic and rigid nowadays? Are the baby boomers to blame? Can the increasingly feminized nature of our society account for it? Are this country’s Puritan roots the culprit?

Interested in hearing peoples’ thoughts.

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One Response to Beer, Sports, and the Encroaching Police State: The Wages of American Neurosis

  1. Andalusian Renaissance says:

    I think the reason why Americans are so uptight compared to Europeans, is because of America’s puritanical values.

    America was probably the only western country to have prohibited alcoholic drinks back in the 1920s, so American society has always been really conservative.

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