Conservatism Without the Carnage: A Traditional Conservative Manifesto

As long time readers of Occident Invicta are no doubt aware, we subscribe to traditional conservatism, and thus do not hold most liberal ideals in high esteem. However, there are many aspects of traditional conservatism that most people neglect, especially as they pertain to economics, imperialism, and anti-war sentiment. I figured that now would be the time to elaborate on what we mean by “traditional conservative.”

When the average person thinks of a “conservative” today, he envisions a parochial, anti-taxation, Israel worshipping jingoist who wants to bomb every Muslim country into oblivion. If he’s a young millennial such as myself, he associates conservatism with the costly imperialism and hubris that characterized George Bush Jr’s administration.

Throughout my own life, I was trapped within a binary. On the one hand, there were the fruity, self-flagellating, guilt mongering liberals. On the right side of the aisle, the conservative scene was pervaded by religious nuttery, war mongering neocons, and corporate lackeys. I could never conceive that there were pro-white, cultural conservatives who also denounced imperialism and corporate avarice. For the longest time, the fact that there were alternatives to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter eluded me.

Courtesy of the internet, I finally discovered these alternatives. For a period of time, I enjoyed perusing the old articles of the late Sam Francis. A staunch paleoconservative (another way of saying traditional conservative), Francis lambasted multiculturalism, unfettered immigration, as well as assaults on the West’s identity. Yet he also attacked corporations for their greed and lack of loyalty, and connected the tragedy of 9/11 to U.S. imperialism in terms that would make Obama’s former reverend Jeremiah Wright proud. Other prominent traditional conservatives include Pat Buchanan, who has cited outsourcing as one of the reasons for the demise of the Republican Party. He has also spoken out against the saber rattling against Iran. Additional traditional conservatives include Kevin MacDonald, Stephen Sniegoski, as well as many others.

Having described what traditional conservatism looks like, I will now present our manifesto:

  1. We believe in significantly curtailing non-white, non-Western immigration. However, we also believe that the various non-white nations of the world should enjoy full sovereignty and self-determination, free of predatory neoliberalism and U.S. invasions.
  2. We look at Marxism and Communism askance, and believe in Western Capitalism. However, we support traditional Capitalism, as envisioned by Adam Smith. We do not support tax breaks for the wealthy, outsourcing, or other manifestations of greed. We recognize that a vibrant middle class is a fundamental prerequisite of a healthy society, and decry soaring income inequality.
  3. Unlike cowardly mainstream conservatives, we unapologetically endorse the white identity of the West. However, we also believe in de jure equality under the law (with a few modifications for immigration policy) and reject blatant racism (which, as Dota has pointed out, is distinguishable from a healthy xenophobia).
  4. We believe in patriarchy, as it has produced and sustained the greatest civilizations in the history of mankind. However, we believe in a benevolent, reciprocal patriarchy, and we frown upon the blatant violence and mistreatment visited upon women in various parts of the world.
  5. Even though we are critical of the increasing degradation of Western society and believe that its denizens must be held to higher standards, we are simultaneously critical of the growing erosion of civil liberties, as exemplified by the Edward Snowden affair.

In so many words, we are pro-white, pro-Western, and pro-male. However, contrary to the claims of our enemies, this does not mean that we want to slaughter or forcibly expel non-whites, relegate women to the sole role of baby machines, or restore archaic monarchies. We seek to conserve the positive elements of Western civilization, while simultaneously extirpating the pernicious trends that have been undermining the West over the past few decades.

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135 Responses to Conservatism Without the Carnage: A Traditional Conservative Manifesto

  1. Eren Jäger says:

    I definetly hate feminists and snotty bitchy females, although I am an absolute supporter of equal rights for the genders, and I do support a type of affirmative action for women to help close the various pay gaps, if they do exist. I do not like our current sexual-harrassment laws one bit, I believe a healthy SH law should define sexual harassment as repetitive and aggressive sexual attempts or signals made to a female who does not consent to such actions. That is more or less the current definition, but the way the laws are enforced makes you think otherwise. This year in social-studies during class, we were learning about females in combat, and some kid named Richie raises his hand and tells the teacher that women are on average physically inadequate for combat, and allowing them in combat would reduce our recruiting standards or lower it. This led to a storm of protest by chatty female students, and our teacher sent Richie; a 12 year old kid to the office for “disrupting the educational environment”.

    As far as affirmative action for Blacks and quotas for Hispanics, as well as making Spanish a required course in middle school, NO, NO, NO! There are very few benfits of mass immigration, divershitty, or the rapidly proliferating Black population, and these are overwhelmingly outweighed by the disadvantages. Whether people want to admit it or not, there are physiological and neurochemichal differences between the races which make them less compatible with White society than the average Whitey. An example would be the elevated amounts of active testosterone levels in young Black males. Young Black males have about 20% more testosterone than a White guy the same age, and this is partly due to their high incidence of Haplogroup E1b. Haplogroup E1b is most frequently found in Black Africans of Bantu ancestry. Its members have the highest Testosterone and prostate cancer rates in the world, and are the most likely to commit violent crimes. E1b is occasionally found in Whites as well. Western European Whites normally have R1a and R1b, but Western Whites with E1b have 10-15% more testosterone on average than R1a and R1b Whites, and 14-17 times more likely to commit a violent crime. This is just ONE example among many others.

    I do not believe in unfair taxing of the rich, and my family is mildly wealthy itself, we have our own problems as well, believe me. Robert Lindsay once referred to the wealthy as his “class enemies”, but a neurotic journalist such as him and a wealthy Anglo rich guy actually have a lot more in common than he realizes. I do not believe in Trickle-Down economics, but I believe in slight empowerment of both rich and poor, and great empowerment of the middle class. The poor should be empowered enough to easily find their way out of poverty with reasonable amounts of effort, the rich should not be unfairly targeted for economic laws, and the middle-class should be empowered enough to spend money at a continous steady rate, yet avoid disrupting the rate or flow and causing a cycle of inflation and debt to begin.

    I lastly want to state that I do believe in a homeland for all races. I even believe in reparations to Native Americans and Mexicans who can prove 65% or more indigenous heritage. This means I believe that Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa, as well as the United States of America, should be a majority-White place which restricts mass non-White immigration and forced diversity programs. Thank you BAG and Dota for bearing with me through this outrageously long-arse collage of opinions.

  2. mixedraced says:

    There weren’t that many states since ancient history until recently that was governed by females, so of course the greatest were ruled by males. If you can name at least one civilization that collasped because of female dominance or one ancient super-state ruled by more than five females tell me. Queen Elizabeth is an example of a great leader and Margeret Thatcher (Bitch) also achieved a lot.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Yep, a few females in positions of power can’t do much harm. I love Queen Elizabeth, and I know that even amongst females, there are individual exceptions.

      I definetly believe in equal opportunities for females, although this can get dangerous at times, especially during a female’s choice of mates. However, in order to gain something, you must first give something up.

  3. Eren Jäger says:

    Mixed people, Black people, etc. can remain in America. I believe that the majority of Americans should be White Anglo-Saxons, and that we should restrict non-White immigration to a few people.

    There are lots of mixed race states globally. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and some other Central or South Asian states are Mongoloid Caucasoid mixes, some are 70-30, 40-60, or even close to 50-50. Madagascar is a Mongoloid-Negroid admixture, and most of the Latin Americans are Amerindian and White admixtures. The Ancient Nubians were mulattoes, and the Huns of Attilas time were hapas.

  4. RunswithScissors says:

    You’re a very articulate and thoughtful writer, BaG.

    • Dota says:

      I taught him everything he knows!

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        People are trying to claim credit for me. I’ll take it as a compliment, haha.

      • Batterytrain says:

        Hey guys!!

        Can you guys create a separate thread about the “Muslim discussion” that you guys were having on Robert’s blog? I have a theory about some of the stuff that went on when the Islamic influence penetrated and gradually took over foreign societies and essentially changed their social nexus and mirage on how they view the world. I also have another separate theory about why there is so much SSA slave admixture in Arabic countries and host countries that were affected by their slave activities, despite the fact that these Semites had a tendency of castrating all SSA African slaves that they hosted en masse.

        Bashing this religion is nothing but beating a dead horse, I understand that, but there still needs to be discussion about it because it is the sole problem behind a lot of things that are happening. I have a pretty low opinion of it myself and I know that is nothing unoriginal but I have my specific logical reasons as to why I do which is based on real observations, research, experiences and science that I’ve come across.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        There is definetly a good amount of Negroid admixture in Arabs, mostly from the Arab slave owners impregnating thier slaves. There may be 6-14% SSA Mitochondrial DNA in Arab nations, depending on the region. There is about 0.3% Y-DNA admixture, so the Arabs managed to do what we were too humanitarian to.

        Islam in theory should be a fairly good religion, what with the Five Pillars of Islam, emphasis on sexual fidelity, charity, racial equality, etc. In fact, Muhammed originally revolutionized the field of equal rights for women in the Middle East. All this veil-wearing shit was imposed upon Muslims by radicalists such as Taliban and Al Qaeda. However, I will say, Muhammed did marry a 6 year old girl, and took her virginity at the age of 9. Fucking paedophile, this Muhammed fellow was.

      • Alice says:

        I am a proud White woman and i really think Caucasian race have the most talent, i think even the poorest Caucasian countries have the potential to be better tan all the blacks countries and most Mongoloid countries, the problem is they lack democracy to develop, countries such as Yemen or Pakistan; the only Caucasian country which is free democratic yet poor is Bangladesh, just one country: however there are a lot of free and democratic mongoloid and black countries yet they are poor, like Zambia, Botswana, Namibia ,South Africa, Tanzania, Niger ,Benin , Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone ,Lesotho and Malawi, they are proof that Blacks even in the best conditions can’t develop much; with Mongoloids we have Guatemala ,Belize, El salvador, Bolivia and Paraguay, which prove how Amerindians are also a race without talent, and Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are backwards too, they prove the only Mongoloids with talent are Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Bottom line ,i think a democratic Pakistan, Yemen or Morocco could be better than the current Guatemala, South Africa or Indonesia.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yep, you are right about that. Caucasian.countries are fairly stable, but some of the Proto-Caucasiods such as some Arabs, Indians, and Berberid/Mozabites tend to be a little rough and bloodthirsty. White Europeans and Northeast Neo-Asians have been the most relatively stable thus far, with the civilizations of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Carthraginians, British, French, Norweigians, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, and Americans. Proto-Mongoloids such as Aborigines, Ainu, Amerindians, and Negritos lack talent, and most Proto-Negroids such as Bushmen and Pygmies do as well. Some Bantus actually built some good civilizations; Congo, Zulu, Ashanti, etc. However, these same Bantus are high-Testosterone and crime-ridden. All in all, a White civilization is the most stable one. However, I do believe in White Man’s Burden-and I do believe we should help SE Asians, Amerindians, Arabids and Berberids, Indians, African Negroids, and other Proto-Caucasoid, Proto-Mongoloid, or Proto and Neo Sub Saharan Negroids develop civilizations. However, I still believe in heavy non-White mass imnigration restriction.

      • Alice says:

        But apparently Caucasians such as Pakistanis, Indians, Yemenis or Moroccans are pretty close to us, they aren’t just proto-caucasoids, how come siblings that are so close to us ,are so poor ? i did read Robert Lindsay’s blog and he said that all Caucasians are genetically one group, despite little physical differences, he said that in fact the Mongoloid subgroups are more distant between each other, the highly advanced East Asians are farther from the poor Amerindians than the Europeans are to Arabs or Indians (according to him) my only explanation is the lack of Democracy in those developing Caucasian countries, because even they shine more in some fields than developing Mongoloid or Negroid countries, Pakistan being such a poor country, have at least one of the best fashion industries of the world, the Arabs of Yemen, poor and all, still build the beautiful city of Sanaa, with more advanced architecture than the Mexican or Peruvian Amerindians, if they had a democratic goverment ,i am pretty sure they would be more advanced than Guatemala or Philippines or Ghana, which are already democratic.

      • Alice says:

        Link here:
        The races are the same as above:

        NE Asians
        Arctic NE Asians
        New Guinea/Australian
        SE Asian
        Pacific Islander

        except that NE Asians and Arctic NE Asians are separted (possibly a valid choice) and SE Asians and Pacific Islanders are separated (a similarly valid choice). Europeans and non-European Caucasians are subsumed into a single race because the differences between them are slight.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yeah Alice, Mongoloids are more genetically diverse than Caucasoids, but Arabids are Proto-Caucasoids. The White Europoids transitioned from Arabid types 22,000 YBP, and the Arabids transitioned from Berberids 45,000 YBP, making North African Berbers also Proto-Caucasoid. Arabs are at the very least Proto-Europoids, since European Whites were Arabid in both phenotype and genetic marker/DNP similarities 22,000 YBP. Arabs, Berbers, Dravidian Indians, each have a 80-84 IQ range, and not as capable as European Caucasoids. However, I will give credit to Berbers for Moors and Hyskosian Egypt, and to Arabs for Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Arabia, etc. The Persians and Afghans are an intirely different group from Arabs. Persians are similar to Italians and Dutch genetically, although that seems strange. Remember that there is more genetic diversity in China than in Europe, and two Mbuti Pygmies have more genetic diversity than Caucasoids and Mongoloids put together. Two San Bushmen have more diversity than all OOA groups times 2. 93% of all genetic diversity is in Sub-Saharan Africans, yet we consistently see poor academic performance in Blacks, so genetic diversity should not be such a big factor here. Genetic distance is the biggest factor, since NE Asians are greatly capable while Amerindians and SE Asians are not, Europoids are greatly capable while Arabids and Berberids are not, but there are definetly Arab success stories like U.A.E.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Also, Alice, Robert Lindsay is pretty knowledgable on race, but he does make mistakes, such as misreading genetic maps and claiming NE Asians are closer to Caucasians than to SE Asians, that Koreans and Jews are straddling the Caucasoid-Mongoloid barrier, etc. He is accurate, but not always, and is not the best source for race information. Dienekes and RaceHist, and even Wikipedia are reliable sources of race information, especially on genes and such. No matter what, do not trust any NE Asian or Hindu Indian website on genetic distance/race anthropology, since they are notorious for manipulating studies for their own political agendas.

  5. mixedraced says:

    Administrators (Dota, BAG) do you know were Alice is commenting from.

    • Dota says:

      From Mexico City. She is where she says she is right now.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Alice, Sandy, Naruto, Ale, are all the same people. Alice is an Asian immigrant to Mexico City who is butthurt about not being able to get laid, so he has to cry racism and support Asian males. Sandy, Naruto, and Ale all showed the same support of Asians and claimed to be living in Mexico. Same person; worst troll/morpher ever. Even Robert Lindsay said that they were the same people by checking the IP Address.

      • Alice says:

        What ? now you are trolling me because i called you a Mulatto, i called you mulatto because i do have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, anyways i don’t have much time for this, and yes, i am in my Spring break in Mexico, in some days i will go to Cancun, i a sucessful career feminist woman and proud of it.

  6. mixedraced says:

    Indonesia is a country of many ethnic groups and religions, but so is Nigeria. Indonesia however is much more stable despite the greater capacity for Nigeria to be more so with tons of natural resources and good colonial political infrastructure given to them post-independence.

  7. mixedraced says:

    Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia; these countries are rapidly progressing and some of them are already highly capable.

    • Alice says:

      The only Southeast Asian country with respectable per capita is Malaysia, and Chinese are an important minority there, they control the country, so i am pretty sure they are the reason of the relative Malaysia’s sucess, not the Malays.

      • mixedraced says:

        Do you even know the GDP per capita of Thailand? Remember that Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were embargoed for decades, but now look at their impressive rates after the end of their embargo. Also Indonesia, Mongolia and the Phillipines only recently transitioned to democracy in the 90’s yet have made much political and economic progress since then, much faster than many European states could achieve.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        The Khmer Kingdom of Cambodia and the Angkor ruins were pretty decent.

  8. mixedraced says:

    Also Thailand.

  9. mixedraced says:

    No Alice, ancient Amerindian infrastructure and buildings are more impressive, awesome and useful than ancient Arab infrastructure and buildings which were meant to do/be the same. Compare the CMV Amerindian pyramids with Arabian multi-storey mudbrick buildings.

    • Alice says:

      The pyramids are ugly, i prefer beautiful design, Sanaa is more beautiful than Chichen Itza, compare the Mexican Architecture with the Yemeni architecture.

      • Alice says:

        🙂 Pakistan at least has fashion, the Developing Mongoloid countries what have? i give credit to Philippines for Pacquiao (he apparently is Filipino, not of Chinese ancestry) but even Blacks can be good at sports, i am talking about intellect here.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Were those Aztec and Mayan pyramids actuslly built by Mongoloid Amerindians? No. There were both Negroid and Caucasoid skulls found in the Mesoamerican area, and the stone heads the Olmecs left behind show a Negroid shape. Blacks and Whites built the Mexican pyramids, and even Blacks have accomplished more groundbreaking innovations than Mongoloids. The only thing Mongoloids invented was gunpowder and the compass. The reason they perform well academically is due to sheer overwhelming effort, but genetically, both Blacks and Whites have better IQ genes than Mongoloids, and are capable of better innovation. Mongoloids are really a race that contributes nothing and runs on an industry of copying, lying, cheating, and various shanenigans. And yes, Proto-Caucasian art and architecture is more pleasing to the eye than modern Mongoloid Pokemon or Anime, and Mongoloid art is superficial, stale, uncreative, and unpleasant. Even Blacks make better art than Asians.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yeah, Arab, Persian, Indian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian art is much better IMO than Chinese, Japanese, or Native American art and architecture. Chinese temples and shrines are superficial and disgusting. Arab domes, shrines, and temples are solid, beautiful, and artistic. A Native American teepee is the epitome of Mongoloid art, while Whites and Blacks built pyramids, palaces, and megastructures. I as a White boy would rather have Blacks in America than Asians. If I could replace 10 million Asians with 20 million Blacks, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Asians contribute nothing. At least Blacks make good artists, muscicians, and entertainers, and have attractive women.

      • Alice says:

        Eren: that is your hierarchy of races, in my hierarchy of races, all Caucasians (except the poor Bangladesh) are first, i am convinced all Caucasians have the potential to be better than all Blacks and most Mongoloids, the problema is the poorest Caucasians lack democracy to develop their best potential, and then the second are East Asians.
        people like Amerindians, Blacks, Australoids, and Mongoloid Asians outside East Asia don’t have my respect.

      • Dota says:

        You guys pay way too much attention to race/genetics and almost none to culture.

        i am convinced all Caucasians have the potential to be better than all Blacks and most Mongoloids, the problema is the poorest Caucasians lack democracy to develop their best potential,

        Democracy is a western institution, grounded in western values. Values that are not shared by many cultures.Democracy is also not some magic pill that will solve problems like poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition ect… India’s democracy hasn’t done anything for the people. India is the arguably the most corrupt society on the planet.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        But Dota, everywhere you go globally, race-related behavior transcend culture. It is obvious that racial behavioral differences are mostly genetic and not too environmental-related.

      • Alice says:

        India = Caucasian + Democracy : success in theory. One exceptional factor here is the Caste System ,i blame the caste system (Which by the way is not only Hindu, is shared by Indian Muslims and Christians too) ,if they didn’t discriminate each other, they would success for sure. The only Caucasian country which is democratic yet is among the poorest (without exceptional factor) is Bangladesh. (unless Caste system were also common in Bangladesh).

      • Alice says:

        🙂 see, if only the Middle East were democratic. Democracy is a value that many non Western cultures have accepted sucessfully, like Japan, Mexico, Korea, Thailand or South Africa, there is no reason for the Middle East to no adopt it later.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yes, look at Dubai. The average IQ there is 87, but Dubai is better than Tokyo, Seoul, or any East Asian country. Caucasian+Democracy really does=success. As far as India goes, I am not sure about my opinion on caste. On one hand I support it since dark Australoid Dravidians are genetically close to Australoids and Mongoloids, so I support them being subject to light-skinned Caucasoids. On the other hand, slavery is wrong, and so is caste. So it all comes down to objectivity v/s humanitarianism. The only peoples that make good slaves are Mongoloids, they are already slaves. Look at how they mass produce our automobiles, clothing, electronics, and even Olympic medals. Mongoloids are a slave or servant race, and really, Mongoloids are innately subservient to Caucasoids. The only non-subservient Mongoloid group are Mongolians, and they have Caucasoid admixture, so that explains why. Negroids are more of a personal servant race, doing house work and such, and Mongoloids manufacture, and build our stuff. Negroids make good entertainers for Caucasoids, and Mongoloids make good indentured servants. The good thing about enslavement and subjugation of Mongoloids is; no one cares about them. We as Whites see millions of dollars being sent to feed starving children in Africa, the Appalachians, and we have the NAACP and such for Blacks. However, none of us give a rat’s ass about Mongoloids, so no aid goes to China or North Korea. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to invade and destroy their land and enslave Mongoloids, since no one will care. Blacks and Whites are united against Asians, so I am hoping to see Asian countries getting nuked sometime in the near future.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Also, Alice, the people of Bangladesh have some East Asian admixture from Mongol invasion, so that explains why they cannot produce a smooth civilization. The only way East Asians have ever been able to produce a civilization is by copying Whites. Even Blacks have produced civilizations on their own, but Asians, no.

      • Alice says:

        “Negroids make good entertainers for Caucasoids, and Mongoloids make good indentured servants.” My answer is a big no, Among Mongoloids and Negroids, Japan is the only Non-Caucasian country which have created successful TV shows, Japanese are better entertainers than all Negroids and most Mongoloids. Check this list, the Blacks haven’t created anything original for Tv shows.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yeah, but the Japanese have Ainu blood, so they don’t count. Blacks invented jazz, and all other Western music. They also entertain us with NBA, NFL, etc. Blacks make good comedians, and they have style and class. Black actors such as Denzel Washington or Will Smith are way better than Jackie Chan or Jet Li. Blacks are definetly superior to Mongoloids, and Blacks are good socializers and cool to hang out with. All Asian kids do on their free time is study, pray to Buddha, and play piano. Blacks smoke weed, cuss, get drunk, party, have sex, and have fun, which is more entertaining than taking your SAT’s in 6th grade, don’t you think? Blacks are just like Whites, with a bit of thug in them. Mongoloids are like Grey Aliens, except Grey Aliens are 10X more attractive than Mongoloids.

      • Alice says:

        I am sorry if my comment break your poor Mulatto heart, but Jazz is not popular anymore, and Jazz was created by Blacks using EUROPEAN HARMONY AND FORM, SAMBA is a mix of african and EUROPEAN music too, (with Polka for example) ,COUNTRY was created mostly by EUROPEANS, TANGO too, FORRO from Brazil, BOSSA NOVA 🙂 ,Rock was created with elements of COUNTRY too, you can see in this link of Robert Lindsay’s blog ,that most people don’t really care much about Blacks.

      • Alice says:

        I don’t really listen to any Black music to be honest, and i am proud America prefers a genre created mostly by Whites, LONG LIVE COUNTRY. see the link.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        White music is the best. Black music is the second best. Miles Davis is better than Psy. Also, Blacks have closer features to Caucasoids than Asians do. Blacks and Whites are narrow-headed, refined, and attractive.

      • Alice says:

        You are mental if you think Blacks are attractive, as i said before, i also think most Asians are ugly, however some of them are really attractive and my jaw drop to the most attractive Asians, however i have commented too much, i am a popular psychologist in my hospital ,and i don’t want my black patients to feel bad with me, i want their money too, so bye bye.

      • ale says:

        Alice, besides that, non European Caucasians have other factors that keep their countries low developed, the Arabs really aren’t as bright as Europeans, but because factors beyond their race, which is basically the same as European, my friend found a good reason, the Arabs in the Middle East have a really bad habit of marrying their first and second cousins. Many marry their first cousins in arranged marriages to this day. In the past, this was done to help conserve resources and contribute to the clan’s support and defense. Consanguinity (marriage between people that are blood relatives) has been practiced in the Middle East for over 100 generations, even before the introduction of Islam in the seventh century, and it is estimated that over 60 percent of Saudis marry first or second cousins, which is the highest in the world. However, the numbers are still staggering in Iraq (58 percent), Kuwait (55 percent), Jordan (50 percent) and the UAE (48 percent).

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Damn right Ale/Naruto, Arabs are definetly not the same prodigy that us Euro Whites; especially Nordics are, just because they are Caucasoid doesn’t mean Schidt. Gypsies and Indians are Cockasoids as well, but theydo not produce as much as the Nordic Euro White Man. The Major races don’t mean Schidt, minor races are more important. White pride.

      • ale says:

        Lol i am ale, Naruto is my friend and by the way he don’t like that nickname anymore, since he is not obsessed to Asians as he used to be; I think the point of this information is that Arabs would be smarter if they didn’t marry their cousins, India also would be richer if they didn’t practice caste and didn’t suffer malnutrition.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Hey ale, I am Coward from Bobby Lindsay’s blog. I know Naruto comments as Monkey D. Luffy on that blog now, I still read it from time to time. Also, I know you are Naruto ale, Robert already confirmed it a long time ago with a IP check. Anyways, welcome to this blog, I won’t be able to comment on Beyond Highbrow because Robert banned me for being a notorious WN Nordicist Neo-Nazi psychopath.

        As far as Arabs, not all of them marry their cousins, the practice is quite rare. However, this can lead to some genetic problems if cousin marriage leads to two defective recessive alleles coming together. Most “cousin-kissers” actually marry 2nd or 3rd cousins, which isn’t actually that bad at all. Few Arabs marry 1st cousins, which gives you a 2% increased chance of defective birth, so not that bad at all actually.

        As far as Indians, maybe high caste Indians such as Brahmins and possibly Kshatiryas could build a stable civilization, but I doubt Australoid Dalits could do the same. After all, Brahmins and high castes descend from Europoid Aryans, whilst the Dalits are predominantly Dravidians. They are Caucasoid-Australoid, more specifically called Veddoid or Vedda. Also, Dravidians are genetically close to Mongoloids. So caste is great for India, unlike what Robert and ILOR says, those two are not objective but rather bleeding-heart humanitarians and Liberals. It has a parallel to America, when slavery kept Black people from causing problems.

        The two main groups capable of building great civilizations are Europoid Caucasians and Sinodontic Mongoloids. Arabid and Berberid Caucasoids, Sunadontic Mongoloids, Australoids, and Negroids are not that talented. However, Horner Africans may have a shot at it. Amerindians as well. Ethiopia and the Aztec Empire for example.

      • ale says:

        We have the same ip, because i am not that deep into these topics, so i am only in the mood to comment in these blogs when i visit Luffy’s house : P , just clarifying that.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Whatever dudette. Anyways, Monkey D. Luffy is still an anime character, so why is Naruto going by that name if he is over his obsession? It is also awkward when you call him Luffy, since I was just watching One Piece. Oh yeah, both you and Naruto are welcome to come to my blog at and comment there. It is about Classical Music, but I may soon start writing about WNism, race anthropology, race genetics, and all that stuff. It is pretty much uncensored there, you can pretty much say “niggers are faggots” 20times in a row and I won’t ban you. I did recently ban someone for calling me a fag though.

      • ale says:

        Yeah, we have the same IP ,because the reason i give you, anyways i will go to a party with Luffy and other friends, but before leaving ,some information about this topic:
        In populations of North Africa, West Asia and South India, consanguineous marriages are culturally and socially favoured and constitute 20–50% of all marriages, with first cousins unions accounting for almost one-third of all marriages, Consanguineous marriages are also practised among emigrant communities from highly consanguineous countries and regions, such as Pakistan, Turkey, North Africa and Lebanon, now resident in Europe, North America and Australia.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yeah, but even 1st cousin marriage gives you a 2-3% increase in the chance that it will cause a disorder. 2-3% isn’t that much, and only when it comes down to brother-sister babymaking is there a 10% chance of developing a disorder. So cousin marriage isn’t really the danger it is made out to be. However, 1 out of every 10 brother-sister babies do have a genetic disorder, so that kind of incest definetly is dangerous and should not be practiced. But cousin marriage is ok and not that dangerous.

        Also, no way North Africa is cousin marriage style. Egyptians, Morrocans, Tunisians,and other Saharans do not fuck their cousins. Even the Islamic ones do not. If you are talking about 2nd or 3rd cousins, that really doesn’t count, since everybody in a isolated indigenous area is 2nd cousins up to a 10 mile diameter. Also, 3rd cousins are just as genetically distant from you as a random average Joe, and no way it can cause problems. Maybe a 4% chance; 1 out of 20. Same as your average Joe.

        Ale, you are aware that the OOA population practiced 3rd and 2nd cousin marriage 75% of the time for approximately 10,000 years before generating a sufficient population size to no longer do so? So obviously that didn’t prevent Caucasoids and Mongoloids from building better civilizations than Negroids. Cousin marriage is not dangerous at all.

      • Miki says:

        Mongoloids aren’t good musicians? Ranchero music is from Mexico, and most Mexicans are Mongoloid, like this Singer, Erasmo Catarino, some Ranchera music is good.

      • Alice says:

        Miki = North Mexico is more Caucasian while South Mexico is more Mongoloid, check this

        Mexico is an artificial country, is should Split in North Mexico, a country of whites with Western culture, and South Mexico, an Amerindian country of Indigenous culture, in the South Mexico Indigenous languages like Nahuatl and Mayan are more common too.

      • Alice says:

        Miki = in few time my vacations in Mexico will finish, and yeah, in South ,many many Mexicans look like Filipinos.

      • Alice says:

        Miki = but in North Mexico, people look more Arab or European, i think a división is the best for the Mongoloid Mexicans of the south, Mexico as a whole is dominated by the Caucasians, in the television or the industry, a South Mexico with only Ameirindians could’t help but portray Amerindian actors, even when Mexico as a whole is not more Caucasian, in the media they are overrepresented, when Caucasian phenotypes are only common in the north Mexico, not in all the country , this actor Rafael Amaya, looks European and he is from North Mexico, the more Caucasian half of Mexico.

      • Alice says:

        Lol we both are in Mexico city!! anyways i come back to say that RANCHERA music comes from MARIACHI ,and Mariachi was developed by Whites living in Mexico : P and was inspired by European genres such as Waltz or Polka , so the favorite music of Mexicans comes from Europe, and was developed in North Mexico, however to the credit of Mongoloids, one music genre made by them was ENKA from Japan.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Hey Alice whats up honeybuns?

        Also, did you see that shock video that recently went viral about that Mexican guy who pulled a random girl out of a taxi in Mexico City and dry humped the shit out of her?

      • Alice says:

        And Mexicans also love CUMBIA, but it was made by Blacks living in Colombia ,inspired in African music, so the Mexican Amerindians have aported nothing in music, their contributions are Mesoamerican pyramids and the roots of the Day of the Dead.

      • Alice says:

        No, iam spending my vacations in pools and clubs, and only check the computer for Facebook or Blogs. These days i am not paying much attention to other sites online.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Hi there.Alice do you ever listen to Classical Music sweetie?

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Summer vacation, huh? Damn, my vacation ended, I am starting the 8th grade, the schoolwork is easy but the social framework is making my OCD go haywire. I have no friends anyways, so I wore a Confederate shirt to school (not against the dress code) and threw some evil Whitey looks at some Black football players. I hate school so much, fuck my diverse school with a 30% Negroe population. All they talk about in the hallways is football, rumors, and sex. The White kids talk about their classes, music, video games, TV, friends, etc. I desperately want a Black kid to antagonize me so I can go Mighty Whitey on his ass. I worked out over the summer and I won’t get bullied by n!gg-rs anymore, I guarantee that. I practiced boxing on a 150 lb punching bag. First sorry Black kid who gives me a reason to is getting knocked the fuck out. These sorry coons were scared of my ancestors and they will be scared of me too. I used to get bullied by Blacks but this year is different. This year, I am the slave owner, the Conquistador, the lyncher, the vigilante. No subhuman Black Bigfoot is gonna mess with this White Knight of the Bright Light.

  10. Alice says:

    Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia have been democratic for a while yet they have been disappointing, who progressed more after the fall of communism once they got democracy? Hungary or Mongolia? Mongolia’s population is TINY, their poor per capita is even more embarrasing, you asked where i am commenting from, right now i am in my vacations in Mexico, later i will go back to United States.
    However failed Caucasian states like Pakistan or Yemen are not democratic, one wonders how they will perform if they were democratic, Pakistan at least is a leading fashion country already, Yemen still created Sanaa in their poverty, they are proof that even in poverty you can stand in something, however the Mongols ,Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians are not good in anything, the architecture of Thailand is beautiful, but was created by Chinese ,combining Chinese and Indian styles.

    • mixedraced says:

      Hungary is next to the EU and recieved billions in aid from that organization. A few years after its communist period ended it joined the EU. Mongolia on the other hand was in between two major powers, Russia and China, which had no interest in helping forward until recently. Anyway, Mongolia I would say has achieved more considering its traditionally a nomad-based country. Hungary is now in dire straits while Mongolia is thriving, and Mongolian culture is becoming internationally popular.

    • mixedraced says:

      Alice, have you heard of these countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Albania, Greece. They all suffer high debt, low economic growth, high rates of corruption, low productivity, low GDP, low GDP growth rates, poor governence, etc. Romania and Bulgaria are actually a part of the EU despite being clearly unqualified for membership. All the countries i listed are in Europe.

      Thailands architecture is original. Its a unique blend of Chinese, Indian and its own indigenous style that seperates itself totally from everything else.

    • Alice says:

      🙂 Axum ,even the shittiest European countries have higher Human Development Index than Mongolia, i am not saying Whites are perfect, but better, Mongolia is a 0.675 in HDI, and the Chinese were the ones who designed the Thai architecture, this temple was made by Chinese born in Thailand.

    • mixedraced says:

      Mongolias HDI increased to that level in less than two decades though. Its HDI is higher than the african average already. Much of Its infrastructure in all sectors has already progressed to modern level.

    • Alice says:

      I know psychology pretty well, “Its HDI is higher than the african average already” … when i said Mongolians are not better than Africans? we were comparing Asians with Europeans, you tried to confuse me, Mongolia is underperforming and an embarrasment. most of the poorest European countries have more people than Mongolia and still have more HDI.

    • mixedraced says:

      I wasn’t trying to confuse you, i was saying that within two decades after the end of communism its HDI is already higher than the average of Africa. Also, the Mongolian economy was largely based on nomadism until the late 90’s but has already transitioned very quickly into a thriving, growing industrial economy.

    • Alice says:

      Ok, in summary ,that means i am right and European economies are better than Mongolia : )

  11. Alice says:

    They are mostly Amerindian, for example Salvadorian genetic admixture consists in a 75% Amerindian, 15% European; Mexicans are mostly of Amerindian (55%) ancestry and have an amount of European admixture (41%). Peruvian genetic admixture consists in a 73% Amerindian, 15% European.

    • Alice says:

      Ecuadorian genetic admixture consists in a 64% Amerindian, 31% European; In Latin American the poorest countries are the most Amerindian like Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, etc ; However the most succesful countries are the most Caucasian;
      It is notable that many Tv series designed and written by Colombians sell outside their country well, as a prime export. Then other countries “nationalize” them by creating novelas based on the same story, barely changing names, settings and, more often than not, mixing the cast with Colombian actors to respect ownership/property agreements and copyright laws. One fine example is Betty, la fea (adapted in the USA as Ugly Betty) in which the franchise for the storyline was translated and adapted by over 30 networks around the world.
      Guess what? Colombian genetic admixture consists in a 45% European, 33% Amerindindian.
      Several youth telenovelas have become hits in other countries, where they have been remade or shown in their original Argentine versions. Some well known youth telenovelas are Chiquititas (“Little Angels”), Rebelde Way (“Rebel’s Way”), Floricienta, Muñeca Brava (“Brave Doll”) and Patito Feo (“Ugly Duckling”).
      Guess what? Argentina’s White Euro-descended population is at 83%, or even up to 86% of the total population. These percentages would rise up to 89% if the Non-European Caucasian groups (Jews and other Middle Easterners) are also counted.

  12. Eren Jäger says:

    Axum is not a mulatto, but an East Asian male who cannot get laid. A true mulatto would never support or praise chinks, especially with all the recent Chink racism and hate crimes against Blacks. Blacks and Whites can peacefully coexist within a society, but chinks and gooks are not compatible with us. Blacks may have high crime rates, but chinks are too pussy to even commit a crime. Axum, you are not a mulatto, I guarantee you that. Only an Asian supports other Asians. And those Mesoamerican pyramids were built by Negroid Olmecs and Caucasoid travelers were architects.

  13. mixedraced says:

    Those “caucasian” skulls are most likely jomon skulls. The two peoples are so similar they’re indistinct from each other. But I don’t think whites and blacks made it to the Americas in those ancient times.

    Mongoloid art is superior Eren. Their architecture, music, video games, clothes fashion, etc, have for a long time have been ahead of their time. You can’t deny that their video game music is good.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Jomon skulls are Australoid/Proto-Mongoloid, which looks different from Caucasoids. The Ainu and Kennewick Man were Polynesian/Australoid, and they only look Caucasoid superficially. The skulls are not mistaken for Caucasoid unless analyzed by an amateur anthropologist, which was the case with Kennewick Man.

  14. mixedraced says:

    Didn’t i tell you before that i’m anti-white and black. I live in a part of a country that is mostly white with some blacks. My mum is black, my dad is White. I don’t hate my parents but I don’t like their race. I’ve only seen a few East Asians.

  15. WmarkW says:

    Commenting on the original post, not subsequent discussion:

    I’m sort of a paleo-moderate. Both liberalism and conservatism played a useful role in creating the America that existed until about the early 1990s. It was said during that period that a conservative wants to preserve the American way of life, and a liberal wants to make it sure it’s available to everyone. That was the good liberalism of my youth (I’m about 50.) Today’s liberalism is less about making the America way of life available, than of faulting it (along with related entities like Western Civilization and the white race) for being better than the others, through false accusations of exploitation. Examples:

    The air today (and many waterways) is five times less polluted than when I was a kid, primarily because of environmental laws. But today’s liberalism is less about improving our ability to enjoy the environment, than claiming that our economic practices deprecates it for the world’s other peoples, and that we have to lower our standard of living to protect it for them.

    The most visible feminist issue of my youth was the Equal Rights Amendment or ERA, intended to eliminate sexist laws that existed in many places, like treating a wife’s inheritance from her husband differently than the other way around for tax purposes. OK, that was wrong. Today’s feminism looks at the gender wage gap, and claims that it shows barriers and discrimination throughout society, rather than representing differences in skills, career interests, and work/life balance preferences.

    I’m barely old enough to remember the real civil rights movement, which criminalized discrimination. Today’s civil rights claims that achievement disparities constitute proof of racism, without an actual act of discrimination being observed. And I think this summarizes a lot of the change in liberalism over the last generation. Until then, liberals observed a fault in the law, and wrong conduct it permitted, and sought to correct the legal shortcoming. Today’s liberals don’t need to observe a legal shortcoming; outcomes they don’t like constitute a problem with society that needs to be corrected through government intervention.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Today’s civil rights claims that achievement disparities constitute proof of racism, without an actual act of discrimination being observed.

      Ah yes, I believe it’s referred to as “disparate impact.”

      One interesting thing is that MLK was a major proponent of this “disparate impact” approach to social justice. He even once said something to the effect that if blacks were 30 percent of a city’s population, then they should hold 30 percent of all its skilled jobs.

      From what I’ve read, he also supported a guaranteed minimum income. Just goes to show you how retarded or disingenuous certain mainstream Republicans/conservatives are when they invoke MLK and claim that he would be a conservative if he were alive today.

  16. Eren Jäger says:

    That’s not innovation. That is Mongoloids improving upon Caucasoid inventions. Who invented robotics? Caucasoids. Who invented nuclear power, or even discovered the atom to begin with? Caucasoids. Who invented automobiles, video games, micro-biology, space travel, etc? Caucasoids. Who copies off of that and claims it as their own? Mongoloids. Even Negroids invented more than Mongoloids. Language, agriculture, bow& arrow, spears, stone tools, metalworking, clothing, etc. were invented by Negroids. Homo erectus and possibly Homo australiopithecus had fire. What did Mongoloids invent? Nothing at alk, except for kimchi and rice farming. So called “Chinese inventions” such as gunpowder, compasses, etc. were made by the Manchurians and other prominent Chinese with heavy White admixture. Even today many Manchurians have blonde hair or blue eyes, which they received from Tocharians near the Tarim Basin. Even Asian Martial Arts was invented by a blue-eyed Indian monk named Bodi Dharma, and Buddha was an Aryan from the upper-castes of India. Confucious’ father is described as a tall, hairy man (Caucasoid features, Mongoloids are short and have no body hair), and also pale white skin. The Japanese royalty and Samurai class were all Ainus and Jomons. Look at Emperor Meiji, Hirohito, etc, and also at the skulls of Samurai. Ainu/Jomon are Australoid, so even Australoids acheived more than Mongoloids. Koreans, the only Mongoloid country without non-Mongoloid influence, acheived absolutely nothing prior to Industrial European contact. The Great Wall of China was built because terrified Mongoloids feared the invasions of part-Caucasoid Mongolians, Uighurs, Scythians, Turks, and Rus. So Mongoloids are at the bottom of the racial hiearchy.

  17. mixedraced says:

    Gunpowder was developed in the Chinese Han dynasty period, and the first widely used gunpowder weapons were developed in Southern Song dynasty.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Yeah but the leaders of the Han Dynasty were not pureblood Han themselves. If you look at the Emperor Portraits of all these Dynasty founders and what not, you will see that their noses are not completely flat, but they are partially prominent, they have somewhat of a beard, they are tall and big-boned, and their faces are not completely flat but somewhat refined. So obviously all of these Emperors and prominent Chinese had to have 15-30% Caucasoid admixture, maybe more. 100% pureblood Mongoloids have no body hair, no facial hair, a flat, upturned nose, extreme brachycephaly and a extremely wide, broad face, are 4″4-5″1 tall, and have extremely weak, fragile bones, and yellow-orange skin. Obviously none of the Emperors of China look like that in their court portraits, and some are described as quite tall and hairy, so all of the Emperors of China had White admixture. Also, the ability to invent is a Caucasian trait, so all of the Chinese inventions must have been done by Whites or part-Whites, since we know from history that only Whites have ever invented something.

  18. Eren Jäger says:

    Emperor Zhuangzong-Caucasian

    Emperor Suzong-Caucasian.

    Emperor Yizong-Caucasian

    Notice how all three of the men have facial hair to varying degrees and none of them have an extremely flat round head, a completely flat pyramid-shaped upturned nose, or have extremely baby-faced features. That is because all the Emperors of China were Caucasoid-Mongoloid hybrids. Look at the court portrait of Liu Bei standing next to two Chinese women. Liu Bei has facial hair and a somewhat prominent nose, so that alone gives away his Caucasoid origins. His facial feature look stern and hard, so another hint to his Caucasianess, Mongoloids who are 100% Mongoloid have soft, infant facial features. Notice how tall Liu Bei looks compared to the two Chinese, he is double their size. That is absolute unshakeable proof of his Caucasoid origins. All Emperors of China were hybrids. None were 100% pure Mongoloid.

    • Alice says:

      Some Caucasians like Matthew Lillard also have Pseudo-Mongoloid features, each race have variety.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Matthew Lillard does not look Mongoloid at all. And isn’t it wierd that ALL the Emperors of China who have EVER been portrayed in paintings or described in court documents ALWAYS have facial hair? Pureblood Mongoloids have NO facial hair, they don’t even get armpit hair. They only have genital pubic hair and hair on their heads. THAT IS IT. So why isn’t there A SINGLE Chinese Emperor with 0% facial hair? Not ONE. ALL Chinese Emperors had Caucasoid admixture. Every. Last. One.

    • Alice says:

      Miranda Cosgrove is of English, Irish, and French descent and looks a bit Asian 🙂 .

    • Alice says:

      and Carly Rae Jepsen too.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      She has to have some Asian in her. No way she is a pure White. I guarantee you Genghis Khan or Attila fucked her great great grandmomma somewhere up the line. She is also smoking hot, I would tear her up. Wooo!

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Miranda Cosgrove is hot, not Carly Rae Jepsen. Hell naw n!gg@! I would take Miranda on inside a haunted house, but I would rather oil the walrus with Michelle Obama than crawl inside Carly Rae Jepsen.

  19. Eren Jäger says:

    Pure Asian Phenotypes;

    If an Asian person does not look EXACTLY like that, than he/she is not 100% Asian. No exceptions, no Pseudo-Caucasoid phenotype bullshit. The stereotype about all Asians looking the same became a stereotype for a reason. Stereotypes would not become popular if not true. Stereotype; women are on average shorter and weaker than men. Is it true? Absolutely. Stereotype; Blacks commit more crimes in the U.S. than Whites. Is it true? Absolutely. Stereotype; Blacks make good sprinters. Is it true? Absolutely. Stereotype; Jewish Americans are on average wealthier than Gentile Americans. Is it true? Absolutely. Therefore;

    Stereotype. All Asians look the same. Is it true? Absolutely.

  20. mixedraced says:

    All the emperors in the portraits you linked, Eren, have that typical soft and round Mongoloid head shape. The guy with the thick beard also looks pure Mongoloid, and his beard hair is needle straight, jet black and shiny, unlike Caucasian beards which are the opposite. None of them have thick large prominent noses either; the first guy has a small curved soft nose and the last guy has that beard which makes him look that way you think he does. The second guy looks totally against what you believe him to be. You’re just seeing what you wish to be true.

  21. mixedraced says:

    There are ancient Chinese records that say Chinese emperors grew their beards for years to become thick and long since childhood, and having a beard was a sign of masculinity, honour and power.

    Ai Wei Wei and Emperor Yang of Sui have large beards and a obvious Mongoloid phenotype.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Bruce Lee is not a pure Mongoloid, is grandfather was a White man. Jackie Chan has Hui Chinese descent, a group that is 7% Caucasian. Tony Jaa is Southeast Asian and therefore has Australoid admixture.

  22. mixedraced says:

    Wait a minute, I recognise those portraits from one of the Romance Of The Three kingdoms games, you LIAR!!! I’ve played all the games in that strategy series countless times so I know what i’m talking about. Come up with real evidence!

  23. mixedraced says:

    You can find those portraits on, Just type down in google; Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI portraits. Modern Japanese game developers tend to give game characters non-eastern features to give them “presence”. I recently read an interview between a Japanese game developer and western interviewer that proves this. Link below.

  24. mixedraced says:

    They also do this to attract western gamers whom may be put off buying a game with an Eastern face on its cover, no matter how good the game is. The USA and European markets are combined the biggest game consumer markets on Earth.

  25. mixedraced says:

    You didn’t think that that painting style never arrived in China until the 18th Century.

  26. mixedraced says:

    I may have contradicted myself in these posts, but those pictures still look predominately Mongoloid.

  27. mixedraced says:

    Just go on, go to the portraits section and choose Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XI potraits, this is my proof that Eren is a liar.

  28. Eren Jäger says:

    It is genetically and biologically impossible for a pure Mongoloid to grow even one strand of facial hair. The Japanese do this because of Ainu blood, which makes them part Australoid. There is no way an Asian can grow facial hair without Caucasian ancestry or hair growth serum.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      US blacks and Carribean blacks are 10-15% white, but have they produced anything great, no. Everything about them is black including their behaviour and appearance.

      US Blacks are 14-17% White. Many of them look Whiter than pure Africans. US Blacks have higher IQs as well. The average US Black IQ is 90, while pure SSAs have an average of 50-65.

      When have white genes ever been so dominant that only being 11% white and Mongoloid 89% make you have many white characteristics on all levels.

      Black genes are dominant to White genes. White genes are dominant to Asian genes. The Mongols are only 14% White, yet many of them have blond or red hair, blue or green eyes, heavy beards, rosy complexions, and some even have narrow faces and prominent noses.

      If you’re over at least 65-70% of a certain race, everything about you including phenotype and behaviour will be entirely the same as that race. US Blacks, Latin American whites, Mongolians, SE Asians, some Arab types, etc, are proof of this.

      Mongolians are not proof of this. Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire—-these were clearly Caucasoid attributes.

    • mixedraced says:

      Actually Bruce Lee’s mother was only 1/4th Caucasian.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Bruce Lee’s mother was half Caucasian. His grandfather was pure White.

    • mixedraced says:

      The Han, Tang, Song and Tibetan empires are the most succesful and aggressive states in history and they were mongoloid. Srivijaya, Majapahit, Khemer, Burmese empire, Xiongnu empire, Aztec empire, Olmec, Inca Empire, Maya; all of these states were Mongoloid, successful and innovative too.

      Prove to me that Mongoloid genes are less dominant. I’ve read on many sites and elsewere that say the opposite.

    • mixedraced says:

      Black IQ in the US is 85 and has only rose to 90 due to renorming not because of an actual increase in their general intelligence. The African IQ average 70 and the Carribean black IQ average is 71, but when these people move to a developed country and birth children there their childrens IQ will be 15 points higher due to the environment to 85.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Proof of Caucasoid genetic recession in comparison to Mongoloids;

      Tommy Chong; 50/50 Hapa—–looks entirely Caucasian, even though his father is pure Chinese.

      Bruce Lee-25% Caucasian, 75% Asian—-has a narrow face, prominent nose, a prominent chin, sunken eyes, lacks an epicanthic fold, had high Testosterone levels, could build muscle. All Caucasian traits.

      The Huns-60% White, 40% Asian—–looked entirely Caucasoid, no trace of Mongoloid phenotype.

      The Mongols-14.6% Caucasian, the rest is Asian—has high frequencies of blond/red hair, blue/green eyes, rosy complexion, beards, narrow faces, other Caucasoid features.

      The Uighurs-45% Caucasian, 55% Asian—looks entirely Caucasoid.

      The Hui–7% Caucasian—yet has a lot of blond hair and blue eyes, a lot of beards, a lot of Caucasoid skull shapes.

      Khazakhs—70% Caucasian, 30% Asian—-No visible Asian phenotype.

      Uzbekistan–35% Asian, 65% Caucasian—No visible Asian phenotype.

      Tajikstan—50/50 Asian Caucasian, no visible Asian phenotype.

    • Miki says:

      Eren’s trolling is stupid…. Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Uzbeks ,all are more Mongoloid, this is getting old.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Fine…let’s debate something else, this race argument is getting us nowhere. Let’s just agree to disagree, we’ve been at this for a week now, and could probably go on for years and years.

    • mixedraced says:

      Scratch the last sentence in my prior comment, I didn’t mean you and me, Eren, I was saying why don’t YOU stop. If you are 13y/o why not show the proof you are that on your blog. Millions of white kids look the same so there’s little need to worry about being identified.

    • Xera says:

      Don’t make laugh axum, because somehow the entire misc and common sense disagrees with you on that.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Xera is God. I worship him.

  29. mixedraced says:

    Someone has hacked into my computer, I never noticed that my Norton Internet Security subscription had ended a few days ago. If any of the administrators (Dota, BAG) could reply and confirm that you will delete them all i’ll greatly appreciate it.

  30. mixedraced says:

    “them all”- all of my comments

  31. mixedraced says:

    No one knows who you actually are, Alice.

  32. mixedraced says:

    Why tell everyone in a multi-racial hospital that you comment on a pro-white blog?

  33. mixedraced says:

    Yeah, and my name is, dranockonock.

  34. mixedraced says:

    Please pay attention to my above comments, administrators, I’ve almost removed the threat totally now but I still want my security and privacy to be respected.

  35. Eren Jäger says:

    How the fuck did a thread about Conservatism derail into a privacy-paranoid SOS line?

  36. Dota says:

    We won’t ban you, but are you sure you want all your comments deleted? You are a good commenter and you have contributed to debate here. You sure you want to proceed with this?

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Do it Axum! Make Alice freak the F@&k out! Very entertaining.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Alice, I am not angry at you, I love you. You have always been my dream girl, and I would take a bullet to save you. Your beauty is unmatched by Aphrodite herself, your breasts as gargantuan as the evening sun. You are the love of my life, Alice, please don’t break up with me, please, Ipromise I will stop seeing Jill.

    • Dota says:

      If I don’t hear from him by the end of today, I’ll honor his request. It’s the right thing to do.

  37. Eren Jäger says:

    Damn you bastards…..ruining my fun!

  38. Eren Jäger says:

    What do you look like Alice? Are you hot?

  39. Eren Jäger says:

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, found in 33% of Charlie Unit Alpha Company 133rd Battalion during the Vietnam War. The malaria rate and HPV virus was 12.5% more proliferant during the monsoon season amongst African-American soldiers but no significant correlation amongst Caucasians were found. This may be due to 4 specific SNP’s; namely DHR3, SAE14, OOERT-G, and FTG3, found in 45, 76, 100, and 65% of the Nigerian sample population respectable, but all 4 mutations were found to be less than 10% in a Norweigian sample of 50 men.

  40. Eren Jäger says:

    Sorry, ignore the above post about PTSD. I accidentally copy & pasted from a gene therapy website because I was pressing the Ctrl key.

  41. Dota says:

    That’s good to hear. Stick around.

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