The art of mundane

It was a slow day at the office and I had more time on hand than usual. That is why I decided to construct this: a simple structure made of stapler pins.


What is it? Nothing in particular. Or rather it represents nothing in particular. It does have symmetry, and symmetry symbolizes balance which in turn symbolizes order; which is an end in itself. I would call it a work of art. Art utilizes creative energy to reshape the mundane and give it new meaning, and hence new life. Art is creativity imposing itself on reality for its own sake. In the grand scheme of things my little creation matters little, however in the context of my cubicle, reality has been altered and enriched.

How do you view art? Is art about the end product or is it about the process? I think the Taoists would argue that art is about the process, where the artist follows his tao (in this case creativity) and embarks on a journey of creation and exploration. Creativity is its own father. It isn’t merely applied to art, but to any craft thus elevating that craft to an art. When one is firmly on ”the way”, one “will see it in everything” as famously proclaimed by Miyamoto Musashi.

"To see the way in everything..." The Samurai Musashi was also an accomplished artist.

“To see the way in everything…” The Samurai Musashi was also an accomplished artist.

But what of the end result? What of technique? Shouldn’t the clay take the shape you want it to take? Or the brush stroke capture the depth and texture of its subject? Would we respect Michelangelo’s creative energy today if his knowledge of anatomy were weak, thus affecting the proportions of David?


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  1. Eren Jäger says:

    “True art is an explosion!”
    ————9/11 hijackers just before their visit to Allah.

    On a serious note, art is something that can be expressed visually, auditorally, kinesthetically, olfactorally, and also gustatorally. Music is my favorite version of art, and then visual art, like paintings, scupltures, etc. Most average people share my order of senses when it comes to art. Of course, I practice self-aromatherapy and self-massage techniques, but a well-cooked meal is like a bolt of lightning; its glory short lived, yet its intensity is the greatest of all fires. A massage or a 1 hour symphony by Beethoven is like a slow-burning candle.

    Michaelangelo was a genius of anatomy, and Leonardo DaVinci dissected the corpeses of executed prisoners for knowledge of anatomy. Leonardo was a mathematical and mechanical genius, superb in all his works. Niccholo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is a literary work of art, and reading it was a true delight for me. My father gave it to me as a birthday gift for my 12th birthday. The alchemists of Arabic and European origin left behind some stunning masterpieces, and in fact I was reading some of Paraclesius von Hohenheim’s philosophical-alchemical notes today. A true delight, a work of art.

    This blog, with the right commenters and diligent research by Dota and BAG, can one day also become a masterpiece of literature and a work of art left behind by 21st century revolutionaries, and be made required reading by some 22nd century colleges for students taking philosophy, civil engineering, or social working courses on how Dota and BAG’s works were one of the major fighters against feminism, organized Jewry, race-denial, and Hindu encroachment.

    • Dota says:

      Thank you very much for this, though you give us more credit than we deserve at this point.

      I must confess that one of my pet narcissistic fantasies is to have my writings discussed by future generations, even if they are poking holes in it and/or ripping them to shreds.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        In fact, Robert Lindsay’s blog could have been granted the same honour, however, a bunch of Hindu Ernest Hemingways made sure that this would not happen. Also to blame are the Black Shakespeares that decorate Lindsay’s blog with their literary masterpieces. The Afro-Hindutva alliance has conquered any future Bobby’s blog might have at fame in the futuristic future. No wonder Robert is so pissed at Hindus.

        In the future, you might want to consider changing the name of the blog to something more catchy and appealing to more people, such as “Angry White Guys” or “Save Our Culture”, no offense, but “Occidentinvictia” is just too corny and downright wierd and not likely to attract many visitors. Honestly, I have no idea what an occidentinvictia even is, and neither do 75-85%, maybe 95% of America’s population. The name is a key factor, and the only exception to this rule is Barack Hussein Osama.

        All that aside, the articles you guys write are exceptional. Maybe the name is not Sojourner Truth material, but you did your research on articles. Bay Area Guy’s lengthy, informative articles alternating with Dota’s entertaining, laid-back articles, it makes for a good ying-yang balance in making this blog something you would want to read regularly. I am not much of a politician myself, but many people out there would love BAG’s political articles. I prefer Dota’s articles about history, art, and surplus human acheivements, but we all have our separate tastes. By the time I am 16 or 17, I probably will be looking into political matters, since by 18 I will have a Constitutional right to make sure no more Liberal immigration-loving mulattObama’s get into the not so white White House. Necessity is the mother of politics, or so George Washington said when he was high from some homegrown weed on his kush farms.

      • Dota says:

        occidentinvicta is latin. Occident = west and invicta = unconquered or undefeated.
        It’s essentially a play on that Roman phrase: Rome invicta, or Rome the unconquered. We might think of changing of it in future, but we’ll see.

        We do get a fair bit of traffic coming in daily, which isn’t bad for a new site. However a lot of these people just surf the site without commenting. We are fortunate that the commenters we do have are quality ones like yourself, RunswithScissors, and others. In time we hope to build up that base, but there are no shortcuts, it takes time and patience. You guys could help by spreading the word 🙂

        No wonder Robert is so pissed at Hindus.

        Robert despises the Hindus for 3 reasons primarily

        1) Their callous indifference to human suffering
        2) Their anti-intellectual anti science attitudes that emphasize vapid ideology over genuine research.
        3) And ofcourse, they do heap a fair share of abuse on Robert

        He’s also bothered by how Indians just seem to get away with so much while the media crucifies other ethnic and religious groups with clockwork regularity. This is a topic to which I shall turn to in the near future.

        Anyhow I’m glad you are enjoying the site, it makes the effort worthwhile.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        How about “The Western Resistance”, or “New Rome Unconquered”? Just kidding. You might get a lot of trolls if you use “American Taliban” or “Canadian VietCong”, so best to leave that out. “Mr. Western Man” or “Two Western Men” could possibly work. “Conservative Revenge” is a no no.

        I don’t consider myself a quality commenter, because, for every calm, collected post I write, there is another wild, delusional rant I write. Possibly because the stress from my OCD blurs my rational thinking, or because I am too immature and my 13 year old brain wiring cannot function at the same level of mature logic that an adult’s brain can. Either way, I can be quality at times, but delusional and foolish at times. My writing style is not stable or fixed, it wanders all over the place.

        I will try to refer this site around. Being a moderate conservative such as yourself, not many people agree with you. The conservatives do not, and Liberals do not. Kind of like how mulattoes in Antebellum were hated by Blacks as oppressors and by Whites as half-breed “n-ers”. Not a good place to be in. I am sort of a moderate WN. If expelling all the Blacks and Asians from America was even remotely possible, I would be a hardcore WN, but a separate White state is unattainable, so I merely focus on cultural WN. I do hope that Whites regain a demographic advantage, and I do hope Whites have more babies. This planet is overpopulated, so I think a White moon colony would be a good idea (Just kidding). Anyways, we as a race are royally screwed, FML. Kudos to the Amish, kudos to Russians. Keep Whites alive!

        I do hope that little blogs like this will help restore America to its former glory. We are slowly going from Mount Olympus to Planet of The Apes, and Occidentinvicta is a great start in reversing the process. Just hope that you are as effective as the Liberal Media and International Jewry. It will take many more Dota’s and BAG’s to combat the Ashkenazi and Bantu domination of the West.

    • Miki says:

      Eren quit being a jerk with all Hinduism, what credibility you have with those lies you say, i am pretty sure no one believes you are just a 13 years old child with an IQ over 105.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Miki, I am a 13 year old male with a 165 IQ. However, adjusting for age, I am most likely intellectually equivalent to a male in his 20’s with a 110-120 IQ. My IQ will waiver by maybe 4-6 points before it becomes permanently fixed. Remember, child IQ and adult IQ are not the same things. A child with a 122 IQ is intellectually inferior to an adult with a 122 IQ, and will not reach the adult’s level until he is about 20-25, provided is IQ remains relatively stable. Anyways, I was tested by MENSA, although not given the official MENSA IQ test because of my age. I have to be at least 14 to receive the official MENSA test.

        I never was a big antagonist towards Hinduism, honestly, I thought Hindus were ordinary peoples until visiting Robert Lindsay’s blog and finding out about the monsters they were. Go take it up with Bobby if you have any complaints about my negative attitude towards Hinduism and India’s shit rapey culture.

      • Miki says:

        That is interesting Eren, by the way i am the Queen of England …

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Damn Your Majesty…if you were younger, I would totally tap that ass. I have had a Queen of England fetish since I hit pueberty about two years ago. Or you could be M and I can be 007 with a MILF fetish. When can I visit Buckhingham Palace mi’lady?

      • Eren Jäger says:

        You know Miki, with all this “diversity” being forced on Anglo White nations, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a Hindu Indian marry into the royal British family within the next century or two. Who knows…..we might actually get to SEE a Hindu Queen of England. After all, we had a pseudo-Christian anti-Christian usurper-in-chief Hussein Obama for Prez, his prime rival for 2012 was a Mormon phaggot Mitt, and Michelle Obama; a Bantu First (unlady-like) Lady, was allowed to put her hands on the Queen’s back without prior permission. Oh yeah, and Hussein Obama gave the Queen an iPod. LOL. Russia had its first Bantu mayor, Italy its first Bantu minister, and Hussein Obama has a Bantu father himself, as well as Bantu half-bros slumming it up in Africa, which was not so slummy during colonization by the hands of civilized Europeans. The civilized indigenous European man of scientific logic and artistic creativity shaped our world into…..well…..our world, and the Bantu, Ashkenazi, Han, Yayoi, and Aztec tribes are reshaping this world into primordial chaos. Expect to see more Section 8, mud huts, slums, shelters, and chaotic battlefields. You, the Hindu wariorress, can contribute to the downfall of the European man by continuing to shit on the sidewalk, destroy Anglo-America work ethic, cry “racism” whenever a White male is more qualified for a job, and replace European culture with psychedelic Hindu LSD-fueled yoga chanting and child-sacrificing religion.

      • Alice says:

        Eren: on the contrary i think you are a mulatto and this “Eren” play is an act, i am a psychologist and i can read people well, besides among Caucasians the Ashkenazis are pretty White and most important, are respectable and admirable people, a better boogeyman is the Arabs (the true Arabs from Arabia or Oman) , not so brilliant Caucasians and a real threat with their jihads.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Why do you think I am a mulatto? Does a mulatto have anti-Black resentments and WN agendas? Does Obama do this? Does Farrakhan or your average mulatto do this? No. The my grandmother had Chinese blood, but that is the only exotic admixture I have. The whole Coward act was to get on Robert Lindsay’s good side. He loves Tulio-type Uncle Tom Blacks. I do respect your opinion however, but I am critical of your psychological profiling skills.

      • Alice says:

        I did a good diagnosis about your case, i just will tell you that one factor would be your self-reported OCD.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Alice, my OCD is not self-reported, it was diagnosed by 2 different professional licensed doctors. I am currently taking SSRI’s to combat its effects. As far as your psychological profiling of my person, please enlighten me as to your methods. I love learning about how these things are done, and I plan to take AP Psychology in High School.

      • Alice says:

        Eren: Psychology is a very serious issue, i can’t reveal my methods, you need to study it yourself in a school to know, you are a Mulatto ,but in part because your OCD , you act like a nazi, when is clear that only full whites would really fit, i suggest you a good treatment to accept who you are.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Alice….I guarantee you, I am not a mulatto. I am a straight-up Hitler’s Youth type Aryan Viking Norseman Thor Asgard looking motherfucker with red hair, blue eyes, some freckles around the cheeks, and white, white Snow White Cinderella Odin Grey-Alien type White skin. I am your stereotypical Skyrim or Final Fantasy child, with straight-up Caucasoid features, except for maybe my lips, which are somewhat full. My nasal bridge, cephalic index, occipituals, manibles, chin, all Caucasoid, Caucasoid, Caucasoid, Caucasoid. I do have like maybe 1/16th Chinese admixture from my Grandmother’s line, that would make me like 5-8% Asian, and I do not even have a hint of Asian in my phenotype. I have a big dick for my age, and it will get huge by the time I am an adult, so the few Asian genes are not evident at all. Hitler would have a Alpha-class orgasm if he saw my Aryan Nordicness. Not a mulatto at all……SO STOP FUCKING CALLING ME THAT GODDAMN IT!!!!)@@#@^♥!?

  2. Eren Jäger says:

    Adding a dash of HBD to the thread, IMO, Caucasians make the best art, then Africans, then East Asians. Primarily when this comes to music, visual art, and food. Caucasian Classical Music, the visual masterpieces of the Renaissance, and pizzas, fish dishes, and salads are superior to Black jazz, Harlem artworks, and African-American traditional recipes, which are superior to Chinese traditional music, artwork, and traditional food. This is just IMO however.

  3. Miki says:

    As a Hindu I do feel really offended by this, do you judge the Christians because they were , in their moment, indifferent to the human suffering of African slaves? , why you don’t tell more about how political Christianity used to be? the religious wars of Europe, Catholics vs Protestants, I am really offended because the way you speak , you and your commenters don’t even tell the difference between Hindus and Hindutvas, you call all Hindus as bad, many Hindutvas aren’t even Hindu, they identify with the culture , but they don’t believe in God, not all of us are the same.

    • Dota says:

      I know the difference between Hindus and Hindutvas, I was illustrating the views of our friend Robert Lindsay. Hindutva is to Hinduism as what Wahabism is to Islam. I am critical of Hindu attitudes towards morality and moral structures however.

      As a Hindu I do feel really offended by this

      Stick around! You ain’t seen nothin yet! 🙂

  4. mixedraced says:

    Caucasian art is plain and typical, African art is just what you’d expect from tribal-type peoples, but East Asian art just flows with unique creativity and skill it’s incomparable and unreachable.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      In your perspective, this may be true. I find The Mona Lisa, The Sistine Chapel, and Greco-Roman architecture to be more pleasing than say The Fisherman Returns, Rise Of The Emperor, Dragon Of The North, and other Chinese masterpieces. I have read a lot of Chinese literature such as Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War”, The Sayings of Confucious, and others as well. It really doesn’t compare to Alexander Dumas, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Faulkner, Pushkin, or others. Asian traditional and folk music does not compare to Mozart, Mendelssjohn, Bach, Profokiev, Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, or other European masters. Even Blacks make better music than Asians. Scott Joplin, Miles Davis, Chevalier, etc. were all better than the likes of Psy, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Jin, Far East Movement, FLOW, and other kPop, jPop, and Chinese “musicians”. Asian music=CRAP.

      Axum, can I have your email so we can debate further? You seem like a very intelligent person and definetly worthy of my intellectual time, I really do not have something better to do anyways, besides play Skyrim, Black Ops II, Assassin’s Creed III, and watch TV. I do listen to a lot of music, but I can debate while listening to Beethoven.

  5. Eren Jäger says:

    Axum, this is the best Asian Music has ever gotten. It is a pump-up suite from my favorite Japanese animation series “Attack On Titan”. It is where I got the pseudonym Eren Jager. My avatar is modeled after Eren as well. My real name is Wolfgang and I have red hair.

  6. Axum says:

    @ Eren

    You replied after I asked if you did an IQ test before, saying you never done an IQ test due to OCD.

  7. mixedraced says:

    Do not assume i think you actually are that age. It’s all too obvious your not. If you are, show some discreet proof to avoid showing your identity, but enough to let everyone know that is the truth. Shouldn’t be hard for you.

  8. Axum says:

    No reply Eren, you was amusing to mess with for a while.

    Seems what I aimed for worked. My replies to your comments if you didn’t notice weren’t “real”, just experiments.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Axum; it may be hard to believe I am only 13 years of age, but I was blessed with some exceptional genes. As for my previous statement about a month ago where I had stated I refused to take an IQ test due to fearing that an OCD-related panic attack may be detrimental to getting a true IQ score, two weeks ago I increased the dosage of my medication (Prozac) to 60mg, originally it was 40mg. I really do not have panic attacks, and I took a non-official MENSA IQ test on August 1 and got my score of 165. I believe that I am one of the genius White males who are capable of great scientific and academic progress, following the footsteps of great Teutonic-Anglo predecessors such as Henry Ford, Oliver Wright, Eli Whitney, Marie Curie, Francis Crick, amongst many others. This is why I plan to pursue a career in either bioengineering or forensic criminal justice, and I hope to revolutionize my field. I plan to attend MIT, and graduate with many honours. This should not be a problem for me, as long as my OCD and MDD (Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder) is under control. The White Man; when motivated, is the greatest wholesale tradesman of all trades of all time. Believe what you want, Axum, it just may be hard to fathom the capabilities and prowess of a (almost) pureblood White boy such as I from a semi-limited mulatto perspective. Then again, it sure is great to be White! Let Them Hate, As Long As They Fear.———–Commodore Perry, after unpleasant negotiations with uncooperative yellow Japanese.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Typos——–I really do not have panic attacks anymore.

        Quot. marks——-“Let Them Hate, As Long As They Fear.

      • mixedraced says:

        I don’t know what you are or what group is posting under Eren Jaeger, but just like every white i’ve argued with you use racism in your attacks against me. I’ve never attacked you racially.

        If you don’t want to show yourself online why not post proof of what you are via email to me. I’m no pervert or murderer so don’t worry, and even if I was the country I live in is miles away across an ocean and i have no idea what town, postcode and state you reside in

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Finally, Axum! Give me your email, I have loads I want to debate with you.

      • mixedraced says:

        Do any of the blog administrators know were Eren is commenting from.

      • mixedraced says:

        Do any of the blog administrators (Dota, BAG) know were Eren is commenting from.

      • mixedraced says:

        Do any of the blog administrators (Dota, BAG) know were Eren is commenting from.

      • Dota says:

        North Carolina. But some of these IP sites can be unreliable.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Hi Axum, we have that in common. I only have a few things to do during my summer vacation as well, so I am just going to chill out, listen to Mozart, play some Sniper 2, and post on this blog. You are welcome to come to my blog and debate with me there. As far as my location, I am in Wilmington, North Carolina, of the United States of ‘Murica, and Dota can confirm that my tracking my IP address.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Since this is a page about art, and Music is a part of art, I want to start our debate here. You, Axum, previously stated on Robert’s blog that you thought East Asians made the best music. My personal opinion is, I think European composers such as Pachelbel, Bach, Mendelssjohn, Rossini, Schumann, etc. were the creators of the most pleasant music, but that is just IMO. No one can say for sure which music is the best, since that is just in your opinion. So tell me Axum, why do you think that Asians produce the best music? I will reply to your answer with reasons why I prefer Bach over Psy.

      • mixedraced says:

        North Carolina has an equivalent white and black population so you probably are a mulatto.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        So Axum, what aspects of Asian music do you find pleasing enough that it is your favorite? I like European Classical Music because the sounds are not instant, repetitive beats but rather constantly flowing and changing higher-pitched notes from handweld instruments. Also, I like the constant contrast in pitch, and alternations between repetition, change, and constant overlap of these two elements. I also like the fact that there is significant variation of the duration of each composition, one piece may be 2 minutes, and another several hours. Handel’s Messiah is over 2 hours, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major is 5 minutes. Classical Music is mathematically complex, incredibly diverse, and pleasant to my ears.

        Now, Axum, can you tell me why you like Asian music? I would love to hear your opinion on your personal musical preferrences. I like to learn about human variation in musical tastes to get a better idea of my own musical identity.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Also, Axum, it would be greatly appreciated for you to come comment on my blog. Thank you.

      • mixedraced says:

        Correction: Western composers can’t produce game music on the same level Japanese game composers can.

  9. Eren Jäger says:

    I used to be interested in visual art drawings and such. Now I am not really too into that stuff, but it still interests me a lot. Do you think redecorating my room with custom wallpapers with historical drawings on them would be a good idea? I mean, I attend a church where the bathroom walls have wallpapers filled with paintings of Biblical scenes. I am planning to ask my parents to do a makeover on my room, I already have prototypical blueprints on where I want what to go. I want to have one wall be a giant version of a page from a Mideval Bible, another one with side-to-side paintings of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms with a forest picture in the background, another wall with a picture of DaVinci dissecting a corpse, and the last wall with pictures of various Caucasoid, Cro-Magnon, and Neanderthal skulls with a pitch black background. On the floor I want a rug with a Freemason symbol of a wooden-protractor and V-shaped ruler, and I want the word “Tribe Of The Redheads” (more like a phrase) painted on my door in Olde English. What do you think guys, should I do this? Dota? Have you guys ever done custom wallpaper makeovers on your rooms? Is this going to be a good idea or will I regre this?

    • Dota says:

      Never done it before. It also sounds kind of expensive (I am your typical cheap Indian 🙂 )

      I personally wouldn’t do it as I prefer art as a form of representation and not decoration. But if you’re inclined, go for it. It’s a matter of taste after all.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Thanks Dota. I am thinking of making my own lamp with a replica of a Caucasoid skull, and a red ponytail wig over it, and a red beard, and cover up the eyeholes with blue plastic jewelry, and then wire a minibulb inside it and attach the base of the skull replica to a stand and wire the bulbs to an accessible button that will connect the wires when it is on. This way, when I turn the lamp on, the eyes will glow and sparkle, and it will look like shining blue eyes. I want to add some copper microstrings to the red hair and beard to make that glow as well. Imagine——–a glowing Caucasian lamp!

  10. Eren Jäger says:

    When I am legal age I plan to have extensive body art done. I am going to have the words “Save Your Germanic Heritage” tattooed across my chest in German, a DNA strand running down my back with miniature versions of Columbus, the First Pope, Confederate General Lee, Hitler, and Leif Erikson standing on them. I am going to have a bunch of Nordic giants standing over dwarfed Blacks, Asians, and Amerindians, with a sign separating the two groups saying, “WARNING, DO NOT WAKE THE SLEEPING ARYAN GIANTS” all on my stomach. I am going to have a Celtic coat-of-arms on my right arm, a Norse sword on my right forearm, and the left arm will have a white dragon with blue eyes and a red beard, and freckles on the face. A police tape will run to my left forearm with the words:“CSI; CAUCASIAN SAXON IMPERIALS” on it. I am going to have “Made In Ehite America” tattooed on my ass, and on my lower hindlegs I will have Caucasiod skulls. This will not prevent me from having a sex life, I can find a White Nationalist girl and have lots of White babies.

    • Xera says:

      Coward is what he said since the beginning, a teenager Mulatto, is pretty obvious, not a White child.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Xera, welcome to our humble blog.

        You are welcome to comment. However, just so you know, we will not tolerate bickering or derailing to anywhere near the same extent that Robert previously tolerated.

        If you seek to derail threads with comments about how effeminate and unattractive East Asian men are, or if you drag our blog into a quagmire of flame wars, then we will not hesitate to show you the door.

        Otherwise, comment away!

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Xera, welcome! You are one of my favorite commentors, and I find you a deeply stimulating mind, your personality is not so unlike mine, as a matter of fact. I am the Nordic juvenile version of you, you are the matured Mediterranean version of me. I really am a 13 year old Nordic boy, you know. The whole “Coward” play was an act, but the “Jig” is up, no pun intended. (Coward was Black, hence the pun, Jigaboo). Remember all my Nordicist posts and my juvenile rants on Bobby’s blog? Yeah, well that should give you an idea as to both my racial and age background. C’mon, Xera, don’t be an ageist; ageism is worse than racism. Ageism is a big fat Conservative-style no-no.

        Anyways, please don’t take offense. I really look up to you, Xera, please be kind to me. I had your back when Huax, Hacienda, Naruto, Ken, and Robert Lindsay were bashing the shit out of you for your anti-Mongoloid sentiments. Me, you, and Cyrus were like the Holy Trinity of anti-Asianism while Satan and Beelzebub; Huax and Hacienda, trolled and spammed the shit out of us nd followed us around post-to-post, hoping to drag some poor commentor souls to their Mongoloid cause. Anyways, I want to thank your ancestors Xera; the Mamluks, for giving the Mongol Empire a good ass-whooping. I never had anything against Egypt or Egyptians, and I am honoured to be speaking with a descendant of the pyramid-building, academically-revolutionizing, scientific, mathematical, amazing Egyptians of Ancient times. You and your people, Xera, are a great pride to our beautiful White race. We Whites should not quarrel or bicker amongst each other, let us return to the glory days of the British Empire, The Macedonian Empire, the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Elamites, Carthraginians, Phoeniecians, Babylonians. Return to glory days of our Caucasian race!

      • Xera says:

        Really Bay Area Guy? i wanted to come back to spread a little the Word about how unattractive Asians are, i don’t have much to say here besides that, if that is the case i doubt i will comment often. Eren thanks for liking me, but i still think you are a teenager Mulatto who wishes to be full White, i am pretty sure of it. no proof, no believe.

      • Dota says:

        You have contributed useful stuff on RL’s blog, especially pertaining to US imperialism. Up with the quality comments, down with the flame wars.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Xera, you do have proof I am not mulatto, do you think any mulatto’s can function at my intellectual level at the age of 13? Sure, there are a few mulattObama’s and Halfcom X’s here and there, but very few who are WNs. So it is safe to assume I am White. I would show you an actual picture of me, but my dad absolutely forbids cyber personal photography sharing. The boy you see in my Avatar is not my actual photo, it is a mock up boy for a Japanese cartoon character named Eren Jager, from the Japanese series “Attack on Titan”. The creators are Japanese but the cartoon characters are Germanic, hence the German name. My real name is Wolfgang, but I can’t reveal my last name, sorry. I have red hair, freckles, and blue eyes, although my grandmother has some Chinese ancestry (but I look NOTHING like a Chinaman, I swear to fucking Jesus). I am pretty much Hitler’s stereotypical Aryan, in and out. Why do you think I was a Nordicist on Bobby’s blog? I made over 30 references to Genghis Khan’s red hair, Julius Caesar’s blue eyes, etc. Email Robert if you don’t believe me.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Also Xera, you are welcome. You are truly a person I look up to, one of my role models. Your personality traits are eerily similar to mine, you would be surprised if you actually knew. Who knows, we may share some ancestors up the line. After all, Egypt has a 2.7% R1b admixture, and you are one of the Whiter ones according to your self-description. You could be a genetic similarity of me. At least partially, anyways.

  11. mixedraced says:

    There you go. If you want more examples; Vagrant Story Wyvern battle theme, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Koloktos boss theme, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword mini boss theme, Final Fantasy 13 boss theme, Metal Gear Solid 3 The Boss theme, Final Fantasy 7 boss theme, Xenoblade Chronicles gaur plains theme, Silent Hill theme, Silent Hill 2 Lauras theme, etc. I could list tons more.

    Has your desperation ceased?

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Thanks, Axum, I will be sure to listen to the Shadow of the Colossus OST and maybe some of these others. In return, I would like to recommend Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major and Beethoven’s 14th Piano Sonata in C Major. If you want more, try Mozart’s 11th Symphony, Brahm’s Hungarian Dance, and Bach’s Air. If you have an hour or two, I recommend Beethoven’s 9th and 5th Symphonies, as well as Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor, and if you are one of those types that sits and listens to music for several hours on end, you may want to try Handel’s Messiah. You can find all these at YouTube.

  12. mixedraced says:

    So Eren, have you listened to each SotC soundtrack yet? If you truly are into music like you say you are, then you’ll know that the SotC OST beats most of that dirge you “supposedly” enjoy.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      I have listened to it, the SOC OST about 1 hour and 11 mins or so, and some of the others you recommended. It is pretty good, but I still prefer jazz and Classical Music. The Black innovation of jazz, and the European composition of Classical, I still prefer Black and European music to that composed by Asians. However…I will give you credit, Asian Video Game music is preferrable to Rap, Rock, Hip Hop, Electro, Metal, and all that modern shit. I still like the Black-made jazz over Asian VG music, and I like Classical even more so. Now, Axum, I listened to all of the stuff you recommended, I would greatly appreciate it if you listened to the Classical pieces I recommended in above comment and give me your feedback. You don’t have to like it…but at least listen to it and critique it.

  13. Eren Jäger says:

    Okay…I will be more detailed. The SOC OST was sort of Gregorian, Gothic, and etheric in nature…especially with the Gregorian chanting, the mystical feeling you get from it. Definetly a match for a fantasy video game. The Legend of Zelda had great piano, and it was kind of like Miles Davis in a way. Or was that the Final Fantasy…? It was the Boss theme for one of them. I have not listened to the Silent Hill ones yet. I will listen to it later. Feel free to recommend some more if you’d like.

  14. mixedraced says:

    Wilmington has quite a significant black population (19%).
    There are many tragic mulattoes like yourself Eren, your not alone.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Alright, Axum, here is the deal. Merely attacking my identity, speaking in a hostile tone, or repetitively telling me I am a mulatto just to get on my nerves and watch my reaction isn’t going to get an intellectual debate anywhere. I am not a mulatto, and no mulatto I know is a WN like I am. None. All mulattos I have ever known identify as BLACK. I did say I like Blacks better than Asians, but that is because Blacks are Americanized and have more attractive features in comparison to Asians. I do not like Blacks because I am secretly a mulatto with a 92 IQ with secret dreams of world domination and a pair of horns on my dick. I like Blacks better than Jews and non-Whites because Blacks are robust, dolichocephalic, sexually dimorphic, gerantomorphic, bodily proportionate, and competitive like Whites are. I dislike Asians because their music sucks, they have rounded heads, slanted eyes, neotenic baby features, small tits, ass, and dicks, the men and women are ugly (although Asian women are more attractive to exotic males than Asian males are to exotic females), they are uncreative, stale, arrogant, butthurt, weak, sumbissive, etc. Also, the Asian languages are extremely unpleasant to hear, “Ching Lao Buk Mao Ting Chong Chang Ming Fao Ku La Ha Shi Sho Pao”. Blacks have a better language and their voices are smooth, soothing, and solid.

      • Alice says:

        Dude, i have never make a mistake in my work, and the more you write, the more is obvious, in United States because White guilt, some Whites claim to find blacks attractive, (brainwashing of the media) however in the whitest European countries like Russia or in White Latin countries like Argentina, if people have to choose between Asians and Blacks, all prefer Asians (they have lighter skin or stright hair like us) ,in United States , the WN whites also prefer Asian to Black, you are suspiciously very pro Black for a WN.

      • mixedraced says:

        I don’t know who you are. You could actually be a group of white college students posing as a 13 y/o.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Alice, are you Asian? White people prefer Blacks to Asians. Skin color and hair texture is irrelevant. Blacks are craniofacially similar to Whites, and both are very different from Asians. The face of a person makes the greatest social impression. Blacks and Whites=dolichocephalic. Asians=Brachycephalic. Blacks and Whites=high forehead, present browridge. Asians=slanted forehead, absent browridge. Blacks and Whites=narrow cheekbones, small face. Asians=wide a$$ cheekbones, HUGE a$$ face. Blacks and Whites=curved lower jaw, prominent chin. Asians=angular lower jaw, reduced chin. Blacks and Whites= sunken eyes, close together eye sockets. Asians=non-sunken eyes, panoramic eye sockets. Blacks and Whites=narrow, pointed midface. Asians=broad, moon-shaped midface. Blacks and Whites=proportionate skull relative to body. Asians=Alien Head Syndrome. It is not just that. There are other physiological similarities between Blacks and Whites which separate them from Asians. Blacks and Whites=high Testosterone, can build muscle. Asians, low Testosterone, inability to build significant muscle mass. Blacks and Whites=tall, lanky body. Asians=short, stocky body. Blacks and Whites=wide strong bones. Asians=stick figure, fragile. Blacks and Whites= attractive. Asian=fucking ugly as shit. No one likes Asians. NO ONE. Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Indians, Hispanics, Aborigines, mixed race peoples, ALL hate Asians. We can all agree that they are incapable of assimilating with the rest of us due to overwhelming physiological differences. I am a WN, yes, but Blacks are definetly preferrable to ugly disgusting chink-gooks.

      • Alice says:

        I am White, and to be honest i find both the average Black and Asian ugly, however i find some Asians to be handsome, and the most handsome Asians are among the most beautiful beings on earth, however i don’t find any black ,any, really handsome, the best i have seen is Will Smith and he is barely decent looking, but not one of the most beautiful beings on earth, you as a man should find more beautiful these Asian women than all Black women.

      • Alice says:

        Vs African people

      • Eren Jäger says:

        To be honest, Asian women are not too bad. Not as attractive as Black women, but Asian women are definetly more attractive than Asian men. No one likes Asian males, but Asian women can find an exotic mate if she pours her soul into it. I think you are lying about being White, no White girl finds Asian men to be handsome. Lots and lots of White girls like Black guys, and White guys are the dream man of all women universally, but no one, not even Asian women, prefer Asian males over other males. In Asia the women have no choice but to choose an Asian male, but in America Asian women will leave Asian guys in the dust and lust after White guys en masse. Alice, you are not even a girl, you liar, I can tell you were an Asian male after you described Asian males as “being some of the most handsome on Earth.”HAHAHAHAHA! LOL, so which one are you Alice, Huax or Hacienda? Your cover was blown the minute you statred defending Asian males, no White girl, in fact no girl of any race, not even Asian women, would defend an Asian male. A guy named Tulio on Robert’s blog who traveled to Asia told me that Asian prostitutes called Asian men 222s; 2 inch dick, 2 minute sexual duration, and 2 dollars. So Hacienda or Huax, you pretending to be a woman now, punk?

      • Eren Jäger says:

        And yes, that breastfeeding African woman is way hotter than those Asian sluts on the music video. At least the Black woman has an ass, tits, and a nice, thick body. Asian girls have no tits, no ass, and are nearly indistinguishable from Asian males. Blacks girls are slutty, erotic, seductive, and are willing to get down and dirty, turning your bed into a sex-pool. Asian girls want to take it slow, no anal sex, no BJ’s, no cunnilingus, etc. I would definitely fuck Shaniqua the fat Black slut than penetrate Sum Ting Wong the woman who looks like a prepubescent girly boy.

      • Alice says:

        To each his own, however i didn’t understand some parts of your reply, it must be your OCD.

  15. mixedraced says:

    Well many mulattoes i’ve known and know aren’t in that low intelligence level.
    The mulatto average IQ is actually 94.

    • Alice says:

      His OCD may be a factor of his strong denial as mulatto and his strong support for WN, i have never make a mistake in my diagnosis and he is an interesting challenge, however the facts show us he is indeed a mulatto , i can’t be wrong.

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