When Allies Become Enemies: Hugo Schwyzer’s Curious Tale

I understand that we have expended many posts critiquing and bashing feminism, so I initially hesitated to write this post. However, this news item was too great to pass up. It is not actually my intent to bash feminism (too much) or poke holes in its theories, and many in the manosphere have already tackled this latest scandal.

Rather, I figured that this story would be an excellent opportunity to discuss “allies.” For those of you not fully acquainted with social justice lingo, an “ally” is a member of a designated oppressor group who comes to the aid of the oppressed. A white person who fights on behalf of anti-racism (particularly blacks) is an “ally.” A male feminist is an “ally.” Heterosexuals who espouse homosexual rights are “allies.”

Personally, I would find being an “ally” incredibly stressful. To have to constantly “interrogate your privilege” and prove that you are not perpetuating an evil system would be quite taxing. Allies are essentially on eternal probation, where any slip up can result in accusations of privilege, condescension, and center staging. Heck, even the white anti-racist polemicist Tim Wise, who never misses an opportunity to vituperate white America, has come under fire from certain black anti-racists for being essentially the Elvis Presley of anti-racism.

On that note, let us turn to the subject matter at hand. Just recently, prominent male feminist icon Hugo Schwyzer has announced that he is abandoning his internet writing career, and quitting the internet altogether.

What prompted this decision? Well, in his own words, he was at the receiving end of criticism just a bit too much, and some of this criticism was driving him to suicidal thoughts. I believe it was Dota who said something about feminists being incredibly thin-skinned. Aside from the fact that he’s a repulsive, narcissistic turncoat, why would Hugo be subjected to criticism so harsh that he would even contemplate taking his own life?

Well, let’s just say that he has a rather blemished past. Despite being an avowed feminist, his history involves a murder/suicide attempt of his ex-girlfriend during a drug fueled rage, using his position as a gender studies professor to sleep with several female students (including a few on a trip he was chaperoning), and various other transgressions. Needless to say, he’s a despicable human being.

Despite the fact that these revelations occurred a while ago, resulting in much flak from certain feminists, he continued to be embraced by feminist publications such as Jezebel. Some of his gems include advocating that women anally penetrate their boyfriends in order to make them better feminists and lovers. Unfortunately, I am not making this up. However, he simply couldn’t handle the slings and arrows of indignation over his past, so he’s throwing in the towel.

Allies are very interesting indeed. There are several things I have noticed about “allies,” in no particular order:

1. They are incredibly narcissistic. Hugo Schwyzer’s narcissism is legendary, and he’s doing little to refute this notion. Likewise, if one were to peruse Tim Wise’s website and various articles, then one can find countless examples of him discussing his life story. Other “allies” are very similar. Seeing as how these types are naturally inclined towards narcissism, I speculate that much of their activism is a form of attention whoring. They’re essentially saying, “Look at me, look at me! I’m not like those others (whites, men, etc), I’m enlightened!”

2. They are very opportunistic. It has already been revealed that Hugo Schwyzer used his position as a professor to sleep with numerous female students. Once he stopped sleeping with his students, he played the role of female savior and defender, using his own story as a reformed bad boy to promote his writings about gender. Tim Wise has likewise enjoyed a successful career on the lecture circuit, which often involves promoting his books, in spite of his claim that whites should first and foremost listen to non-whites. Something tells me that the second feminism and anti-racism cease being lucrative, the likes of Schwyzer and Wise would abandon them in a heartbeat.

3. Their ally pass can always be revoked. Whether one engages in behavior as disturbing as Schwyzer, or merely adopts questionable stances such as Wise, one’s status as an ally is always tenuous. This isn’t just confined to cultural pet causes such as race or gender. Jewish American scholar and critic of Israel, Norman Finkelstein, has been criticized by many segments of the Palestinian movement for adopting certain non-progressive positions on the Two State Solution and BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions). Also, unlike Schwyzer and Wise, Finkelstein never profited from his idealism. While I disagree with Finkelstein’s views on certain aspects of the Israel/Palestine conflict, as well as his characterization of the U.S/Israel relationship, the fact that the Palestinian Solidarity Movement turned on him so quickly is still quite telling.

In conclusion, being a culturally leftist ally can be quite profitable, yet also unstable. It also isn’t recommended for those with any degree of dignity and self-respect. If you see one, be sure to remind him that he’s scum.

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3 Responses to When Allies Become Enemies: Hugo Schwyzer’s Curious Tale

  1. Quartermain says:

    Reminds me of a saying:

    “Those who swim with sharks are bound to be bitten.”

  2. Alice says:

    Girl Power.

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