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The Apotheosis of Racial Stupidity: Latinos as Racial Transformers

While Dota and I do not deny the existence of race, we have never assigned much importance to biological race. We’ve always deemed culture far more important, and believe that Western civilization should be defended irrespective of the biological superiority … Continue reading

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The lunacy of the Christian Right

Before we get down to it, let me first stress that this blog advocates Christianity as a part of Western identity. We believe that western civilization’s moral center lies in Christianity and that is why we are as exasperated by … Continue reading

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Beer, Sports, and the Encroaching Police State: The Wages of American Neurosis

Longtime readers of Occident Invicta who have read my various commentaries pertaining to politics and social trends may be surprised, but I’m a very passionate sports fan. For most of my life, being a Bay Area sports fan was to … Continue reading

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Civilizations in motion

How does one behold a civilization? One might start by beholding the man, to paraphrase Pontius Pilate. Archaeology and deconstruction are fine tools for understanding the civilization, however, a rigorous intellectual approach distances the intellectual from the underlying humanity of … Continue reading

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Islam and Confucianism are not democratic.

It would be a cliche of vast proportions to state that the ethical systems of Islam and Confucianism are immensely board in scope and application. Their moral imperatives span the social spheres family life, property ownership, governance, social etiquette, to … Continue reading

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A New Cold War, or Imperial Chickens Coming Home to Roost? The Implications of Edward Snowden’s Asylum in Russia

Pat Buchanan has an excellent new article detailing the growing tension between the United States and Russia. What could possibly account for these growing tensions, over two decades after the conclusion of the first Cold War? Well, unless you’ve been … Continue reading

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Islam, identity, Geopolitics – Discussion continued from Robert Lindsay’s blog

From here There is a big difference, Mush. When Muslims kill “infidels” or kill their own women, they say they are doing it for reasons that are sanctioned by their religion (and culture). When someone who might be (at least … Continue reading

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Conservatism Without the Carnage: A Traditional Conservative Manifesto

As long time readers of Occident Invicta are no doubt aware, we subscribe to traditional conservatism, and thus do not hold most liberal ideals in high esteem. However, there are many aspects of traditional conservatism that most people neglect, especially … Continue reading

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The art of mundane

It was a slow day at the office and I had more time on hand than usual. That is why I decided to construct this: a simple structure made of stapler pins. What is it? Nothing in particular. Or rather … Continue reading

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When Allies Become Enemies: Hugo Schwyzer’s Curious Tale

I understand that we have expended many posts critiquing and bashing feminism, so I initially hesitated to write this post. However, this news item was too great to pass up. It is not actually my intent to bash feminism (too … Continue reading

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