“I Deserve an Accolade Because I Exist”: Thoughts on the Solipsism of Western Feminists

This post was inspired by a status update from one of my female friends on facebook. She posted an article that decried the fact that most runway fashion models meet the official BMI criteria for anorexia. Following this denunciation of oppressive beauty norms, she proudly declared that all women are beautiful, regardless of their size.

This powerful, socially conscious status was followed by a comment left by a white knight male claiming that all women are indeed beautiful.

Rest assured, it is not my intention to bore you with the dull moments of my life on social networking sites. However, what recently transpired on facebook is hardly an isolated incident, and such attitudes pervade mainstream society as a whole.

If you think that these “body positive” (read: accept obesity as attractive or else you’re a shallow misogynist) zealots are confined to the fringes of the internet, think again. One obese American woman, Jes Baker, has attracted national attention with her fat acceptance advocacy. In an attempt to parody the antiquated beauty norms of the fashion giant Abercrombie & Fitch, Baker can be seen posing in several photos with a much leaner, more physically attractive man.

Various bloggers within the manosphere have already tackled the absurdity of “fat acceptance.” That fat acceptance is a predominantly female movement or that fat acceptance advocates such as Jes Baker engage in blatant hypocrisy when they pose with much thinner men as opposed to men their own size, is hardly news.

However, what really gets me is this absurd notion that “all women are beautiful” or that people deserve to be praised just for existing as human beings. Feminist fat acceptance advocates do not have a monopoly on this kind of delusion. The legendary American comedian George Carlin once lambasted the absurdity of the “self-esteem movement” and its cousin “child worship.”

That being said, this “I’m special because I exist!” ethos is very much female driven. If a man who was overweight, socially awkward, and spent most of his free time playing video games in his parents’ basement were to come out and decry women’s high standards and implore women to find him attractive, he would earn nothing but scorn and ridicule. He would be told to hit the gym, develop confidence, cultivate better social skills, as well as other measures of self-improvement.

But if you’re a woman who looks like a Hutt crime lord, and most men don’t find you attractive? Well then, it’s society’s fault! Society’s social constructs and beauty standards need to be altered in order to ensure that all women feel beautiful and special.

That such delusional thinking isn’t called out more often, and is in fact rewarded with mainstream praise, is indicative that the decadent empire is truly undergoing terminal decline.

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5 Responses to “I Deserve an Accolade Because I Exist”: Thoughts on the Solipsism of Western Feminists

  1. WmarkW says:

    There’s a huge gulf between professional models and obesity. The fact that impossible weight standards cause depression in girls has generated a fair bit of commentary from feminists, with consequent rebuttals from masculinists.

    The latter point out that the cover models on male-targeted mags like Maxim and Easy Rider are more fully built than those on women’s, like Vogue and Cosmo. It isn’t hetero men who prefer women to look like skeletons, but the gay men in fashion industry who think they should resemble 12-year-old boys.

    Steve Sailer has alternatively advanced the theory that being a woman is to be trapped in a weak body, and women fantasize about what it would be like to not have to carry so much weight around, and have unlimited energy. A lot of advertising for beauty products shows women popping out of taxicabs, or dancing the night away.

    • Dota says:

      The main problem in my view is that society simply doesn’t hold women up to any standards today.Women also refuse to take any responsibility for their actions choosing instead to blame the twin phantoms of patriarchy and rape culture. The average western woman is basically an overgrown child who equates entitlement with equality.

  2. RunswithScissors says:

    While I’m usually sympathetic to anti-Indentirian views, I am not sure that fat acceptance is such a wide spread and widely accepted phenomena. Fat acceptance seems pretty fringe to me.

    I understand that you’ve encountered this stuff in your Facebook feed and it might therefore strike you as a popular movement; but it could it simply be that Facebook lends itself well to needy, please-validate-me, borderline histrionic nonsense like fat acceptance? That such nonsense wouldn’t be nearly as well received elsewhere? People are friends or at least acquaintances on Facebook; it breaks ancient social laws to berate them publicaly for their idiocy. On other more anonymous platforms I don’t see them getting as much ‘likes.’

    I’m also not so sure that fat males face greater animosity from society than fat females. There are plenty of celebrated fat-ass men, but few celebrated fat-ass women, after all.

    I’m leaning towards the view that fat acceptance is a fringe fad that will soon fade away into gray mush that is Identitarian resentment of anything and everything that reminds them that they are not special snowflakes. But there will be another fad. Such is the Identitarian Left.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I am not sure that fat acceptance is such a wide spread and widely accepted phenomena.

      Thing is, a lot of these leftist identity movements are fringe. Having interacted with numerous everyday people of all races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds, I have never heard “privilege” used in casual conversation.

      And yet, people who espouse such ideas wield influence within academia, the media, and other arenas.

      Fat acceptance is allied with feminism, and prominent, widely read feminist sites such as Jezebel constantly promote fat acceptance.

      I’m also not so sure that fat males face greater animosity from society than fat females.

      I would argue that fat people in general face a lot of disdain and animosity. This fat Latino guy I know gets mercilessly ridiculed within our friend group.

      Difference is that fat guys don’t get to whine and cry about how society needs to “accept” them and how all men are beautiful. If a fat guy were to whine in that manner, his own mother would tell him to stop being a wimp and hit the gym.

      Heck, even when I put on a few pounds in the past (and even then, I was hardly fat), I was admonished about my weight.

      Only women get away with this kind of delusion. Even the most women bashing manosphere sites encourage male self-improvement, as opposed to feminist sites, which tell women that they’re all special little snowflakes just the way they are.

      As the blogger Captain Capitalism once put it, men improve, feminists excuse.

  3. mymanandme03 says:

    Fat acceptance increases obesity. How many countries that embraced it had/have problems managing obesity levels? Countries that don’t have much lower obesity percentages.

    The obese get more complacent the more people tiptoe around their feelings and the more society caters to them. What motivation do they have to take care of themselves?

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