Canadians naively feel that racism is on the rise

It isn’t uncommon to hear Canadians express their concerns over the growing menace of racism, even in a Liberal province like Ontario which is generally regarded as progressive. But I’ve encountered similar sentiments being expressed here in Saskatchewan where white Canadians express their dismay over how racist Canadian society is. According to the Canadian Race Relations foundation almost half of Canadians feel racism is on the rise:

 “This survey, of about 1,700 Canadians taken in September, showed 46 per cent feel racism is on the rise. Slightly less — 45 per cent — disagreed. The results were considered representative of the Canadian population within 2.4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. “

The results of this survey are a symptom of a larger problem: that most Canadians don’t really understand what racism is, for if they did, they would express views to the contrary of what the survey reported. But now that the question has been raised, lets examine it. Is racism on the rise here in Canada? I don’t think so. Racism is an ideology which divides human beings into racial groups and then grades said groups hierarchically. It implies that some races are inherently superior or inferior in relation to others. Do Canadians feel this way? Hardly. There are very few whites that are bona fide racists today and I believe that their number is so small that they are politically and culturally insignificant. However most people tend to confuse xenophobia for racism and hence it would seem that ”racism” is on the rise. The mainstream media does its bit in sowing confusion by deliberately using both these terms interchangeably. The result of this confusion is as obvious as it is distressing: self righteous liberals pontificating on tolerance followed by pathetic self flagellating white guilt.

So what does a truly racist society look like? Too find an answer one needn’t look further than the UAE. I spent over 10 years in Dubai and I can tell you that this society is racist to the core. In this society (like no other) privilege is a function of race and the races are ranked hierarchically. On the highest rung of the ladder are the Emirati nationals, spoon fed, spoiled, and as A.A Gill pointed out: born retired. White expats from North America and Europe occupy the next level, enjoying the highest possible pay for any job they do in addition to receiving softer perks like getting better customer service and all around etiquette. The expat Levantine Arabs from Syria, Jordan, and Palestine are just below the whites followed by the lowest ranked race: South Asians; exploited and underpaid. Racial discrimination is legal in Dubai and it isn’t uncommon for newspaper classifieds to explicitly demand a “European national” or an “Arab national” for a job. An employee’s pay is also subject to discrimination with certain employees making more than their co-workers (doing the exact same job) due to racial factors.

I’m not trying to excuse racism or xenophobia in this post as xenophobia affects me as well. I have a foreign sounding last name that does me no favours when applying for white collar jobs. My intent however is to point out that white guilt undermines western society by robbing western civilization of its legitimacy. And besides, all humans are xenophobic to some degree; it’s the group survival mechanism that every human being comes pre-programmed with. A tiny amount of xenophobia is essential for group cohesion. Western societies however have done a remarkable job in mitigating the effects of xenophobia on their minority populations. That is the difference between the civilized west and the rest.

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4 Responses to Canadians naively feel that racism is on the rise

  1. batterytrain says:

    How are East Asians, Persians, educated U.S blacks, non-European slavics, and West Asian people ranked?

  2. batterytrain says:

    This is what is mystifying, why do people follow this Arab religion of Islam when its so obvious that it is a ruse and just Arab thought and supremacism in disguise? Especially with non-Arabs trying their best to be muslims and prove they are Arab ass-kissers? There is so much cognitive dissonance associated with this religion and how it confuses these adherent into believing they are on an equal fold with Semites it’s incredible. Islam has to be the world’s most successful cult and scam ever perpetuated in human history, no wonder so many followers of it are from backward low IQ identity confused countries. The fact that it is a ruse is so clear, it’s like detecting a shoplifter or car jacker in day light, the fact that it survived Genghis Khan, Turkic and European conquerors is remarkable. Non-Arab Muslims remind me of the children in the Pinocchio cartoon, Pinocchio and the kids are lured by a sly sleek talking fox (Imams) until he leads them to a mysterious ship where the children are kidnapped and taken to a mysterious island to do brutal child slave labor and treated like work animals, until they escape….

    Arabs are backwards, idiot animals anyway, full of fake pride and a complete inability to have higher cognitive thought and self-reflection. This can be seen in how much their societies are complete failures without external help. No wonder Saddam Hussein and other “Arab dictators” instead of advancing their society intellectually with money instead put pictures of themselves and brandished a cult of personality. This is a trait of primitive backwards societies, there are so many ways to insult and put down Arabs and Pseudo-non-Arabs (Levantines, North Africans, Balkanites etc) that you can make them cry if you want to. This quote and threads sums it up perfectly:

    “The MENA mindset is very narcissistic in the ethnic sense. Basically it’s racial narcissism. Look at for example Saddam Hussein. Instead of promoting efficient policies that increased intellectual progress in Iraq (he actually did some of that early on in his rule, before the war with Iran), he spent lots of money and work on hanging up pictures of himself all over Iraq, thereby promoting a narcissistic personality cult around himself.

    And that’s also why Arabs are basically a bad people and fail where Europeans succeed. Europeans, too, can be very narcissistic, especially when it comes to beauty ideals. But the Arab mindset is narcissistic in the sense that it’s all about delusions of grandeur. Saddam’s son Uday must have had a narcissistic personality disorder of some sort, and don’t even get me started about Gaddafi.

    It’s important to understand that anti-intellectuals rule the Arab world. Perhaps this can be explained by the generally low IQ in the region?”

  3. batterytrain says:

    Here was another quote I was going to put from the same thread:

    “I think that the very reason MENA (including Turkey) is an overwhelmingly Muslim demographic region, has to do with the self-criticism (or lack thereof) Anwar discusses in that clip. Also, the fact that Anatolia to this day still doesn’t understand its predominantly non-Turkic origin, can also be tracked to the same school of thought discussed by Anwar.

    Basically, people in this region (MENA) are vehemently opposed to freethinking and are extremely closed-minded, ignorant and completely incapable of self-criticism (both on a personal and ethnic level). This is also true to some extent of Europeans (look no further than Americans and their America is flawless patriotism), but MENA is way more extreme in this regard that there’s very little if any self-criticism. Basically, Arabs think there are no flaws with their national character, not realising, all they have is flaws. Critical thinking isn’t Arabs’ forte.”

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