WmarkW on wimpy whites

WmarkW writes:

I don’t think the four opinions described here are more common among males than females; females are more vocal and proud to hold these opinions, while males go along with them wimpily because women have them snatched. It’s women who primarily go for non-Western or non-traditional religions like yoga, wicca, Bahai, or gaiaism.

Mark is right ofcourse, women certainly do meet the criteria for wimpiness, except that in the west, women are overwhelmingly dysfunctional. As I pointed out in a previous post, western women fail horribly at their role in conserving culture, a function that is effortlessly fulfilled by their sisters in the east. But just because women are dysfunctional and clueless doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t stand their ground. Men should not allow themselves to become feminized just to score some poon. Men should proudly defend the cultures that their forefathers sacrificed so much to build. Those that do not are rightly labeled as wimpy whites. These men surrender their heritage without a fight and are rightly deserving of contempt.

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