Women and culture – where western women fail miserably

I have always maintained a personal thesis, postulated here for the first time, that the health of a society (and civilization by extension) hangs on a precarious balance of values; that a healthy society must comprise of men with liberal inclinations and women of a conservative bearing. In western history, men have always been more liberal as they challenged the staus quo and questioned Church dogmas. The resulting society became a self correcting one with men questioning the status quo and women conserving the values that their menfolk would define and redefine with each successive generation. Traditional societies in Asia still maintain this balance. Women in these societies are typically very conservative and are the first on the front lines of defense for their respective cultures. It is incorrect to assume, as many a westerner is predisposed, that women are chained to tradition by the machinery of patriarchy. Rather, Asian women choose to defend the traditions that are the bane of their feminist sisters in the west.

During my days at University, I took a course in post colonial studies where the class was made to watch a feminist documentary called “A veiled revolution.” The documentary traced the journey of Egyptian women who were the first to cast of the veil in the 1920s, only to embrace it in the 1980s. What was startling were the interviews that these women gave, one of which is still etched in my memory all these years later. The woman, dutifully clad in a veil, sat alongside her husband in their living room and talked about her decision to embrace the veil. Despite possessing a degree in computer science, she choose to stay at home and allow her husband to be the sole bread earner. Her husband just sat there without saying much as his wife’s voice was the dominant force in this interaction. This was a self possessed woman who knew exactly what she wanted, and she wanted to conserve the values of her culture.

This is their choice. Feminists are big on choice yes?

This is their choice. Feminists are big on choice yes?
courtesy: Amit Dave/Reuters

Lets turn our attention to India as another case study. I would argue that the halt of Christianity in the subcontinent was not due to the efforts of India’s ‘glorious Hindu kings’ as the Hindutva fascists would have us believe, but due to the resilience of the Hindu wife. Missionary John P Jones wrote in 1908:

“And yet, when it comes to matters of religion, her stern piety and her religious devotion in the home are the most potent factor of the household; and husband and father will bow to her supremacy in this realm…It is here that the progress of Christianity is much impeded in India. A man is often found ready to change his faith, and to abide the consequence of the same. It is much more difficult for a woman to transfer her affection. But the conversion of the husband will not abide in permanence so long as the wife persists in her devotion to the ancestral faith. The writer has often seen illustrations of this supremacy of the influence of the woman. But it is not always[259] so. In 1823, a Brahman child was born in Calcutta. When six years old, he lighted, by torch, the funeral pyre of his dead father and living mother. When he attained manhood and had received a University education, he became a Christian. He was then not only renounced by his family, but his young wife also spurned and denied him. In accordance with her faith, she regarded and treated him as dead, performed his funeral rites, and, with shaven head, unjewelled body, and the widow’s white cloth, mourned his decease as if he had actually died.” (John P Jones, India its life and thought, 1908).

'Dharam patni' or dutiful wife. She defends Hindu culture more effectively than a legion of Trishul wielding/child killing Hindutva vandals.

‘Dharam patni’ or dutiful wife. She defends Hindu culture more effectively than a legion of Trishul wielding/child killing Hindutva vandals.

The perennial antagonism between the daughter in law and the mother in law is the Indian household’s most distinctive feature. The mother in law ensures that the other women know their place and duly carry out their cultural obligations. Every Indian household has its moral/religious police force in the guise of the dreaded mother in law. Western feminists are baffled by how these women willingly perpetuate patriarchy which runs contrary to female interests. Clearly these feminist useful idiots are so far gone that they have lost all recollection of a healthy society functioning along gender lines. It is the western woman that has much to learn from her sisters in the orient rather than the other way around.

Contrast this to the west where it is the women that are liberal and the men that are somewhat conservative. The White Nationalist movement is virtually a sausage fest and the absence of women is as astonishing as it is disturbing. I believe this to be the primary reason for the deterioration of the Western family and also the moral fabric of society. To make a dire situation even more intolerable, women have allowed feminists to hijack their voice, and feminists ally themselves with gay rights groups. Far from conserving the values of Western civilization, western women are actively involved in sabotaging them. Jesus said that a house divided against itself could not possibly stand, and those words have a chilling ring to them in light of modern developments.

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20 Responses to Women and culture – where western women fail miserably

  1. Sandy says:

    I am an intelligent woman, women should rule the house when their partner is some IQ points lower than her, I know a couple, happy and all, but the dude, even being some years younger, forget more things than her, that’s an example when male leadership is fail, that house would be a disaster if he made most of the important decisions, you really feel insecure when things are in his hands, you feel his incompetence.

    • Dota says:

      I can empathize with your position. I am not advocating blind obedience to husbands and some men are so irresponsible that they shouldn’t be married in the first place. Marriage is ultimately a “buyer beware” market.

    • Sandy, are you a White woman? White male IQ is actually a few points higher than White female IQ. However, Black female IQ is about 6 points higher than Black male IQ, possibly owing to Testosterone discrepancies.

      It is true that women have superior visual and verbal memory skills to men. Women and men should make important decisions together, weighing the pros and cons, IMO.

      I am pro-Women’s rights and gender equality, however, I do not think highly of feminism. I am a 16 year old male, by the way.

  2. WmarkW says:

    Politically, women, blacks and immigrants (and now gays) are united in a “diversity coalition” that have almost no interests in common, except the desire to get stuff by virtue of government redistribution policies and preferences in the private sector. Go to any college campus, and you’ll find some white chick railing against the oppressiveness of Western society and the need to think multiculturally. Then a week later, she’s complaining about the low status of women worldwide, like rape rates in Africa, genital mutilation, honor killing, and sharia laws.

    If you want muliculturalism, you want to start by importing Third World gender attitudes?

    • Dota says:

      Very true Mark. In fact, a former co-worker, a Scottish female, once told me that she could relate to me. I asked how and she responded by telling me that she was a minority like me, being a woman and all. Idiocy of epic proportions.

      Western women are useful idiots! Perhaps Aristotle was right, that some people need to be controlled for their own good. Women have been running amuck for too long!

    • Batterytrain says:

      WmarkW do you have a lobg of your own as well?

      • batterytrain says:


      • WmarkW says:

        Nope, no blog. Occasionally comment at: Beyond Highbrow, Takimag, Atheist Conservative, Washington Post On Faith.

        Primary interest is ideologically-driven closed-mindedness on either the right or left.

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  4. WmarkW says:



    Ask your nearest multicultarist female if she thinks our country needs a more diverse understanding of rape.

    • Dota says:

      And contrast that to how our feminized societies turn a blind eye to false rape and domestic violence accusations. Feminists should be shipped en masse to Afghanistan for a summer. We’ll see how ”strong” and ”independent” they feel when the nanny state isn’t holding their hand.

      • Tina says:

        57 year old, white American female here, and I couldn’t agree with you MORE!!

        These feminist witches here scream about a ‘war on women’. Let them go to the goddam, female-genital-mutilation countries for a few years. THEN they’ll find out where the war on women really is!!

      • Dota says:

        Thank you for this. Western women have always had it better than women in the non western world, even before feminism.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Well said, Tina. Glad to see that there are women out there with your sentiments.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      @ Mark

      Damn, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      I was actually going to write a post on what actually constitutes a “rape culture,” and how feminists should get some international perspective.

      • WmarkW says:

        Well, don’t let me stop you.
        BTW, is this motivated by the recent convictions in the Richmond case?

        If one wants to discuss “rape culture” within the US, start with data-driven measures of who actually commits rapes, like in Richmond, or Cleveland TX.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I’m probably going to write about it from a more international perspective, with particularly close analysis of the Middle East and South Asia.

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