How to Spot a Cultural Marxist

In my previous posts, you may have noticed that I’ve thrown around the term “cultural marxist.” You’ll also see the term employed quite frequently if you spend enough time browsing the traditional conservative/paleoconservative and white nationalist blogosphere.

Wikipedia (yes, I know, not the most reliable source. But sadly, the term is not covered by mainstream dictionaries or academic sources) defines cultural marxism in the following way:

Cultural Marxism argues that what appear as traditional cultural phenomena intrinsic to Western society, for instance the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, nationalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity; are historically recent developments that help to justify and maintain hierarchy.

Despite this official definition, I figured that I should elaborate more on what I mean when I use the term. Classical marxism believed that all of human history could be viewed through the lens of class struggle. The two classes involved in this struggle were the oppressed, working class proletariat on the one hand, and the privileged, oppressive bourgeoisie on the other. All cultural marxism does is substitute various racial, ethnic, cultural, and lifestyle categories for class. Really, that’s it.

Feminists view history as a struggle between oppressive men (ie. the patriarchy) and powerless women. Anti-racists look at history as a struggle between white supremacy and marginalized “people of color.” Gays look at history as the struggle of homosexuality against “heteronormativity.” So in a nutshell, cultural marxism replaces the proletariat with other marginalized identities that they seek to champion.

However, I feel that this description does not do justice to this troubling phenomenon. Therefore, I have decided to compile a helpful list that will allow readers to identity a cultural marxist on the spot.

1. An obsession with “privilege.” When the average person thinks of “privilege,” they conceive of it in socioeconomic terms. From this standpoint, a person who is raised in an upper middle class or rich family, enjoys opportunities to travel and attend a good college, and lives in a comfortable neighborhood is privileged. But in the eyes of cultural marxists, merely belonging to a designated dominant identity constitutes “privilege.” If you’re white, you’re privileged. If you’re male, you’re privileged. If you’re straight, you’re privileged. Trannies have since gotten in on the act, and have come up with “cisgender privilege” (cisgender referring to normal, non-transgender people). Yup, if you were born a man and would naturally prefer to keep your dick, that renders you a member of a hegemonic oppressor class. There’s also “able-bodied privilege.” Heck, even “fat acceptance” advocates (who are, interestingly enough, mostly female feminists) have decided to join the party. There are whole blogs now dedicated to slaying the monster of “thin privilege.” Curiously enough, class is often absent from these discussions.

2. Various other buzzwords and phrases: “hegemonic masculinity,” “cisgender,” “institutionalized racism,” “rape culture,” “white supremacy,” “perpetual foreigner syndrome,” “normalization,” “people of color,” “a human being is not illegal,” “heteronormative,” “interesctionality,” “microaggressions,” etc.

Essentially, words that convey the oppressed status of designated victim groups, and ensure that majority/dominant groups are not “normalized” are preferred by the cultural marxist.

If you spot any of these buzzwords, you’ve got a cultural commie!

3.  They subscribe to one vital rule: The victim is always right. No matter what. If there is ever a dispute between a man and a woman, the woman is right. Non-whites have the moral high ground over white people. Essentially, oppressed classes have a monopoly on truth and morality. Since they are subjected to unrelenting discrimination and must learn about oppressor groups in order to survive, they have more perspective and insight on life. Members of privileged classes, on the other hand, are so blinded by their privilege and oblivious to marginalized identities that they’re completely delusional, and can only remedy their ignorance by “listening” (ie. shutting up and agreeing with everything they say) to members of oppressed classes.

4. Very little interest in original marxism. That’s right, cultural marxists, and the Western left in general, seem to have all but abandoned the struggle for economic justice. In fact, whenever a member of any given “privileged” class points out that they aren’t exactly privileged on account of growing up poor or economically disadvantaged, a common retort is that they “still benefit from privilege” simply because they don’t have to deal with the various headaches, real or imagined, that oppressed identities have to contend with. They care more about “microaggressions” against black celebrities than they do about white Joe in the heartland being able to find a job.

This is merely a brief overview, as it would take several posts to demonstrate the ways in which the cultural left operates.

But I hope this provides readers with the tools necessary to spot one of these insufferable specimens.

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16 Responses to How to Spot a Cultural Marxist

  1. WmarkW says:

    Guys, slow down.
    I realize you probably started this blog with a backlog of good column ideas.
    But if you post them all in the first few days, you’ll run out of new subjects, the site will get stale, and you’ll be constantly wanting to re-do articles from the original whirlwind.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I’ll keep that in mind.

      Once we have a decent amount of material up, enough for people to comment on and discuss, then we won’t need to upload something new every day.

      Besides, this was somewhat of an introductory post to help inform new readers who might not be as familiar with the kinds of ideas we espouse. If readers ever need any clarification on certain terms I use, I’ll be sure to direct them to this post.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Thanks, great find! This was the most insightful quote of the article:

      So what you end up is with a kind of minority Top Trumps, and a sort of spreading, infectious belief that the more box-tickingly disadvantaged a person is, the wiser, kinder and more all-seeing they must be. And it’s stupid.

      As I said in my post, one of the fundamental tenets of cultural marxist thought is the belief in the wisdom of the oppressed.

      • Steve says:

        I thought this line was funny: “In truth, as anybody who has ever been mugged can tell you, society’s most disadvantaged can be right bastards. Indeed, they’re often right bastards to each other.”

      • Well, BAG, I am currently on welfare and Medicaid, and living with a single mother. As a disadvantaged person myself, I can tell you I believe in wisdom of the middle-class. It is true that poorer people do learn some life lessons that the upper classes do not, however, I do not feel like the majority of my ghetto unprivileged neighbors are more hospitable or kinder than middle-class folks, be they White or Black. In my personal experience, middle class folk, both Black and White, are much more kind and warm than both rich and poor Blacks and Whites. Middle-class folk are the most open-minded and humanitarian folk I have ever known.

      • Dota says:

        Middle-class folk are the most open-minded and humanitarian folk I have ever known.

        The middle class is the most important class in society. They are the moral nexus of society and it is often their dissatisfaction that triggers of riots and revolutions. One of the reasons India is so screwed is because it has the most morally retarded middle class on the planet. Plato described the ideal class as one that was neither rich and neither poor.

      • Plato was right. We do obviously need a rich and disprivileged class to keep society balanced, and to fill different roles, but the middle-class is ideal.

        As far as India, are their middle class based on caste?

      • Dota says:

        Interesting question. As is the case in most societies, the middle class in India is also an economic class. But economic privilege is a function of caste. Nevertheless, of late people have been defying caste barriers, with lots of affirmative action programs funded by the government. So I’d say that 2 types of privilege exist in Indian society, class and caste. In the long run, class > caste; assuming India continues gaining in material prosperity.

      • RD Sultan says:

        Dota: why is India’s middle-class “morally retarded” in your view?

      • Dota says:

        The middle class is supposed to ensure the health and morality of society. In India, morality doesn’t extend beyond sexual morality. The Indian middle class is fractured along lines of ethnicity, caste, and religion and are unable to exert the influence their western counterparts are able to exert in their own societies. It’s middle class individuals in the west that donate to the Salvation army and volunteer at soup kitchens. You don’t see that in India where the middle class is Hobbesian and opportunistic. They are better of materially, but remain every bit as un-evolved as they have always been.

  2. WmarkW says:

    Saw this excerpted on another site and thought it belonged here:
    Comment on “Living in a Backwards World” by Melanie Philips, from David Solway

    We live in a backwards world in which the decent are regarded as indecent, defenders of western institutions are considered as terrorists, correct naming is derogated and often prosecuted as slander and “hate speech”, violence is justified if committed by our enemies, unseasonable cold weather is interpreted as an infallible sign of global warming, … It is a world in which Iran chairs the UN Conference on Disarmament; and Syria was recently a member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. … We have, for the most part, colluded in an agreement that upside-down down is right-side-up, backwards is forwards, and madness is sanity …

    It is a world, as we have just seen, in which respectable and knowledgeable anti-jihadist freedom fighters Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are forbidden entry to the U.K. as disturbers of public order and social peace while avowed terrorists are welcomed into the country and allowed to live handsomely on the public dole. It is in this same benighted nation that anti-Sharia activists Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll of the English Defence League are arrested for entering a Sharia-controlled zone in Tower Hamlets, a borough of London, on their way to Woolwich to honor Drummer Lee Rigby, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. As reported on The Gates of Vienna website, “the Metropolitan police have now taken on the responsibility of enforcing the borders of these shariah-controlled zones, applying the rules laid down by the Islamic inhabitants.”

    • Dota says:

      LOL @ Spencer and Geller being respectable anti-jihadist freedom fighters! When retards like them are elevated to intellectual status you know you are living in a backwards world. There hasn’t been a decent intellectual critique/deconstruction of Islam since Tocqueville.

      • What do you think about Narendra modi’s international Narcissistic attention whoring.

        I always believed that indian society has little understanding of Reality. “Its a society that hates mirror and incapable of self reflection”.

        India always lives in mythical bubble,Society invents innumerable amount of myths to survive and mitigate the life which is often crude,corrupt and highly opportunistic.

        I think what happened in 2010 is nothing more than “Bursting of Mythical Indian bubble”–Unending Corruption scandals,mismanagement ,selling natural resources for lower price,–All of these things did not happen over night, it took 15 years of negligence and denial for the society to reach the state–Like Commonwealth games contract which was given in 2003 but till 2010 no renovation is done, only in final days some stadiums were renovated.

        I think Indian myth began to burst in early 2010..People became angry not because corruption or negligence,but the ugly underbelly of india is getting exposed and they can no longer swallow the reality.

        What india wanted at that time is a myth maker, another narcissist who can orate fairy tale stories of ancient indian past ..

        If you observe the indian political scene and Hindutva administration, You see extreme Solipsism in political administration, a constant attention seeking, even to the point of organizing rallies in Australia and US ,just to get that EGO trip

        Indian people cannot survive without lies… Without lies and myth, society will fall apart .

        India needs continuous stream of lies ,re affirmation from foreigners/outsiders to keep living as a nation

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  4. Not Necessary says:

    A couple of things jump out at me; first, in Marxs worldview there were actually 3 classes; the Proletariat, the Bourgeoisie, and the Aristocracy. Whilst the Aristocracy falls under the same basic umbrella as the Bourgeoisie, the chief difference is that th Aristocracy (usually ‘old money’ families) were landlords while the Bourgeoisie were the factory owners.

    Second, I find the definition of CM to be a little misleading; nationalism, by all accounts, is a very recent phenomenon.

    Other than that, appreciate the explanation, it’s a pain to get a straight answer on it anywhere because there are so many stupid people who have gotten hold of the term, and the keyboard warriors over on Wikipedia are constantly sabotaging the article.

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