Race Riots Chinese Edition: White Handwringing Versus Asian Damage Control

In my last post, I discussed the race riots in Sweden that shocked the world. Needless to say, anyone who couldn’t see it coming needs to acquire some perspective. But I digress. This time, I’m going to take a break from the Western world and focus on the recent violence that has taken place in China.

In Xinjiang, Western China, clashes between Uighurs and Han Chinese have left over twenty five people dead. This is hardly the first time such violence has erupted between the two groups. In 2009, rumors that six Uighur factory workers had raped two Han women sparked violence and unrest in Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi.

The growing presence of China in Xinjiang has undoubtedly brought about development and modernization. However, as no less than revisionist Zionist Vladimir Jabotinksy once said, all peoples resist their colonizers, regardless of how benevolent those colonizers happen to be. On a side note, whenever you’re confronted with the arguments of a pro-open borders advocates, don’t fall into the trap of debating whether or not third world immigration is economically beneficial. All peoples have the right to preserve the ethnic and cultural integrity of their homelands, no matter what.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that there is very little self-loathing or introspection on the part of the Chinese. Not interested in analyzing the “root causes” or “structural inequality” that might have been responsible for the riots, the Chinese media unequivocally condemned the riots as a “terrorist attack.” They didn’t engage in the kind of soul searching that Swedes did following the violence in Stockholm.

By framing the riots as a “terrorist attack,” Chinese elites are demonstrating a couple of things. For starters, just like comfort women apologists such as Toru Hashimoto, the Chinese government cares far more about order, stability, and face than they do about fundamental questions of justice. To admit that China’s treatment of the Uighurs has been less than noble, or that China’s actions in Xinjiang might have provoked this violence, would be to shatter the illusion of unity and strength that the Chinese wish to project. I don’t believe that this is merely the work of China’s authoritarian government, as China’s population consistently demonstrates intense nationalism.

Also, one can’t help but notice that the Chinese have taken advantage of the “war on terror” and increasingly anti-Muslim climate in the West. Any astute observer can see that the conflict between the Han Chinese and Uighurs is an ethnonationalist conflict tied to land and resources. However, by framing the conflict as one of order and stability versus radical Islamic separatism and extremism, the Chinese can appeal to Westerners who themselves are wary of Islamic extremism and growing separatist trends among certain Muslim minorities. There’s certainly logic to such an approach. Given how no less than the BBC misleadingly depicted the ethnonationalist conflict in Burma between the Rohingya and native Burmese as a Buddhist versus Muslim conflict, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t fall for such tricks again.

I hope this demonstrates that Western cultures are far more conscience-based than the pragmatic, face obsessed, collectivist cultures of Asia. I also hope this demonstrates that much of the self-loathing conscience that characterizes Western culture needs to be tempered in favor of a slightly more pragmatic approach.

For all of China’s faults, they’re obviously doing something right.


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6 Responses to Race Riots Chinese Edition: White Handwringing Versus Asian Damage Control

  1. About Xinjiang says:

    The problem here is that the Uyghur aren’t actually native to Xinjiang.

    Take a look, here: http://www.defence.pk/forums/china-far-east/260692-truth-about-uyghur-demographics-han-immigration-xinjiang.html

    Are Europeans less conscience-minded because they expelled Germans from Slavic land after the war? The Uyghur are latecomers to the Xinjiang, as for your quote about people always resisting colonizers, how much and for how long varies. The South Chinese used to be a completely different people. Now they’re more or less the same with a 20-30% infusion of genes from outside and maintain a unique culture.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      They may not have originally been native to the region, but they’ve been living there continuously for quite a long time.

      Same thing with Turks (the ethnic cousins of the Uighurs) who live in Istanbul. Yes, it was formerly Greek and Christian and existed as Constantinople for most of its history. The Turks were usurpers, but even I (as someone part Greek) have to acknowledge that the Turks have been living there for several centuries now. Rightly or wrongly, it’s their land now. If people of ethnic Greek descent were to attempt to kick the Turks out of Istanbul, claiming that it’s their ancient land, few people would accept it.

      The Jews lived in Palestine millennia ago. That didn’t give the Zionists the right to expel the Palestinians who had been living on that land for eons, just because of that ancient claim.

      Are Europeans less conscience-minded because they expelled Germans from Slavic land after the war?

      I think you’re missing the point. I do not deny that whites/Europeans have committed numerous crimes or ethnically cleansed various peoples.

      The point I’m making about whites having more of a conscience is that they’re probably the only group of people around the world that feels any significant degree of guilt over their past crimes, even going so far as to flagellate themselves over it.

      One only has to compare how Germany has handled its holocaust/nazi legacy versus the deplorable way Japan has handled its imperial/WWII legacy.

  2. Andalusian Renaissance says:

    “For all of China’s faults, they’re obviously doing something right.”

    What are they doing right?

    The Chinese are ethnically cleansing the indigenous Uighurs, they’re only interested in East Turkestan(Xinjiang) because of it’s oil resources.

    Most Uighur Muslims are really liberal, they follow a more spiritual version of Islam, so they don’t really want an Islamic state in China, all they want is the freedom to practice and preach their religion and the freedom to express themselves and preserve their Turkic identity.

    This blog has information on East Turkestan and Uighurs:


    • Bay Area Guy says:

      What are they doing right?

      Just to clarify, I am not praising the actual act of ethnic cleansing.

      Rather, when I speak of the Chinese “doing something right,” I’m referring to their tremendous growth and ascendancy.

      In addition to China’s massive size and population, which has allowed them to leverage their labor and become the world’s factory, they’re also intensely nationalistic. I don’t think enough people take into account the role nationalism has played in recent East Asian success. Nationalism encourages people to make sacrifices and work together on behalf of the interests of the nation.

      It’s hard to harbor a strong sense of genuine nationalism if you’re constantly being guilt-tripped and made to feel bad about your country’s horrible transgressions.

      I’m not saying that white Westerners pull a 180 and become as intensely nationalistic as the Chinese. Rather, “white guilt” needs to be tempered with more pride and nationalism.

  3. By genes, the Uighurs are 40-50% Northwestern European. They descend from early Tocharians living near the Tarim basin. A lot of Caucasian-East Asian hybridization has occurred in the Tarim Basin. The Mongols and the Hmong both received a moderate amount of Caucasian genes from there. The Mongols are 11-14% Caucasian.

    The Han Chinese have no Caucasian genes. The Uighurs and the Han have been rioting for awhile now. Blogger Robert Lindsay writes about Chinese government oppression of the Uighurs, how Han Chinese regularly launch Kristallnacht-like attacks on Uighur residences. The government sends a lot of Han Chinese into Uighur areas, to change demographics. The Uighurs are slowly being genocided by the Han.

    In some areas, the Uighurs have taken up arms and formed rebel militia groups. The Han Chinese police forces respond by imprisoning Uighur civilians in Xinjiang on any suspicion of rebellion. Mass imprisonment of Uighurs has become a problem in China.

    • maopai says:

      Uighurs descend from Mongols who invaded and killed the Tocharians. Han people were in Xiyu 2000 years ago, which is 1000 years before the Uighurs Mongols came to Xiyu.

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