Pop culture and feminist social engineering: an ongoing series – by Dota

If you want to murder an individual you could poison his food; if you want to wipe out a village however, you poison the local well. One can easily apply this axiom to the re-programming of society where the poison is pop culture and the well is the mainstream media. It seems that our elites are trying to pacify society by sowing gender confusion and inverting the natural order to create a post modernist dystopia. In this post we’re going to analyze an episode from season 4 of NBC’s popular TV show ”Parks and Recreation” as an illustration in feminist social engineering. The nature of this subversive content is clearly illuminated in light of Michael Schur’s Jewish identity.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

The episode is titled “Pawnee Rangers” and the plot is centered around protagonist Leslie Knope’s (played by Amy Poehler) attempt at outdoing her boss Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) in organizing a camping getaway for elementary school children. Ron’s rejection of any girls within his camping group spurs on Knope’s penis envy (the keystone in the arch of the feminist psyche) and motivates her to put together an all girls camping group christened “The Pawnee Goddesses.” The two groups camp side by side, the Rangers (Swanson’s group) within self pitched tents and the Goddesses in an adjacent cabin furnished with modern amenities. The Rangers eat canned beans while the Goddesses eat home cooked Korean food.

Swanson tries to teach his group survival skills by subjecting his boys to a series of gruelling tasks while the Goddesses engage in pillow fights and hiking. The ranger’s morale is at an all time low and the climax of the episode occurs when one of the rangers defects to the goddesses’ side to become a “Pawnee goddess.” This humiliating and degrading scene is the high point of the episode. In time the rest of the Rangers suffer emasculation as they defect en masse to Knope’s side and don the pink shirts of their rivals. Knope was initially hesitant in allowing the boys into her group, however, after holding a public debate (at the request of her girls) she acquiesces. The debate scene itself is a hateful piece of feminist propaganda where the girls outshine the boys with sophisticated arguments centered around ‘equality’ while the boys are motivated by base impulses. The boys are then admitted into the camp and issued Pink goddesses T-Shirts. The message is clear: ‘Equality’ prevails but it does so on feminist terms as the males are psychologically castrated and then feminized. The former rangers now earn the same privileges as the Goddesses and gain access to the comforts of the cabin.

The Cabin

The Cabin itself is an interesting metaphor which I believe symbolizes the government. The government usurps the masculine role of providing for the females while castrating the males (via feminist legislation, feminist family courts, divorce laws ect). This jeopardizes the reciprocal nature of the heterosexual dynamic while neutering both sexes. This isn’t unlike what transpires in the real world where the government uses tax payer money (contributed mostly by men) to fund feminist programs that neuter males by robbing them of their children and property (divorce courts).

I am not arguing against women working or seeking careers as even Asian women do so all the time. However unlike western feminism, Asian women work to straighten their families, not to self actualize; which they are content pursuing within he context of child rearing and family. Asian women do not view their domestic function with disdain. That is the key difference. A feminine woman depends on her man and is comfortable doing so. In the film “Take the lead” Antonio Bandaras’ character (a dance instructor) articulates this brilliantly when he says (I’m paraphrasing from memory) that a woman who allows her man to lead trusts him, but more importantly, she trusts herself. A feminine woman is not at war with herself unlike her feminist counterpart. Anyhow back to the Cabin. I suspect the message is that men must toe the line in order to receive benefits from the government in addition to societal acceptance. In the final scene of the episode Leslie Knope reconciles with Ron by organizing a camping trip where the latter is free to conduct the trip in his own way. The new group is comprised of both boys and girls, genderless and possessing no distinctions beyond the physical; equal.

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  1. Lostworld says:

    It’s ‘toe the line’ not ‘tow…’

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