The Pendulum Effect: What Russia’s Story Can Teach the West – By Bay Area Guy

I’ve always found Russia to be a fascinating country, if only because I have a deep appreciation for dark irony. The radical transformations that Russia has undergone in just the past century have baffled even the most perceptive of observers. Russia first transformed itself from the reviled anti-Jewish pogrom capital of the Czars to the communist darling of Western leftists. When the evil American capitalist empire was at its height, only the Russian dominated Soviet Union was there to challenge them. When defiant third world countries such as Cuba were subjected to either predatory imperialism or economic embargoes, it was the Soviet Union that served as a beacon of hope. They demonstrated to the world that there was an alternative to the Great Satan.

That the leftist assessment of the Russian Communist Empire was fallacious is beside the point. It was Russia’s image that was important.

However, ever since the collapse of the Soviet Empire, Russia hasn’t missed an opportunity to draw the ire of the Western left. Whether it’s gangster capitalism, Vladimir Putin’s strongman rule, brutal neo-nazi violence in the land that lost the most lives to Nazism, or the “persecution” of Pussy Riot, Russia seems to be making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Russia’s newest law banning “gay propaganda” is just further icing on the cake. Even I have to admit that this rightward drift has reached absurd heights. Just recently, two girls hugging one another were arrested in the St. Petersburg metro for “promoting lesbianism.” What’s most interesting is that the arrest was prompted by complaints from other passengers, and that these passengers were emboldened to complain on account of the new law.

There are some valuable lessons that can be taken from Russia.

For starters, despite the cultural and ideological hegemony of the cultural left, traditional conservatives should not despair. Given the right conditions, societies can undergo significant ideological transformations. Absent artificial constraints, the silent majority can indeed make its voice known. Communism in Russia was sustained by an authoritarian police state. Ethnic tensions were likewise kept in check through authoritarian methods. However, without the hall monitors to keep the big kids in line, the big kids have decided to reclaim the campus. In perhaps one of the greatest ironies of our times, it is Russia and the former Eastern European Soviet satellites that are the last bastions of pro-white sentiment in the world. Without years of prosperous indulgence and liberalism to soften them, Russians have retained their fighting spirit.

However, as much as people within the alternative right may like to laud Russia for its unapologetic assertion of its identity, pragmatists must temper such enthusiasm with caution. Yes, I admire how Russia doesn’t sacrifice its values to the false gods of cultural Marxism. Yes, as someone who grew up around self-flagellating, wimpy whites, it’s gratifying to see a large mass of white people promote their identity, the hurt feelings of minorities and leftists be damned.

But at the same time, if the pendulum swings too far in the other direction, then we’ll simply be empowering our enemies on the left. Thanks to Russia, leftists can now equate healthy nationalistic pride with the brutal skinhead violence currently engulfing Moscow and St. Petersburg. Whenever a cultural conservative is in favor of traditional values, our enemies can assert that we’re no different from those who would arrest girls for the crime of hugging. It’s also why radical white nationalists are fools when they profess admiration for Hitler. Hitler was one of organized Jewry’s greatest gifts, as they can now equate any critique of Jews to genocidal nazism. Zionists in particular have employed this to their advantage.

Traditional conservatives cannot capitulate, and must remain resolved to fight the ideological enemies of our heritage. However, by using excessive methods, we undermine our cause, and provide further fodder to those who seek to defame us.

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2 Responses to The Pendulum Effect: What Russia’s Story Can Teach the West – By Bay Area Guy

  1. AJ says:

    The brutal black violence in America overshadows skin head violence in Russia by sheer numbers. Nice try. Glory to Russia and the Slavic people.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      AJ, would you happen to be the same AJ from Robert’s blog?

      Anyway, I don’t recall ever singing the praises of black American ghetto violence. Nor did I assert that Russian skinhead violence was the worst example of violence in the world.

      The point I was trying to make was that Russia went from being communist to becoming the new capital of neo-nazism.

      Hence, the pendulum effect. I wasn’t being morally self-righteous about it at all.

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