Immigrants Are More “Fertile”: Really, is this even news? – By Bay Area Guy

Well, if you’re one of those leftists whose purpose in life is to be perpetually offended, I suppose it is.

Never mind that Jeb Bush was actually praising immigrants and their ability to nourish the American economy. Never mind that he’s fluent in Spanish and enjoys significant Latino support in Florida.

Nope, by pointing out the obvious truth that immigrant women, primarily of Latina descent, are “more fertile” and thus are better poised to “replenish” the country’s population, he ran afoul of our cultural Marxist overlords.

Perhaps I’m just one of those clueless white people so blinded by “privilege” that I can’t empathize with oppressed minorities, but can someone enlighten me as to how this is offensive? Is “fertile” now a wicked word? By using the term “fertile,” is he somehow dehumanizing immigrant women by reducing them to broodmares?

The reaction to Jeb Bush’s comment is absurd. The mainstream media constantly highlights and celebrates the “browning of America” and the impending non-white majority. Just last year, when non-white births eclipsed white births for the first time since the U.S. became a nation, the reactions ranged from moderate to enthusiastic. So how do you suppose this wonderful phenomenon occurred? Well, it was a combination of mass immigration and relatively higher birthrates. Yet when Jeb Bush points out the obvious, he’s lambasted. If you want to discuss immigrant fertility, you’d better do so within the context of praising “diversity.”

But enough about leftist malcontents. What really interested me about the article was Bush’s insistence that immigrants replenish the economy, and his suggestion that we emulate Canada’s immigration policy. Canada’s immigration policy works so well because they “have more economic migrants, and have seen sustained economic growth because of it.”

I think Bush hit the nail on the head when he referred to “economic migrants.” Legal immigrants to countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia are highly successful and well educated in large part because they are part of a “brain drain.” They’re the cream of the crop back in their home countries, and are moving to the first world for better job opportunities. All those stereotypically smart and successful Indian doctors and engineers aren’t coming from the Dalit and Shudra castes.

Unfortunately, those “fertile” immigrants he’s referring to are not the highly educated, elite Asian immigrants that dominate Silicon Valley. They are primarily poor, low-skilled Latino immigrants who mostly hail from Central America. They’re the ones whose kids drop out of high school at around twenty percent. However much they may contribute to the nation’s aggregate wealth in the form of menial labor, they are nonetheless contributing to this country’s growing underclass.

When pro-immigration advocates want to sell open borders, they always want to highlight Dr. Patel or computer engineer Wong. Unfortunately, they don’t comprise the majority of immigrants. All those poor immigrants who add to this country’s underclass are a major part of the package.

For a better deconstruction (If I may wax cultural Marxist) of the follies of pro-open border arguments, see Lawrence Auster’s old but still relevant article “huddled clichés.”

More than anything else, Jeb Bush should demonstrate that both parties are committed to the third worldization of the United States. Democrats and liberals want to replace the traditionally white electorate, and Republicans want cheap labor for their corporate masters.

Just like race, differing fertility rates have now been rendered taboo. I’m sure some leftists will now attempt to argue that fertility rates are “social constructs,” as opposed to a significant trend that affects the demographic futures and very souls of nations.

Perhaps that’s the very point. How can white people be perceptive to the demographic displacement they face if the powers that be refuse to highlight this phenomenon in a manner that isn’t completely positive?

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9 Responses to Immigrants Are More “Fertile”: Really, is this even news? – By Bay Area Guy

  1. Really, BAG, I agree with you that mass immigration is really starting to irritate me as well. I am a mulatto with Amerindian and Asian admixture, so I am ethnically diverse. It is not really the diversity of phenotype I hate. It is the cultural overthrow of the American people, the destruction of our American way.

    Today is Independence Day, I am proud to be a (part) White American. I do not say this in a Supremacist way, but I do want to save our country from cultural invasion. I do not want American children being traumatized through school education to be forced to accept immigration and “diversity” or be considered racist, a radical, whatever. I am just tired of this.

    I am 16 years old, and I can say, that if many other young people woke up, that would be good. The American youth will determine the future, as long as we have a demographic advantage. Wake up before it is too late.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      It is not really the diversity of phenotype I hate. It is the cultural overthrow of the American people, the destruction of our American way.

      Precisely. I wouldn’t have such an issue with “diversity” if there were more of a pro-assimilation ethos. If minority groups were content with assimilating into white American culture and if identity politics were to be abandoned, multiculturalism could be workable.

      However, as I pointed out on Robert’s blog, there’s this foolish notion that all groups/cultures can coexist under a “tossed salad” model.

      All other “multicultural” empires in history, despite their diversity, had a core, dominant group. That’s how it should be.

      • Yes, I agree. Phenotype isn’t what really fuels White racism, in my opinion. It is the White frustration of the lack of cultural assimilation of minority groups that really pisses Whites off. In my experience, the culturally/behaviorally assimilated Blacks I have known were accepted by Whites as another White guy with some serious tanning and a flat face.

        In a poor Black neighborhood, the assimilated Whites (wiggers) are accepted as an albino Black guy, in my experience. I have lived in a lot of Black ghettos, and wiggers are accepted as Black people and treated as such.

        Assimilation is the key to peaceful coexistence. Without it, there will always be racists (there will be racists regardless of that as well.)

    • batterytrain says:

      The entire premise of the whole immigration fiasco is just to turn the Western world into plantation societies. It takes several tiers of steps to accomplish this, these include migration of “enemies, undesirables, aliens etc”, when this occurs a two fold result occurs: firstly the migrants are exploited causing a damage in the raw labor jobs and sectors of the economy which further leads to a downward pressure on the wages which echoes through the social levels later on. Secondly a new group emerges that takes advantage of the situation and full fills the niche of actually enforcing and maintaining the hand to push and squeeze these people around, once they take that place then they usually have enough practice and move on to other targets such as actual citizens of the country, when that happens they lease their services to the highest bidder and the pseudo-banana republic emerges.

      This is one reason why working class/poor people of the host society tend to usually be the most racist because a)these people have to actually deal with the migrants first hand b) they end up getting the short end of the policy stick as they are discarded shortly after.

      Is mass migration of sloppy immigrants and non-assimilable people really damaging and racial treason? Hardly, you still have a select few of the people that are pushing the envelope and their agenda, and they will guarantee themselves all the levers and gears to maintain their own mono-cultural setting and castle. It is not racially and demographically damaging from the perspective of the select few that are able to maintain a “castle” because they have their own “garden” to tend to and not their neighbors, so arguing with them is useless because they don’t subscribe to a perennial pan-european human ideal but rather to the philosophy of the coin, the seal and thy neighbor’s castle. So it’s really a return to feudalism, remember the controllers of the West never really made contact or made an effort to cross paths with “commoners” rather the only thing that they saw from outside their houses were the papers stating how much the production of X thing was from Y country.

      If however you want to a pan-European society that is a successor to Western civilization and to carry on it’s tradition well that will be difficult because Europeans cannot seem to embrace such ideals, this is why the “white label” doesn’t make sense because Europeans can’t identify with such and most Euro-descendent Americans don’t want to identify as “European” because they created America to create a new identity for themselves separate from that of Europe. This identity vacuum creates a space where you can encourage to create a plantation society because of a vague label that is not really culturally specific.

      This is the problem with the pan-American experiment, it’s because the descendants of the founders are too comfortable with their society being that as a result of a plantation machinery society. Since America grew as a machinery to merely run on the flows of workers and immigrants (primarily Europeans on Ellis island), like a truck running on diesel, the society is set up so that the machine has to keep on running the same way. This means that people to have to continue buying, purchasing, expanding, exploiting and projecting “growth” and other falsifiable meters of economic expansion, based on population machinations. This ends up attacking and being diametrically opposite to some sort of pan european ideal because you need to have a country that does run on some sort of machinery model of growth; which means that you have to believe in some philosophy and ethics like that of socialism and working towards something. This is where you will end up running afoul of the Steve sailer crowd because their views and ethics, as well as that of people like Jared taylor, are steeped in economic traditions and that idea of demographics” i.e they see people as digits and numbers and quality of production” hence their sarcastic writings on different “immigrants”. Jared taylor just seems a little tad to comfortable with organized Jewry.

      With so much social conditioning and the way that historically Europeans have competed with each other intra-racially and territory wise, it’s going to be a long struggle getting fellow Americans to see beyond their white fences and care about their neighbors lawn and the people they can have contempt for. You need to combat decades of social engineering if you ever want them to ever pursue any sort of ideal. Opponents of homogeneity, typically will bring up the above arguments and it will be hard to get past their barriers. Ultimately you have to replace the American machine with another mechanism that can replenish the demographics and one that is equal like a worker cooperatives model, this will be hard to pursue because of people like Sailor/Taylor/Libertarians/Jews/Conservatives/ since they advocate elitism over idealism.

      The thing you have to persuade the Westerner and American is to have them believe that a homogeneous society is not a boring one I.e suburban one, because they have been led to believe that is what it is. The other thing is that you are essentially gambling on the fact that will be a steady stream of European immigrants to essentially revitalize everything when it’s a different age and there isn’t a continental European demographic boom and population surplus as in ages past and much incentives for the same May flower/Ellis island scenario to take place. You can’t rely on Europe being some sort of demographic vanguard rejuvenation potion because the settings, time, places, needs are just not playing in favor or cards which is another problem.

      The last and final problem is, how are people going to break into the mainstream with such arguments as a fringe movement and ideology that runs counter to the elitist crowd, the idiot PC crowd, the mis led proles and masses, the leeching immigrants, the moron blacks, the media, organized Jewry, open borders types, libertarians, the “Americans” of foreign descent” that make into tier one institutions and parrot libertarians because they want their own to be favored, and the globalists that make up believable bullshit to encourage policies in their favor and bring in “students” to become “hard working Americans? There is a huge battle that they have on their hands if they want to break into the commoners.

      • Dota says:

        Some interesting points, however, I think that the immigration issue seems to be post world war 2 which brings me to what you’ve said here:

        Since America grew as a machinery to merely run on the flows of workers and immigrants (primarily Europeans on Ellis island), like a truck running on diesel, the society is set up so that the machine has to keep on running the same way. This means that people to have to continue buying, purchasing, expanding, exploiting and projecting “growth” and other falsifiable meters of economic expansion, based on population machinations.

        That seems to be a flaw of capitalism, or rather the monster it has become, the exponential increase in material prosperity following the end of the war. To keep this machinery going, the US began engaging in imperial adventures around the globe to secure export markets.

        But what you’ve said up there (atleast my reading of it) reminds me of something that Lord Macaulay articulated in one of his letters over 150 years ago. He mentioned that while the American continent was being colonized, and while there remained resources yet untapped, there would be stability maintained through the perpetual motion of the engine. But once that stage was reached, some ‘demagogue’ would rally the masses against the elites. Perhaps imperialism, consumerism, immigration are intended to keep the engine from stalling? If that is what you saying then its certainly an interesting point of view.

      • batterytrain says:

        U.S imperialism does play a role in the immigration policy, every region they seem to attack ensures a stream and current of refugees that migrate to Europe or other “developed countries” while the skilled ones then move on to the U.S (e.g Iraq, Iran, Balkan nations and Yugoslavia, former U.S.S.R states in Eastern Europe, Germany post war, Ireland, Jews from Czarist Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain) and they get the “cream of the crop” in terms of the professional and skilled laborers while other countries have to take the less reliable refugees..

        The problem goes way beyond then just simplistic analogues about the woes of capitalism; America it seems was some sort social experiment to begin with, which later evolved into a plantation society and then into a machinery to generate whatever it is that the controllers wanted. The society was created just for that purpose and does not have a strong enough cultural foundation to sway to be anything else other than that unlike Western EU nations with their already deep set identities. This is why there is such a strong hunger for “supplies” and “labor”, it is also the reason why Jewish controlled entities such as Hollywood and why American sports seem to be beyond simple past times to being a hazardous pervasive social cancer with cultural costs.

      • Dota says:

        But the European identities you speak of were regional and Nationalist as opposed to the US which emphasized the racial aspect of identity (for obvious reasons). The US wasn’t entirely divorced from Europe and its ideological heritage is very much European. The proto Libertarianism of Jefferson and Paine was Lockian in nature. The Capitalist model of the US (at the time atleast) was an economic extension of classical liberalism.

        You seem to paint the US as a cultural orphan, but I’m not sure if this is the case. Pakistan is an example of a cultural orphan, divorced from its Indian heritage with an artificial Islamic culture suffused onto it.

        American sports seem to be beyond simple past times to being a hazardous pervasive social cancer with cultural costs.

        I completely agree. There’s a distinction to be made between a sport oriented culture and the cult of the athlete. Xenophanes had it right when he condemned athlete worship, which is essentially what modern sport is about. It’s disgusting.

  2. Andalusian Renaissance says:

    I think when Jeb Bush says immigrants are fertile, he’s referring to Asian immigrants and even Nigerian immigrants, because they tend to be more productive than Hispanics.

    They contribute more to the economy and academia and they also don’t commit crimes.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Really? Last time I checked, Asian American fertility rates were not particularly high. I believe that the Asian fertility rate in the U.S. is only 2.11, which isn’t that much higher than the low white birthrate of 1.84.

      I don’t deny that legal immigrants from places such as Asia and Africa tend to be more productive and industrious than lower skilled Latinos.

      However, the point I was making in my post is that those high skilled Asians and Nigerians (while Nigerian immigrants can be industrious, they also export organized crime), are the minority of immigrants, and they have the lowest fertility rates of immigrant groups.

      The “browning of America” has been fueled by illegal immigration from south of the border, not the brain drain from Asia.

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