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Critiquing Hindu Ethics

Hindu ethics defy characterization because Hinduism’s ethical model is predicated on a series of metaphysical forces which possess an ontological basis to their existence. These are the interlocking forces of Caste, Karma, and Dharma, which govern the universe and subsequently … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the screed of a young third gen feminist

Here Wow, then you don’t know me at all considering I care about sexism and racism in all facets of society. You have no idea how much I talk about generating equality through respecting women and allowing them to be … Continue reading

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Diversity, a love story

My roommate works in a warehouse on the west side of Saskatoon and frequently shares anecdotes about work. Upper and middle management are white whereas the guys on the floor are mostly Pakistanis. With the setting laid out, lets proceed. … Continue reading

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What a Real Rape Culture Looks Like

Dota, in his previous post, put to rest some myths about the role of women in patriarchy. In this post, I’m going to slay one of the most sacred cows of feminist ideology: Rape Culture. If people were to take … Continue reading

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Women and Patriarchy: Examining the solipsistic and two dimensional feminist worldview of patriarchy and female subjugation.

In this post I intend to debunk the feminist myth so succinctly expressed by Amani Awwad as follows:  “This struggle for power is reflected in the way society constructs the appropriate gender roles for men and women. Femininity and masculinity … Continue reading

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Celebrating the written word

I enjoy writing, at least the physical sensation of gliding my pen over paper. The joy of writing is the most sublime bliss in the universe, both sensual and spiritual. It is not, thankfully, a passive bliss. Writing mindfully is … Continue reading

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Selective Outrage and Leftist Pet Causes: My Thoughts on the George Zimmerman Fallout

My co-blogger Dota has already covered the elements of George Zimmerman’s trial, including the much neglected gender angle. I’m not interested so much in the facts that led up to Trayvon Martin’s killing, nor am I particularly interested in how … Continue reading

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My thoughts on the Zimmerman verdict: Anybody consider the gender angle?

The Zimmerman verdict has simultaneously provoked outrage and elation from an infantile public alienated from reality. I admit I’m no legal expert and legal jargon sends me scrambling to Wikipedia, but I think I know enough about the issue now … Continue reading

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“I Deserve an Accolade Because I Exist”: Thoughts on the Solipsism of Western Feminists

This post was inspired by a status update from one of my female friends on facebook. She posted an article that decried the fact that most runway fashion models meet the official BMI criteria for anorexia. Following this denunciation of … Continue reading

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Canadians naively feel that racism is on the rise

It isn’t uncommon to hear Canadians express their concerns over the growing menace of racism, even in a Liberal province like Ontario which is generally regarded as progressive. But I’ve encountered similar sentiments being expressed here in Saskatchewan where white … Continue reading

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