About That Swamp

In another maddening, yet unsurprising move, President Trump has further polluted the swamp by appointing Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a major recipient of opioid industry dollars – to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Kind of renders Trump’s commission to address the opioid epidemic a bit hollow. Yet again, the interests of big donors trump (pun intended) the needs of distressed, heartland whites – the main people addicted to opioids – who put The Donald in office.

Meanwhile, in response to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s alleged chemical attack on Idlib, Trump’s approach toward Syria and Assad – which was previously hands-off – has “changed very much.” (HT: Occidental Dissent) As someone who rose to power in part by bashing Dubya’s neocon-inspired foreign policy, Trump may end up giving the Bill Kristols of the world what they want.

So much for “draining the swamp.”

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Healthcare and Globalism

After writing about Ryancare’s downfall, I appeared on Robert Stark’s show – where we were joined by Pilleater – to discuss the article. We mainly focused on healthcare and its social implications, but we also discussed globalism and other topics. Admittedly, I felt that I was a little incoherent at times; but I still made the points that needed to be made.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Healthcare and The Donald

At Robert Stark’s request, I’ve decided to write about the demise of the Republican healthcare bill and its implications for Trumpian nationalism. Long story short, Paul Ryan tried to replace Obamacare – which, ironically, was spawned by the conservative Heritage Foundation and later became Romneycare – with an even worse policy, and failed.

While I have argued many times that America’s healthcare system is a vile abomination, the passage of Ryancare/Trumpcare would have compounded the problem. Therefore, I’m grateful that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) went down in flames, and that Obamacare – as lousy as it is – remains intact. Let this be a lesson: not all shit equally stinks.

With that out of the way, I’d like to direct your attention to an article by Richard Spencer (HT: Robert Stark). In his post, Spencer asserts that President Trump should champion universal healthcare and repudiate the usual True Conservative nonsense. Such libertarian lunacy is politically toxic, and promoting it will only bury The Donald – an ostensible outsider who rose to power by pissing on beltway Republican dogmas. Spencer writes:

If Trumpcare passes, leftists can credibly claim that Trump has betrayed his populist vision. They will recycle the hoary script about nationalism and “scapegoating” immigrants as a means of pushing through a draconian agenda. And they’ll have a point! This is the script they’ve used for decades, and it’s astonishing how the House Republicans seem determined to fit the caricature.

Spencer is absolutely correct. Since one of Donald Trump’s selling points was that he – an independent billionaire – didn’t owe anyone, passing Trumpcare would have only exposed him as a corporate shill. On the flip side, if Trump can somehow pull off single-payer, the populist right would gain a tremendous amount of credibility. As commenter Kate Hikes points out, Trump owning universal healthcare would force both neoliberals and “cucks” into a corner:

Politically, this would also split the Democrats, with the left wing of the party getting what they want and either having to back Trump or finding themselves with a heck of a job equivocating about why they oppose something they’ve always supported; meanwhile, the right of the party, which opposes universal healthcare, would have to explain to most of their constituents why they can’t back giving them what they want. It would also cause uproar in the Republican party of course, but that’s all to the good from our perspective.

Put simply, whoever passes single-payer will alter the political landscape for generations. As I’ve argued before, I think the alt right has potential to make inroads with disaffected white “Brocialist” types. What better way to do that than take up the fight for universal healthcare? Similar to European nationalists like Marine Le Pen, the alt right can gain ground by championing certain progressive causes – universal healthcare, a stronger safety net, and a higher minimum wage – abandoned (or largely ignored) by the corporatized cultural left. Even the socialist magazine Jacobin acknowledged that right-wing populism could score a huge victory by filling in this void left by liberals.

Political calculations aside, single-payer would render potential dissidents less dependent on employers for basic necessities, enabling them to more openly espouse their beliefs. Spencer writes:

we need to think about what single-payer would do for the Alt-Right movement. So many writers, activists, and content creators on our side shy away from becoming more involved, not just out of fear of social punishment, but out of fear of being fired and losing their health insurance. As many wags noted of Breaking Bad, the crippling fear of being sick and being unable to pay for it is one of the defining elements of American life. Single-payer would enable more political soldiers to step forward.

Similar to debt deflation, our current healthcare albatross renders Americans meek and servile. Needless to say, lancing this boil will embolden would-be dissidents. Additionally, the sooner we resolve our healthcare crisis and move on to more important matters, the better. Ultimately, if Trumpism wants to endure, it cannot keep catering to wealthy donors.

However, as I warned the alt right on Alternative Right and Robert Stark’s show, expecting Trump to embrace populism and improve our political economy was (is) pure folly. The man’s a New York billionaire, and he cares way more about his rich buddies than you; just look at his obscenely wealthy cabinet members. Besides Trump’s lack of decorum and propensity to piss off liberal weenies – which the alt right loves – his policies are typical slash-and-burn, “trickle down” Reaganomics crap.

In conclusion, I applaud Richard Spencer for holding Trump accountable and demanding that he honor his yuge promises; but I’m not holding my breath. Fortunately, if the likes of Paul Ryan continue to get taken down a peg, we might just see some positive changes.

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A few more thoughts on globalisation’s end game

Bay Area Guy’s last post raised several interesting points on the pernicious effects of globalisation and I thought I’d add a few more. Despite flowery rhetoric about tolerance and global prosperity, globalization’s end game is essentially globalism, the unhindered movement of capital and labour across the world. This dystopic vision necessitates the dissolving of national borders which in turn requires the destruction of nationalism – this would begin logically with the demolition of the family unit.

We’ve already witnessed an unprecedented propensity to outsource and that propensity seems to be intensifying with the continued evolution of technology. Online platforms like Upwork have made it easy to outsource work to the lowest bidders who typically reside in the third world. I’ve pointed out before that our services based economies require an ever expanding market to sustain them. During the days of old school colonialism where economies were still manufacturing based, western powers conquered foreign countries and turned them into dumping grounds for their economic surplus (captive markets).

Since Western nations manufacture virtually nothing today and have instead foolishly reconfigured their economies along a services based model, they’ve run into a quagmire of declining consumption. Since one cannot export a service (barring some exceptions) it stands to reason that the old school colonialism paradigm no longer suffices. The only way to alleviate the problem of declining consumption is to therefore import consumers within a nation’s borders. Third world immigrants are consumers/employees first and citizens last. The only way to naturalize cultural aliens within ones borders is to do away with the host culture altogether. Thus globalism is the very antithesis of nationalism.

‘People of color’

The term ‘people of color’ succinctly encapsulates the globalist mindset – allotting the masses hollow and artificially constructed identities devoid of any meaning grounded in historical context. It cannot be overstated that this term is essentially a Marxist one. Non-whites certainly do not see themselves as belonging to a monolithic class with common goals and overlapping interests. Persians, Indians, and east Asians have traditionally defined their identities on their own cultural terms as opposed to some hollow alliance in opposition to whitey. ‘People of color’ only makes sense when one views this class as inherently opposed to the class of whites. Only in Marxism do we see artificially created classes pitted against other equally artificially created classes.

In reality, most non whites in North America have extremely weak cultural as well as religious identities. Identities grow organically in their indigenous domains. Divorce the former from the latter and the former is forever compromised. Most second and third generation Asian Americans (and Canadians) have little idea of their cultural heritage. They be able to study their civilisations via textbooks but that is not the same as living the culture. A third generation American Chinese is practically a different species from his counterpart in mainland China. Despite this reality, a North American Chinese person intuitively recognises his gap from the mainstream (ie white) and thus joins the people of colour coalition.

This is primarily why I shake my head in amazement when people think that Islam will take over the west. Such an undertaking would require an enormous act of will and cultural power that North Americans Muslims clearly lack. Muslims have not even been able to implement Sharia law in Pakistan where they are 97% of the population. They double down on their religion because their ethnic identities have become diluted. This is the true reason why our elites don’t fear Islam – they realise that Muslims too can be effortlessly herded into the ever burgeoning POC category alongside Asians and South Americans. While leftists fawn over POC, the category exists for the sole purpose of diluting their identities and hence weaponizing them against whites.

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Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets

Kurt Ho, 58, a systems administrator at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) poses for a photo with some of the 49 IT workers laid off by UCSF in San Francisco

During one of our conversations about globalism, Dota told me that globalization’s ultimate aim is to turn the planet into a big sweatshop. So far, globalists have been remarkably successful at bringing their vision to fruition. Thanks to their efforts, everyone aside from a minority of protected professionals is now expendable. Even tech employees (especially tech employees?) are vulnerable to globalization’s insatiable thirst for cheap labor. Just take UCSF’s decision to outsource 49 of its IT jobs to India – the first time a public California university has outsourced jobs in such a manner. Oh well, I guess these laid off IT workers can always engage in “job retraining.”

Sarcasm aside, it’s important to note that these displaced workers did everything right. They educated themselves, acquired “skills,” and loyally served UCSF for years; yet none of that saved them when the university decided to save a buck. Therefore, whenever I hear some neoliberal meritocrat wax eloquent about the importance of education and claim that economically distressed people just need to learn coding, I roll my eyes.

As I pointed out during my last interview with Robert Stark, the US’s population is over 300 million people. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of millions of bright and hard-working people around the world, so the math simply doesn’t bode well for American workers. Ha-Joon Chang is correct when he insists that without immigration control and similar restrictions, 80-90% of all workers in 1st world countries could be – and would be – replaced by cheaper foreigners. You simply can’t win in a race to the bottom against Pajeet the open defecator.


Globalization: Making the World One Designated Shitting Street

Of course, the usual bootstrapping tough lovers dismiss these concerns. Shit happens (literally!), grab a helmet. If you can’t compete, then find a new hustle; or simply bite the bullet and accept lower wages.

Sure, I guess one can always endure privation and make sacrifices to remain competitive. However, thanks to notions of American exceptionalism, people are understandably angry when elites expect them to toil in order to compete against 3rd world peasants. After all, are we not the wealthiest nation in the history of the world? Isn’t our collective standard of living supposed to keep rising? Therefore, why should we be measured against people compelled to work 16 hour days for a pittance?

We obviously shouldn’t, but then again, only fools believe in American exceptionalism. Over the past few decades, this country’s only “exceptional” endeavor has been to transform the planet into one borderless, designated shitting street. Watch your step accordingly.

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Refugees and White South Africans

For years, I have extensively discussed race, diversity, and immigration. However, this is my first time writing about whites in South Africa (or any part of Africa), who are increasingly beleaguered. On account of government proposals to confiscate white-owned land and redistribute the seized land to black South Africans, various white nationalists have rallied behind their white African brothers. Many even assert that white South Africans face an impending genocide.

To be blunt, while I remain a reasonably tribal white person who’s concerned about my people, I don’t really care too much about white South Africans. For starters, I’m primarily focused on the well-being of white people in North America (where I reside) and Europe (my ancestral homelands). Also, given what I’ve written about immigration, landlordism, and economic rent, it’s hard to feel an abundance of sympathy for Afrikaners. While I can relate to white South Africans under siege, I also empathize with blacks who claim that whites are living off of ill-gotten land rent.

Of course, many would point out that white Americans also settled and conquered their way to prosperity. Afrikaners might even claim that the only difference between them and white Americans is that the former didn’t exterminate or ethnically cleanse the native populations, which is why they remain a minority. So who are we to judge?

Just to clarify, I’m not judging; I’m only being consistent. If we refuse to shed tears over the struggles of non-whites who choose to reside in white countries, then we can’t hypocritically champion white South Africans who carved out territory in black Africa. Likewise, if whites in the US, Canada, and Australia foolishly allow themselves to become politically powerless and hated minorities, then they won’t deserve much sympathy either. The world is a mean and tribal place, and if groups relinquish power in lands they previously settled and conquered, nobody will save them from themselves.

Fortunately, I think there’s a pragmatic and humane solution that could benefit everyone. If white South Africans’ situation is indeed as dire as white nationalists contend, then they might be rendered refugees. In that case, they should flee to their ancestral homelands in Europe, or perhaps other majority white countries These nations would receive a demographic boost, along with relatively educated and skilled workers. In turn, African refugees who’ve flocked to Europe can take the Afrikaners’ place down south. Since conventional wisdom dictates that immigration is an unalloyed good, South Africa would benefit from more workers and cultural enrichment – along with ridding themselves of the white problem. Never mind that there’s already been immigration from Zimbabwe and other African countries, and that this influx has engendered friction and violence. Black South Africans just need to appreciate diversity’s wonders!

Okay, sarcasm aside, I recognize that this is an unrealistic scenario. I also realize that the process would be painful and messy. Nevertheless, should the day come when white South Africans are compelled to flee, this proposal will remain on the table. 

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Wahhabism and Globalism

A common cultural leftist trope is that members of “privileged” classes – mainly white men – have no right to critique the foibles and pathologies of oppressed groups. For example, whites who venture to comment on Middle Eastern affairs are often tarred as “orientalists.” Well, at least whites who don’t blame the West for all of the region’s problems.

However, non-whites aren’t immune to such accusations either. Similar to non-white Bernie supporters being magically rendered white, Arabs who run afoul of PC dogmas can become orientalists. Enter Rania Khalek, a non-Muslim Arab American leftist whose trolling of Zionists I once approvingly highlighted. At first glance, it’s difficult to see how a progressive brown woman such as Khalek can be deemed an orientalist; but we should never underestimate the cultural left’s ability to creatively brand someone a bigot!

So what could have possibly been Khalek’s trespass? In a nutshell, she aggressively criticized radical strains of Islam such as Wahhabism and Salafism. Despite taking great pains to distinguish these demented ideologies from Islam as a whole, Khalek was smeared by Twitter tribalists like Khaled Beydoun – Al Jazeera’s resident Critical Race Theorist – as an Islamophobe. This, in conjunction with her controversial views on Syria – where the usual sectarian suspects labeled her an “Assadist” – prompted Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of North Carolina to withdraw her speaking invitation.

(as a disclaimer, I know that the article is biased in favor of Khalek)

Man, if even Rania Khalek can be blacklisted in this fashion, then nobody is safe! I guess when SJWs exhort white people to “listen to POC,” they only want us to heed the tribal ones who adeptly cloak their tribalism with performative liberal rhetoric – something Woke Wahhabis have recently learned. Similar to Hindutvadis channeling multiculturalists to furtively advance their own brand of nationalism, sectarian Sunnis (or their apologists) employ social justice buzzwords to shield their sordid beliefs from criticism.

The great irony is that despite cynically appealing to diversity and tolerance, Wahhabis loathe true diversity. Like neoliberal multiculturalism, Wahhabism is at its root a globalist ideology. While neoliberals want to render humanity some mish-mash of deracinated consumers and wage slaves, Wahhabis strive to impose their nutty brand of Islam on the entire Muslim world – local cultural traditions be damned. Just observe Saudi Arabia’s attempts to remake Indonesian Islam in its image, along with its other efforts to promulgate Wahhabism.

Like the West, the Muslim world is being victimized by the cancer of globalism, which is yet another reason I don’t traffic in anti-Muslim animus. Consequently, I believe that rather than demonizing Muslims, white nationalists should support the Muslim world’s fight against Wahhabi encroachment. Globalism spares no one, and must be forestalled wherever it rears its subversive head.

As I’ve argued before, being a good nationalist means supporting other groups’ sovereignty and self-determination. Therefore, it’s time to treat Wahhabism with the same contempt and hostility usually reserved for neoliberals.

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Robert Stark and I Discuss Economics

As you all know, I’ve been recently binging on economics. So, like it or not, my latest interview with Robert Stark and Pilleater is no exception! We mainly discuss Dean Baker’s work and other economic issues, but also briefly touch upon politics near the end. For readers who actually read my economics posts, this interview won’t disappoint. For those who couldn’t care less about my economic views, the hell with you! Nah, just kidding; we can’t all have the same passions.

Anyway, I will upload some non-economics posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy the interview.

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Tony Soprano Versus the Health Insurance Mafia

As you all know, the FIRE economy – short for finance, insurance, and real estate – has been my latest hobby horse. Rest assured, I will not completely abandon race, immigration, and other topics that put Occident Invicta on the map. However, since I’ve already gone after finance and real estate/landlords, it’s insurance’s turn now! Never let it be said that I discriminate.

What actually motivated me to write this post was watching The Sopranos, believe it or not. For those not into HBO dramas, The Sopranos revolves around fictional New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano and his wiseguy lifestyle. Needless to say, wiseguys are infamous (and admired) for their predatory rackets and brutal tactics.

However, in terms of predatory behavior, wiseguys have nothing on America’s privatized healthcare cartel. Like the mafia, healthcare families demand their own “protection” fees. Those lucky enough to have insurance are compelled to pay increasingly higher premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs; and those who receive services from someone not in the family’s (ie. insurer’s) territory are penalized via balance billing. When the family actually does choose to take care of you, they do so very grudgingly. 

Just watch the clip below, and you’ll see what I mean (apologies for the poor video quality).

Man, not even alpha male mob boss Tony Soprano is safe from private health insurers’ penny pinching! Fortunately, Tony, despite his weakened condition, fights back. As he rightly argues, it’s appalling that his insurer is determined to rush him out of the hospital even though he’s barely recovered from a gunshot wound; it’s especially disgusting in light of all the money his insurance has taken from him over the years.

But the show’s creators weren’t content to let that one scene lay bare the sheer lunacy of America’s broken healthcare system. In another scene from the same episode, Tony and his crew extort a paramedic into coughing up 2 grand. While wiseguys don’t need a good reason to extort someone, it turns out that the paramedic rifled through Tony’s wallet. Tony claimed that the paramedic was stealing from him, while the beleaguered paramedic insisted that he was only following guidelines and looking for Tony’s proof of insurance. This prompts Tony to sarcastically invoke Nuremberg – the classic example of “just following orders” producing great evil.

Obviously, demanding insurance isn’t the same as exterminating people in death camps. Nevertheless, there is something sick (no pun intended) about the paramedic’s actions. Rather than devoting his attention to a severely wounded man in dire need of help, his first thought is to look for Tony’s insurance card. As Michael Hudson would say, it really is your money or your life. None of this iniquity even takes into account all of the administrative waste. Just think of the people at the hospital’s billing office who are paid to overcharge people like Tony Soprano; or the claims specialists at Tony’s health carrier who devise creative methods to deny full coverage. But regardless of all the waste that comes with employing glorified paper pushers, the healthcare profiteers always come out ahead.

Having worked at an insurance brokerage firm and handled various claims cases, believe me when I tell you that both medical providers and health insurers are out to exact as much tribute as possible. For example, one case I handled involved a poor soul who visited the ER. While the hospital was in-network, the ambulance that transported him wasn’t, causing him to get balance billed. However, even if a facility or provider is contracted, carriers can – and will – find an excuse to deny coverage for any major service. I once had to tell an Anthem member that his insurance would not cover a $20,000 (give or take) treatment at Stanford Hospital for his severely disabled daughter. Apparently, Anthem didn’t deem such a service “medically necessary.” The absurdity of some distant bureaucrat (yes, libertarians, bureaucrats also reside in the private sector) presuming to know what’s best for another man’s sick daughter speaks for itself. I also assisted countless people who went in for routine preventive care, only to then have fees tacked on because of how the service was coded by the doctor’s office. Anyway, I think you get the point.

Now, keep in mind, most of our company’s clients were prestigious tech firms, and their employees often made around six figures. Even employees who didn’t earn such high salaries often had their employers pay for their entire premiums (provided it was an employee only plan). Nevertheless, I still had to assist countless agitated and overcharged employees. Therefore, I can only imagine what it’s like for the poor fucks who aren’t lucky enough to have employer-sponsored health insurance or Medi-Cal.

Ultimately, the only way to resolve our healthcare mess is for the US to evolve into a 1st world country and provide universal healthcare. The time has come for America’s privatized healthcare monstrosity to sleep with the fishes.

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Who’s the Wingnut Now?

As longtime readers remember, I reviewed Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism. While I was never an especially big fan of Robert Reich – he comes across as a prissy liberal – he nevertheless struck me as a serious economist. His work even motivated me to more deeply explore economics from a political economy standpoint. You could say Reich was a gateway drug that led to Michael Hudson and Dean Baker.

Therefore, I was understandably bewildered when Reich – in response to the anti-Milo riot at UC Berkeley – promulgated an outlandish conspiracy theory, which situates Milo as the diabolical architect of the mayhem. His reasoning is that Breitbart, prior to Milo’s visit, intended to call for the withdrawal of federal funds from Berkeley if Milo was impeded. Sure enough, following the riot, Trump attacked Berkeley on Twitter, hinting that its failure to safeguard free speech could imperil its access to federal funds. What a convenient coincidence!

Unfortunately, there’s one problem with Reich’s theory: it’s complete nonsense. As noted by law professor Paul Cassell in the Washington Post, it would take tremendous skill and guts for Milo to organize a riot in a hostile leftist stronghold such as Berkeley. Perhaps Milo is an evil genius who can adeptly coordinate mob violence, and somehow not have any his shock troopers spill the beans. But I’d say the Cleveland Browns have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than Reich being vindicated.

Needless to say, the much more simple and likely explanation is that leftist hooligans in a city such as Berkeley are in fact leftist hooligans. For all of his wonkish logic, Reich seems unable to put 2 and 2 together. Like many liberals, Trump’s election has made him unhinged, and his critical faculties have increasingly devolved.

I think it’s vital to highlight such illogic, because it undermines liberals’ contention that they represent the intelligent and logical crowd; that they’re the only adults in the room. Their main claim to legitimacy rests on this notion that they’re governed by reason and facts, and they spent years deriding conservatives as “wingnuts” – uneducated, delusional fanatics prone to indulging in outlandish conspiracy theories.

However, as Reich’s sad descent into partisan paranoia lays bare, liberals aren’t nearly as rational and insightful as they contend. And Reich is just the tip of the iceberg. Just observe Kurt Eichenwald’s meltdown , Amanda Marcotte’s claim that Jill Stein supporters are secret sexists, or the Russia hysteria consuming mainstream liberals. Those who mocked conservatives for believing that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim socialist now exhibit similar derangement.

If nothing else good comes out of Trump’s presidency, at least we now know that liberals are wingnuts in their own right. Now excuse me while I go collect my check from Vladimir Putin. 

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