Some Are More Equal Than Others

Here is a screenshot of the BBC’s headlines for the Asia section of their website today:


The BBC reports that India’s heatwave has already killed over 1000 people. As disturbing as this story is, the BBC isn’t finished. The real tragedy is not that 1100 people have lost their lives, but that Delhi’s women are suffering under the heatwave. Casualty lists are ultimately meaningless unless one can bifurcate them into the 2 demographics that matter: oppressors and oppressed (ie liberal pet classes).

Now that the BBC has informed us that women are suffering we can finally appreciate the gravity of the situation. I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Ministry of Truth.

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Oligarchy 101

The BBC recently reported that 5 banks, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, and UBS, have been fined for rigging the FOREX market. The Foreign Exchange market is extremely volatile and moves trillions of dollars in currency every day. Traders from these banks collaborated to artificially drive up prices at 4pm London (UK) time. Since these traders had foreknowledge of the price movement, they could enter their position earlier in the day and profit. While this makes little difference to long term position traders, it would absolutely murder day traders. Even non day traders with small accounts risked a margin call and thus potentially faced financial jeopardy.

I personally think that the total $5b fine is a mere slap on the wrist as I have personally known many traders (friends of my family) that have lost a lot of money in the FOREX market. It enrages me that these fat cats callously disregard the financial future of ordinary folk only to get away with paltry fines.

fat cats

To add insult to injury, these traders collaborated their scheme in a chat-room shamelessly called ‘The Cartel.’ “They acted as partners – rather than competitors – in an effort to push the exchange rate in directions favourable to their banks but detrimental to many others,” said US attorney-general Loretta Lynch. Publicly competitors, privately partners; oligarchy at its finest.

It seems that leftists are not the only ones who despise the free market, the fat cats loathe it in equal measure, which is why they strive to manipulate it. When I see a price chart for any commodity, I do not see Capitalism, I see integrity. I see a price that honestly reflects economic realities which have resulted in buyers and sellers arriving at a fair equilibrium. Perhaps I am an old fashioned Capitalist, but that is how I think. To my mind, an attack against the free market is an attack against Capitalism; and an attack against Capitalism is an attack against the Western values of integrity, self-reliance, and hard work upon which it stands. Given that our elites financially support Multiculturalism , Feminism, and homosexual degeneracy, it seems that they never liked Western values to begin with.

What strikes me as particularly horrifying is the manner in which our elites not only network with one another domestically, but also internationally. American elites collaborating with British elites with scant regard for their own governments and countrymen whom they cheat with impunity. Gone are the days of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie who held themselves up to a higher standard. Today’s morally bankrupt anglosphere elites require constant policing, and sometimes even that is not enough. We can only hope that after this incident things might turn around for the better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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And They Say Cultural Marxism is a Conspiracy Theory…

Courtesy of Steve Sailer, I recently came across a story about an exclusive New York private school that’s imposing a progressive brand of mandatory racial segregation as a means of promoting non-white pride and white self-abasement. I guess having little kids learn about “microaggressions” is a measure of progress.

Liberals often mock the whole notion of cultural Marxism, insisting that it’s a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by a bunch of uneducated extremists who sport tin foil hats. I personally refrain from using the term, not as a concession to the left, but to avoid trafficking in esoteric terms and buzzwords that make the alternative right inaccessible to the regular white person.

However, one can’t deny the existence of cultural Marxism, PC, “totalitarian humanism” (as coined by Keith Preston), or any other term used to describe modern liberal lunacy. For the umpteenth time, I challenge you to name one majority non-white country that endorses similar nonsense.

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The Entitlement of the Left

“Entitlement.” It’s a word that’s gratuitously employed by leftists of all stripes. I’ll give you three guesses as to which specific demographic is most frequently branded with this term. Indeed, whenever a white man goes postal or otherwise engages in destructive behavior, leftists attribute his crime to “aggrieved entitlement,” which seems to be one of the preferred SJW concepts as of late. According to this theory, white men live such easy lives devoid of any pain or hardship that they never develop proper coping methods. Since they expect life to be a walk in the park, their only reaction to setbacks is rage. The white man lacks the mettle of “POC,” women, gays, trannies, and god knows who else.

Yet again, when analyzing this issue from a global perspective, such a theory is utter hogwash on many levels. First off, “postal” killings are primarily an American pathology; last time I checked, such crimes are exceedingly rare in predominantly white Europe and elsewhere. Likewise, it’s difficult to substantiate the assertion that white men are the most privileged of them all when compared to other majority or dominant groups around the world. Jews in Israel, native Gulf Arabs, the majority ethnic groups in East Asian countries, and countless other global examples lay bare just how weak and atomized of a “dominant group” white men are. The fact that a professional denouncer of “white privilege” such as Tim Wise can enjoy a lucrative career tells us all we need to know about white hegemony. Needless to say, I cannot imagine any individual in India getting rich by savaging “Hindu privilege.” He would probably earn more Hindutva machetes than rupees. Not that I endorse such barbaric behavior, but I digress.

The concept of “aggrieved entitlement” amounts to little more than the usual SJW “privilege” fetish, with some psychoanalytical tripe thrown in for good measure. Nevertheless, as a white man who has studied the Cultural Left, I’ve had it drilled into my head many times that I am not entitled to anything. Okay, fair enough. However, it needs to be made clear that members of myriad “oppressed” groups are not entitled to anything either. Two recent controversies have made me ponder the issue of entitlement as it pertains to “oppressed” groups.

Exhibit A for the aggrieved entitlement of the left is destitute reddit interim CEO and Asian woman Ellen Pao. Pao’s lawsuit against a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm dominated headlines in the Bay Area and inspired numerous discussions about the supposed prevalence of sexism in the tech industry. Long story short, Pao was denied promotion to senior partner and let go by the firm. While it’s true that she was subjected to some manner of sexist treatment on the job, she was fired on account of her abrasive personality. The five women on the jury who rejected Pao’s narrative would agree. Feminists of course cried foul, decrying the manner in which women such as Pao are fired or denied promotion due to seemingly difficult personalities. They insist that a woman’s merit, and not her behavioral proclivities, should be the primary factor in determining whether or not she receives a promotion.

For starters, it’s blatantly obvious that feminists advancing this argument are not making it in good faith, given that they conveniently disregard merit when promoting affirmative action (what they call “diversity”) for women in industries such as tech. Second, feminists who are rankled by the fact that firings and promotions are related to one’s personality traits and presence in the workplace betray their own privilege and comfortable insulation from the difficulties that regular employees must contend with.

The cold, hard truth is that most employment for the majority of the population is at-will, with employers legally entitled (yes, that word again) to fire their employees for any or no reason. An employer could whimsically decide to fire you if he doesn’t like the same sports teams as you, among other things. Employees are seldom entitled to retain their jobs, or even be shielded from the belligerence of certain asshole managers. Even for people who do manage to obtain secure employment, two-thirds of them end up living paycheck to paycheck. We live in a cutthroat society, and very few people are guaranteed anything.

With all of this in mind, it’s hard for me to summon even a modicum of sympathy for Ellen Pao. The fact that she believed her case would garner such sympathy and galvanize the masses into tackling the pressing issue of female underrepresentation in highly-paid tech jobs betrays her arrogant and narcissistic sense of entitlement. Despite her harrowing ordeal, she somehow ended up becoming interim CEO over at reddit, which makes her better off than 99% of the male population. Funny how that works.

But anyway, back to “entitlement.” Hate to break it to feminists, but women are not entitled to become highly paid CEOs or even regular tech workers. They have to earn it, whether that means more women studying tech or developing traits that enable them to succeed in a competitive corporate environment. Or if that fails, they can always create female-dominated tech companies. But who are they to demand that male employers hire them on account of their anatomy?

Another group that exhibits troubling signs of entitlement are leftists who advocate the dismantling of “fortress Europe.” Such entitlement has been unearthed in response to the Mediterranean migrant crisis currently engulfing the European Union. On account of the thousands of deaths of African and Middle Eastern migrants, some might consider it poor taste to criticize their defenders. Just to reiterate, I do not dislike the immigrants themselves (though I oppose their presence), and instead take aim at the elites who bring them in.

That being said, the insistence that Europe should abolish its borders and permit entry to any and all beleaguered immigrants is nothing short of absurd entitlement. Nations have every right to secure their borders, denying or permitting entry as they see fit. And frankly, given the racial imbroglios that have been plaguing Europe as of late, it’s perfectly reasonable to deny entry to yet more alien immigrants.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right or entitlement, and nobody has an unalienable right to live in a different country. Yes, I know, they’re all supposedly refugees, and that all of them are coming to Europe courtesy of the destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa. Taking that argument at face value, then why can’t Western elites utilize their wealth and power to remedy the destabilization of the region? Wouldn’t eliminating the conditions that cause the wretched of the Earth to move north be a wiser course of action than allowing countless outsiders to flood Europe?

So in conclusion, women, minorities, and immigrants are not entitled to anything. Equality under the law, yes (and only for immigrants who have moved legally), but not equality of outcomes, high-paying CEO jobs, equal representation in video games and television, or anything of the sort. Minorities in the United States (and other Western countries) already have it better than minorities anywhere else, and in the U.S. are even on the verge of becoming the majority within a few decades. The average white person in the West owes minorities absolutely nothing. Men owe women absolutely nothing.

It’s time for whites and men to draw a line in the sand by rejecting attempts of truculent and opportunistic minorities and women to shake them down. Now that is a stance that we are entitled to embrace.

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Manosphere Rising

Roosh was recently pilloried on the feckless Dr Oz’s show. Dr Oz is the sort of hack who practices pop medicine and has been criticized for often endorsing unscientific nonsense to the gullible masses. Nevertheless despite Roosh’s lackluster performance on the show, many regard this as a victory for the manosphere. It indicates that the manosphere is gaining mainstream recognition (or notoriety) and no publicity is bad publicity. I believe there are a couple of reasons why Roosh is despised and I shall briefly discuss each one.

Roosh is immune to traditional leftist attacks

There are 2 ways to crush a man’s spirit: destroy his livelihood or destroy his family. Feminism has become exceedingly adept at both. Roosh’s anonymity was broken a long time ago and he is self employed. Roosh’s greatest supporters and customers are men that share his views ie the Manosphere. By my estimate Roosh makes around 60-70k a year (I totaled up ROK’s ad revenue) and draws his moral and financial support from a small, but rapidly growing base. He is intelligent, motivated, and for the moment financially stable. He has no employers who can be intimidated by social justice lunatics to terminate his employment. Roosh might not exert a tremendous degree of influence over society but he nevertheless operates from a position of strength.

The Manosphere is a bonafide grassroots phenomenon

Unlike feminists, gays, and other professional victim groups that require handlers and manufactured grievances to maintain their cohesion, the manosphere addresses legitimate concerns and focuses on workable solutions. There are no leaders, charters, or manifestos. Unlike the Alternative Right and White Nationalist camps, the manosphere has a broader appeal and is not as stigmatized as the aforementioned WNs and AR. When the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center listed Roosh as an extremist on their website, they were duly ridiculed. From Wikipedia:

In a March 2012 report on “The Year in Hate and Extremism”, the Southern Poverty Law Center included Roosh in a list of “manosphere” sites which it described as hateful and misogynistic.[17][18] His inclusion on the list was reported by several publications and also mocked by several mainstream media outlets for being somewhat extreme.[11][19][20][21] Business Insider’s Michael Brendan opined that the SPLC was undermining its credibility by listing Roosh.

This puts Roosh and others in an advantageous position as they can attack the left while remaining impervious to the latter’s assault. The only way Roosh could be potentially shut down is via a false rape accusation attained from any woman he might previously have shagged. It just so happens that there is a feminist on the loose trying to seek out women Roosh has slept with.

The untapped resource


The so called “Red Pill” philosophy (if one can call it that) is intriguing because it emphasizes the Buddhist idea of seeing illusions for what they are and thereby freeing oneself from suffering. The Manosphere realizes that society is broken. They have embarked on a path to critically re-examine a series of politically correct myths that Westerners are force-fed from cradle to grave. Their new found awareness has unsurprisingly led them into the heart of conservative territory. What is even more intriguing is that the “red pill” outlook has propelled these men into waters they had never ventured into before – issues such as multiculturalism, immigration, and even the Jewish Question are now being openly discussed.

Since the Manosphere has a very broad appeal it is possible that bloggers such as Roosh and Dalrock might serve as a stepping stone to  guide formerly apathetic men towards the Alternative Right. After all, the immediacy of ethnic and cultural demise becomes secondary in the face of the feminist specter that threatens a man’s livelihood and marriage. I was delighted to learn that Matt Forney and Blair Nasso (of Return of Kings) attended the recent American Renaissance conference. The Manosphere compensate their lack of intellectual rigour (for the moment) with raw passion and energy. This is not going to be an easy alliance as die hard White nationalists will object to Roosh ‘defiling’ their precious women. Nevertheless I believe that the alternative right can certainly benefit from the growth of the manosphere as men that begin to question the leftist gender narrative will in time also question the left’s race related narrative. I don’t think the two camps will ever agree on everything but they have more in common than they realize.


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Debating the Jewish Question

I recently left a comment over at Robert Lindsay’s blog, where I essentially describe my views on Jews and the extent to which they can be blamed for the lunacy of the Cultural Left. Since it was a somewhat long comment I figured that I’d just repost it here:

My personal take on the Jewish Question, which has evolved and morphed over the years, is that many Jewish activists have indeed played a part in subverting Western societies. I am not blind to the shenanigans of the Frankfurt School, Freud, etc.

At the same time, these Jewish subverters would not have succeeded if it weren’t for a white gentile society already predisposed to some measure of radicalism and egalitarianism. Just consider that the various northern states always leaned towards some manner of liberalism. It wasn’t Jews who spawned prominent abolitionists. The firebrand populist William Jennings Bryan was likewise not Jewish. As Richard Hofstadter pointed out in Anti-intellectualism in American Life , the very foundations of American democracy (and by extension anti-intellectualism) are predicated on the radical notion that common men were equal to more learned and elite men.

I believe that while Jews gave leftism its extra push, the ball was already rolling in that direction. The unprecedented prosperity of the post-WWII era and the fact that the Nazis gave racism and nationalism a bad name set the stage for the liberal explosion of later decades.

I do think that much of this critical theory crap, and by extension this SJW obsession with “checking privilege” can be traced directly to certain Jews. But again, it would not have flourished if not for a white gentile culture that was already fundamentally liberal.

There’s no way these aforementioned Jews would have succeeded in promulgating such nonsense in places such as India, China, Japan, or most other non-Western nations. The cultures of those lands would have rejected such ideas without blinking an eye.

I’m hardly a Jewish Question denier; I simply think that certain WNs assign it too much weight.

So, how much weight do you think we should assign the Jewish Question? As always, I’m interested in hearing your input.

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Hong Kong Shitlords Fat Shame Oppressed Woman!

I found this amusing story from Hong Kong that I thought I’d share with you all. Just like multiculturalism and feminism, fat acceptance doesn’t seem to fly in Asia. Of course, I don’t endorse authorities randomly detaining fat women; nevertheless, this incident illustrates the chasm separating Western and Asian sensibilities. In East Asia, the evil machinations of fatphobia resulted in officials merely claiming that there was a miscommunication. The process only took 7 minutes, and there was no need for sensitivity training or soul-searching. There were no Lindy West’s penning editorials decrying thin privilege.

Kind of reminds you of what sane societies untainted by the cancer known as the New Left look like. Not that East Asia doesn’t have its own pathologies, but it still makes you think.

In the meantime, I’m going to eat some high-carb popcorn and enjoy the freak show that is modern America.

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Stacey Eden Is An Attention Whore

Stacey Eden is a young Australian woman from Sydney who recently defended a Muslim couple that were verbally accosted by a middle aged woman on a train. The woman accused Muslims in general for the atrocities of ISIS and directed her ire at the hapless couple. Stacey Eden sat there for around 10 minutes listening to the conversation before intervening on the couple’s behalf; but not before hitting the record button that captured her heroic intervention. According to the BBC: “Stacey Eden’s Facebook page got an enormous surge of interest after she posted a video of herself defending a Muslim couple


This brings us to the obvious conclusion that Stacey Eden is an attention whore. Had she merely intervened on the couple’s behalf without submitting a recording of her “heroism” she would perhaps qualify as a decent person. This was obviously not the case as validation was her underlying motive. The online social media community burst into applause and the leftist media hoisted her on their shoulders for the world to admire. What more could a mediocre unaccomplished young woman want? The Facebook community has lavished her with accolades such as “decent” and “brave”.

Let’s be honest – Stacey is not brave. She picked the most politically correct course of action which is endorsed by Western elites and the mainstream media. Had she tried defending Christians in Pakistan she would have eaten more lead than Salman Taseer. Ironically, it is the middle aged woman that is the brave one in this incident. I am not defending her gross lapse in etiquette but she chose to risk social ostracism in order to speak her mind. I do not think that accosting random people in public spaces is civilized behavior but Eden is no saint either; she seeks to profit by putting her piety on display. Social justice warriors are modern day pharisees and Cultural Marxism is their Mishnah.

The intrepid social justice warrior herself.

The intrepid social justice warrior herself.

Why do Anglosphere women so wholeheartedly embrace cultural marxism (beyond opportunism)? Let us examine the matter further.

The inverted conservatism of Western Women.

Those that possess even a basic grasp of history know that women have been conservative throughout history to the point of defending the excesses of their menfolk. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, Indian women frequently participate in honour killings. Gujarati Hindu women have also, as noted by Aakar Patel, defended the atrocities committed against Gujarati muslims during the 2002 riots. Japanese women also possess a strong nationalist streak which sometimes translates into xenophobic anti-Korean sentiments. These are some extreme examples but women in non western countries do not easily turn their backs on their cultures and traditions. Anglo women are also conservative in their own right – they conserve liberalism.

Liberal thought has entrenched itself so deeply into modern Western culture that it is this liberal culture that Anglo-sphere women are conserving. If traditional conservatives were to somehow wrest control away from our current traitorous elites, women would go back to defending “racism” and “homophobia” within a generation. Matt Forney is essentially correct when he argues that female participation in socio/cultural movements and revolutions is largely irrelevant as women tend to sleep with whoever is in power. However, what Forney does not note is that women are still the keepers of culture and civilization. Men may invent a cuisine but it is housewives that preserve that cuisine over generations. Women’s herd mentality and innate desire for social acceptance are suited perfectly to this task.

From antiquity to modernity women have used shame to enforce social compliance and minimize deviant behaviour within their respective groups. A powerful example of female shaming that comes to my mind is the battle of Uhud fought in 625 AD. The Meccan Quresh tribe were eager to avenge their earlier military defeat at the hands of Muhammad and even their women accompanied them on this particular campaign. According to

“Also accompanying the army, was a band of warlike women. Their duty was to wage “psychological warfare” against the Muslims by reading poetry and by singing amatory songs to spur the courage and the will-to-fight of the soldiers.

They knew that nothing held such terror for the Arabs as the jibes of women for cowardice, and they also knew that nothing was so efficacious to turn them into utterly reckless fighters as the promise of physical love. These amazons included the wives of Abu Sufyan and Amr bin Aas, and the sister of Khalid bin Walid.”

Not only were the Meccans victorious at Uhud, they inflicted the most devastating military defeat of Muhammad’s prophetic career.  Such is the power of female shaming. Similar incidents occurred in Britain in 1915:

Chiefly a phenomenon of Britain, white feathers were typically handed over by young women to men out of uniform during wartime, the implication being that the man concerned was a ‘shirker’ or a coward.

When we put female shaming in its historical context, the current trends of social media witch-hunts begin to make sense. From Adria Richards to Brendan Eich, the bands of women that initiate twitter mobs and hound politically incorrect “deviants” are only doing what comes naturally to them: conserving the social order. It just so happens that this social order is liberal. Make no mistake, it is men like the Fords and Rockefellers that created feminism and men (like Theodor Adorno) that spawned Cultural Marxism. Our elites have subverted and perverted Western culture (to further their own political/economic ends) and women are merely conserving this degenerate culture.

It is imperative for the alternative right and manosphere to correctly identify our enemies and stop assigning a disproportionate amount of blame on women for our cultural decline.

H/T to Colin Liddell as his article inspired me to write this post.

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Singapore and Diversity Management

It’s been about a few weeks since the great titan and founding prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away at the ripe age of 91. Lee is frequently lauded for transforming Singapore from an impoverished rock in the ocean to an awe-inspiring first world nation. Singapore is heralded as living proof of the strength of “Asian values,” in addition to being a role model for third world countries seeking to develop without emulating the West. Granted, Singapore was established as an important center of trade by the British. Likewise, Singapore’s lack of historical identity and small size enabled Lee to experiment with the island in a manner that would not succeed in most countries. Nevertheless, I always feel compelled to give credit where it is due; Lee Kuan Yew succeeded where most would have failed.

However, it’s not my intent to praise or question Singapore’s miracle. Rather, Singapore provides an excellent lesson in diversity management. Following the Charlie Hebdo attack in France, many people on the left engaged in the usual handwringing, mouthing the typical tired platitudes in the process. The problem wasn’t with immigration, multiculturalism, or recalcitrant minorities. The main culprits were white racism, the legacy of colonialism, discrimination, marginalization, and everything else under the sun that absolves minority communities of any collective responsibility. If white people would just be more tolerant and inclusive, then diversity and multiculturalism would work out just fine. The ultimate barrier lies in the unique pathologies of the West.

Of course, such arguments are nonsense. Given that most of the world rejects multiculturalism, the problems with managing diversity are not confined to the West. So what does all of this have to do with Singapore? What distinguishes Singapore from most of the non-Western world is that Singapore proudly promotes its status as a diverse nation. Unlike neighboring Malaysia, which is plagued by racial tension, Singapore for the most part is a harmonious society.

(occasional South Asian riots notwithstanding)

So has Singapore, along with economic success, outdone the West with its embrace of diversity? Well, not exactly. While Singapore may practice “tolerance” (and we all know what Asians mean by “tolerance”), Singapore’s experience with diversity is characterized by a fragile peace. Tension, distrust, and all the other perks associated with diversity linger beneath the surface. Dr. Wong Wee Nam, a member of the Singapore Democratic Party, provides numerous insights regarding Singapore’s tenuous racial peace (emphasis mine):

Singaporeans also appear to be colour-blind as far as ethnic relations are concerned and that is why many foreign workers are very eager to work in Singapore. They find Singaporeans tolerant and non-discriminating. In a tiny island like Singapore, there are many enclaves nicknamed after many Asian countries: Little India in Serangoon Road, Little Philippines in Lucky Plaza, Little Myanmar in Peninsula Plaza, Little Vietnam in Joo Chiat and Little Thailand in Golden Mile Complex. These are places where the various foreigners can feel comfortable in. The signboards written in the respective ethnic scripts, the sound of their countries’ music blaring out from the hi-fi players and the smell of spices and indigenous food make these foreign workers feel very much at home.

At first glance, Singapore appears to be a beacon of tolerance and inclusiveness. However, such harmony seems to be maintained by various measures of separation. If foreigners require ethnic cocoons in order to “feel comfortable,” then that doesn’t bode well for diversity on a wider societal level. In fact, it only takes a few wrong turns for tension and conflict to rear their heads:

Once a wound has been inflicted it can easily be reopened. Five years after the first racial riot and four years after Singapore became independent, the second racial riot in Singapore happened. The riot had nothing to do with the people in Singapore. It was actually a racial riot that had started in Malaysia on 13 May 1969 after their general election. But for some reason, it spilled over into Singapore. We, therefore, see that racial emotions is so deep-seated that a riot in a neighbouring country could open up old wounds. Racial harmony is such a fragile thing.

The Indians in Singapore are also not a homogeneous group. They are made up of Hindus, Tamils, Silks, Sri Lankans and others. They have no problem coexisting harmoniously with each other. When Mrs Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India was assassinated on 31 October 1984, it had nothing to do with Singapore. Yet tension arose between the Hindu and the Sikh communities in Singapore. Trouble was averted only with the timely intervention of the Singapore police. India is not even a neighbouring country.

Recently with the influx of the wealthy Northern Indians into Singapore, there is now a potential ethnic tension based on class, caste and language between the Indians from north and the native Singaporean whose forefathers had come mainly from the south.

We can, therefore, see that racial harmony is an elusive creature and ethnic tension bound to exists as long as groups of people see themselves as different from others.

In so many words, ethnic tension will exist for all eternity. The Oakland A’s under Billy Beane will win consecutive World Series championships before people cease to see themselves as different from others. What’s also telling is his description of tensions between Hindus and Sikhs, and how trouble was only averted because of police intervention. It seems that the conflicts associated with diversity can only be prevented or minimized by the heavy hand of a strong state.

Despite certain incidents of racial unrest, Singapore, unlike most non-Western nations, has actually attempted to foster integration in earnest. Its housing integration program, implemented by the dominant Peoples’ Action Party (PAP) warrants special scrutiny. While the author blames the initial racial division on British colonialism, the failure of Singapore’s EIP (Ethnic Integration Policy) to remedy such division is revealing:

When one discusses how effective housing policies in Singapore have been in allowing the different races to achieve social cohesion, he or she has to consider the real objectives behind such policies, one of which is the EIP. The objectives of such housing policies can be seen at both a surface level and a long-term level. The surface-level would be to merely ensure that each housing block reaches a certain quota, and once there is a “racial mix”, it is successful. The long-term level is that these citizens of different races really integrate, which means they learn to appreciate and understand one another’s culture and way of life.

According to Figure 1, the EIP has succeeded in reaching its ethnic quotas in housing estates and each housing block by eliminating possible ethnic enclaves (Lum & Tan, 2002). This is attributed to the government’s priority of a “balanced racial mix” in housing estates, and citizens must abide to such stringent laws when purchasing houses. The Housing & Development Board conducted a wide scale survey on neighbourly interaction with people of other races and gathered the following data. They found that more than 50% of respondents exchanged greetings with neigbours of different races and occasionally helped each other, like looking after each other’s children, providing financial help etc:

While the surface-level objective of such housing policies has been reached, the long-term goal of social cohesion amongst races still remains an aspiration. Appold (2006) did a large-scale survey of respondents living in public housing. His methodology was requiring respondents to list down the names of those whom they are familiar with in the neighbourhood. He found that public housing has mandated high levels of integration, but spatial proximity has not contributed to this interaction. While there have been accounts of residents living harmoniously and appreciating each others’ culture, the presence of racist behaviour and mindset still exist amongst neighbours. Even though housing policies have been implemented and housing estates have reached a balanced racial mix, genuine social cohesion can only be met if each individual commits to it. Racial integration cannot stop at placing racially diverse persons within the “proximate distance” of each other (Chua, 2010), but what the government can do is provide the environment where races are together and the policies can only act as regulatory tool to prevent the worsening of ethnic imbalances (Lum & Tan, 2002). With that said, it is still up to each individual to appreciate each other and through that, achieve genuine social cohesion.

This passage perfectly illustrates why diversity can amount to such a liability. Despite extensive government intervention, genuine integration and racial harmony remain elusive. His statement describing the government as a “regulatory tool” is also quite telling. Since diversity will always cause headaches, the most the government can do is put the lid on racial tension and ensure that conflict does not escalate out of hand.

However, even if Singapore’s EIP did achieve its desired result, I still cannot help but marvel at the extensive effort required just to ensure cordial interactions between different groups. Yet again, I feel compelled to mention that Singapore is a small nation that possesses no real historical identity and is lorded over by a powerful state. If even Singapore struggles to manage diversity, then the prospects for larger nations are grim.

I recognize that some measure of diversity is inevitable in almost any large or affluent country. As much as certain white nationalists wished it were so, we’re simply not going to hermetically seal the borders and create a nationwide whitetopia. Homogenous societies are very difficult to maintain in today’s global order.

At the same time, we must be fully cognizant of diversity’s costs, which someone has to bear. If a nation already features diversity, then pragmatism mandates that they try to manage it as effectively as possible. However, what truly boggles my mind are Western nations that choose to import yet more immigrants and yet more diversity, given that diversity poses enough complications as it is. No matter how much diversity management succeeds, it still requires significant upkeep.

Ultimately, we’ll all have to determine whether or not exotic ethnic restaurants are worth large-scale diversity’s costs.

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“The Boondocks” Meets Jessica Valenti

When I was younger and had a greater proclivity for race-based humor, I enjoyed watching an animated sitcom called The Boondocks. The show, based on a comic strip of the same name by Aaron McGruder, revolves around the lives and humorous misadventures of a black family living in a predominantly white suburb. I’m not going to turn this into a post about race or blacks, as The Boondocks parodies society in ways that extend well beyond race.

One of the more ridiculous characters in the show that embodies modern societal dysfunction is a cornrowed wigga named Gin Rummy, who’s ironically voiced by black actor Samuel L. Jackson. A parody of both wannabe thugs and slippery elites such as Donald Rumsfeld (after whom he’s named), Rummy’s classic line is that the “absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” You can laugh at him aggressively elaborating on his absurd logic in the clip below:

I always chuckled at his sheer idiocy, but my laughter is starting to recede as I witness just how prevalent Rummy’s mentality is in the wider world. I’m specifically referring to everybody’s favorite professional feminist, Jessica Valenti, who never got the memo that digging yourself into a bigger hole isn’t the wisest course of action. What triggered Valenti’s latest display of verbal diarrhea is the continued unraveling of the story of supposed UVA rape victim “Jackie.” Just to refresh everyone’s memories, there is no evidence of a gang rape actually taking place at a frat party a couple of years ago.

However, Valenti is not deterred. Just because the police were unable to secure evidence of rape does not mean that Jackie wasn’t victimized (emphasis mine. Also removed one of Valenti’s typos):

“No evidence” of a rape does not mean that a rape didn’t happen. But try telling that to any one of a number of media outlets who, when the Charlottesville Police Department released their findings on “Jackie” (the University of Virginia student whose alleged rape was at the center of a widely-disputed Rolling Stone article) essentially indicated to their readers that nothing happened to her.

But at a press conference, even Police Chief Timothy Long refused to go that far. He told reporters that the police found inconsistencies in the story Jackie told a UVA dean and what she told to Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely and that they could not find any evidence to support the story as reported in the magazine. (Jackie declined to speak to the police for this investigation.)

Long also told reporters that the police findings “[don’t] mean that something terrible didn’t happen to Jackie in 2012.”

“We are just not able to gather sufficient facts as to what that something might have been,” he said.

In so many words, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence! You’d think that this whole “Jackie” episode might have taught feminists to exercise a little more restraint before too eagerly exploiting our current climate of rape hysteria. It doesn’t take a genius to know that too many unfounded accusations can erode one’s credibility, as well as undermine support for a cause. Instead, like a reckless blackjack player, feminists are only doubling down. The next time feminists attempt to mollify men by claiming that they don’t intend to rob them of due process or anything of the sort, be sure to have this editorial in reserve.

In the meantime, I shudder at the thought of a cartoon character’s perverted notion of justice increasingly intruding on mainstream thought.

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