Yuri Bezmenov On Marxist Subversion Of Western Culture

There’s not much for me to add here. I did  find 4:05 interesting as I’ve come to believe that a large welfare state makes resistance against the government very difficult. How can a population that suckles at the breast of the nanny state ever rise up against it? Feminism has made this harder by enabling the state to become women’s protector and provider. The coming police state will have little trouble procuring women’s submission.

6:40 is also worth paying attention to. He mentions how leftist useful idiots will eventually be shocked at what “the beautiful society of equality and social justice means in practice…” Bear in mind that this prophetic interview was conducted in the 1980s, a time when social justice lunacy hadn’t reached the fevered pitch one observes today. His choice of words are interesting because we know how the Marxist Left loves to cloak totalitarianism in slogans such as “change” and “equality.” But as Bezmenov points out, how do these slogans play out in practice? In practice this means bulldozing the rights of white heterosexual men while non white minorities and women are promised generous rewards for betraying their nations.

The case of false rape accusations is instructional in how Marxist social justice plays out in practice. The rape tribunals on North American campuses serve as a prototype for the kangaroo courts in the encroaching police state. These tribunals are intended to condition freedom loving Americans into accepting totalitarianism by setting a precedent in which due process is discarded. Consider the case of Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim and observe just how easily something like that could transpire here. Anwar Ibrahim was removed from his government post after charges of sodomy were leveled against him. Is it far fetched to assume that opposition leaders in the West might similarly be discredited by false accusations of rape (as defined by SJWs) and a host of other manufactured offenses? While Social Justice morons agitate over trivial causes, the NSA continues to spread its tentacles. Funny how these Leftists are silent on the issue of mass surveillance.

It is time we acknowledge the truth: That communism is the enemy of the West, and given the overlapping predictions of Orwell and Bezmenov, it is a conspiracy as well. Only once Westerners realize that communism is a conspiracy will they then understand that they are under attack.

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America’s Tainted Democracy

This video says it all. Somehow I’m not surprised to see these South Asians beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout; what’s shocking is their naked tribalism which they make not even a token attempt to conceal. Indians and Pakistanis both fundraising for Hilary Clinton, and somehow I doubt it’s because they support radical feminism. It seems that multiculturalism and democracy are as immiscible as oil and water. Traditional Western democracies were governed by a healthy competition of ideologies, where ideologies are a universal interpretation of reality. As the U.S and Canada become inundated with hordes of third world immigrants, ideologies becomes less relevant as tribal interests begin to exert themselves at the expense of nationhood. Perhaps Jews are despised because they are simply better at this game than the other non-whites.

Notice how that Pakistani real estate tycoon at 1:38 has supported both Republicans and Democrats in the past. I doubt he cares much for ideologies and instead focuses mainly on furthering the tribal interests of Pakistanis. I’ll lay long odds that despite his heavy involvement in American politics, the average first year student of political science knows more political science theory than he does.

What is the difference between Pakistani Americans lobbying for aid packages for Pakistan and organized Jewry lobbying for aid to be directed to Israel?


Accusing these ethnic minorities of harbouring dual loyalties is both unfair and insulting. The accusation of dual loyalties implies that these people are at-least partially sympathetic to the interests of the nations that took them in and granted them citizenship, whereas I argue that their loyalties lie entirely with their countries of origin. As long as third world immigration continues at its current level, immigrants will never assimilate as they will maintain ties to their countries of origin. Whites in North America need to realize with great urgency that they risk becoming economically and politically dispossessed in the very countries that they founded and built through centuries of toil.


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San Francisco and the Bay Area’s Progressive Paradox

In my old post analyzing the racial dynamics of the Bay Area, I briefly touched upon the many contradictions that pervade the region. One of the most blatant contradictions here in the Bay is that progressive ideology coexists with untrammeled capitalism.

No city embodies this contradiction more than San Francisco. San Francisco is frequently heralded for its tolerance and embrace of progressive values; a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and safe haven for gays, San Francisco has received much approbation for its enlightened attitudes. However, San Francisco – like most of the left – is mainly progressive as it pertains to cultural and lifestyle issues. On the economic front, San Francisco’s divide between the haves and have-nots would give Sheldon Adelson a wet dream. Despite passing a retail workers “bill of rights,” San Francisco remains the second most unequal city in the entire country.

These pernicious trends can be confirmed by simple empiricism. The city’s large homeless population alone is enough to make someone think that perhaps something is amiss in this bastion of liberalism. Indeed, it’s not just the homeless who are struggling to find sufficient shelter. Courtesy of techie settler colonialism – resulting in gentrification and rising evictions – the standard of living for many locals is on the decline. I understand that most of my readers probably shed few tears for the plight of Latinos; however, what’s impacting the Mission today could easily spread to other parts of the city. As much as liberals champion humanity in the abstract, the greed that permeates cities such as S.F. is rendering life increasingly unbearable for actual human beings. Needless to say, I’ve always found this discrepancy fascinating.

That’s why the recent decision by the California Labor Commission, which declared Uber’s workers employees, piqued my interest. I find it completely unsurprising that this avaricious and ethically challenged transportation titan resides in the heart of the Bay Area. I also don’t find it surprising that denizens of the Bay continue to utilize the services of Uber, Lyft, and similar companies. While the Bay Area will remain socially liberal for years to come, business ultimately prevails. The leftist convictions of affluent Bay Area residents are shallow; I suspect they will evaporate the second that endorsing progressivism entails tempering their hedonistic, consumerist lifestyles.

I’m actually going to go out on a limb and argue that people in the Bay will play a role in fostering a backlash against “social justice” and other trends that we bemoan. Something just tells me that growing numbers of regular people will notice that, in spite of the prevailing progressive ethos, their standards of living continue to diminish. Such a disconnect is bound to provoke at least some feelings of frustration with the status quo. 

I hope that the Bay Area serves as a wake-up call for Ayn Rand worshippers and other libertarian types who inhabit our corner of the internet. As the Bay Area clearly demonstrates, the SJW pestilence flourishes alongside plutocracy. Since corporate elites care little for race, nation, or culture, then they have no qualms about financing – or at least tacitly supporting – deleterious social trends.

The Bay Area should also illustrate that economic growth alone is not a boon for the majority of the population. Ever since the techie influx to San Francisco, the city’s economy has boomed and tax revenues have soared. At the same time, their presence has resulted in higher costs of living, greater social friction, and various other ills that have made everyday living increasingly onerous. Keep all of this in mind the next time some open borders enthusiast claims that immigrants are a blessing on account of paying taxes and increasing economic output.

S.F. and the Bay Area as a whole highlight the myriad contradictions and hypocrisies that characterize many leftists. Understanding these contradictions is key to formulating an effective strategy for combating the liberal plague.

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The False Dichotomy Pervading the Immigration Debate

For the white man, no good deed goes unpunished. The left-wing media, through its critical coverage of European responses to immigration, seems intent on validating this maxim. The country currently facing scrutiny for not sufficiently rolling out the welcome mat for alien migrants is Germany.

Germany, like Sweden, has welcomed a tremendous number of asylum seekers, which places them ahead of all other Western countries. I think it goes without saying that their tolerance of outsiders easily out-does any non-Western country. I’m aware that nations such as Pakistan and Iran host more refugees than Western countries. However, there’s a significant difference between Iran and Pakistan accommodating fellow Middle Easterners or South Asians and Europeans welcoming visible minorities with disparate cultures and mindsets. Therefore, I would say that Germany practices greater tolerance than the aforementioned Eastern countries. Nevertheless, instances of xenophobia and violence have perturbed much of the established media. One asylum seeker from Somalia recalls numerous acts of racism, including having bananas thrown his way. 

Of course, civilized peoples should frown upon such barbaric behavior. Unfortunately, this article represents the false binary that frequently constricts immigration debates. One is either an open borders enthusiast or a raging bigot who throws bananas at black people; Europeans must welcome any and all outsiders, or they’re intolerant xenophobes responsible for thousands of Mediterranean deaths.

Such a dichotomy is patently false. Our blog has consistently advanced the notion that one can be civilized and tolerant towards other people; at the same time, strong boundaries must accompany such tolerance. European nations can treat immigrants already living within their lands with a certain dignity, while simultaneously securing their borders and ensuring that whites remain the majority. They can protect minorities from flagrant abuse and at the same time firmly reject multiculturalism. 

Liberals do not have a monopoly on tolerance and civilized behavior, and pro-white conservatives are perfectly capable of practicing these virtues. Indeed, preserving white majorities – and saving the Western world from its own follies – depends on changing the terms of the immigration and multiculturalism debate. 

It’s time to abolish this foolish dichotomy that’s polluting discussions surrounding immigration and diversity management. 

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The War On Art

There was a time not so long ago when art was associated with beauty. Today, however, most people ‘don’t get art’. How did it come to this? How is it that even regular folk were once stirred by the beauty of art whereas today art provokes feelings of bewilderment, and in extreme cases, even revulsion? Let us examine the character of good art and how it stirs the human soul. Traditional art is often inspired by the mundane. A moment captured by art possesses a certain poignancy due to the fleetingness of that moment. As Arthur Danto stated: “a celebration of the momentary, a melancholy exaltation of what will not come again”

Ink work by Miyamoto Musashi. That perched bird will poingantly captures the fleetingness of the moment.

Ink work by Miyamoto Musashi. That perched bird  poignantly captures the fleetingness of the moment.


The mundane is beautiful, the mundane is life.

Danto’s comment was addressing Japanese art but there are plenty of examples from the Western tradition as well. Consider Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of human hands above.

The subject is mundane and so are the gestures depicted in the picture. Yet as I focused my attention on the fingers and wrists I relented to the urge of examining my own hands. I extended and retracted each finger of my right hand and gently felt my knuckles and finger joints with my left. We use our hands to perform various activities everyday yet seldom do we stop and marvel at their wondrous complexity. The human body is a biological marvel that billions of humans will take for granted every day. Da Vinci’s artwork guides us to penetrate the structure of the mundane and glimpse the inner beauty contained within. I think we can safely agree that good art is inspired by the mundane but ultimately transcends it.

The scope of Art

The Alternative Right and various others (including the Occidental Observer) have diligently cataloged the atrocities committed against traditional Western Art at the hands of Abstract Expressionists and Post Modernist ‘artists’. Yet very little is said about their motivation in tearing down traditional western art. Before we tackle that question we must turn our attention to the scope of art within culture and civilization. Artistic endeavours have traditionally been more than a solipsistic attempt at “self discovery”. The motive that underlies so many great works of art is an attempt at communicating a civilization’s understanding of the universe.

The floating perspective of Chinese art conveys the infiniteness of the Tao. The misty mountains and unending horizons symbolize the path through the cosmos that has no destination. Flowing water, a recurring motif in Chinese art (and the Tao Te Ching), is generally interpreted as a metaphor for the Tao. Water intuitively follows its path effortlessly and thus also embodies the Taoist principle of Wu Wei, or effortless action. Chinese art (atleast from the 10th century) articulates a Universe envisioned by Taoism.

Taoist art at its finest

Taoist art at its finest

Indian artwork similarly articulates its own interpretation of the universe. The prodigious forms on temple facades, humans, beasts, gods, can overwhelm the senses. Individually, the forms register in the mind but when observed from afar, the numerous distinctions collapse into a vague singular mass. The ancient Hindus discovered the paradox that beyond a certain point in human perception, distinctions/diversity converges with homogeneity. Hindu art attempts to convey the illusionary nature of reality and draws the viewer towards the singular ultimate reality that lies beneath the illusionary surface. That reality, as the Upanishads instruct, is Brahman.


The paradox of perception. Perfect diversity = perfect homogeneity.

The paradox of perception. Perfect diversity = perfect homogeneity.

The Western view of the universe

What does Western art convey about the universe? We know that the Greeks saw the universe as a temporally infinite, structured system. That beneath the chaos was an underlying order that could be deciphered. The Miletian philosophers were particularly obsessed with cosmology. Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximeses, each proposed his own model of the universe governed by an underlying arche. It was Pythagoras, however, who first proposed that the structure of the universe could be deciphered through numbers.

“To this day, the theorem of Pythagoras remains the most important single theorem in the whole of mathematics. That seems like a bold and extraordinary thing to say, yet it is not extravagant; because what Pythagoras established is a fundamental characterization of the space in which we move, and it is the first time that it is translated in numbers. And the exact fit of the numbers describes the exact laws that bind the universe…Symmetry is not merely a descriptive nicety; like other thoughts in Pythagoras, it penetrates to the harmony in nature.” (Jacob Bronowski, The Ascent Of Man)

The Greeks were obsessed with symmetry. Brownowski argued that humans were hardwired to recognize and find symmetry appealing. Consider that we inhabit a horizontal plane upon which we are free to travel using any means of locomotion at our disposal. Gravity intersects this horizontal plane at a right angle. A right angle is half of a square, a perfectly symmetrical shape. Greek art and sculpture prized symmetry as the highest aesthetic virtue.

The human form, the very embodiment of symmetry. Riace warrior (Greece)

The human form, the very embodiment of symmetry. Riace warrior (Greece)

The Church did not discard the Greek paradigm of the structured universe, but superimposed the intelligence of God onto this order. The elements that have characterized Western art over the past 500 years, form, symmetry, and geometric perspective, reflect the Western view of the universe as a structured system; a structure that can be deciphered through rational and empirical means. Despite the conflict between the Church and Galileo, Western civilization was to embrace the latter, partly due to the empirical obsession with nature that the Church itself had fostered.

It is precisely this idea that leftists find so abhorrent, the idea of a structured universe. George Orwell warned us in 1984 that the greatest threat to Marxism is a structured universe that can be appreciated through empiricism:

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

The left has been attacking empiricism for decades. Western academia has gradually shifted away from the positivism of the Enlightenment to the anti-positivism of the Frankfurt school. The Cultural Marxist academics who instruct gullible university students that reality is ‘socially constructed’ are issuing this most essential command of The Party. As an example, let us briefly turn our focus to feminism. The Bible instructs us that the sexes compliment one another and this is confirmed by evolutionary psychology as well (2 + 2 = 4). This empirically grounded approach to gender relations is threatening to the feminist narrative which insists that men oppress women and that the 2 genders, save for anatomy, are identical (2 +2 = 5).

What does all of this have to do with art?

That becomes obvious when we look at the ‘art’ that was to replace the traditional Western schools. Examine the abomination below.

Let the buyer beware, the emperor has no clothes on.

Let the buyer beware, the emperor has no clothes on.

This work of ‘art’ by Jackson Pollock is the very anti-thesis of traditional Western art. There are no forms, no symmetry, and no perspective. If the essence of traditional western art was order, then this piece is a clear expression of chaos. We’re told that this monstrosity is a snapshot of the artist’s subconscious and that it empowers viewers to to interact with it by drawing their own interpretations. This is utter rubbish. Traditional art enables the artist to engage in conversation with the viewer. Abstract Expressionism is a dialogue an artist has with himself. It is impossible for the viewer to access this dialogue and thus the viewer engages in a dialogue with himself as well. Traditional art is about engaging the viewer whereas Abstract Expressionism is an exercise in solipsism.

Clement Greenberg: The crusader for Abstract Expressionism. Look at his nose and guess his tribe.

Clement Greenberg: The crusader for Abstract Expressionism. Look at his nose and guess his tribe.

The war on art is a war against the soul of western civilization. While Abstract Expressionism may no longer be in vogue, art is still getting uglier with every passing decade. A culture that has no conception of vulgarity is a culture that practices tolerance without boundaries. Tolerance without boundaries is a formula for cultural suicide. The modus operandi of post modern art is to “push the boundaries” whereas traditional Western art was all about preserving those boundaries. Art encapsulates a civilization’s worldview, and without boundaries, what separates the Western worldview from others?

Orwell stated in 1984 that “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”

If he were alive today he would undoubtedly add: “Ugliness is beauty.”

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Why the Quality of Immigrants is Irrelevant

Our blog has repeatedly emphasized elite perfidy; more than anything else, venal and avaricious traitors are the primary culprits of the West’s demise. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that most white elites and talking heads do not hold most of their fellow whites in high esteem. Occasionally, some will even drop the pretense and openly display their utter contempt for the little white people. One such example is this execrable, vomit inducing article by a white Brit named Doug Saunders.

(Ht: Heartiste)

While this article is rather old (and some think the author is simply being ironic), it nevertheless touches upon an issue that I’ve long pondered but never discussed: the notion that immigration is a boon on account of white indolence and pathology. This open display of ethnomasochism most explicitly promotes the idea that tireless, hustling immigrants are needed to temper the decadence of slothful whites.

Indeed, after reading this article, I’m tempted to think that all British whites are lazy scum whose sole pastime is binge drinking. And of course, they’re anti-intellectual and perform poorly in school compared to the kids of hard-working immigrants. Extolling the virtues of these diligent immigrants, Saunders is particularly dismissive of British whites who’ve grown weary of being flooded with foreigners:

These xenophobic attitudes are harming Britain’s economy. As the Economist recently wrote, the Prime Minister’s pledge to drive immigration below 100,000 a year has done serious damage – steep visa fees, quotas and restrictions have driven away foreign students, educated elites and investors, while many British companies are moving their operations overseas, where it’s easier to hire the best workers. And it is causing a fiscal crisis – according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, immigration rates will need to double if national debt is to be lowered to half its level (and UKIP’s immigration freeze would double public debt).

For starters, “easier” is a nice euphemism for “cheaper.” Like so many other leftists, his promotion of open borders in the name of “tolerance” serves as free advertising for corporations who support mass immigration for profit-related reasons. Also, this suggestion that outsiders are needed to revitalize the land of feckless natives sounds awfully similar to imperialist rhetoric. Needless to say, I don’t think respectable media talking heads would issue similar statements about natives of non-white countries. Sure, they’ll occasionally denounce Japanese xenophobia and insist that Japan needs immigration for economic reasons. However, they never denigrate the native population and insist that foreigners are their moral and cultural superiors.

However, let’s just presume that Mr. Saunders is correct when he insists that British minorities are economically and culturally superior to whites. Let’s also presume that immigration is necessary for sustained economic growth. Here’s what I have to say about that: so what?

I don’t deny that British whites are dysfunctional. Indeed, I have a hard time believing they forged an overseas empire that once lorded over a quarter of humanity. Nevertheless, Britain is their country and the quality or desirability of minorities/immigrants is irrelevant. They should be free to mold their country as they see fit.

Too many whites on the right fall into the trap of discussing the qualities of certain immigrant groups. For example, many HBDers bash Mexicans while heaping praise upon intelligent East Asians. The problem with this line of thinking is that it allows the open borders crowd to force immigration restrictionists into a corner. So long as leftists – and greedy mainstream conservatives – can point to successful immigrants and problematic natives, then they instantly shut down all opposition.

The real reason to oppose open borders is the radical principle that majority groups should remain the majority in their respective countries. I don’t care if immigrants are feckless Somalis or brain drain Asians; large influxes of any non-white group pose problems for Western countries. Simple as that. If more white conservatives – and race realist liberals – were willing to adopt such an unapologetic stance, then the culture wars vexing diverse Western countries would subside. 

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

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Ice Cream, Hitler Worship, and Western Liberals’ Cluelessness About the Non-White World

A few days ago, ice cream merchants in Robert Lindsay’s favorite punching bag, India, inspired outrage when they launched a new brand of ice cream cones bearing Hitler’s name and image. The good white liberals of Germany, in a display that would make Abe Foxman proud, voiced their disgust over this transgression. Of course, this is hardly the first time that Indians have demonstrated affection for history’s most notorious racist. In the realm of television, the decision by India’s Zee TV to retain the title of Hitler Didi for one its soap operas was deemed “unfortunate and disturbing” by the ADL.

The new, disturbing face of genocide.

The new, disturbing face of genocide.

The article in the Daily Mail asserts that Indians are simply ignorant of the true horrors of the holocaust; the implication is that the noble brown people of South Asia would never endorse Hitler if they knew what he really stood for. This argument is patently absurd for the obvious reason that if Indians know enough about Hitler to attach his name to T.V. shows and ice cream crones, then they should have at least some idea of why he’s so infamous. Even in a country as destitute as India, information is readily available, especially to educated members of the middle class who have long comprised the bulk of Hindutva supporters.

Speaking of Hindutva, if one peruses the writings of famous Hindutva architects such as Vinayak Savarkar and Madhav Golwalkar, these educated Indians unambiguously praise Nazi Germany. Such attitudes have trickled down to regular Indians, who admire Hitler precisely because they embrace his intense nationalism, chauvinism, and strongman rule. Despite their high illiteracy rates, Indians are not stupid. They certainly don’t subscribe to Hitler’s beliefs regarding non-white inferiority. Rather, many apply Hitler’s exclusive and aggressive nationalism to their own context. Instead of promoting Aryan domination and anti-Semitism, they champion Hindutva and the demonization of Muslims.

Such logic also applies to other countries. Back in high school, I read Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, whose primary antagonist is a Hitler admiring, Pashtun-German mix named Assef. At the time, I was nonplussed that someone of mixed background – who would have been sent to the wall had Nazism triumphed – consciously heaped praise upon an Aryan supremacist. However, knowing what I know now about the non-Western world, it doesn’t seem as surprising. Like Indians, Assef simply applies Hitler’s racist logic to his own ethnic and cultural context. As a dominant Pashtun in Afghanistan, Hazaras are the Jews in his eyes. One could easily find similar patterns in various other countries.

When Western liberals act shocked or wax indignant over incidents such as the latest ice cream controversy in India, they betray their ignorance of the non-Western world. They regard non-whites as innocent children, tolerant and benevolent by default. If and when they ever engage in offensive behavior, it is only because they lack knowledge or have had their immaculate selves contaminated by white peoples’ pernicious influence. These colored children simply aren’t held up to any moral standards. Contrast that with the punishment meted out to a Greek soccer player for performing a Nazi salute. Despite his assertion that he was unaware of what the salute meant, his ignorance was no excuse. As a white European, he should have known better.

As human beings with agency, non-whites also know better. Most are simply much more socially conservative and passionately nationalistic than white Westerners. Learning more about Hitler’s misdeeds won’t provoke revulsion or compel Indians to embrace left-wing anti-racism. If anything, such knowledge could inspire greater fervor among the more hateful ones. Hindutva chauvinists have already displayed their propensity for brutal violence, which makes David Duke look like Morris Dees by comparison. The popularity of ultranationalistic figures such as Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi – who like Hitler were/are fascist and charismatic figures – demonstrates that Indians who romanticize Hitler know precisely what they are doing.

Non-whites are not white people who just happen to be melanin enriched. Their cultures, values, and unwavering tribalism distinguish them from the bulk of Westerners. Naive whites underestimate these differences at their own peril.

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Some Are More Equal Than Others

Here is a screenshot of the BBC’s headlines for the Asia section of their website today:


The BBC reports that India’s heatwave has already killed over 1000 people. As disturbing as this story is, the BBC isn’t finished. The real tragedy is not that 1100 people have lost their lives, but that Delhi’s women are suffering under the heatwave. Casualty lists are ultimately meaningless unless one can bifurcate them into the 2 demographics that matter: oppressors and oppressed (ie liberal pet classes).

Now that the BBC has informed us that women are suffering we can finally appreciate the gravity of the situation. I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Ministry of Truth.

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Oligarchy 101

The BBC recently reported that 5 banks, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, and UBS, have been fined for rigging the FOREX market. The Foreign Exchange market is extremely volatile and moves trillions of dollars in currency every day. Traders from these banks collaborated to artificially drive up prices at 4pm London (UK) time. Since these traders had foreknowledge of the price movement, they could enter their position earlier in the day and profit. While this makes little difference to long term position traders, it would absolutely murder day traders. Even non day traders with small accounts risked a margin call and thus potentially faced financial jeopardy.

I personally think that the total $5b fine is a mere slap on the wrist as I have personally known many traders (friends of my family) that have lost a lot of money in the FOREX market. It enrages me that these fat cats callously disregard the financial future of ordinary folk only to get away with paltry fines.

fat cats

To add insult to injury, these traders collaborated their scheme in a chat-room shamelessly called ‘The Cartel.’ “They acted as partners – rather than competitors – in an effort to push the exchange rate in directions favourable to their banks but detrimental to many others,” said US attorney-general Loretta Lynch. Publicly competitors, privately partners; oligarchy at its finest.

It seems that leftists are not the only ones who despise the free market, the fat cats loathe it in equal measure, which is why they strive to manipulate it. When I see a price chart for any commodity, I do not see Capitalism, I see integrity. I see a price that honestly reflects economic realities which have resulted in buyers and sellers arriving at a fair equilibrium. Perhaps I am an old fashioned Capitalist, but that is how I think. To my mind, an attack against the free market is an attack against Capitalism; and an attack against Capitalism is an attack against the Western values of integrity, self-reliance, and hard work upon which it stands. Given that our elites financially support Multiculturalism , Feminism, and homosexual degeneracy, it seems that they never liked Western values to begin with.

What strikes me as particularly horrifying is the manner in which our elites not only network with one another domestically, but also internationally. American elites collaborating with British elites with scant regard for their own governments and countrymen whom they cheat with impunity. Gone are the days of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie who held themselves up to a higher standard. Today’s morally bankrupt anglosphere elites require constant policing, and sometimes even that is not enough. We can only hope that after this incident things might turn around for the better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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And They Say Cultural Marxism is a Conspiracy Theory…

Courtesy of Steve Sailer, I recently came across a story about an exclusive New York private school that’s imposing a progressive brand of mandatory racial segregation as a means of promoting non-white pride and white self-abasement. I guess having little kids learn about “microaggressions” is a measure of progress.

Liberals often mock the whole notion of cultural Marxism, insisting that it’s a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by a bunch of uneducated extremists who sport tin foil hats. I personally refrain from using the term, not as a concession to the left, but to avoid trafficking in esoteric terms and buzzwords that make the alternative right inaccessible to the regular white person.

However, one can’t deny the existence of cultural Marxism, PC, “totalitarian humanism” (as coined by Keith Preston), or any other term used to describe modern liberal lunacy. For the umpteenth time, I challenge you to name one majority non-white country that endorses similar nonsense.

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